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Using English As A Tool To Create Change In Business

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 2:10:00 PM
Even if you’re somewhat knowledgeable about English, really getting to grips with the complexity of applying it in the right places, correctly at the right time is a game of experience. Unlike other European languages, English doesn’t have the masculine, neutral and feminine subgroups of words and formations of sentences. This is the hidden nature of the language that many people from the outside struggle with. There isn’t a set rigid grid, no set logic to use the language only in these already established ways. English is so fluid, and it's very circumstantial in how you use it to emphasise your points. Using the language as a tool to your advantage in business can be undeniably immeasurable. Making tough calls and explaining why you did so, talking to bigwig executives and communicating with your staff effectively is part and parcel of being a leader in your business.

Using English As A Tool To Create Change In Business

Communicating with individuals

How you talk to employees is multi-layered in meaning. Specific words are important to show when you’re being direct and want to send a clear message that a goal must be met, or when some practice is off limits. Other times, when you want to be vague on purpose to mask movements but keep employees motivated, passive and subtle language is most important. Rather than saying something that ‘may’ happen, you can say something ‘is possible’. May implies that the wheels are set in motion, and you’re waiting for something to happen but something that is possible is an open-ended option which implies, you or they have more control with regards to making it happen. Words are extremely powerful and using them in the right context, can bring out the best and worst in your staff.

Using English As A Tool To Create Change In Business
Image by Robert Garstka

Communicating with individuals

It's very easy to forget that when you’re working in the business, you’re dealing with individuals and not the title. Just because you have multiple managers doesn’t mean they all think the same, interpret your demands the word for word identically or even have the same goals or ways to reach them in a similar fashion. It's important to read up on how you can wield English to your advantage and in a sense, social skills such as featured on AJ's blog. You’ll learn how to talk to people who have almost polarized temperaments and how you can connect with them on a deeper level. English has the ability to be incredibly complex and sublime, while also being able to be used with minimalist grammar and words to get your point across and purely and straight to the point as possible. Using different tones to match the personalities of all your staff is something that every boss must have a skill that can be used as diplomacy and show understanding.

Social skills are the underlying invisible currency of business. Every business needs to have a boss that can communicate with all kinds of employees, both young and old, senior and junior, but make everyone feel like they’re equals. The power of language should be wielded like a sword and a shield in the world of business.

Learn How to Move Yahoo Mail to Desktop Using Thunderbird

Peter Baris 7:15:00 PM

How to Move Yahoo Email to Desktop in a Safe Manner

In Today's arena, most of the users are connected through web-based email services. One such application is Yahoo Mail which is used for sending or receiving email messages. It provides secure email service to end users but due to certain problems in the server, they cannot easily access their Yahoo emails. Thus, everyone wants to save email messages from Yahoo mailbox to computer as a backup. Moreover, it will help users to work in an offline mode but unfortunately, some users do not know how to move Yahoo Mail to desktop. There is one advantage of having a backup is that one can share those messages through removable drives, or other email clients. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss a method to export Yahoo Mail to MBOX and reasons behind this conversion. 

Consider the following scenario that will help users to understand more clearly: “I am using Yahoo Mail and I do not know how to save all emails from Yahoo to a computer system. Also, I am unable to find the reliable solution to move my thousands of emails to a local drive. Kindly suggest me a perfect solution so that I can easily work in an offline mode. Thanks a lot!!”


Reasons to Download Yahoo Mails to PC

There are many reasons due to which end users want to backup Yahoo emails to the computer. Due to which users can easily preserve their data and access each file anytime. Some reasons to move Yahoo Mail to desktop are listed below:
  • Some mails are very crucial but not checked out on regular basis. Those emails can be removed or lost if you kept them for a long time. Therefore, you need to save all Yahoo mails to desktop before it gets erased.
  • While using Yahoo Mail, an internet connection is required to login and access all messages. But if you will have the backup of those mails then, you can access them anytime from your computer system.
  • Keep in mind that you should never depend on any online mailing service. If someone depends on these services at this point, their servers might get collapsed and at the end, you may lose your data as well. So, backup is the only best way.
  • If your account gets hacked then, you will lose all the important emails. In order to ensure the safety of data, then moving emails from Yahoo to computer can solve your issue.
  • There are numerous types of virus infections that may affect your Yahoo account. There is a possibility that you may not be able to access your emails.


