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Reach Further: What Your Company Needs to do to Appeal to More People

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 9:53:00 AM
In the world of business, your reach means a lot. You need to be able to get your message across to as many people as possible. And if your rivals manage to beat you to that, you will have a major problem going forward. Losing ground on the competition is always dangerous. And that’s why it makes sense to start doing more to appeal to a greater number of people right now. It’s not an impossible mission, as you’ll find out by reading on now.

Know Who You’re Hoping to Appeal To

Before you go any further, you need to know exactly who your business is looking to appeal to. There are so many types of customers out there, and you need to know which ones you’re looking to target. Without targeting right customers, you won’t go very far. There is little point in targeting the kinds of people who have no interest in your company or the services and products you sell is there? It’s a simple case of common sense, so start appealing to the right people.

Reach Further: What Your Company Needs to do to Appeal to More People

Find an SEO Company That Understands You

SEO is a major thing these days. If you want your business to go further and achieve more in the world of business, you need to have an SEO company that is on your side and understanding of your needs. Companies like GLM now offer industry-specific SEO services, which is a major step forward. It’s something that you need to start taking seriously, whichever SEO company you decide to work with. Customers, more often than not, find your business for the first time via search engines these days.

Offer Out Incentives

You have to be able to offer people a reason to want to buy things from you. Customers aren’t simply going to fall into your lap or do you a favour by purchasing from you. That’s not the way it works in the world of business. If only that were the case. Instead, you need to draw people in with some kind of offer that they can’t help but want to take advantage of. Incentives can come in many shapes and sizes. Some companies offer introductory deals for new customers in order to entice them in, for instance.

Reach Further: What Your Company Needs to do to Appeal to More People

Become a Talking Point

This is one of those things that is far easier said than done. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If you want to get your business’s name out there, you need to have people talking about you. There are many ways to make that happen. You could do something that will get you in the news; that could be the local news or the national news. You have to have a hook that reporters can latch onto for that to happen. One route towards becoming a talking point is pulling a guerrilla marketing stunt that people will find impossible to ignore.

Make the most of these ideas if you want your business to reach out to more people and achieve more in the long-term.

Extract Emails from PST File without Outlook – Best Solution

Peter Baris 7:34:00 PM

Extract Emails from PST File without Outlook in Efficient Way

Microsoft Outlook is one of the widely used email clients in today’s era. Due to its amazing set of features, it is one of the top choices for many users. But, some users want to extract emails from PST file without Outlook. So, in this article, we will be discussing solutions to convert PST to MSG so that users don’t have to face difficulties while performing the conversion. But, before starting the procedure, let us first discuss both the file formats.

What is Personal Storage Table?

The PST file is a data storage file which contains and organizes the entire Outlook data which includes emails, notes, journals, calendar, tasks, contacts, etc. in it. It is a single data file which contains the collection of emails and other mailbox items. PST file also proves to be useful when it comes to managing and organizing the communication with the outside world. The users who are using MS Outlook from a long period of time are familiar with the limitations of it as well. The PST file has file size limitations which are assigned to the respective versions of MS Outlook. PST files have a size limit of up to 2 GB in Outlook 2002 and its earlier versions and up to 20 GB in Outlook 2003 and its later versions. In later versions of it i.e. 2013 and 2016 versions have a size limitation of up to 50 GB.

What is MSG File?

The file which mainly targets the email messages of MS Outlook is the MSG file. Generally, an MSG file is a simple text file which stores specific information about the emails and is stored on systems with .msg file extension. In later versions of Outlook, the MSG files also contain images and other elements in HTML formatting along with the messages.

Why Users Extract Emails from PST File

  • Sharing a single email message with your colleague or friend is such a simple task. But, it becomes such a tedious task when it comes to sharing more than one email from the list of hundreds or even thousands of emails.
  • If you are having 800 emails stored in your Outlook mailbox and you want to send some selected emails to your client or your boss. Then it will take so much time while selecting and sending specific email messages.

Manual Approach to Extract Emails from PST File

Important Note – You should keep in mind that you cannot export all Outlook emails to MSG files. A selected number of messages can be migrated from the parent Outlook data file.

  • Before starting the process, create a new folder in the system.
  • Then, launch MS Outlook.
  • Go to the Inbox folder from where you want to export emails.
  • From this folder, choose the messages which you want to export and drag them to the newly created folder.
  • After that, drop the messages to the folder.
  • Repeat the steps for the messages which you want to migrate.

