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CAS Programmer Analyst

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 8:33:00 PM
CAS Programmer Analyst

Job Description

CAS is currently seeking a Programmer Analyst. This position will be located in our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information management or a Bachelor’s degree (the sciences or engineering preferred)
  • 3+ years programming experience, scripting language (Python or Perl) and Java development experience are strongly desired.
  • Experience working with scientific or technical content is a plus.
  • Strong interpersonal and effective communication skills including the ability to communicate technical information with peers and with non-technical staff, business experts and management.
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office, especially proficiency in Excel.
  • Planning, organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to establish clear directions and set goals related to assigned projects.
  • Good attention to detail.


Leveraging Java and scripting languages, provide development and support for mission-critical programs and systems for chemical information input. Collaborate with chemists, support staff, and management to ensure efficient operations and good technical support.

CAS offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package, including a generous vacation plan, medical, dental, vision insurance plans, and employee savings and retirement plans. Candidates for this position must be authorized to work in the United States and not require work authorization sponsorship by our company for this position now or in the future. EEO/Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran

Seniority Level
Entry level

Information Technology and Services

Employment Type

Job Functions
Information Technology


MBOX to Thunderbird – Import Multiple MBOX Files into Thunderbird

Peter Baris 6:38:00 PM
MBOX to Thunderbird – Import Multiple MBOX Files into Thunderbird

With the upgrading technology, the number of email clients is also increasing day by day. Along with this, users requirement is also changing rapidly. MBOX is one of the most common file formats which is supported by various email clients i.e. Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, Spicebird, etc. All these files contain the entire mailbox for a particular profile. On the Other Thunderbird is the desktop-based mail client, which is completely free to use. It provides plenty of advance features and functionality that attract the user towards it. Thus, in this article, how to import MBOX files into Thunderbird using SysTools MBOX to Thunderbird Import Wizard is covered.

Reason Behind to Import MBOX Files to Thunderbird

One such reason is the absence of import/ export feature in Mozilla Thunderbird. In case, such feature is still available then, it is really hard to open and view multiple .mbox files altogether. Apart from this, as no one wants to get stuck while opening and importing the MBOX files.

After understanding the above statement an individual faces a problem while importing MBOX to Thunderbird application. Therefore, we have suggested a decent solution.e. MBOX to Thunderbird Wizard, which will make MBOX to Thunderbird migration very convenient and reliable. This application provides all the features to import MBOX emails in Thunderbird mail program. Also, it allows to import MBOX files into Thunderbird. After using this product, we have realized that it has all the features which are stated by it. Even a novice user can work with this software without any data loss. In the upcoming section, we are going to explain more detail regarding MBOX to Thunderbird import wizard.

Software Prerequisites

  • Thunderbird application should be available to import multiple MBOX files in Mozilla Thunderbird.

System Specifications

  • Supported Platforms: Ś Windows 10 and its all previous version
  • Processor: 1GHz or Recommended 2.4 GHz processor
  • RAM: 512 MB is must and 1GB RAM is advisable
  • Hard Disk Space: 18MB free hard disk space is required

Essential Features of MBOX to Thunderbird Email Program

  • Dual Ways to Import MBOX Emails: The software will provide two options to add MBOX file in Thunderbird account such as:
    • Select File: Capable to choose a single or multiple MBOX files into Thunderbird mail client for importing
    • Select Folder: Save all the files in the desired folder and then, browse it directly within the software
  • Facility to Move in Desired Account: MBOX to Thunderbird conversion tool renders an advance feature to import MBOX emails in the particular profile. This feature adds some additional functionality in product and makes it more user-friendly and easy-to-use solution.
  • Offers Date-Based Filter Feature: Tool provides "Date filter" option that will help to move only selective emails as per the specified date range. With this option, users have to select the data by deciding the particular date in the column 'To' & 'From' afterward, mention the start and end date range in the preferred rows.
  • Export All Data of MBOX File: The MBOX to Thunderbird importer tool allows to import multiple email messages along with their attachments in the achieved profile of Thunderbird mail. During Import processing, there is no need to export the desired file one after another. Even this tool has the capability to perform it at once without any data loss.


