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What Should Modern Technology Offer Your Business?

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 8:36:00 PM
In today’s business climate, we all appreciate the need for modern technology. Whether it’s investing in new software or a better website, those upgrades can help you stay ahead of the crowd. This is why it's something that most entrepreneurs aim to achieve. However, many companies sell themselves short by failing to understand exactly what they’re setting out to achieve.

When used effectively, technology can revolutionize the business in several crucial areas. To truly reap those rewards, you must learn to appreciate your goals. After all, you’ll never find the best route to success if you’re not even sure on the destination.

So what are the elements your business should focus on when incorporating new tech? Let’s take a closer look.

What Should Modern Technology Offer Your Business?

#1. Increased Productivity

First and foremost, modern tech advancements should allow you to achieve more. The most obvious way to accomplish this goal is to make investments that allow you to gain more from your team. Time is money, and bolstered output can only aid your cause greatly.

Productivity can be influenced by various tech additions. This can range from manufacturing machinery to office software and everything in between. Ultimately, the right investments for your business will be dictated by your unique situation.

As long as the staff members are trained to use those new and upgraded facilities in the right manner, you should see huge changes.

#2. Improved Communication

As already mentioned above, time is money. Therefore, any opportunity to increase efficiency should be grabbed with open arms. This is why great communication should be at the heart of all business endeavors. Upgrading tech facilities could encourage far greater results than you ever thought possible.

Smartphones are a truly wonderful tool for internal team communications. Furthermore, video conferencing can enable you to connect with suppliers and associates with ease. Combine this with cloud computing, and collaborative pieces will become easier than ever also.

What Should Modern Technology Offer Your Business?
Improved communication will help direct your business towards a far smoother pathway. Let tech encourage greater unity throughout the operation, and results will show in no time.

#3. Customer Engagement

Communication isn’t only vital for internal matters. It is also a key feature of building a connection with the consumer. Those interactions have undergone immense evolution in recent times, and the internet has been the chief source.

Mastering the art of online interaction can lead to far greater interest in your business. Not only will the demand increase, but the strength and reputation of the brand should soar too. In turn, this can enable you to set higher prices and potentially reach new audiences in the process. So whether it’s social media, video insights, or blogging doesn’t matter. Getting this right can work wonders.

If nothing else, that participation keeps your business fresh in their minds. Use those interactions for market research purposes too, and sustained success should be assured.

#4. Protect Your Assets

Modern technology has unquestionably improved the business landscape. Unfortunately, it has created a host of new threats too. If your company fails to take the necessary precautions, it could be in a vulnerable position.

What Should Modern Technology Offer Your Business?
Protecting the customers should be job one as without them the business will fail anyway. Ask yourself key questions including "should I be PCI compliant?" and “what security does my web host provide?” is vital. Essentially, you’re looking to cover all the bases both online and offline.

Tech gadgets can also protect your business premises through CCTV and advanced alarms. Finally, the internet can be your greatest friend for finding the best insurance quotes as well as legal help should a problem surface.

#5. Gain Sales

Ultimately, the main focus of any business is to generate sales. Thanks to online technologies, the possibilities are now greater than ever. With the help of a well-designed website, it’s now possible to reach a wider audience while doors are open on a 24/7 basis. That in itself can send sales figures through the roof and should be a huge incentive to get those ecommerce systems in great health.

Modern tech can aid offline sales too. Mobile POS systems can enable staff members to provide a more personal shopping experience. Moreover, it can open the doors to generating sales at trade shows and other events. Finally, loyalty schemes and rewards are far easier to track through these methods too.

Increased sales figures won’t guarantee success, but the heightened revenue should give you a very good chance. When supported by the progress to customer relations, productivity, and efficiency, you should be just fine.

Research Your Way To Business Success

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 4:54:00 PM
If you’re setting up a business or you’re eager to boost your turnover, you may be focusing on new marketing strategies or product development. This is all very well, but have you ever stopped to think about how research could bring you success? You may think you know who is buying your products and what else is out there on the market, but how well do you really know your target market and do you really know what the competition is up to?