Move Yahoo Mail to Desktop Using Thunderbird

It is possible to take the backup copy of your Yahoo emails locally. In this way, your important data will be safe and secure. To keep your personal information in a safe state, you can follow this method:
1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer system. Enter your name, email id and password and then, click the Continue button. 

2. After this, click on the IMAP folder and choose the Manual Configuration

3. Then, fill the below settings manually as follows:
  • Incoming: / Port: Either 993 (SSL) or 143 (very infrequently 585(SSL))
  • Outgoing: /Port: Either 25 or 465 (SSL) (very infrequently 2525)

4. Next, click the Re-test option to know about the internet connection. Afterwards, you can move Yahoo Mail to desktop folder.

5. If you have filled everything correctly then it will not display any error. Now, hit on Create Account to continue.

6. In the last, you can check all Yahoo email messages in Thunderbird by selecting the Read messages option. 

7. Now you can verify all emails in the different folders and contacts in the Address Book List.


Automated Solution

It is really true that above-stated approach is very simple and easy. But if the mailbox size is too large, then it becomes very difficult to move Yahoo Mail to Thunderbird. It can also increase the risk of data loss and can lead to duplicacy of records. It can be possible that this procedure may take a lot of time to migrate data from the big mailbox. To overcome certain limitations, you can opt a reliable solution i.e. Yahoo Backup Tool. It is designed in such a way that it can move all the emails from Altaba account to computer in a very secure manner. This is one of the best solutions for keeping the same formatting of emails. In addition, this application is compatible with Windows 10 and all the below versions. This is one of the secure methods through which a user can move Yahoo Mail to desktop losing any data.


Let's Wrap Up

In this article, we have already discussed some reasons to move Yahoo Mail to desktop. Besides this, an efficient way is mentioned to overcome end users problem. Even though users can save data with the help of a third party tool which is quite reliable. It is designed in such a way that even a novice user can also understand and transfer Yahoo Mail to new computer effortlessly.

Discover Way on How to Transfer Outlook Express DBX to Gmail in 2 Steps

Peter Baris 6:46:00 PM

It is quite easy to move Outlook express contacts to Gmail but, difficult to export messages. There is no systematic guide available in digital marketing arena that provides the solution on how to transfer Outlook Express emails to Gmail. This is the reason why we are here to equip all possible workarounds to move messages from Outlook Express to Gmail account.

Solution To Import Outlook Express Messages To Gmail

There is only one approach to attempt the Outlook express to Gmail migration, which involves execution of following 2 major steps :
  • Convert DBX file to MBOX, and
  • Import MBOX to Gmail account
After completely finishing up with above two mentioned steps, users will be able to switch from Outlook Express to Gmail. So, let's begin with the description of both these steps!

Step #1: Convert Outlook Express DBX To MBOX

Firstly, you have to export DBX files of Outlook Express to MBOX format. The manual conversion measure involves installation of two email clients on one PC i.e., Thunderbird and Outlook Express. After this, follow below-mentioned instructions to carry out the conversion :
  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird on your machine and go to Tools >> Import

  • Select the items to be imported in Thunderbird from source email client and then, click on Next to proceed    

  • Choose Outlook Express from the list of options and click Next

  • A Windows Explorer wizard will appear in which you have to choose the folder having .dbx files
  • Click on Next to start with the required migration procedure
Finally, all the email folders of your Outlook Express program will be imported in Mozilla Thunderbird. This might consume time because it is totally dependent upon the amount of data to be moved

Thunderbird email client provides really a good feature to import DBX files into it. But, this procedure requires full concentration while its implementation. It is so because if something goes wrong then, a person is going to suffer a big data loss. Apart from this, the presence of email clients is mandatory while working with the measure. There is no guarantee of data integrity while execution of the manual procedure.