  • It has an user-friendly interface
  • Allows to import bulk of MBOX files
  • No file size restriction imposed
  • Retains on-disk folder hierarchy
  • Apply Date-based filtering option
  • Supports Windows 10 & all below editions


  • Can not work with corrupted .mbox files

Time to Conclude Thoughts

After considering all the features and entire working of MBOX to Thunderbird application, we can say that this software is providing an efficient and simplified workaround. Even the interface is very simple and easy even a beginner can easily import MBOX files into Thunderbird without using any experts help. We did not find any kind of constraints in the existing software so, it can be rated as 9.8 out of 10.

Best Way to Split PST File into Smaller Parts – 4 Method

Peter Baris 5:32:00 PM
Best Way to Split PST File into Smaller Parts – 4 Method

Many times, while working you may face the performance problem with large volume of Outlook PST files. MS Outlook starts its working abnormally, and suddenly you may notice the shut down or email client in hang state. Since Outlook PST files are prone of becoming corrupt, moreover any damage will give the outcome in loss of complete mailbox data.

To avoid MS Outlook file from getting corrupt, one can split PST file into smaller parts as it can makes easy to optimize MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 performance to considerable extent. In the following write-up, we will discuss the way to divide Outlook PST file into multiple parts.

Quick Glance on ANSI and Unicode PST

We are aware that Outlook data is saved in PST file format, which is known as Personal Storage Table. These data files are mainly of two types, i.e. ANSI and Unicode PST file. If we talk about the ANSI PST then, it comes with 2GB storage limitation. Moreover, it is supported by MS Outlook 2002 and its earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook. Whereas Unicode PST is supported by Microsoft Outlook 2003 and its latest versions. This type of PST has a remarkable storage capacity.

Free of Cost Process to Split PST File into Smaller Files

Method 1: Archive

Archiving an older MS Outlook data not makes easy to minimize mailbox volume but also splits Outlook PST files into smaller parts. You can simply archive mailbox of Microsoft Outlook older components by following steps given below:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook in your machine
  • Choose Outlook PST file that is larger in volume as well as need to be split.
  • Select the File tab option >> Info.
  • Chose cleanup tools
  • Now, choose archive option from the given options
  • From the appeared dialog box choose an option “Archive this folder and all subfolders”
  • Choose a folder from list, which is required to move.
  • Choose an appropriate dates from calendar
  • Click on Browse option to choose the destination location for the new file
  • Once the storage location is given then, click on OK button

Note: The By-Default name of resultant PST file is archive.pst

Method 2: Import /Export to Split PST Data

By utilizing Import and Export in-built feature, you can easily split large Outlook PST file into smaller or multiple PST files for more planned storage as well as management over Outlook mailbox.

  • Open MS Outlook in your machine
  • Create new MS Outlook data file
  • Now, choose File tab >> More Items >> Outlook Data file >> click on File tab.
  • From the appeared Window Create or Open Outlook Data File give a destination path to save the output PST file >> click Ok.
  • You can utilize the newly made Outlook data file in application window
  • Select File tab >> choose Import
  • Now, choose option Export to a file  from list >> Next
  • Choose Outlook Data file (.pst) >> Next
  • Choose the folder you require to export data from >> Next
  • Select Browse button to choose folder in which you need to Export data into.
  • Now, the window will appear, choose the file to which you need to export data >> OK
  • Choose an appropriate option from given alternates >> Finish

Method 3: Move to feature

  • Open Microsoft Outlook in your machine.
  • Choose New Items >> More Items >> choose Outlook Data Files
  • Now, Window will appear, give a name to new Outlook Data File >> OK
  • In the Outlook window, new data file will appear.
  • Expand Outlook file from which you need to move folder(s) or mailbox items. Choose one item once.
  • Select Move tab >> Copy to folder option.
  • Now, Copy Items and choose the file, which is required to be moved to the desired items >> OK.


The above-discussed methods require proper technical knowledge to perform the splitting process. However, the process is time consuming as well.