Despite the manual approach is the easiest method to extract emails from PST file, it has some limitations as well. The actual problem arises when a user has to transfer a lot of email messages. The approach proves to be so much lengthy and time-consuming as well. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the users as well to locate some emails from hundreds of them. In such scenarios, it is always suggested to go for a professional software.

Perfect Solution to Export Outlook Emails to MSG Files

As the above-mentioned method is time-consuming as no one has that much of time to export hundreds of emails. So, in that case, you can go for a third party solution such as PST to MSG Converter. The software is based on advanced algorithms which help users to easily perform the desired conversion process without any difficulty. The tool offers all useful features which are required to perform a successful migration. Some of the best features are discussed here: 1. Extract emails from PST file in a batch. 2. Provide option to migrate all items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks etc. 3. MS Outlook installation is not at all required 4. The tool is capable to convert password protected PST files 5. It provides preview of the mailboxes which are present in the PST file


After discussing the problems faced by the users while they try to export Outlook emails to MSG files, we have discussed both methods i.e. automated as well as a manual method to simplify the conversion process. As the above-discussed manual method has some shortcomings like the user can only export one file at a time. Thus, keeping this in mind we have also discussed automated solution using which users can extract emails from PST file without Outlook. The user can thus choose any of the above methods which best suits their need.

PST to PDF Converter to Save Outlook Emails as PDF Format

Peter Baris 4:16:00 PM

PST to PDF Converter – Best Tool to Save Outlook Emails as PDF

Moving files from one platform to another platform is one of the prominent features which makes a file available to n number of platforms. This feature enables users to carry their data files from one system to another using an external drive. Although, this option is not capable for users using Microsoft Outlook. The users cannot carry their individual emails to another system without migrating them to some other data format which is more portable. Usually, MS Outlook uses PST files for storing mailbox data on local machine. It requires MS Outlook to preview the contents within it which means the email application should be installed to view emails of Outlook. To overcome the problem, one needs to convert Outlook emails to PDF with attachments. A PDF is a Portable Document Format which can be migrated from one system to another without any issue. It can be accessed in any OS as long as Adobe Reader is installed in it. This article describes in detail that how to perform conversion using PST to PDF Converter. Read the following section to know what this application is capable of.

Overview of PST to PDF Converter

This software is a top rated solution which can used to save Outlook emails as PDF format along with its attachments. It is a secure and reliable tool which not only helps you to perform migration but can also repair damaged Outlook data file. The software is capable enough to transfer entire mailbox such as emails, calendar, contacts, etc. And the most essential part is that it does not require MS Outlook to be installed on the user system.

System Requirements
There are some requirements which are necessary to run PST to PDF converter efficiently. Those requirements are listed below:

  • File Size – 32.4 MB
  • Compatible PST File – ANSI & UNICODE
  • Microsoft Outlook installation not required
  • RAM – 512 MB (Recommended – 2 GB)
  • Hard Disk Space – 52 MB of free hard disk space
  • Windows OS – Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8 & other below versions
  • Outlook Versions – Supports all versions of Windows Outlook but does not support Outlook for MAC.

Top Features of PST to PDF Converter

  1. Convert PST File to PDF – The software can easily transfer all the mailbox items of Outlook such as emails, contacts, journals, notes, calendar, etc. It also provides an option to select items from the mailbox and supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST files.
  2. Two Modes for Conversion – Using this PST to PDF Converter software, users can upload Outlook data file using two ways. One is by using File option which imports single PST file and other option is opting for Folder mode which allows to upload multiple PST files.
  3. Selective Data Migration – Users are allowed to choose single mailbox items for conversion such as emails and can leave the rest of mailbox items such as contacts, notes, journals, etc. The utility allows users to view email attributes such as, Cc, Bcc, Sent date, etc.
  4. Apply Date Filters – Another important feature of the tool is that users can filter the mailbox data according to the date. You just have to specify a date range from which you want to save Outlook emails as PDF. This will help you to perform time saving and prevent needless conversion.
  5. Offers Date Stamping & Numbering – Users can also use the advance feature of this software which enables them to provide bates numbering and date stamping to the output PDF files. The folder hierarchy will not be altered during the transfer process.

Pros & Cons

There are both positive and negative aspects which are associated with every task and PST file to PDF conversion tool is not an exception. The pros of the software includes batch export of PST file to PDF format. Users can transfer the entire folder containing PST files. It also allows users to apply date filters to migrate limited mailbox items. The software exports both ANSI and UNICODE PST files without any issue. Whereas on the other hand, there is no support for Mac systems.


