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How to Fix Lotus Notes RRV Bucket Corruption Error

Selvi Naidu 11:17:00 AM

Lotus Notes is one of the best groupware developed by IBM. It is generally used for all the local and collaborative server application like as calendar, emails, web and the personal information manager The Lotus Notes is a mailing platform that fulfills the needs of email communication with the great efficiency.
The application let you work both online and offline. Additionally, it also maintains all data items in Lotus Notes database with the .nsf file extension. 

Lotus Notes stores all of its data information in NSF (Notes Storage Facility) file format. However, there are numerous reasons, which are responsible for its corruption. But in this article, we are going to investigate a specific type of issues like RRV Bucket Corrupt error and some effective solutions to eliminate such troublesome problem. 

 What is RRV Bucket?

RRV Bucket means (Record Relocation vector). It works as a helpful guide that locates a specific data such as notes or object identifiers in the lotus notes database. But when RRV Bucket gets corrupted then lotus notes will no longer be able to access the specified data.

 Main Reasons for corruption of NSF File

There are numerous possible reasons, which are responsible for showing error in Lotus Notes. They are:
  • Hardware failure
  • Corruption of NSF file header
  • Improper system shutdown
  • Internal problems with the Operating System
  • Incompatible with any installed application
  • Damaged or corrupt RRV Bucket
  • Virus or malware attack
Amongst all of the reasons mentioned above for corruption, the RRV Bucket Error is considered as one of the most specific error. Now let’s see how to fix it.

How to Resolve Lotus Notes RRV Bucket Corruption Error

For fixing the RRV Bucket error generally, two methods are used (1) Manual method and (2) Professional Third party tool. Let’s see and understand the manual method first and then the other.

Manual method

 For resolving such type of error we use two manual approach  
  1. Repair Corrupt Database
  2. Rebuild a new Archived Database

 Approach 1: Repair Corrupt Database

By Following the steps given below you can easily fix the corrupt database:

1. By opening the command prompt you can Change the directory to your Lotus Notes.
2. Then press the command - nfixup.exe X:/<name-and-location-of-the>.nsf
*This command helps in doing a general scan of your NSF file and will also help in fixing it when the files are corrupted.
3. Click on the Enter -ncompact.exe X:/<name-and-file location-of-the>.nsf
*This command will compress all the NSF file
4. Enter this nupdall –r X:/<name-and-location-of-the>.nsf
*This command will reconstruct all the index of NSF files.

Approach 2: Rebuild a New Archived Database

  • Press on the option of File >> Database >> Properties. Suppose you are using the Lotus note 8 version, then tick on the File >> Applications >> Properties)
  • Tick on the  “i” button
  • You will see the Disk Space clearly that helps you in determining the exact space that is used currently  by the Lotus Notes data
  • After this, you can easily change the required setting of archive
  • Now, start your mail application
  • Press on open mail settings, then click on Actions >> Archive >> Settings
  • Then, go to the options list to check the Default setting for final change option
  • Finally, press on OK button and then apply the Criteria

Professional Third party tool

After using the above manual method if you feel that they are not going to solve your RRV Bucket Corruption Error issue then you can go for Professional Third party tool. it is one of the best tool that can efficiently solve this error problem. for more detail check SysInfoTools Lotus Notes to PST Outlook Converter



There are number of possible reasons responsible for the corruption of Lotus Notes database. In this article, we have exclusively explored about one of error RRV Bucket Corruption Error which is not known to many users of Lotus Notes. Further, we have also suggested few approaches through which you can resolve this error.

Lotus Notes is mostly liked by the professionals for emailing purpose. Apart from it's authenticity, it gives some kind of errors like rrv bucket corrupt issue. In this blog, you will get to know everything about this error and its solution.

How Is Technology Changing The Trading Industry?

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 3:50:00 PM
Technology is affecting all areas of life, and perhaps most recently in recent years is its impact on the trading industry. For an industry that has been plagued by problems in recent years, technology is providing many benefits that are changing the way the industry works, as well as helping companies to gain an edge over their rivals.

How Is Technology Changing The Trading Industry
Image: Pxhere

Learn more about how technology is changing the trading industry and moving it swiftly into the future.

Easier access to all

Just decades ago, the world of trading was something of a closed door - with the only access possible through the industry itself. Now, different websites and applications make it easier for ordinary people to join the trading game and increase their assets. Using some of the best stock trading apps, people can start taking trading decisions into their own hands (literally).

Millennials are embracing trading through the use of easy investment apps that are able to invest using spare change and more to help them save for their future. It’s an exciting time to be involved in trading, and it’s no longer open to a select few.