Now a question strikes in mind - If this approach is having so many cons that what to do now? Will it be possible to transfer Outlook Express emails to Gmail? Don’t worry still an approach is available to convert Outlook Express DBX to MBOX. The measures involve utilization of a software named as DBX to MBOX converter. The program is providing simple clicks solution to export DBX files of Outlook Express to MBOX format. It transfers DBX files in bulk and saves them in MBOX format. No Thunderbird or Outlook express installation needs to attempt migration with help of this approach. This means that the product offers an independent workaround to carry out the file conversion. Apart from all this, it is 100% guaranteed that existing data will be kept intact throughout the process.

Step #2: Import MBOX file in Gmail Account

Learn the location of a MBOX file, which is created either by manual approach or through DBX to MBOX Converter. After this, you have to import .mbox file in the Gmail account that you can perform either with Import option of Gmail or Google Gmail Loader for Migration. When this step will be successfully completed, you will finally be able to transfer Outlook Express emails to Gmail.

#1: Use Import Option of Gmail Id

  • If the source MBOX file is created from any other program other than Thunderbird then, import this mailbox in Thunderbird; else skip Step (1)
  • Open your Gmail id in which you want to transfer Outlook Express data and click on Settings icon >> Settings option  

  • Click on Account and Import tab and then, hit on Import mail and contacts

  • A new web page will appear in which you have to enter your Mozilla Thunderbird email id. Click on Continue  

  • On the current screen, you are going to find following 4 options :
    Import mail
    Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server
    Archive incoming messages (Skip the Inbox)
    Add label to all imported mail
  • Choose any one or more option from the provided list and hit on Import for initiating the transfer procedure
  • A page will appear through which you’ll come to know that data importing procedure is completed. Click on OK to proceed further

#2 : Using Google Gmail Loader for Migration

This is a free utility that moves data items from some particular file format directly to the Gmail profile. It works smoothly with different email files like Babyl, maildir, MMDF, and MBOX. This tool works with only those .mbox files that were generated from Thunderbird or Netscape.
  • From the official website, download and then install the Google Gmail loader on your machine. Once you are completely done with this, launch the product on your PC
  • Either fill up the server address of SMTP or leave SMTP text box as it . Try to attempt the default Gmail server.  

  • Click on Find button to add MBOX file in the free Google loader

  • Move towards the path where .mbox is stored, select that file, and click on Open to proceed. You can also choose a zipped file for multiple MBOX files selection. The ZIP file must be having only MBOX files within it

  • Click on the File Type field and choose MBOX to export the MBOX files

  • Take the cursor on Message Type field and select ‘Mail I Sent (Goes to Sent Mail)’ option. This option is selected only when you are moving messages in the Inbox folder of Gmail account

  • Fill up the valid credentials of your Gmail account in the selected field and hit on Send to Gmail button 
Time to Wrap Up
The measure on how to transfer Outlook Express emails to Gmail involves execution of only 2 simple approaches. If these 2 major steps are carried out in a correct manner then, nothing can stop you from successfully moving emails from Outlook Express to Gmail.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 & Transfer MBOX to PST

Peter Baris 7:27:00 PM

Apple Mac has targeted the entire west side, most the clients are the prominent user of Macintosh. And emails are still the best medium to communicate with each other in the business world. Apple Mail doesn’t seem to fit-in the list for many Mac user. Most of the Mac user find some other alternative for email client which is reliable. Outlook is one of the most used email clients so, Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 conversion become the most demanding thing for all Apple users.

Why Apple Mail to Outlook Conversion is Important

It is quite obvious that Apple Mails are lacking behind because of it dull interface and less interactive sessions with clients. Users are switching to Outlook each day that is making Microsoft much stronger in respect of email client applications. The variety and range of features that Outlook provide to the users have made all its clients attracted to it. Most of the Apple email to Outlook conversion is facilitated by the system. Hence we are providing a solution that will help the user to migrate from Apple Mails to Outlook PST format. In this section, we have provided both the manual as well as the automated solution that will help the user in all respect to converting Apple Mail to Outlook 2016.