To move mailbox data from one system to another becomes such a tiring task for novice users who are not familiar with the technology. As the manual method involves to print each email separately which is a time consuming task. So, the users who are looking to save time can use PST to PDF Converter which is easy to use and quite relevant when compared to the manual approach.

Ideas to Make Your Content More Engaging

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 10:30:00 PM
Ideas to Make Your Content More Engaging
In the age of the internet, content is king. If you aren’t able to regularly produce high-quality content, which attracts attention and engages the reader, it’s unlikely that you’re going to get very far, whether you’re looking to blog for a living, set up an ecommerce store or simply advertise your business online.

Creating good content that encourages views is about more than hiring the Top Rated SEO Companies, although that is certainly a good idea - it’s also about creating content that people actually want to read; content that draws them in and keeps them coming back for more. Here are some ideas to help you do just that by making your content more engaging:

Develop Your Own Voices

Although your content needs to be SEO optimized and of sufficiently good quality to attract people, one of the things that will really draw the readers in, is you. If you are able to develop your own voice and produce content that is unique to you, letting your personality ooze into every sentence, you will build your own following of people who are keen to read your every word.

Show, Don’t Tell

This advice is often given to authors who are attempting to write a successful novel, but it is good advice for online content writers too. The more descriptive you are, and the more you can build pictures in readers’ minds, the more engaged they will be in your writing. Even the driest subjects can be made interesting by using more descriptive language.

Use Infographics

You’ve probably noticed that the use of infographic creators has exploded in recent years, and the reasons they have become so popular is because they really work. They are able to succinctly explain all manner of concepts and present the most complex data in a simple visually pleasing way that anyone can understand. That’s why you should use them liberally within your content if you want to keep readers engaged.

Use Emotion

If you want to really draw people in with your writing, play to their emotions. Use language that brings up fears and how to solve them or which presents a particular issue in a positive light and make it feel real to your readers and they’ll take the time to read every inch of your content from the title to the last period.

Ask Questions

When you start a piece of content by posing a question to the reader, it gets them thinking about the issue and how they would deal with it/ their thoughts on it, and as a result, they are more likely to get involved with your content, reding on to see what your views are and how they stack up with their own.

Understand Your Readers

Last, but perhaps most important of all, if you want to engage your readers, you need to truly understand them, which means getting to know them through market research, via social media and in the comments section of your website or blog.

Creating engaging content takes some effort, but if you implement the above ideas and you take the time to develop your skills as a writer, you cannot fail.

Cannot View Contents of PST File – Resolve the Problem

Peter Baris 7:48:00 PM
Cannot View Contents of PST File – Resolve the Problem

Are you one of them who are finding difficulty in viewing PST file. If yes. Then, you landed on the right page to get the answer. But, before that let us understand more about PST files. It is the data storage file that contains personal information. It includes emails, contacts, calendars, etc. Sometimes, users are unable to read .pst file.There are various reasons for the problem. So, here in this article, we discuss all such root causes and the reliable method to fix the problem.

Root Causes Due to Which Users Cannot Read PST File

One of the main reason due to which users are unable to open PST emails is PST file corruption. There are several reasons of file corruption such as:
  • Virus or Malware Attacks: Some time due to malware infection PST files become inaccessible. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install antivirus software for Outlook email system.
  • Hardware Issues: At times, rewriting a healthy PST file with the garbage data may damage PST file. Some recovery tools that are faulty, become the reason for corrupt PST file. They can delete or remove data from the local system.
  • Software Issues: It involves failure of hard disk or storage device. If the hard disk has some bad sectors and Outlook PST is stored in these sectors. Then, the user could view and read only part of PST file or view incorrect data.
  • Terminate Outlook Abnormally: Sometimes, there may be a chance that user shut down Outlook abnormally. However, when they try to access these files they are not accessible as they get corrupted. It may happen when the user turns off the computer without exiting Outlook and Windows normally.

Understand Why Users Cannot View Contents of PST Files

"I am working on Microsoft Outlook since ages. But, one day when I tried to view some confidential emails. I was encountered with the error and I could not access those emails. Please suggest me some best utility so that I can easily read email messages.”

"I am having Outlook PST file this file has to be sent to one of my friend. But, the problem is he is not using Microsoft Outlook. Please provide any reliable method so that he can read PST files without installing Outlook. All suggestions are welcome."