Better, more accurate predictions

In some ways, technology is transforming the trading industry, thanks to an increase in trading platform use by strategists and specialist traders such as quants. Through using algorithmic trading software, experts can develop better trading strategies, use backtesting technology as well as benefit from more sophisticated trading tools. Used by leading trading companies, algorithmic trading platforms are changing the way companies approach their trades to generate more profitable results.

Reduced staff counts

Last year, Goldman Sachs made headlines by announcing it had replaced 600 traders with 200 computer engineers as it embraced automated trading to revolutionize the future of trading. The switch to using computers to improve trading has been more rapid in recent years, in a move that has seen even senior roles being decreased.

Tougher competition invoking the competitive spirit

When a development such as new technology hits an industry, you either need to jump on the bandwagon or risk being left behind. The effect of technology on the trading industry has meant that companies have to improve their game to keep up with the competition, and that includes using technology to find new clients. If a company is unable to offer the latest trading tech to its customers, they risk being overlooked in favor of more advanced companies who are keeping up with the latest trends.

Access to better, up-to-date information

Of the many ways that technology has improved trading, access to up to the minute information has possibly been one of the most revolutionary in recent decades. Allowing the markets to be truly competitive, this open access to information has changed the game, brought more players to the table and meant that the pace of business is often much faster and much more exciting. It’s an exciting era for investors, and it will be interesting to see how further advances in software and technology will transform the trading industry.

Better control of personal finances

Personal finance is an important element of the trading industry. When people’s finances are good, they’re more likely to invest in the stock market, and being able to manage money more effectively makes that possible. Technology has changed personal finance, with individuals and businesses being able to log their spending using more sophisticated tools and get real-time info on their account balances and transactions. This boost means people can transfer money within seconds to trading accounts and vice versa, helping more people to get stuck into trading.

Is it all good news?

While the points listed above provide some fascinating insight into the effect of software on the trading industry, it’s not necessarily all good news. The speed of the trade combined with automation means there are more risks involved for businesses and a volatility that’s different to things that have previously been seen in the industry. This, and the loss of jobs shows that while technology has proved beneficial to businesses, it has come at a price.

Technology is drastically changing the finance industry, and even digital currency is now a very real and influential development. As technology continues to grow faster and more powerful, it will be interesting to witness how the trading industry will continue to evolve in the next few years. It’s safe to say that the world is going digital, and the trading industry is right at the heart of it.

Can I Trust You?

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 5:14:00 PM
Trust, as it happens, is a lot more than a simple emotional response to a relationship. Trust is an essential question you need to answer in your business life as well. Indeed, without trustworthy interactions and behaviors, you inevitably put your company at risk. Whether you rely on people who are not looking after your best interests – or the best interests of your customers – or whether your infrastructure system is not up-to-date with the latest technology, it is the duty of the entrepreneur to ensure that the company can count on reputable and reliable elements, processes and resources. At every stage of your business strategy, you need to process confidential information, innovative ideas and valued outputs that should only be shared with carefully selected individuals and teams. Needless to say, you have to protect your company and customers by asking and answering the most important business question: Can I trust you?

Can I Trust You?

Are you my real customer?

Getting the identity of your customers mixed up – by no CRM fault – can be devastating. What if a customer had arranged for delivery and the courier mistakenly left the parcel with the wrong person? Or what if someone decides to get in touch and change the customer data over the phone and you have no way of verifying that they are, indeed, your customer? The consequences could be devastating for your company and your customers, so that’s precisely why you need to look for an identity check solution. Like many other businesses, you can trust Jumio when identity matters. Indeed, the solution allows your customers to validate their identity on the go, using processes as quick and easy as taking a selfie. You can be guaranteed that your customers always get exactly what they paid and asked for.

Are you a trustworthy employee?

Have you ever wondered whether your employees were reliable? If you feel that one of your employees might be putting the team at risk or may be causing damages to the business, you can run a screen check on their background. It is fair to say that while a background check can’t be used for termination evidence, it can provide useful information for you to act upon. Additionally, if you’re in the process of hiring, such checks can ensure that you can choose the more reliable person for the job. However, one thing is for sure: You need to ask for consent before proceeding to the check.

Is my data safe?

In the business world, most data are stored digitally, from your financial information to your customers’ confidential data. Unfortunately, hackers are a creative bunch; you need to keep your IT system up-to-date to ensure that nobody can gain easy access. A data breach can have lasting consequences, for your customers – especially as private information can be repurposed by hackers who want to assimilate a customer’s identity online – and for your company’s reputation. Similarly, it’s also important at this stage to limit within your structure the resources who can see and manage confidential data. Even if you can rely on your employees for their discretion, an accidental manipulation can easily happen.

At the end of the day, trust is the backbone of a healthy business. If you don’t put your trust in the most reliable resources, it’s fair to say that you are probably trusting the wrong ones!