Export Apple Mails to Outlook PST Manually

  1. Open Apple Mail in Macintosh OS X 
  2. Choose mailbox folder that you want to export from Apple email to PST Outlook
  3. Then choose the export-mailbox option from Menu bar
  4. Browse the desired path location, which means where you want to save the files 
  5. Click OK to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 
  6. After that, the export process from Apple mails to Outlook would start
  7. Users will get the PST files in their system which will be imported to Outlook in same systems.

Limitation of Manual Steps

Manual steps that we have discussed above are very slow and the chance of corruption of the file becomes very high. Moreover, we will not recommend you to use this process. Despite all these facts only those user who have few emails to be migrated to Outlook should use this method. We have also covered a smart method below that will fasten up the method to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016.

Import Apple Email to PST Outlook 2016 Decorously

One the most accurate and appropriate software that will help you out to migrate Apple Mails to Outlook is SysTools Apple Mail Converter. This tool supports the latest version of Mac OS X and migrates all Apple emails to Outlook PST format. The tool has a decorous GUI and a smart file system that even helps a client to create CSV report at the end of the process. The best part of this tool is it maintains the on-disk folder hierarchy during Mac Mail to PST conversion and retains the folder structure. Using this tool, the process to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016 has become very easy and facile.


Whenever we talk about the popularity of email client, only one thing comes in our mind that is – Outlook. Not only windows users but also Mac users are now preferring Microsoft Outlook for their system. In this segment, we have discussed the way by which Apple user can migrate Apple mail to Outlook account. Understanding both manual as well as automated solutions is equally important for us, but it totally depends on user if they want to go with a fast and stable method or slow process to convert Apple Mail to Outlook 2016.

Import multiple vcards into outlook 2016 : Trap All Possible Solutions

Peter Baris 2:17:00 PM
Sometimes Microsoft Outlook users come with a query that they want to import multiple vCard into Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. Actually, the problem is that there exists the direct approach to move an individual VCF file in Outlook but, the same thing becomes challenging when the bulk of vCard files exists. It is so because Outlook provides an option to open only one VCF file at a time. So, here we are providing readers with measure to Copy Multiple VCF Files To Outlook

Ways To Import multiple cards into outlook 2016 for Free

The section describes all free and manual approaches through which a person can move single or multiple vCard files to Outlook contacts.

Measure #1: Mass Import VCF File into Outlook 2016, 2013

The following procedure enables users to import one vCard file at a time.

For Outlook 2016 and 2013 Users 

1) Launch Microsoft Outlook program on your machine and click on People icon

2) Go to File >> Open & Export and select Import / Export option

3) An Import and Export Wizard will appear in which you have to select Import a vCard file and click Next

4) A new panel appears in which you have to navigate towards the path where VCF file is stored. Select the file and then, hit on Open button

5) Finally, you have imported a vCard file in MS Outlook

For Outlook 2010 and Below Users

 1) Open MS Outlook 2010 and click on Contacts tab 

2) Navigate towards File >> Open >> Import 

3) Select Import a vCard file (.vcf) and click Next 

4) Move to the path where you have saved the source VCF file, select it, and hit on Open button 

Measure #2: Import Multiple vCards into Outlook 2016

This measure involves following 4 major steps to be performed :

a) Combine multiple vCard files into single VCF file

b) Import the output single vCard file in Gmail

c) Export a CSV file from Gmail account, and

d) Import exported CSV file in MS Outlook for task completion

Many of the users are aware of method to import and export contacts in/from Gmail account, respectively. In upcoming section, one will learn procedure to combine numerous VCF files and import .csv in Outlook.

