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How To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 5:15:00 PM
How To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd
Have you had the same homepage on your website for the past twelve months? If so, you are in need of a little bit of inspiration to get you back on the laptop and creating a fresh new look for your brand. Gone are the days of static webpages a la Geocities. Website builders allow the adoption of advanced features for even the most novice of website creators. As a business, you don’t want to outsource your website building to an external professional due to cost. The good news is that you don’t have to. Read on to find out just how easy it is to give your website a makeover.

Create A Good First Impression

Do you ever venture into the library and immediately pick up the book with the unusual burgundy suedette cover? It’s hugely tactile, and you were drawn to its unique texture and color. You couldn’t help but touch it, open it up and view what was inside. That’s the same reaction you want to provoke with your website. The homepage needs to create a wow factor, encouraging your potential customers to click to get access to your products page or blog. Once they are in, it is up to you to get them hooked on high-quality content and design.

Make It Intuitive

There’s nothing worse than locating the website you want only to find it nearly impossible to navigate. Make sure the buttons are clear, and you have a visible menu on the top or the side of each page. The layout of your website needs to do three things: encourage customer participation through signing up for an email newsletter or linking in some way to your social media accounts, make it easy for the customer to contact you and highlight your product or service in a way that demonstrates the benefits to the customer. The ‘hard sell’ days are long gone to be replaced with more intelligent marketing to the web savvy customer.

Boring Techie Section

You could have the most incredible website, full of interaction, slideshows, strong branding and an exceptional number of visitor hits. However, what if your website crashes or comes under attack from malware? You need to seriously consider boosting your ability to recover your website's files should the worst happen. By selecting one of the best FTP clients, you can ensure that even if your website becomes inaccessible for any reason, you can still retrieve your all important files and alter them to get back into your website. Also, consider signing up for some professional regular backup. This frees you up from worrying about the technical stuff and allows you to focus on the content of your website.

How To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd
Every business should invest in an online presence. This doesn’t just mean having a Facebook page that you update once every couple of months or a blog that only has three posts from a couple of years ago. Your online presence is a vehicle for your marketing and displays your brand to the world. Give your website a makeover today to give your business the online presence it deserves.

Android Apps for Leukaemia Children

Lolita lonny 3:00:00 PM
Android Apps for Leukaemia Children

Content: Childhood leukaemia is defined as cancer of leucocytes. In this disease, WBC’s are produced in abnormally large quantity within bone marrow. These abnormal leucocytes aggregate within the bone marrow and enter the blood circulation. Since, they are defective white blood cells, they are not able to perform their actual task of protecting the human against infectious diseases.

With the progression of disease the leukaemia starts interfering with other essential functions,such as production of platelets and red blood cells. As a result patient develops bleeding disorder and anaemia. The large number of abnormal white blood cells also increases the chances ofgetting infections.

Classification of Leukaemia

  • Acute Leukaemia
  • Chronic Leukaemia

Acute Leukaemia

Acute leukaemia develops quickly within a small period of time. Acute leukaemia is further categorised into acute myeloid leukaemia and the acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. The name depends on the cells involved, which can be either myelocytes or lymphocytes.

Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia is common in age group of two to eight years. While acute myeloid leukaemia is more commonly seen in children who are less than two years old. Many studiesshow that acute lymphoblastic leukaemia is more common than acute myeloid leukaemia.

Chronic Leukaemia

Chronic Leukaemia grows slowly over a period of several years. Such leukaemia is rarely seen in children.

Causes of Leukaemia

1. Genetics
Inherited anomaly such as Li-Fraumeni(caused due to alteration in TS genes) and Down syndrome(which has an additional chromosome number 21) increases the risk of childhood leukaemia.

2. Compromised Inherited Immune Deficiency
Some children take birth with the immune deficiency, for example those suffering from bloom syndrome or ataxia telangiectasia. Because of reduced immunity they have greater chance of developing cancers like leukaemia.

3. Leukemic Siblings or Twins
The siblings of leukemic children have more chances of developing leukaemia. The chances are much greater in twins who are identical.

4. Alcohol consumption
Studies show that those women who consumed alcohol during their pregnancy, their children are at higher risk of getting leukaemia.

