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Getting IT! A Groundbreaking Guide On The Importance Of User Competence

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 12:52:00 AM
So you have all the latest software and hardware for your company. You are convinced that this is going to give you the edge over your competition and allow you to offer the most up to date services to your customers. But all this is for naught if your users aren't competent. That is why is so important that you ensure that everyone working for you gets information technology (IT). Read on to find out how.


First of all, to ensure IT literacy among your workforce it can help to have a minimum standard for the education that you expect in this area.

If you are working in an office environment, it may be useful to screen candidates for specific qualifications. Such as Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.

If you are working with specific programs, you may request a qualification as evidence of the ability to use this on a day to day basis.

This is particularly vital where you are using programs that are both advanced and specific to your industry. As having many different employees that are all at different levels can cause inconsistency in the quality of work.


Of course, education isn't everything when it comes to IT skills. Some folks have has no formal education but are more than competent, because they have taken the time and effort to self-teach what they need to know. With the internet full of tutorials and guides this is something that is becoming more and more common.

OK, so when employing folks like this you don't get the guarantee that you would if they hold a formal qualification. But it's important not to overlook such candidates, especially if they have evidence of their work, like a portfolio or samples online.

If you like the look of them but are still concerned about their skill levels on the program, you will be using you can enter them into formal training. As this should bring them up to speed.

Formal training

Having the ability to train some or all of your employees formally on the programs you want to use within your business is a must for user competence.

To do this, you can outsource this need to companies like Training Connection, or run your own internal courses if the need is high enough. Although, unless you are employing multiple people every month it's likely that outside training is a more practical way to do it.

Putting everyone through the same training is useful because you know that when they get into the office, they will all be of a similar standard. That means everyone can hit the ground running.

Sharing of ideas

A Groundbreaking Guide On The Importance Of User Competence
Lastly, IT is something that is changing all of the time. There are always new updates, versions, and advice that is coming out. That means you also have to make the commitment to keep pace with it.

You can do this through refresher sessions, or even regular staff meet ups. Where they can share ideas, techniques and anything else they have come across that could affect how they are using IT in your company.

Outsourcing Information Technology Isn't a Debate: IT Needs To Happen

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 7:08:00 PM
Outsourcing Information Technology
Every business on the planet uses the internet for one reason or another. In fact, it isn’t wrong to say that the World Wide Web is a company’s main resource. Without it, there is no digital marketing, no cloud storage, and no cyber security. And, they are only three resources – there are hundreds if not thousands more. As you can see, information technology plays a major role in your firm’s success. So, why would anyone treat I.T with disrespect? You may not think you are, but keeping it in-house inst respectful, and these are the reasons why.

Better Cyber Security

Just as there are thieves and burglars, there are hackers that want to steal sensitive information. Or, they want to relieve the boredom and test out their skills by destroying your servers. Regardless of their motives, they exist and they need stopping. Otherwise, the business could be vulnerable. Thankfully, the professionals know how to keep hackers at bay. For example, they may encrypt your data and tighten up weak points like employee emails. However, they won’t come to you and offer their services. If you want their help, you need to ask and pay a fee.

Outsourcing Information Technology

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

An outsourcer, if you choose correctly, is an expert with years of experience and an impressive skill set. And, they will use all of them for your benefit. It may only be a few small changes, but the little things make the biggest difference. Then, before you know it, the entire business could profit and take a big leap forward. Experts have access to features like ddr4 ram test and such and this access is the key. Without it, there is no way to tweak your current processes for the betterment of the company.

Morale Boost For The Office

Is there anything more frustrating than a systems failure? Probably not because no one can do any work without an internet connection. And, even if the server is online, the office will be wondering when it fails again. It may only seem like a small issue, but it has a big impact on employee morale. As soon as they start to question the system, their output will begin to fall which will hurt the firm. By hiring professionals, the confidence throughout the business won’t waiver. Hopefully, that means everyone will do their job to the best of their ability.

More Time & Money

Outsourcing is cheaper than keeping it in-house – that’s a fact. It also saves time because there is no need to spend time obsessing over I.T. Both of these resources are vital to any business for two reasons. Firstly, spending less money means there is more cash in reserve for a rainy day. And, more money and time allows you to focus on key areas of the firm. As a result, the entire business should become more efficient, even the worst problem areas.

If you aren’t or haven’t considered outsourcing I.T, now may be the time to rethink your plan.