Procedure to Combine Multiple vCard Files into One

1. Copy and paste all the desired VCF files to the root folder of C:\Drive. Give that folder a name, like MyContacts

2. Open the Run windows on the PC and execute cmd command to launch Command Prompt wizard on the screen

3. Type cd C:\MyContacts text and press Enter

4. Execute copy /B*.vcf all_in_one.vcf command on the black screen of the prompt window


5. Once you are done with the successful execution of the commands, all the files will get combined in one. The resultant file will itself be provided with a name i.e., all_in_one.vcf. Well, a line will appear in the end through which you will come to know about process completion


6. Close Windows command prompt screen and then, move towards the path where resultant file is saved

Way to Import CSV File in Outlook

1. Launch Outlook on your PC and then open Contacts window

2. Click on File >> Open & Export >> Import / Export option

3. Choose Import from another Option and click Next


4. Comma Separated values option is to be chosen from given list and then, hit Next

5. Click on Browse button and move towards the location where Gmail exported CSV file is saved


6. Select file from the location and click on Open button


7. If you want to customize contacts importing then, use provided filters displayed on current screen; else directly click on Next >> Next

8. At last, click on Finish button to end up the steps


It seems as if the reader is finding the posted approach to Import multiple vCards into outlook 2016 lengthy, difficult, complicated, and tedious. Don’t worry we are still having a solution to your problem. A person can opt for vCard to Outlook converter program, which is designed to export VCF files to Outlook simultaneously. There is no need of any Gmail account or CSV file to attempt bulk vCard conversion. This is just a 4 mouse clicks solution to attempt the task in a straightforward manner. The application makes the complicated procedure easy and effortless without any single bit trouble.

Export Outlook Messages as EML Format Using Best Possible Way

Peter Baris 12:52:00 PM
Export Outlook Messages as EML Format Using Best Possible Way

Measures to Export Outlook Messages as EML Files Effortlessly

Summary: The blog describes all possible workarounds to export Outlook messages as EML format. It covers both manual as well as automated approaches, which can be utilized as per the comfort.

In today’s date, the conversion from one email file format to another is a common thing. There is no particular time when a user demands a solution to import PST to EML. Well, an EML file is a single email messages file format that is used in a bundle of applications like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Live mail, etc. There are several programs that support and opens EML files to view an email message.

What Makes a PST File Differ From EML File

There are many major differences between Outlook data file and EML files. Users can go through following points to learn about the same:
  1. A PST file is created only by Microsoft Outlook program. Whereas on the other hand, an EML file is developed from several email clients like Thunderbird, WLM, Apple Mail, etc.
  2. The Outlook file is a complete mailbox data file whereas an EML is the single email messages saving file with the attachment.
  3. Microsoft users are restricted with PST file size limitation and an EML file is having no such limits.
  4. A PST file is only accessible in Outlook program but, an EML file can be accessed on various email platforms.

Export Outlook Messages as EML Manually

The below-illustrated procedure requires a proper and complete installation of Outlook and Thunderbird email program. All that you need to have is patience till the end of the procedure.

Note: Thunderbird and Outlook email clients installation should be on one machine. Microsoft Outlook must be set as default email program on Windows for successful completion of the manual procedure.
  • First of all download Thunderbird v17.09 on your PC where Outlook in present and then, install it.
  • Generate a new email account or you can also choose the existing one. For example, you can also configure your Gmail id in Thunderbird.
  • You can manually configure id by mentioning the port numbers of the incoming and outgoing server of your web account. Here, we have configured a Gmail account.
  • Wait for a while until and unless your Gmail account does not get configured in the Thunderbird program.
  • Once all messages get downloaded in Thunderbird, click on Tools >> Import option.
  • Select the items that you want to import and click on Next button.
  • From the listed email client options, choose Outlook and hit on Next.
  • Wait for a certain time duration, till the importing process does not get finished. This time period is dependent upon the amount of PST file data.
  • When you find that Finish button gets enabled, click on it to terminate the current wizard.
  • Select all the emails that are imported from Outlook in Thunderbird and right-click on them. Click on Save As option.
  • Mention the targeted folder where you want to export Outlook messages as EML and click on Select Folder button.
  • Finally, all your emails will be saved in .eml format. You can view them with help of your Windows Explorer application. Now, we assume that you have successfully converted Outlook emails to EML files without any damage to the existing mailbox.
There are few critical instructions where you might be facing errors and hence, interruption of a hurdle in between. It is also possible that the manual approach does not move attachments in resultant EML files. Users might find that several features are still left, which they can find in the alternative approach to convert emails from Outlook to EML.