5. Radiations
Several researches indicate that exposure to radiations, such as CT-Scans or X-Rays during first trimester of pregnancy can increase the risk in child of developing leukaemia.

6. Chemotherapy
Certain drugs and chemotherapy which is used as a chief treatment for cancer can result in causing leukaemia in cancer patient.

7. Organ Transplant
To perform organ transplant the immunity needs to be supressed and this process increases the risk of developing leukaemia.

Sign and Symptoms

Child suffering from leukaemia mainly appears with weakness, fatigue, repeated infections, fever, bleeds easily, pain in joints, abdominal swelling, lymph node swelling, weight loss, headache, dyspnoea and decreased appetite.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Leukaemia is diagnosed on physical examination, blood test and bone marrow test. After diagnosis team of doctor discuss the treatment options. Chemotherapy is the most common treatment used for treating leukaemia.

Every year thousands of young children are affected by leukaemia. Thanks to the researchers now the treatment of this disease has become much effective and there is more chance of 100% cure and recovery.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Dr Gerald Jim, he is a known article writer. Dr Gerald Jim said “ I completed my Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery from Stanford University, USA and when I have to Do My Dissertation i must write something for peoples too”.

How Can Education Make You a Better Person

Lolita lonny 2:11:00 PM
Education is very helpful in determining the life of a student. It is not just about superficial learning but it impacts the lives of learners. It gives directions and goals and makes people better adapted to society and community. It enhances hidden talents among people and makes them broad minded. Education can make you a better person in certain ways which are discussed in this article.

How Can Education Make You a Better Person

Education gives a new direction to people

Education illuminates the ignorant minds. It not only helps in learning new concepts but gives direction in leading daily life in a better way. People without education are aimless in their lives; they feel hurdles in setting goals in their lives. It is the

Education helps in fighting with the odds in society

This is the rule of nature that that weak and ignorant people are always subjugated by the strong and powerful. Education gives strength and vigor to raise voice against all the injustices and odds prevailing in the society. It is more powerful than weapons and has more influence than anything in the world. It enables nations to stand united and break all the chains of slavery and ruthlessness. Education empowers people to fight for their rights and it gives courage to stand against powerful malicious forces in the society.

Education grooms personality

We have seen so many examples in our daily lives which best fit with this point. Education grooms the personality and makes people more sophisticated and refined. Personality represents the individual everywhere he goes. The influential personality is admired everywhere and make the person stand out in the crowd. There is a stark difference between the personality of an educated man and an uneducated man.

Education gives moral values and ethics

Education empowers person with moral values. The educated man is not only thinks about himself but his thought’ spectrum is wide and he thinks for all the people of the society. He is enriched with ethical values; he possesses the empathic traits and also helps people in difficult times. This is the main purpose of life to help the weak and serve the humanity. Ignorant man is always preoccupied with his own thoughts and he never cares of other people in the society.

Education helps in making right decisions

Right decisions can lead to success in every field of life and people have to face the negative outcomes if they lack the power to make right decision at right time. Educated mind is capable to critically evaluate the given problem from all angles and he is adept to make right decisions in short notices as well. This ability makes him unique and admirable. An ignorant mind is always confused and can’t see clear things and thus makes decisions haphazardly and these decisions affect his life adversely. These are some of the ways education makes you a better person. It educates all the manners and values needed to survive peacefully. People can also get better employment offers and makes them self-reliant rather than looking for someone for help.

Author’s Bio:

This article has been written by Neil Peterson, an Artist, Philanthropist and a writer who Dissertation Help - Dissertation Hub writes on different topics related to education and its benefits for students and for society.

The Importance Of Small Business Data Backup

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 4:07:00 PM
As a business, you know the importance of making sure you have files, documents and invoices to hand at a moment’s notice. The thought that the past three years worth of documentation could simply disappear off the face of the Earth doesn’t even bear thinking about and sends you into a cold sweat. In an age when nearly every piece of paper can now be stored electronically, it is vital that you secure your files and documents by implementing a regular backup routine. This means that those files that have been lingering about on your desktop can be organised and saved in a more secure environment. Read on to discover three different methods to ensure the safe storage of your all important files.