How to Repair Corrupt OST File in Outlook 2010 – No SCANOST.EXE Available

Peter Baris 4:53:00 PM

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client and a personal information manager. It allows users to send and receive emails along with creating tasks, notes, journals, calendars etc. It is an advanced communication tool with latest features. Many users are shifting to Outlook as an email client. Sometimes people face issues relating to corruption in MS Outlook and hence are not able to preview their emails. One of the reason can be a corruption of the storage files like PST and OST. A PST is a personal storage file that saves all Outlook mailbox data on the local system. An OST file is an Offline Storage file that is a replica of the mailbox on the Exchange server. In this post, possible reasons for corruption in Outlook and solutions to repair corrupt OST file in Outlook 2010 without SCANOST has been discussed.

Best 5 Solution to Repair Corrupt OST File Without SCANOST.EXE

There are a few methods through which corruption in the Outlook OST file can be repair and its contents viewed. Some of them have been mentioned below:

Solution#1 Manual Method: Using the SCANOST.EXE

SCANOST.EXE is a free tool provided by Microsoft for repairing minor corruption in OST file. This tool can be found in the Outlook 2007 and below versions. Use the table below to access the scanost.exe file that will launch the SCANOST tool. Having done that, follow the steps below to start the recovery process.

Below are the steps mentioned to perform scanning and repair damaged OST file in Outlook 2007 and below:

  • Step 1: Firstly, double-click on SCANOST.EXE to launch the OST Integrity Check Window.
  • Step 2: Now, choose the appropriate Outlook profile corresponding to the respective Exchange server.
  • Step 3: Having done that, click OK to move to the next step
  • Step 4: Next, choose from the two options provided by the recovery tool:
  • Scan All Folders: Scan the entire MS Outlook database
  • Choose Folders To Scan: This feature allows users to selectively scan OST mailbox folders. One can choose what to repair and prevent other folders from scanning. This will save a lot of time and prevent needless scanning of mailbox items.
    • Step 5: Now, tick the check box next to Repair Errors to recover any deleted or lost emails.
    • Step 6: Then, click Begin Scan button to start the scanning and repairing process.
    • Step 7: Finally, a message box will appear indicating the scan and repair processes have been completed. Click OK to finish the task

    Limitation of SCANOST.EXE

    There are a number of drawbacks to using scanost.exe tool for repairing OST file items. Some of them have been given below:

    • Limited Outlook Availability: The OST integrity check tool is only available for Outlook version 2007 and below. For the later versions, this utility tool is unavailable and cannot repair OST file. This drawback limits this tool for being the best solution to repair corrupt Outlook OST file.
    • Only Fixes Minor Corruption: This tool is apt for any minute corruption or for recovering deleted or lost emails in Outlook. This is not the best way for highly corrupt OST file and its data recovery. It is like a first-aid to fixing any major issue with Outlook.
    • Not the best Recovery Tool: At times, the manual solution of using scanost.exe file can affect the integrity of already corrupt OST files. It may not be the most professional solution for repairing damaged OST files.
    • Synchronization Issue: The result after scanning may not be always what is saved on the Exchange Server. Resultant emails may differ in formatting or folder hierarchy. It may cause more damage than good.

    Solution#2 Convert OST files to PST file format

    For Outlook versions 2010 and above, there is no provision for the scanost.exe tool. Instead one must regularly import their OST file into PST format and backup using the Outlook mailbox. This backup can be used to recover mailbox items in case of Exchange server downtime or OST corruption. Follow the steps below to convert OST mailbox data items and store them on their local machine.

    • Step 1: Firstly, click File >> Open >> Import
    • Step 2: Now, save the contents of Outlook mailbox in PST file format. This will create a backup of all the data in a mailbox folder till the last synchronization on a user local machine.
    • Step 3: Now, to recover lost items, delete and recreate the OST file by following steps below:
      • Firstly, Exit Outlook
      • Now, Go to Control Panel>>Mail
      • From Mail Setup choose E-mail Accounts
      • Next, select the Data Files tab. And then, select the Exchange Account. Then, choose Open File Location
      • Having done that, close the Account Settings and the Mail Setup windows.
      • In the File Explorer window, Right-click on Exchange data file and click on Delete.
      • Now, one can simply go to the folder where the ‘.pst’ file is saved. There one can find a ‘.bak’ file saved somewhere in that folder.
      • Rename ‘.bak’ file to ‘bak.pst’. For example, rename ‘abc.bak’ file to ‘abc.bak.pst’.
      • Then, double-click on this file to upload data from the last saved version.