Getting to know your customers

If you haven’t launched a product yet, you should never underestimate the importance and value of getting to know potential customers. You probably have a target market in mind, but what do you really know about them? In-depth research can provide you with a plethora of information about the client you’re targeting and how they feel about the products or services you intend to sell. Host focus groups, stop people in the street and ask them questions, attend tradeshows, and send out some surveys. Gather as much information as possible to help you streamline your marketing approach, set prices, and find out more about what that consumer wants.

Market research can aid you at every step. You can obtain information about desired price points, gain an insight into shopping habits and make decisions about packaging and branding just from a few conversations, analyzing survey findings and taking part in focus groups. If you’ve got an array of designs you’re considering for the stand up pouches you plan to use for your product, for example, you can see which option proves most popular. If you’re not set on a retail price, the opinions shared by potential customers could help you to determine a suitable figure. If you’re not sure whether to offer online shopping as well as opening a store, the feedback you receive could prove invaluable in helping you make that decision.

Research Your Way To Business Success

Competing against your rivals

Research is not all about finding out what makes your clients tick. It’s also helpful for enabling you to keep an eye on your competition. If you’ve got a brand new product in the pipeline, for example, it pays to have an idea about what you’re going to be competing with when it comes onto the open market. How much is a rival firm charging? Where are their products on sale? Who is buying them? How is your product different and what will make people buy it?

Improving your business

Once you’ve got an established client base, you can utilize research techniques to try and improve your business. Nobody wants to plateau after a promising start. You should always aim for continued success. Ask your customers to provide feedback and highlight any problems. Encourage them to share their ideas on how you could make the website or the sales process better and ask them about why they chose you over other companies. You can always learn from research, even if you encounter the odd negative comment from time to time.

Is Your Business Stalling? Here's How To Get It Back On Track!

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 10:50:00 PM
Everyone says that the hardest time for any business is right at the beginning. That's a pretty understandable position to take. After all, the beginning is the time when you're trying to get things off the ground. You're trying to take something that, until very recently, was little more than an idea and turn it into something not only real but profitable as well. The reason that a lot of people assume this is the hardest time for any business is that the challenges that you face during this time are very clear and obvious. However, the point where many businesses actually find themselves really struggles actually comes a little later. It's usually around the second or third year of your business's life when things start to go wrong. The momentum of your business’s initial creation has slowed down, and you're settling into a more consistent routine. When that happens, you might find that things aren't running quite as smoothly as you initially thought. This might be going wrong, or simply not working efficiently enough. Whatever the problem is, you find that your business is stalling and starting to slow down. When that happens, you need to be able to deal with the problem straight away. With that in mind, here are the steps that you need to take when your business hits a brick wall.

Identify the problem

Is Your Business Stalling? Here's How To Get It Back On Track!
The first thing that you need to do is figure out what it is that's causing problems for your business. It could be any number of things. The most common issue that businesses tend to run into is simply running out of money. This tends to happen when you invest a lot into a business without being absolutely sure that you're going to be able to make that money back within a certain period of time. You might have assumed that your business would be more successful than it is. Or it might simply be a matter of your business growing more slowly than you thought. It could also be a problem with the people you're working with. Not everyone is going to be as dedicated to the business as you and there's a danger that those people could end up dragging the business down. Whatever the problem is, before you can do anything about it, you need to know exactly what it is.

Find solutions

Once you know what the root cause of your business's problems are you can get to work on finding solutions. If it's a financial issue, then you may need to sink some personal capital into the business. If you don't have any capital to spare then taking out a loan is a solid option. Of course, if you've already borrowed money then needing to borrow more is going to be tricky since you're not going to have especially good credit. Luckily there are plenty of organizations that offer loans for bad credit, especially if it's just a for a short-term cash injection to get things going again. Employees who are causing problems will either have to be dealt with by trying to get them pushing in the same direction as everyone else, or you may simply have to part ways with them for the good of your business.