"I am a Lawyer I have some evidence in PST file format. But, they have to be presented in the court. I searched for this problem online I found the best method is to print them in PDF file format. Please suggest me best utility so that I can view PST emails."

Trouble Free Method to Resolve the Problem Cannot Read PST File

We have seen different reasons due to which users are unable to read .pst file contents. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for third party tool PST Viewer Pro 7 . This software allows the users to read PST file without any interruption. However, there may be a case where the user wants to print PST files in PDF file format. Users can easily use this tool. Moreover, it also provides various matchless features that are described in the next section.

Advantageous Features of Software

Apart from resolving the problem "Cannot View Contents of PST" there are also some other benefits of the tool. Some of them are described below-
  • One of the best features of the tool is it allows the users to transfer PST files to PDF file format easily. By converting them into PDF document and makes user email secure and portable.
  • This tool also offers the advanced searching option such as user can filter out emails by keyword. With this feature, the user can search within the subject and email body. Furthermore, the user can add different criteria such as "to" or "from" email id's etc to filter the emails.
  • This software provides different naming conventions such as save as subject, subject+date, auto incremental, from+subject + date, etc. Moreover, by default files get saved as the subject.
  • It offers the users to take print out of selected emails. Henceforth, they can create the hard copy of the emails by printing them with the help of this tool.


In this article, we have seen various reasons due to which users cannot view contents of PST file. One of the major is PST file corruption. There are various reasons of file corruption that are also discussed in this article. Therefore, in order to fix the problem user can use third party tool that works in easy and simple manner.

How to Secure OST File Emails in Simple Ways

Peter Baris 7:22:00 PM
How to Secure OST File Emails in Simple Ways

Nowadays, Microsoft Outlook is widely preferred email client service used by the users. It provides various advanced features like security, reliability, message tracking, etc. It allows the users to work in an offline mode. Users are capable to deliver emails, contacts, calendars, etc on Exchange Server mailbox. By configuring Microsoft Outlook, users can keep the local copy of their items on Desktop in OST. It enables the user to work in offline when connected to the Exchange server is not possible. This file saves valuable data so there is need to secure OST file emails. Users can easily secure Outlook OST by converting them into PDF file format. So, in this article, we will discuss the reliable method to secure .ost file.

Instant Solution: With the help of OST Viewer pro users can protect OST file. By converting them into PDF file format PST emails remains secure and safe. Moreover, it enables the user to read OST file without Outlook installation.

User Query Demanding Outlook OST File Security

"I had switched the organization from old to new. I have some confidential emails that contain some important data. I am looking forward to the solution so that my emails can be secured."

"I am working as forensics manager. I have some important OST files that need to be secured. Please suggest me some reliable method."

Reliable Method to Secure OST File Emails

After understanding the above user queries, in order to protect OST Files. It is recommended to convert OST to PDF file format. Because this is one of the most secure and safe file formats. Now, the question arises how to perform conversion of OST files?. With the help of third party tool, OST Viewer pro users can easily perform migration of multiple OST files along with attachments. This tool provides various matchless features that are described in the next section.

Advanced Features of Software

  • This software provides various naming conventions to save the file such as – using combinations of date, year and month (DD-MM-YY) as well as MD5 or auto incremental option to save the converted file. Moreover, by default files are saved as subject, but a user can change it also.
  • It is one of the unique tools that offers the users to extract OST files without having any password or username details of the mailbox. It is a perfect tool for email investigation.
  • Users can also apply date based filter. With this feature, user can apply date range of their choice to filter out emails of the selective range and migrate them.
  • Export OST to PDF in batch, users can migrate multiple OST emails without any interruption.
  • The user can check or uncheck the files or folders that they want to transfer. So, users can apply filters or check/uncheck checkboxes provided for each file or folder to perform migration of selective files.
  • This software maintains folder hierarchy and there is no change in data.

Benefits to Convert OST Files to PDF

There are several benefits to migrate Outlook OST to PDF. Some of them are described below-
  • Password protection is one of the best features this file format serves. After converting OST files to PDF file format users can add the password and secure OST File emails.
  • As PDF is the most secure and safe file format, there is no chance of file corruption.
  • There is no file formatting being done during sharing of PDF files as it is easy to share over the web.
  • PDF file format is platform independent users can easily view files on any Operating system such as Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

Time to Wrap it Up

As we know OST files contain important emails so there is need to secure them. We can perform outlook ost file security by exporting them into PDF file format. Here, in this article, we have also the discuused trouble-free method to migrate OST files. With the help of this software users can easily secure OST file emails without any hurdle.