    Note: Also, one can recreate OST by synchronizing with Exchange server whenever online.

    Limitation of OST File to PST conversion Manually

    There are pros and cons to every procedure. Following are some of the limitations pertaining to conversion of OST file to PST.

    • Only recovers Emails: This process can only repair emails in an OST file. Any other mailbox items like tasks, notes, journals, calendars etc cannot be recovered using this procedure
    • Lengthy Process: It is a very time-consuming and lengthy process. Users often look for a workaround to performing the manual process.
    • Can lead to Data Loss: Many non-technical users may find it very difficult to delete and recreate an Ost file. Any misstep can lead to huge data loss that cannot be recovered.
    • Technical Process: People must perform this step knowing very well the risks involved. Knowledge of working with Outlook storage files is a must.

    Solution#3 Alternative Approach to Converting OST to PST

    Often users will face issues in recovering lost data from an OST file in MS Outlook. Users may complain about the process being too confusing and difficult to understand. Therefore, professional solutions like OST to PST converter tool is always recommended by data recovery agents. It is much easier to use and can even repair corrupt OST file to PST. Load unlimited size of OST data using the recovery tool. It is highly efficient and reliable and can migrate OST files to PST file format in seconds. Use the converted file to upload to Outlook and preview recovered Outlook mailbox.

    Solution#4 Using SCANPST.EXE Tool

    After having converted OST file to a PST file format, users can use the inbuilt Inbox repair tool for repairing corrupt Outlook data file (.pst). This is just like scanost.exe and can repair PST file for Outlook version 2010 and above. It is found in all the latest versions of Outlook 2010. It is an easy-to-use, free tool by Microsoft for recovering corrupt PST file. Follow the steps below to use the Outlook Scan PST tool.

    • Firstly, Exit Outlook and go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
    • Now, locate the Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) from the following default locations:
    ual process. Often users find this procedure either too difficult to understand or too lengthy and irrelevant. Many search for easy and simple ways of recovering PST mailbox data without the need for recreating data. At many occasions, the inbuilt tools can not recover highly corrupt data storage files. This is why users opt for Outlook Recovery tool to repair Outlook PST file in Outlook 2016 and below versions. It is an easier way than performing any of the technical steps.

    Wrapping It Up

    Even the best of files can have corruption at one time or another. Proper utility methods must be known to all data center teams in every organization. For this purpose, the manual solution to repair corrupt Outlook OST file in Outlook 2010 has been discussed in this post. Also, alternative solutions that enable users to recover OST file in an easy and simple way have also been discussed. Some methods may be too technical for a stand-alone user. Hence, they can opt for more efficient solutions of downloading and installing third-party repair tools.

    Biz Blunders: Fatal Errors You Are Making With Your Digital Marketing

    Nurdin Budi Mustofa 10:29:00 PM
    One of the worst mistakes that any business can make in 2017 is failing to get their digital marketing on point. Whether you launched your business a couple of years ago or just last week, it is crucial that you have a digital marketing plan in place that will boost your business’s success, ensuring that you stay on track when it comes to meeting your goals. For your business to be successful and grow over time, you need to ensure that your venture (and your products or services) are seen by as many people as possible.

    There’s a common misconception that getting digital marketing right is simple and that anyone can do it. But the truth is that’s not the case - there’s a lot more to effective social media marketing than meets the eye. Far too many businesses make mistakes that could be avoided when it comes to their digital marketing. So with that in mind, below is a guide to the fatal errors that you might be making with your digital marketing and how you can ensure that your marketing is on point in the future.

    Fatal Errors You Are Making With Your Digital Marketing

    You aren’t making the most of your website

    You might have the most incredible website that’s smart, stylish, and professional-looking, but if you aren’t utilizing it properly, this can impact the success of your digital marketing. The fact is that a website can be an incredible marketing tool, but how effective it actually is depends on how well utilized it is. To make the most of your website for marketing purposes, it should contain well-written content that is SEO optimized; it needs to have clear images and well-designed graphics and visuals. The layout should be easy to use and navigate. These things are all vital as they are what makes your site more shareable. No one is going to want to share a website that doesn’t wow them, so it is vital that your website wows your users.