Method 4: One-Stop Solution

To overcome the issues faced by the above methods, there is a software namely, SysTools Split PST tool. The application is completely safe as well as secure to utilize. Moreover, it does not impose any file size limitation to split the data files. The program helps you in fractioning a huge or bulky sized PST mailbox under four different options offered by tool. It helps the users to get a convenient procedure of fragmentation whereas the backend interface has been stuffed with the most tech centric facilities. The application take care of the accuracy and preciseness of the PST file processing.

  • You can comprehensively split up entire data stored in the PST mailbox with the help of this highly capable application program.
  • Data security and retention are guaranteed throughout the process to split up PST mailboxes so that a satisfactory and dependable process is attained by users.
  • You can easily split up PST mailbox messages, journals, calendar items, address book contacts, notes, tasks, etc.
  • No vital PST splitting technicality has been compromised for rendering an eased operating interface because the backend interface and frontend interface have been designed separately.
  • The best part is that you are given the chance of splitting up PST file in the desired manner i.e. via its date, size, year, and folder.

Summing up

Management of PST file data is quiet important. Therefore, many times users need to split PST file into smaller or multiple parts in a manner to manage their data. In the above-discussion, we have come up with various solutions to execute the similar thing in an efficient manner.

10 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know

Lolita lonny 7:29:00 PM
Students should know different life hacks to make college life memorable. Some life hacks prove useful for students because they can save their money by using their skills to make different things which could be proved useful and also save money. 10 life hacks college student should know to make his college life full of learning and creativity.

10 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know
A wise student knows to record the boring lectures if he is not feeling like listening to the lecture or if he is tired enough to concentrate on the college lectures. You can record your teacher’s lectures without letting them know by placing the tape recorder in bag. This tip is useful because you can listen to your lectures in free time and can get good marks in exams.
Record lectures by using short codes
You can also use short codes and words to record your lectures. It will help student to record the full lecture in detail .This college life hack is useful in noting down the full lectures without missing the important information.
Try to handle things creatively
A college student should know to handle things creatively. He should learn to know how to enjoy music and solving math’s problems at a time. This practice will help college student to do multiple things simultaneously.

Use different colored pens for noting lectures of different subjects
If you are having difficulty in difficult subjects, you should try this tactic. Use different colored pens for noting lectures of different subjects. You will be able to memorize things quickly and is also a proven life hack for college students. Students retrieve information quickly in exams when they note lectures in different colors.
Make your smartphones your alarm
Don’t waste money on buying alarm watches. Use your mobiles as your alarms. You will be able to save money and it will also keep your side table clean.
Keep a plant pot in your room
Try to make your room attractive by keeping a plant pot in your room. Plant pots have a positive effect on your mood.
Help other students in difficult lectures
Try to help other students in difficult subjects. It will enhance your expressive and communicative skills. This lifehack also help you in becoming a good debater and orator.
Learn to manage time wisely
A college student who is able to manage time effectively in college is also able to spend a disciplined life.
Try to be friends with hard working students
Making friendships with hard working student is effective your life. You will be active in your college life and it also helps you in your professional life.
Avoid negativity
Try to avoid negativity as much as possible. Don’t get stressed with study affairs. Be positive and you will be able to deal things under pressure.These 10 college life hacks will help you in spending a memorable college life and you are going to have a disciplines and studious professional life as well. 

Author’s Bio: 
This article has been written by Darren Lane, a Professor and a Help with Essay - professional writer who writes on different topics related to education, college life and social issues.

The Pluses Of Working With A Marketing Agency

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 4:16:00 PM
The Pluses Of Working With A Marketing Agency
When you’re trying to do the right thing by your business, you can often find that you’re working with a lot of different ideas. Because not only do you have to find the right fit for your business overall in terms of its direction, but you have to do the same thing for each of its departments. So sometimes, it’s better to outsource. And this is often the case when it comes to your marketing. Working with one marketing agency or even a range of different specialists can be great for your marketing department and your business overall, here’s why.

You Get Experts On The Job

First of all, when you’re hiring an agency in to take on a particular aspect of your marketing - or all of it, you’re getting experts in. This will mean that you’re going to find someone that can do it better than you can. So, be sure to choose the right person or business for the job. Consider their credentials, look at their online and Facebook reviews, and see if they can be on board with your business. When you have someone with expertise, their efforts will always benefit your business.