Be willing to admit fault

Is Your Business Stalling? Here's How To Get It Back On Track!
One of the biggest mistakes that many business owners make is that, when something goes wrong, they spend their time looking around for someone to blame. The problem with this is that, when all's said and done, the buck stops with you, and you need to be willing to take responsibility for the business. Poor financial decisions might not have been your idea, but you would have had to sign off on them. Similarly, a problem employee is someone that you hired, and someone that you potentially didn't offer the right amounts of training, care and support to. By being willing to admit fault, you will be able to keep the support of your staff and can move on, pushing your business in the right direction.

Be ready to change course

Sometimes a problem is more deep rooted than a lack of money, some problem employees, or any other surface level issue. Sometimes the reason that a business is stalling is that there is something in its makeup that is fundamentally broken. Perhaps you're marketing your product to entirely the wrong demographic, or perhaps you're in a position where the product or service that you're offering simply isn't that different from what your competitors are doing. By being able to identify deep-rooted problems in your business, you'll be in a position to make the kind of significant changes that will actually help your business to adjust its course and get over the obstacle in its way.

Don't fix what isn't broken

Is Your Business Stalling? Here's How To Get It Back On Track!
Of course, that doesn't mean that every single part of your business is going to need to change. If that was the case, then you may be in a position where you simply need to admit defeat. There's an incredibly high chance that ninety-nine percent of your business is working incredibly well and you shouldn't try to change any of that. Too many businesses end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater when the time comes to make some changes. A single bad employee shouldn't lead you to a major restructuring of the company, nor should you completely re-adjust your entire financial model because you ended up with less income than you expected.

Unless things have gone catastrophically wrong, remember that there is almost always something that can be done to give your business to boost it needs to get back on track. Once you know what the problem is you can go about making the changes that you need to make. The most important thing is to be brutally honest, don't be afraid to pick your business apart bit by bit in order to identify the problem. It can be hard. After all, your business is probably very important to you, but that doesn't mean it's not incredibly important.

Important Information Enclosed... Your Duty To Data

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 10:34:00 PM
Important Information Enclosed
Some businesses are on it like a hawk, and some businesses don’t bother communicating it as much, but schooling your staff in data protection processes might be the thing that will save your business in more ways than one! Looking after your data should be your top priority when you are dealing with sensitive information, or you are scaling up your business to take on more employees. Why is dealing with data so important, and what can you do to make sure your staff know about the best ways to handle sensitive information?

The mishandling of data has been all over the news in recent years. With the amount of data hacks and important government documents being leaked, it has highlighted that nobody can be overly protective of their information. As the information, you are likely to carry is of names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. in other words, sensitive data, you need to make sure that you are taking care of it to the best of your ability. The physical data you may have, such as papers and documents can be secured by storing them away in filing cabinets and similar facilities. In large companies, people can easily steal documents to sell to your competitors or use for their own gain. Information like bank details could be used to steal money, and if your company is held responsible for it, you can face hefty fines that could potentially bankrupt your business. It won't help your reputation either, and if you rely on the relationship you have with your customers, their faith in you as a trusted brand will be shaken.

Computerized data can be secured in many ways, from antivirus programs to encryption processes. As well as the standard methods, you should also communicate the best ways for each member of staff to secure their information. The best way to achieve total security in a business is to reinforce the fact that everyone should take responsibility for their workstations and computer systems. From changing their passwords regularly to removing any sensitive documents from their desks at the end of the day and putting them away, each member of staff can do small duties to help out the business. The removal of sensitive data is a key aspect of data protection, and while there are security measures in software like the cloud, there are businesses that need to make sure that their hard drives are clear of any sensitive data before the computers are disposed of. This can be something that people often overlook, and think that deleting an item from their desktop means it is gone from the computer. The only way to really ensure that an item is deleted from the hard drive is to use an NSA listed degausser which removes data from your hard drive by using a magnetic field. Keeping customer data for longer than necessary is not good practice, and as well as promoting a sense of mistrust, it is illegal in some countries.