7 Most Popular Gaming Genres

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 12:00:00 AM
7 Most Popular Gaming Genres
In today’s world, video games have elevated to a higher level of popularity than both the movie and music industries combined. One of the major reasons for this is that all types of games are much more accessible these day. After all, since the dawn of the smartphone, more and more people are walking around with a gaming device right in their pockets. As well as this, video games provide a level of interactivity that you simply can’t get with the other mediums. After all, you are the one that has to make things happen on a game, whereas with movies and music, you are simply sitting back and consuming without doing anything else.

With the growth of the gaming industry has come developments in genres of all kind. However, some types of game seem to always be more popular than others. It is these ones that we are going to be focusing on in this article, as well as attempting to come up with some reasons why they remain so beloved. Which types of game are the ones which hold a special place in your heart?

MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games

There is no doubt that the title of this particular genre is a mouthful, but these types of game have exploded in popularity over the past few years especially. After all, it is pretty incredible to think that you can share a gaming world with literally millions of other players. It is games like World of Warcraft which have led the way in this field, but there are plenty of others which remain highly popular. There is a definite sense of escapism in this genre, as you are the one that gets to create your character, become more powerful, and engage in missions of your choosing.

The core of MMORPGs is their social side. Not only can you play with your friends directly, you can also enjoy gaming with people all over the world. There are entire communities which are built based around certain games, and it is very easy to get drawn into them. This type of genre attracts both hardcore and casual gamers. At a deeper level, the worlds created in these games give people the chance to act with a sense of autonomy - taking risks that they may be highly reluctant to take in the real world.

Casino Games

Gambling and casinos have a history which dates back hundreds of year. But nowadays, you don’t need to venture out of the house to play a few hands of blackjack or hit the slots - just take a look at Of course, casino games offer a sense of thrill at the financial rewards which you could potentially receive from them. But there are also the games which provide a sense of skill as well such as poker. Obviously, there is a darker side to casino games as well, and this ease in which you can lose money can be very problematic for some people. However, when enjoyed in moderation, there is no doubt that this is a highly enjoyable gaming genre.

First Person Shooter

7 Most Popular Gaming Genres
When it comes to thrills and excitement, you struggle to get much better than a good old-fashioned first person shooter. Since they first started to emerge in arcades in the 1980s, there is a growing sense of realism which has continued to develop. Modern titles such as Halo and Call of Duty have been amongst the most popular games year on year, with each new edition going on to sell millions.

Why is is that they are so popular? Well, they combine a sense of both skill and speed which means that your mind is always working to keep up. They have also done a lot in recent years to improve the social side of the games by developing cooperative modes, moving into the online world, and creating a real sense of battlefield communication. Graphic standard have continued to improve, and there is something about that first person viewpoint which offers an additional sense of immersiveness.


For people who have never been all that athletic but they want the feeling of playing on the biggest stage, sports games have always been there and they have always been big sellers. Little by little, the gameplay has continued to improve and become more realistic. With the development of consoles like the Nintendo Wii, you got an even more realistic sporting experience without ever having to leave your front room!

Like the other genres on this list, sporting games came a long way thanks to the development of online gaming. You suddenly had the opportunity to test your skills against people from all around the world, only to find out that you weren’t as good a FIFA player as you initially thought! You also have the unique feeling of inhabiting your favourite sporting star or team and playing a big role in their success. Like sport in real life, competition remains at the core of this type of game, and if you love this sense of control, it is highly likely that you will like sporting games as well.

Action Action games were there way back at the beginning of video game development, and they continue to remain highly popular to this day. One thing that people like about them a lot is just how varied they are. You could be driving, jumping over platforms, solving puzzles or battling multiple enemies at once. Everything depends on the type of game that you get - and this is a particularly broad category.

Most action games have a tendency to start you off slow to begin with, before gradually cranking up the difficulty levels as you progress through the game. There is certainly something quite satisfying about gradually improving your skills over time. The best action games are the ones which don’t end up being too repetitive, continuing to throw new challenges your way as you progress through the levels.

Real Time Strategy

For those who prefer their gaming experience to be a little less full-on and a little more cerebral, real time strategy games certainly fit the bill. You can’t simply take on one of these games and succeed straight away. It may be that you have to build an army or a community who are capable of delivering the results which you are looking for. The beauty of this type of game is that everybody has their own individual style which they put into motion to achieve results. However, in recent years, this type of game has suffered something of a decline, but there is every chance that their popularity could start to pick up again after riding out the deline.

Classic Games

Though this isn’t really a genre which you can easily define, there has been something of a trend towards ‘classic games’ over the last couple of years in particular. These are the types of games which stir up a sense of nostalgia in the players, reminding them of gaming days gone by. Alternatively, some younger players have the opportunity to play these games for the very first time. Many of these titles have been remastered for new consoles, offering an enhanced gaming experience for the players. Though they can’t pretend to offer the same level of complexity of the newer games on the market, this is something which only seems to add to the appeal and charm.