Resolve Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8de00005: Explore the Appropriate Solutions

Peter Baris 1:37:00 PM
Resolve Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8de00005: Explore the Appropriate Solutions

Fix Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8de00005: Troubleshoot with Quick Solutions

Is there any Outlook error 0x8de00005, which is interrupting you from working on Outlook?
Yes! Then you are at the right place to fix this error with accurate solutions.
Errors trouble users from continuously working in a smooth way. Same is the condition with Microsoft Outlook clients! Whenever an individual faces these type of code errors, it is quite difficult to handle the situation. Besides this, one will be unable to work with Outlook for emailing or any other purpose. We will be going to find the causes, consequences, and solutions of the error 0x8de00005 in Outlook 2010 and other versions.

Causes for Outlook Error ID 0x8de00005

There are several reasons due to which this Outlook error occurs. Few of the common reasons are mentioned below:
  • PC affected by virus attack or malware functioning.
  • Something went wrong while upgrading activity.
  • Kind of few issues related to the Proxy server.
  • Presence of instability in the ISP connection.
  • Sudden system shut down or restart activity.

Consequences of Error 0x8de00005 in Microsoft Outlook 2013/10

Following are the points that describes behavior of Outlook 0x8de00005 error exists:
  • Microsoft Outlook goes in freeze state and suddenly gets hang while working.
  • Whenever we perform any activity, a message will get displayed i.e, Not responding.
  • Outlook displays a crashing report when you try to open it for the first time.
Now, the question is how to fix Outlook error 0x8de00005? Let’s go through some of the solutions to remove this error from Outlook 2010 or the other versions.

Solutions to Fix MS Outlook Error 0x8de00005

Not only one but, there are several approaches by which one will be able to fix the error. So, let’s begin with an explanation of each and every methodology!

1. Repair Corrupt files Showing Microsoft Outlook Error ID 0x8de00005

There are two ways by which one can fix their corrupt Outlook data files. One way is to go for a manual approach, which is suitable for less corrupt file and another one is automated measure.

Manual Approach to Recover Corrupt Outlook Data Files to Remove 0x8de00005 Error
  1. If Microsoft Outlook is opened then, close it.
  2. Right-click on the start button on your Windows PC and then choose Command Prompt (Admin) option from displayed list.
  3. A Command Prompt screen will be appearing in which you have to type sfc/scannow
  4. Note: Remember that provided command is case sensitive.
  5. Wait for a while, until and unless the procedure does not get completed. It will be taking max to max 25 minutes.
  6. Restart your PC and then, and check if error 0x8de00005 Outlook occurs.

Automated Approach to Retrieve Data of Damaged Outlook Data File to Fix MS Outlook Error 0x8de00005

This measure to resolve the error involves usage of a third party application. Users can opt for PST Repair product, which is purposely designed to recover corrupt PST files in Outlook 2013 and in the other versions also. Either a PST file is less corrupted or highly corrupted, the software works with all corruption levels without any doubt concerns. There is no file size limitation imposed in the product while browsing Outlook files. Whether the file is a UNICODE or ANSICODE PST, this recovery product will be working with both files in an error free way that will remove the Outlook error 0x8de00005.

2. Switch off the MS Windows Firewall

  1. Launch Control Panel on your machine and click on Windows Firewall.
  2. If the firewall is disabled then, skip this step. Else, click on Turn Windows Firewall on or off to disable it.
  3. A Customize Settings window will display in which you have to hit on Turn off Windows Firewall and hit on OK button.

3. Disable Antivirus Functionality For A While

  1. On Windows Notification panel, move towards anti-virus program application icon to stop.
  2. When you find the same, right-click on the icon and then, select Disable, Shut down, Stop, or anything similar.
  3. There might a situation where you have to open the program and then, disable it with help of program menu.

Time to Wind Up

The Microsoft Outlook error 0x8de00005 occurs due to the several reasons. One is advised to first check anti-virus and firewall functionality and then, opt for repairing measure. All possible approaches are provided in this blog to get rid of Outlook error id 0x8de00005. You can leverage for any of them! For the fast and hassle-free repairing approach, users are suggested to go for a third party application because some people find the manual solutions a bit lengthy and time-consuming.