Mishandling sensitive information can come at a price, and it is in the best interests of your business to make sure you do it to the best of your ability.

Winning At Gaming While On The Go

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 10:26:00 PM
Winning At Gaming While On The Go
A lot of people have a set-up at home which they use for online gaming. However, gaming doesn’t have to be just while you are at home. In fact, a lot of people are gaming while they are on the move. After all, it’s an excellent way to pass the time when you are doing the daily commute or visiting a far-away friend. But it can be harder than you think to game while on your move. Therefore, here are some tips you need for winning at gaming while on the go.

Winning At Gaming While On The Go

You need a great tablet or mobile

The first thing you need to do is get a good tablet or mobile that you can use. After all, you want one which will ensure you have a great experience even while out and about. First things first, you need to look at the screen. After all, you want a good display which will enrich your gaming experience. Something like the 5.5-inch display on the Samsung Galaxy S7 would be perfect for playing all the top games. Also, you want something which has a good battery life. After all, the battery can drain during gaming experiences. So you want something like the Moto Z Play which has a massive 3,510 mAh battery which means hours of playtime. If you want to use your tablet, it’s a good idea to go for something like the new iPad which not only boasts a ton of game time, but it has a fab screen too. And Android also have some tight options with tablets which have been created with gaming in mind!

Winning At Gaming While On The Go

You need to look into 3G for your device

There are lots of games you can play offline when you are on the move. And these are perfect for something quick and easy. But if you want something which will occupy you for longer you should look at playing some online games. After all, if you go for an online mmorpg which you can play cross-platform, you will be able to play the game on your tablet while on the move. Of course, if you do want to use your tablet, you might have the problem of no 3G while on the move. Therefore, make sure you get yourself a dongle which will provide you with the internet while you are out. Or you could make your mobile into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and then connect your tablet to this. Just make sure you check the costs of this before you tether!

You need a good pair of headphones

One of the best things about gaming at home is that you can shut out the world while you are playing. After all, you can use some headphones or even a headset so that you can immerse fully in the game. But when you are in the car or train, it can be harder to have a good gaming experience. Therefore, to ensure you win at online gaming while on the go, take a good set of headphones with you to help minimize outside noise. You can then put these on to immerse yourself fully in the gaming experience.

And remember to take a portable charger so that you can keep topping up that battery while on the move!

Export DBX to PST Free & Convert Outlook Express Messages to PST

Peter Baris 6:34:00 PM

Outlook Express is an email client which is used to send/receive emails. It creates a file of DBX format which is only supported by OL Express. But, nowadays most of the users work on Office environment having applications like MS Outlook, Thunderbird, etc., making Outlook Express an outdated application. But the file that OL Express creates can still be used within various other applications if it gets converted into a supportable format. Thus converting DBX file to PST, EML or MSG file, making it available for other applications is the most relevant solution. Using freeways or manual methods to do the conversion feels to be most appropriate.

So, let us discuss here: what are the issues with DBX file, the need to export DBX to PST and how to manually convert Outlook Express files to PST and other formats.

Issues with Outlook Express file that leads to Converting DBX files to Outlook & other formats.

A DBX file provides with only 2GB of maximum data storage space and adding up any more data to it might result in its crash. Thus causing your data to loose permanently. Moreover, Outlook Express is an outdated e-mail client which got replaced by MS Outlook a long time ago.

Thus, you need to migrate DBX file to Outlook PST file in order to view and manage it.

Let us see how you can view and manage your DBX file through other e-mail clients like MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail.

How to manually perform DBX file to PST file conversion?

If you do not have Windows Live Mail on your system, then download it and follow the steps to migrate Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail.