The Importance Of Small Business Data Backup

1. Flash Drive / USB Stick

The flash drive has many different names but it is essentially that little flat cuboid that hooks easily to lanyards, and you plug into your USB port on your laptop. Flash drives are ridiculously easy to use, and you can copy and paste all of your files from your desktop and other folders on your computer into your flash drive. This is great for sole traders but not for small businesses. The storage on even the biggest of flash drives is relatively small, and they are known to become corrupted over time. The flash drive was the go-to storage solution a decade ago but has been surpassed by newer alternatives.

The Importance Of Small Business Data Backup

2. External Hard Drive

The major advantage of an external hard drive is that you can store many more files than you could on a flash drive. Taking the appearance of a small brick, the external hard drive also plugs into your USB port and works in a very similar way to the flash drive. However, it’s larger and less prone to corruption. A disadvantage with the external hard drive is that it cannot grow with your business.

The Importance Of Small Business Data Backup

3. Cloud

Many people talk about a seemingly mythical cloud when it comes to data storage. However, the cloud is not as mysterious as it first seems. With cloud storage, you can backup your files from your computer onto a server off site. To have access to these files, you will need to have Internet connection. There is a greater degree of flexibility in that you can view your cloud based files from any location and any device. Cloud storage is cheap and secure and allows you backup a greater number of files. However, if your connection to the Internet fails for any reason, you will not have access to your files.

Many businesses now utilize a storage gateway allowing them to have a virtual appliance within their local network. This means that they can store and backup files before the storage gateway performs a protocol conversion along with encryption to send files safely to cloud storage. This can increase the speed at which files are saved as well as reducing latency. Still very much in the adolescent stage, cloud storage gateways are an exciting development in data storage for businesses.

By implementing a backup routine, you are ensuring that your documents, tax returns and invoices amongst other things are safely stored in multiple places. However, you choose to backup your files, ensure that you do it regularly to make sure you never lose crucial files.

Starved Of Funds Startup? Three Areas To Bite Back Costs

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 11:01:00 PM
Starved Of Funds Startup? Three Areas To Bite Back Costs
If you’re in the midst of starting a business, it’s unlikely that you need to be told it’s an expensive venture. As the bills mount up and everything seems to be far more expensive than you’d thought it would be, it’s definitely the kind of truth that life will have hammered into you by now.

It’s distressing. You have your idea for a business and you really, truly believe that it can flourish - but the money is running dry. Are your entrepreneurial dreams going to be sunk by a lack of funds? Or are there some areas where you can claw back expenses, by spending a little time furnishing yourself with new skills?

Are You Write For This?

You need writing to promote your business; or ‘copy’ as it’s most commonly called when it’s for commercial purposes. If you’re going to hire a writer, then life is going to get expensive incredibly quickly. Any writer worth their salt is going to charge anything from 3c-10c per word of copy that they write. Given the amount of words that go into starting a business - from your business plan to your entire website - that might not be something you can afford.

If you’re going to learn to write this kind of copy for yourself, then you’ll need to first brush up on your English skills. You’ll then be able to find plenty of books and resources that help you write in an engaging, personality-driven, interesting style. You might have to pay for these books, but it’ll still be a lot less than hiring a writer to do it for you!

Art Attack

That website and the promotional materials you’re going to be writing are going to need another element: design.

Hiring an artist to custom create all of your business imagery is going to be incredibly expensive. This is doubled down on if you want to photograph products, with the cost of hiring a photographer running at at least $100 per day.

So it’s time to DIY it. For your main logo, you can use the likes of to get your task ticked off in minutes. For photographs, it’s a better use of funds to equip yourself with a decent DSLR camera and then follow some simple online guides for how to use it. You’ll probably need studio lighting to help with the photographs but - as with writing - it’s still going to be more affordable than hiring a pro.

Web Wonder

Finally, your website. Even if your business is based strictly offline, you’re still going to need an online presence for it to flourish. Are you willing to spend up to $250 for a basic company website, or is there something you can do instead?

One great option is to use online “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG as an abbreviation) website creators. These allow you to pass over the need to learn to code, and instead you can custom make your own website using their software. You’ll find a list of possibilities at to get you started. There’s a fee, of course, but as previously discussed - it’s still going to be cheaper than hiring a pro!

7 Steps To Resumé Perfection

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 7:49:00 PM
Whether you’re contemplating a career change or just looking for a new job in your existing industry, there’s one thing that you can’t afford to get wrong: your resumé.