The Pluses Of Working With A Marketing Agency

You Free Up Time

When you’re outsourcing your marketing, you’re also able to free up some time. Whether you always looked after the bulk of the marketing or another member of staff did, you will definitely find that you’ve got a bit more thinking space to apply to other things. When you’re not thinking up a strategy or coming up with fresh new ideas, you may be able to apply more time, thought and effort into your business strategy overall and steering it in the right direction.

Your Results Will Improve

Regardless of what results you’re getting right now, when you start to work with one or more marketing efforts, you will see a difference in your results. Because that is what they are hired for. Whether you need more traffic, sales, or to make more money, the agency or specialist that you’re working with will have this in mind. Plus, you may even find that they’re able to get results a lot quicker than you ever could, because it’s what they do best.

The Pluses Of Working With A Marketing Agency

You’ll Earn More

When you’re outsourcing your marketing, you may feel as if you’re going to be spending a lot more and defeating the object of getting an expert in to do the job in the first place. But that’s not the case. You should find that you earn more. You definitely need to work out if hiring an agency will be cost effective. But, in the end, you should find that you’re able to meet your goals quicker, increase your profits and put yourself into other things.

Your Image Will Improve

Lastly, when you’re working with an agency like Cozlink, you should find that your brand image improves. With the goals that you’re setting them and the expertise that they have, you should see an improvement in all areas of your business. From the income and sales to image and profile, working with an agency can ensure that your marketing is the best it's ever been, yet feels completely effortless.

Effects of Technology on Communication in Modern Society

Lolita lonny 12:55:00 PM
As technology has progressed, the modern society has evolved only to form a compact, global village that has connected individuals from the very remote and inaccessible areas of the world. As technology has brought everyone together, it has also created some serious issues that didn’t exist earlier. Whether technology has positive or negative impacts on the modern society differs from opinions to opinions and still remains debatable. 

Effects of Technology on Communication in Modern Society

Let’s take a look at some positive effects of technology on communication in modern society:

Lack of obstacles: today communication is far simpler than what it used to be. Now no matter where a person is, you can always connect with them for a regular chat or to deliver urgent news. You can do so by the numerous social media platforms that allows easy, private chats.

Closer bonds: Since communication is so easy, no matter where your beloved is, you can always connect with them with just a couple of taps on the screen. This way, your relations remain strong and the bond you share remains unbreakable. Whether it’s through Facebook or Skype, you can always keep in touch with your buddies.
A widespread platform: Today, communication has retained a widespread platform that allows exchange of beliefs and perspectives. This allows social issues to emerge out in the open and gives a voice to unheard issues all around the world
Online learning: Because technology has simplified communication in the modern society, it has created room for the culture of online schooling and learning. From videos and conference calls, students from all around the world can enroll in the same course and learns the same set of skills.

Increased business activity: Last but not the least, since communication has strengthened so drastically, it has created space for an increment in business activities. This is because before, business could only sell in person. With online selling and shopping, today entrepreneurs are far more active in trading activities and the economy is stronger than what it used to be.Here are some of the negative impacts of technology on communication in the modern society: 

Interpersonal interaction: The modern day generation lacks the basic, interpersonal interactive skills because connection on screen is just so easy. This is because they find it much easier to express themselves behind the mask of their screens than actually expressing themselves and their feelings to someone in person.

Shortened attention span: The modern day generation has lost the patience of listening to someone and their attention spans have shortened massively. This has caused a serious deterioration of in-person relationships.

Increased mental disorders: The modern day generation is unable to express itself to the people around. This is because everyone is literally addicted to their phones. This has caused pent up anxiety and loneliness to increase.

Everything has its pros and cons. If you have access to technological equipment, you must make use of it in a way that affects you positively.

Author Bio: This guest post is written by Lilly McQueens, she is a Online Dissertation Help UK - professional IT specialist and loves to write.