  • Open Windows Live Mail.
  • Go to File option in the ribbon and from the menu, select Import messages.
  • The Windows wizard gets opened and from the options, select Microsoft Outlook Express.
  • Click on Next and you can Browse for a folder or click on All Folders radio button and click Next.
  • This will make your DBX file to get imported to Windows Live Mail.
  • Now, again go to File and select Export email and then select Email messages.
  • The window for selecting program will appear, select the Microsoft Exchange option and click Next.
  • Click OK on notification and select All Folders option, click Next and then Finish.

This will export DBX file to PST file through Windows Live Mail and the .pst file gets saved on your system.

Now, you can import PST file to Microsoft Outlook to use it or to the Thunderbird client to obtain an EML file.

But this technique can have its own pros and cons while applying:


  • No technical knowledge necessary.
  • Easy downloading for Windows Live Mail and MS Outlook.


  • Results in loss of data or data corruption.
  • A back-up always necessary before following steps.

To overcome these limitations a DBX Converter sofyware can be used to convert DBX to PST file format easily & also resolve such situations to simplify your load without any resulting loss of data or corruption. Because when manual techniques fail to accomplish the task a third party utility can always prove to be helpful. All you require is to follow the steps suggested and get the desired result. Moreover, using a utility like this can enable you to convert to more than one desired format i.e., along with PST you can have EML files and MSG files generated too.

Wi-Fi Battery Monitor: Internet-Based Smartphone Battery Monitoring Is Here

Digital Hints 11:45:00 AM
Wi-Fi Battery Monitor: Internet-Based Smartphone Battery Monitoring Is Here If you've ever gone out to your car in the morning only to find that it won't start, you know why a Wi-Fi battery monitor system is a great invention. A Wi-Fi battery monitor connects to the internet via your Wi-Fi network and provides battery status alerts to your iOS or Android smartphone anywhere in the world.

We've learned over the years that the information provided through the internet is invaluable. You can get flight alerts, stock alerts, bank account alerts, and more that can save you from inconvenient or even disastrous situations.

Until now, the first indication you would have that there is a problem with your battery is when you tried to start your vehicle or use the battery for some other function. With the advent of a Wi-Fi battery monitor, you can not only check the status of your battery, it will send alerts to your smartphone to let you know when there is a problem.

Beyond the convenience of knowing that there is a problem with your car battery, the other applications are nearly endless. Contractors that depend on their equipment for their livelihood, corporations and municipalities that depend on backup battery power for computers, emergency lighting, and other key functions, and companies or individuals who maintain remote stations for a variety of crucial functions can all benefit from staying informed on battery status.

These new monitors couldn't be easier to use. Simply connect the monitor to your battery using existing or supplied cables, connect to your Wi-Fi network just like with your smartphone or computer, install a simple app on your smartphone, and configure the app with the alerts you want. That's all there is to it.

From that moment on, whenever the device detects a configured alert scenario and is in range of your Wi-Fi network, it will send an alert to your smartphone. Alert scenario examples include a vehicle light was left on and is draining the battery, average voltage is low over a period of time, battery should be checked for effectiveness, and many more.

The user-friendly app is designed to be used on either iOS or Android smartphones and allows you to manage multiple Wi-Fi battery monitors, check the status of your battery from anywhere in the world, and even control compatible battery chargers from your smartphone.

The best wireless battery monitors use a standard for battery monitoring communication known as Connected Power. Connected Power is a set of tools, hardware, and cloud-based infrastructure that allows manufacturers to easily add Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to batteries and battery accessories.

Wi-Fi battery monitoring is being hailed as the next step in the evolution of batteries and it's easy to look forward to a time when battery monitoring will be integrated into the batteries themselves.

A wireless battery monitor is the convenient way to make sure your car battery is functioning properly and will always be available when you need it.

If you have a critical function that depends on a battery for its functionality or as a backup, a Wi-Fi battery monitor is the modern way to stay informed about the status of your battery.

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