It’s your passport to a new job, after all. It’s the first chance that an employer will have to see what you can do, what you have to offer, and how you are presenting yourself. It’s not pushing the bounds of supposition to suggest that if your resumé isn’t where it should be, you are massively harming your chances of ever even being called to interview - never mind being offered another job.

Resumés are a difficult thing to get right. Many people puzzle over them, wondering how they walk the line between selling themselves versus appearing arrogant. You’re also trying to read the mind of the person reading the resumé. What are they going to want to see? What is going to put them off? What do they consider to be necessary information, and what do they think of as being superfluous? It’s a nigh-on impossible task, but it’s one you’re going to have to go through as you contemplate looking for a new job.

Given that your resumé is something that must serve so many different purposes, how can you make it stand out as truly spectacular - and what information can you cut without fear of reprisal?

7 Steps To Resumé Perfection

Step 1: The Basics

The basics on your resumé are the essential, need-to-know information that helps to give the company you’re applying to an idea about who you are. You should always kick off the document with the following:

Your full name. Your address, including email address. Your contact telephone numbers. It’s also a good idea to specify when you can be contacted on those numbers. If you’re currently working in another job, then make sure you provide your cell number and list it as a daytime contact - you’ll just need to be able to check your messages frequently throughout the day.

With these basics dealt with, you can begin to add in more detail.

Step 2: Personal Statement

7 Steps To Resumé Perfection
Many people launch straight into their resumé details at this point, reeling off endless facts and figures about the jobs that they have done and the grades they got at school. This is useful information - and we’ll definitely get to it - but it’s not something that people want to see immediately. They need a little background on you first, which you achieve with your personal statement.

Your personal statement should be up to 100 words longer - don’t be tempted to make it any longer; remember, the company will have countless numbers of applications that they are reading. It also helps if you embolden the important points.

Here’s an example:

Thanks to 12 years experience in the field of data entry, I feel I have much to offer any roles I apply for in future. I consider myself to be a diligent employee, who always strives to perform any given task to the best of my abilities. I have a can-do attitude and always look for solutions that other people might miss. Due in no small part to my degree in English Language, I believe I have excellent attention to detail. Although appreciative of my current role, I am always looking for new challenges and experiences in my career.

So basically, you want to underline some of the things you’re good at - achievements and career history - in brief, concise detail. Remember, the exact details of the “12 years experience” and “degree in English language” will follow in the rest of the document; this is about selling the overall picture of who you are, what you can offer, and why you can offer it.

Step Three: Career History

Start this section with details for your existing job. This should include a thorough detail of what you do on a day-to-day basis and how you think it has benefited you as an employee. For example:

My Current Role: Healthcare Assistant (2013 - present day)

I current work as a Healthcare Assistant for Memorial Hospital. My daily duties involve helping patients with their daily needs, as well as filing paperwork as to the actions I have performed. I report to the Duty Manager, who relies on me to complete my tasks in an orderly fashion and without delay. I believe this role has taught me the values of patience, given me the chance to learn industry-specific software such as Healthcare Pro, as well as ensuring I can work to a deadline in a high-pressure environment.

There is relatively little benefit to just throwing the basics onto your CV. You have to explain what you have learned, the skills you have developed in that job, and how they may help you in the future.

The rest of your career history should be much along the same lines, but you don’t need to go into such detail. Feel free to omit jobs you have done that aren’t applicable to the role you’re applying for. If you’re looking to be a marketing manager, then the company don’t need to know about the summer you spent tending bar and waitressing - keep it on message!

Step Four: Education History

7 Steps To Resumé Perfection
Your education history should always be a reverse pyramid; the most important information is the part you give the most detail on. Start with the details of your highest level of education, be it a degree or a vocational qualification. It helps not only to list the name of the course, but also the topics that you covered and how you learned from them.

For example:

BA History (2003-2007)

I chose to study history due to my interest in how the past can impact current events. In the course of this study, I covered topics such as The History Of Medicine, as well as completing an in-depth analysis of the history of my home town. My final submission paper was on The Tudor Monarchs (1485-1603) and included exploration of themes involving sovereign rights and taxation. History is a study that requires intense attention to detail and which taught me to assess all information on an individual basis.