    You haven’t invested in an app

    In today’s hectic world, more and more people are choosing to use portable devices like smartphones more than computers. For this reason, businesses are now starting to take advantage of apps, creating mobile versions of their websites. For people using smartphones to view websites, having an app version improves their experience, and acts as a marketing method. Just like your website can be an effective marketing method, so can an app. If you are going to create an app, it’s important to look at the entire process, from creation to the final testing stages. Think each part of the process through, to help make it quicker and easier. For instance, consider whether you would like traditional app testing or something a little more exploratory in nature. Or, whether you would want to create the app yourself, or would you outsource the task?

    Social media isn’t being effectively used

    It’s all well and good having social media channels, but if you are not going to use them effectively, they aren’t going to help you to build your business. To make your social media channels a more effective marketing resource, posting, commenting, and sharing content consistently is crucial. If you want to build up a following on social media, which is vital when it comes to making a success of your business, consistent posting of good-quality content is crucial. It’s also vital that you make an effort to engage with your followers, as this helps to show your brand in the right light - aka as a company that cares about their customers.

    There you have it, a guide to the fatal errors you may be making when it comes to your business’s digital marketing.

    Convert OLM to PST - Export Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook PST

    Peter Baris 7:47:00 PM
    Convert OLM to PST - Export Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook PST

    Outlook is clearly one of the most popular and widely used email client application. As it enables the user to access all the information very easy anyone can create an email and then the email id can be synchronized and all the information is imported to the Outlook application. The Outlook Application is available for Mac as well as Windows. Hence there are some cases where the users wish to export Mac Outlook to PST (Windows). So in this article, we will discuss how to convert OLM to PST file format.

    Mac Outlook

    The Mac Outlook is the variation of the Outlook application developed for the Macintosh operating system. This Application uses the OLM File format in order to store the user data in the Outlook application.

    What is PST?

    PST stands for Personal Storage Table. It one of the main data files created in the Outlook for Windows application. Here the data is stored physically on the hard disk of the computer. This consists of all the emails, Journals, Tasks, Calendars, contacts of the user. This file also acts as a backup for the user in times of requirement.
    Now, There have been multiple scenarios in which the user have posted queries in order to how to migrate from the Mac Outlook Format to PST
    Scenario1: How can I export the data saved in my Mac Outlook to PST or convert OLM to PST file format as I am considering to migrate from the Mac OS to Windows Operating system?
    Scenario2: Was using Macintosh at first, Now I want to switch to the Windows Operating system, So can someone please suggest a way to import the Mac Outlook Data to the Windows Outlook Application?
    The above mentioned are two scenarios that are noticed very often regarding the Mac Outlook OLM data to Windows Outlook Application.

    Need to Export Mac Outlook to PST

    1. The first and foremost reason to export Mac Outlook OLM file to PST is when the user is concerned for switching from the Mac OS to Windows Operating System.
    2. In comparison between the Macintosh Operating system to Windows Operating system in order to avail the features of Windows Operating system such as cost effectiveness, simplicity, worldwide acceptance of people and familiar to use.
    Now, As the Above mentioned reasons specify the need to export the data from Mac Outlook to PST. To satisfy such needs it is very important that you should go for a third party software to convert OLM to PST. Also, There are some manual methods available to export the Mac Outlook OLM to PST such as setting a Mac Outlook account using the IMAP Configuration.

    The One Stop Solution To Export Mac Outlook OLM to PST

    In order to convert the Mac Outlook OLM file to PST the best solution available i.e. SysTools OLM to PST Converter to Convert Outlook Mac Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Task, Notes to PST.
    • Works on All Windows Machine & Supports Windows 10 & Below Versions.
    • Preview Emails with Attributes and Corresponding Attachments.
    • Convert Outlook 2011/2016 to PST of UNICODE and EML / MSG Format.
    • Break Large PST File into Smaller and Easily Manageable Sizes.
    • Preserve Original Folder Structure after Outlook Mac to PST Conversion.
    • MS Outlook Installation is Required to Export Outlook 2011 to PST File.
    The Above mentioned software can very easily add and export the Mac Outlook to PST file format. The tool is very easy to use and user-friendly. Performs the job really well for exporting the Mac Outlook to Windows. Enabling the user to convert OLM to PST effectively and efficiently. It is compatible with the Windows 10 Operating system.


    In this informative article, we discussed the Outlook for Mac Application and discussed the Need for migrating the Mac Outlook application to the Windows Outlook Application. We suggested the one stop solution to export Mac Outlook to PST file of Windows by converting the Mac OLM to PST.