Alternative Approach to Export Outlook Messages as EML File

The solution involves the use of a third-party utility. This is a professional software which is developed and designed specifically for moving emails from Outlook to EML. It not only converts emails but, also guarantees that it will move files with attachments too. The data integrity is maintained throughout the file processing and installation of Outlook or Thunderbird is not required. This alternative approach offers a standalone solution to switch from Microsoft Outlook to any other email client, which supports EML file. Below-mentioned are few outstanding features of the converter:
  • Instantly transfer emails from Outlook to EML within no time.
  • Attachments are also migrated in exact file format.
  • Date filtering option to export file of the certain time period.
  • More than 5 file naming convention options to save.
  • EML 100% assurance that no data loss will be taking place

Time to Conclude

It is not too much difficult to export Outlook messages as EML file format. If a person is well-known from updated technologies then, he/she will easily be able to attempt the email file exporting. Users can opt for a third-party solution to experience an easy and efficient way.

How to Convert an OST file to PST Format

Mahima Gupta 5:12:00 PM
In this blog post, I am going to share few effective and advanced technique to repair and convert corrupt OST file of exchange server to MS Outlook PST format. Let us read and learn how to convert an OST file to PST format manually.

When you work on MS Outlook, your data files such as- email messages, notes, tasks, calendar, journals and other items are saved on the mail server and in your system both. All the Outlook items are stored in your computer and are kept in Outlook Data File.

There are two types of Files that MS Outlook Support:

OST (offline Storage Table)

OST is an offline storage table build by Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server to hold files or data copies of whatever data are exists in Microsoft Exchange Server that is Mails, Contact, Tasks, Calendar etc. OST allows you to work offline or use Cache Exchange Mode when there is no internet connectivity in the Computers or Laptops. And it is possible to extract the desired OST file folder to make changes from the server location. Once you get the internet connectivity back, all your  made changes will get synchronize along with the Microsoft exchange Server. All this Process are knows as folder synchronization. 

PST (Personal Storage Table)

PST file are generally knows Personal Storage Table. PST file neither be created by Outlook nor by Exchange Server. Instead, We can create it to save our MS Outlook data items like Emails, Tasks, Calendar, Events, etc. PST files can be save anywhere in your systems. Basically It's used for archiving files items as a backup from any email clients.
POP3, IMAP, and HTTP, these accounts are use PST file format. Additional PST file are created for creating backup or archives your Microsoft Outlook.

Major Reasons for OST to PST Conversion:

There are many reasons for converting OST file to PST file format.
  • Whenever your Exchange Server gets crashed and because of this you will not be able to access your account, until you repair it.
  • Whenever MS Exchange Server goes for Maintenance, at that time you can't access your account as well.
  • Whenever you need to do switching from one organization to another
  • Whenever your OST files get corrupted due to unexpected hardware failures, application shutdown, server breakdown, abnormal termination, lack of storage space, and others.
How to convert an OST file to PST format manually?

Archiving OST files- 
You can use Archive feature of MS Outlook to move or copy data to a PST file – this process works fine when you have to import nearly everything in your Outlook mailbox except contacts.

Use Import/Export Feature-
MS Outlook offers a inbuilt feature of “Import and Export" to migrate mailbox data from one client to other. Using this feature, one can convert OST files to PST or save OST to CSV file format and later you can import it in the MS Outlook.

Through this method, you can create a new PST file and drag the folders that you want to move to the PST.

If you don’t have too many files for converting, then you can email them to your personal email address.

Sometimes manual OST to PST conversion finds cost effective and easy but most of the times it proves to be unsuccessful and leads to data corruption. So I will suggest you to go for best OST to PST converter, if you valued your OST files.

Features that makes OST to PST converter exclusive:

Convert all Exchange Outlook mail items like Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Task etc.
  • Support Encrypted and Corrupted OST files
  • Support conversion of multiple OST files to PST formats.
  • Save OST files to PST, MBOX, MSG, DBX, EML, and Archive file formats
  • Available Option for Date Range filter, Search and Preview