From there, you can go into detail about your other qualifications. Try and keep it specifically academic or vocational at this point; qualifications obtained in traditional methods of study, be it a school or a college.

Step Five: Additional Qualifications

This is the section for any additional qualifications. This could be anything from a coding course you completed or details of your CPR Certification. These might not be particularly pertinent to the job that you’re applying for, but they help to flesh out your resumé and provide a more rounded picture of you individually.

If you don’t currently hold any qualifications that you can enter into this section, then it’s well worth looking for online courses that can give you something. Employers like to see that potential hires are interested people, who engage in learning and improving their world view.

Step Six: Skills

This is where you can show off about the things that you know and the achievements you have enjoyed in the past. It should look something like this:

  • Holder of a Full Driving Licence since 2003
  • Proficient with content management systems such as Wordpress and Blogger
  • Typing speed of approximately 75 words per minute.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the entire Microsoft Office suite of applications.

Unlike the rest of the document, you’re going to want to keep these simple and brief. It’s a snapshot of the things you can do outside of your specific work environment; again, it’s all about rounding out the picture of who you are and where your strengths lie.

Step Seven: Proofreading

7 Steps To Resumé Perfection
Finally, go through your entire resumé and proofread it. Then proofread it again. Then set it down for 24 hours and - you’ve guessed it - proofread it one more time. Making basic mistakes of spelling and grammar on your resumé is not going to endear you to an employer. Depending on how fastidious they are, it might be enough to see you dismissed entirely - no matter how good your qualifications or experience are. That’s because if you leave such errors in place for such an important document, they will naturally conclude that you have a haphazard focus on details in the rest of your life - and haphazard is not a character trait that anyone wants to employ!

In Conclusion

While there’s no doubt that completing your resumé is a difficult task, it doesn’t need to be an impossible one. Just work through the steps and then check, check, and check again. If you apply yourself to this and ensure you’re providing thorough information without being either too brief or too wide, then you should have a document that you can be proud of.

Remember: it’s always a good idea to tailor your resumé a little to the job requirement. If they have emphasized a need for an upbeat personality in the job ad, you should add in a sentence that shows you comply with this. A good basic resumé that you can then add to as needed is the key to job hunting success.

Break The Mould With Your Business Marketing

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 7:24:00 PM
Break The Mould With Your Business Marketing
It is important that when you market your business, you do everything you possibly can to stand out. Otherwise, customers will ignore you and instead seek out the competition. They will look for the companies that are making an impact on the market and that are offering something different and exciting. But how do you make sure the marketing and promotion for your business stands out and attracts the level of audience that you need.

Think Bigger

Small businesses still need to use the best and brightest forms of promotion. We can look at SEO as a possibility here. Many small business owners believe that they don’t need SEO because they are appealing to a local target audience. Of course, this isn’t the case, and SEO is somewhat crucial for ensuring a high level of demand online. Web Full Circle small business SEO services are one example of SEO for a small company that doesn’t think small and stay inside the box. Instead, they provide the same level of representation that a larger business would receive. The main message here is that you shouldn’t limit yourself or your goals based on size of your business. You should be using the services of the pros.

Use Your Size As An Advantage

There are two ways how the size of a small company can offer a distinct advantage. First, there is the cost. Small businesses are going to have lower costs than large companies. As such, they should be able to spend less in certain areas and more on marketing. That’s exactly what you need to do if you want to make sure that you can gain attention on the market. You need to focus your resources, and this might mean taking steps to pour money into promotion. Remember, it’s not how things are in business but how they appear.

The other advantage is that businesses that are small have fewer customers. Now, while this might limit your profit potential it will also allow you to offer a more personalized service and that can be a distinct advantage. Particularly if you can separate yourself from businesses where customers are starting to feel like one cog in a massive machine.

Create A Buzz

Lastly, a small business can still create a buzz around their business, and the easiest way to do with would be with press releases. If you have an idea for a story about your business that the media would catch onto release it through a professional model. Once you have done this, you will gain the attention of the media. This will improve your search ranking because more people will be mentioning your brand online.

The best and simplest way to create a story around your business that is worth telling would be by using a charity campaign. Link your business to a charity campaign, and you will immediately have people interested in your company because it will be giving something back.

As you can see, there are multiple ways how a seemingly small business can completely break the mould with marketing.