    Know How to Bypass VBA Project Password in Excel

    Peter Baris 2:57:00 PM

    In this blog I going to show you how to break VBA macro password in Excel using Hex Editor and Excel VBA password bypasser tool.

    Bypass VBA Project Password in Excel using Hex Editor

    Note: Make sure to take the backup of Excel Workbook before starting the password breaking process.

    1. First download and install Hex Editor on your system.
    2. Now open Microsoft Excel file in Hex Editor and search for the text string DBP.
    3. Replace the DPB with DPX to confuse Microsoft Excel and save the file.
    4. After that open the file in MS Excel, following warning message will appear on your screen. Click on Yes.
    5. You may also get the following message, click on OK button to proceed further.
    6. Now open Visual Basic Editor by pressing Alt+F11. Right click on project and select VBAProject Properties.
    7. In VBAProjec Properties window click on Protection tab and then uncheck Lock project for viewing and delete the existing password.

    Break VBA Macro Password using Excel VBA Password Bypasser

    Excel VBA password bypasser is developed with advanced algorithms which allow users to bypass VBA project password in just few clicks. With the help of this software users can break lengthy password and the password created with combination of alphabets, numerics and special characters are also supported by the software. Users can break VBA macro password from Excel 2007, 2003, 2000 and all the below versions. The software can be installed on Windows 8, 7 and the previous versions of Windows Operating System. The software first break the old password and then generates a new password for use.

    1. Download and install Excel VBA password breaker on your system and click on browse button to add password protected file.
    2. Once the file is added to the software it will break the macro password.
    3. Next window of the software will show you the new password which is generated by the software.


    After going through the steps mentioned above you will be able to access your locked VBA macro. If the manual method fails to bypass VBA project password in Excel the you can go for third party VBA Password Cracker to break the password.

    Top 8 New Apps & Tech in the Medical World

    Nurdin Budi Mustofa 11:03:00 PM
    Top 8 New Apps & Tech in the Medical World


    This is the holy grail of all medical apps and is available for both iOS and Android phones. Doctors are using this highly intelligent app to research information about drugs and for many other functionalities, like calculating patient measurements for things like BMI (Body mass index). Most of the basic information is free, but the more intricate and important information, like alternative medicines suggestions and uncommon disease information, does comes with an additional fee.

    Oxygen Flow Developments

    With the supply of oxygen being one of the most crucial part of any hospital it is no wonder that there have recently been some amazing developments in the world of medical oxygen technology. The oxygen medical flow meter recently developed by Abest Meter, has been created to ensure the oxygen flow rate in many sectors from healthcare through to farming, meets the demands and requirements of a wide range of customers and patients alike.


    PEPIF is a very popular clinical decision-support reference app targeted towards physicians that work in the emergency room. It can, however, also be really useful for nurses, students, residents and paramedics, as users can earn ‘Continuing Medical Education Credits’ while actually treating patients. The symptom checker on the app helps doctors, nurses, students and paramedics diagnose patients in a quicker time by suggesting possible ailments based on the patient's symptoms.


    Again available on both iOS and Android phone, UpToDate helps thousands of physicians, every day to find the medical information needed in order to answer an extensive range of clinical questions. This app is not the cheapest on the market although it is one of the most intricate, organised and intelligent.


    Even doctors and nurses should find time for networking and this is exactly what Doximity is all about. Doximity allows doctors to connect with the medical experts in their local area and in neighbouring towns, cities and villages and even worldwide. Medical experts can follow news and trends in their area of speciality in addition to being able to discuss their area of medicine with other member of their social network community.

    Read by QxMD

    This is an app that centralizes all their customers medical literature and journals. Read uses a magazine format allowing their readers to download, read and store journals, studies and articles from an extensive host of sources. With an endless amount of content, and a lot of it free to boot, there is no wonder that this app is going from strength to strength in the medical industry.

    NEJM This Week

    NEJM This Week allows doctors and nurses and all healthcare professionals to access recent articles and images of medical conditions whilst also being able to listen to audio and video content of many of those articles. This app also provides videos of medical procedures and reports on recent research and medical findings.


    Last but by no means least is the app Isabel. This app is a diagnosis assistance app which is becoming more and more popular with doctors who are looking to double check their diagnoses, so this app offers peace of mind for healthcare specialists when it comes to reaching a diagnosis.