How To Stand Out In A Crowd Of Engineers

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 7:43:00 PM
How To Stand Out In A Crowd Of Engineers
If you’ve just thrown that weird hat thing in the air and left your college with a degree in engineering then we have some good news for you - you’ve set yourself up to succeed in an industry that is absolutely booming right now. That means your chances of landing a good job within an engineering firm that is enjoying record levels of growth is more than definitely on the cards. This is amazing, right? You’re all set for an exciting and successful future and there is nothing the universe can do to stop you.

Actually, that isn’t necessarily true because there are two sides to every coin. So while the engineering sector may be having a good time right now, that inevitably means there is a substantial level of competition to overcome. Not only that but, when the economy crashes (and it always crashes at some point), this sector tends to feel the pinch more than most others. Yeah, we’re talking about layoffs.

Why are we telling you all this? Simple: what you do in the first few years of your career is absolutely imperative to your long-term success and the first thing you need to do is stand out from the crowd of yellow hardhat wearing engineers that are all trying to the same as you. This leaves one massive, gaping question you are no doubt dying to answer, what can you do to improve your chances?

Well, we have spoken to a few high-profile engineering professors, as well as some thought leaders within this sector, and these are their top tips. No need to thank us.

How To Stand Out In A Crowd Of Engineers

Make Sure You Learn The Business

You have studied engineering at college level, so you will have a pretty good idea about that side of things. But what about the actual business. That is an area that you will really want to delve into the moment you land your first job at a firm. Start thinking about what their core strategies are, what their different revenue-sources are, and how they plan to continue their growth. By doing this you will have a better idea of where you want to focus your efforts. Most engineering firms are big, and that means they have a lot of functions, some of which could offer fast routes of promotion. Don’t be afraid to ask either. Showing a keen desire to learn and improve will make you stand out from the crowd. Remember, skills can be taught but attitude can’t.

Customers Can Improve Your Position

No amount of self-promotion or marketing can match a client or customer requesting your services. Period. Luckily for you, the engineering industry is littered with opportunities to work directly with a customer and at their site. It is up to you to use this opportunity to your full potential and that means learning as much about their business - and what you can do to solve their issues - as possible. Learn about their competitors, their systems of operating and what the industry analysts are saying. Not only will this see you improve your relations with the customer but it will make you stand out from the crowd within your own firm too. Engineering is all about skill and experience, but a smart business mind is just as valued, which is why finding other ways you can add value is such an effective talent to possess.

Technical Skills Must Be Up To Date

The engineering industry is one that relies so heavily on technology in order to grow and succeed, which is why your ability to stay current with the latest advancements is so important. Every sector within engineering uses different tools, each one specific to their role, but the more proficient you are at using those relevant to your field the more you will stand out from the crowd. For aerospace design, it could be that you become an expert in tools that develop craft-to-craft communication, while a career in dam breach analysis would benefit hugely from your skills using HEC-RAS modelling software. The more skills you have in tech that is needed the more indispensable you will be. It is also worth having one eye focused on knowing what tools will improve the effectiveness of the eyes of your business, which tends to mean anything that will accelerate workflow, boost productivity and promote cost-effectiveness.

How To Stand Out In A Crowd Of Engineers

Never Stop Learning. Ever.

While college may have taught you many of the practical aspects and skills when it comes to engineering, as well as the basic procedures needed, it will have left you out in the cold when it comes to a lot of other important aspects. That is why you need to feed your need to learn and continue to absorb knowledge in areas like effective communicating, being a valued team member, what makes a great leader, what digital tools can boost productivity and how you can be an organised project manager. Like we said above, being an engineer with good skill is fine, but it is not enough to stand out from the crowd. Being an attractive employee for an engineering firm requires more, which is where professional development comes in. Growing your pool of soft skills will really help you improve as a professional and help you stick in the mind of your superiors.

Constantly Critique Your Own Progress

The engineering world is known for being quite an independent sector and a lot of the time engineers feel as if they have to complete their assigned tasks on their own. Don’t let this prevent you from learning from your mistakes, knowing where you can improve and understand what your biggest strengths are. This means being a little more self-aware than you would perhaps be naturally, while also being realistic about your progress. By doing this you will be far more aware of any opportunities to hone your skills and continually improve. Remember, learning in engineering is about expanding your knowledge through doing and practising while progressing is primarily about skill and experience, so work on these areas at every chance you get.