Conclusion 7 Most Popular Gaming Genres
The gaming industry is one which continues to move at a rapid rate, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. There are always going to be ebbs and flows in popularity when it comes to the gaming genres, but these are just a few which have stood the test of time so far. And as games become more complex and advanced, there is less of a clear dividing line between the different genres, and more of a sense that gamers want to face all kinds of challenges and obstacles.

There seems to be a growing shift towards collaboration in the world of gaming. And there is also a sense that they will become even more immersive as virtual reality becomes an integral part of the gaming world. Smartphones and wearable technology also means that we are able to game while we are on the go.

You probably already have a pretty good idea of what genres of game are your favourites, but why not try shaking things up a bit by trying out some different ones. You may discover that there is a whole new dimension to the world of gaming which you had been previously shutting out. We are moving into an exciting future when it comes to video games, and this is certainly something which is worth being excited about and embracing.

Five Significant Rules of Assignment Writing

Lolita lonny 9:23:00 PM

Assignment writing is one task that students do not like to do; however, they must write an assignment as it is a part of their coursework. In reality, writing an assignment is not an unnerving task still some of the students find themselves afraid to write an assignment. Are you one of those students who think that assignment writing is an intimidating task? If yes, then here are the 5 significant rules of assignment writing that can help you complete your assignment:

Rule No 1: Planning an Assignment
At first, you should make a plan for your assignment. You should arrange things for your assignment in an order. You must create an outline for your assignment, and assign a time period to different sections of your assignment. You should give more time to difficult sections of your assignment, and you should focus on easier sections of your assignment in the beginning. Doing easier sections first will give you more time to complete the difficult sections.

Rule No 2: Researching the Assignment
You should conduct research for your assignment after you have made a plan for your assignment. You can rely on secondary research for an assignment, but you will not get a reliable data if you focus on secondary or secondhand research only. Therefore, it is suggested to you that you also conduct a primary research. Primary research will help you gather valuable data for your assignment.  

Rule No 3: Arranging Gathered Data

You should arrange gathered data as per your assignment outline. In other words, you should arrange the data that you have gathered in a sequence. You should match your data with the assignment outline to make sure that you correctly utilize your research data. Arranging gathered data will make it easier for you to begin writing an assignment.

Rule No 4: Writing the Assignment

Once you have arranged the gather data, it is high time you begin to write an assignment. Basically, there are three parts in an assignment namely introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, you need to introduce the topic well to hook readers with your assignment. In the body of an assignment, you must support your research question, and in the concluding part of an assignment; you will be summarizing your findings.

Rule No 5: Proofreading the Assignment
Once you have written your assignment, then you should proofread it. You should check your assignment for spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. You should make sure that you thoroughly proofread your assignment. If you think that you are not a good proofreader, then you can take help of your friends or parents to proofread the assignment for you, because sometimes other notice errors that we fail to notice ourselves.

These are the five significant rules of assignment writing. At first, you must make a plan for your assignment, and then you should conducted research and arrange gathered data in a sequence. After arranging the gathered data, you should Write My Essay an assignment and proofread it.

Author Bio:
Emma Leslie is an efficient assignment writer. He has been serving the academic research writing industry for 6 years. He often comes up with articles about assignment writing, because assignment writing is his field. He is a part of an assignment writing service, and write an assignment for students.

Troubleshoot the Issue of Getting Error Importing Excel into Outlook Address Book

TechJessica 7:46:00 PM
Troubleshoot the Issue of Getting Error Importing Excel into Outlook Address Book Getting Error Importing Excel into Outlook - Find the Solution
Contacts are an indispensable part of communications and for any email client to function properly, we need to have contacts. For many obvious reasons, we have to import contacts into Outlook. As Excel file is a convenient format for storing contacts, people often import contacts from Excel spreadsheet to Outlook address book. While doing this, they encounter various errors. This post has been designed to explore the errors users usually encounter while transferring contacts to Outlook. To begin with, we will see how to get over this issue of getting error importing Excel into Outlook.
It is not possible to directly transfer Excel contacts in Outlook manually since Outlook does not support Excel file format for import. That is the reason users have to convert the Excel file contacts in CSV format and then import that CSV file into MS Outlook. The entire process is a long one and not free from limitations. Users often face various issues and getting error importing Excel into Outlook. Here are some of the common errors users get during contact transfer.

Issues Occurring during Contacts Migration

Missing Contacts Information: When users use the manual method to transfer Excel contacts to Outlook, often they find some information missing. For example, a person has 4 phone numbers and 2 email ids. After migration, only 1 phone number and 1 email id can be found. This sort of issues can cause serious trouble to Outlook users.
No Contacts Appear in Outlook: Sometimes after complete contacts migration, Outlook users find that none of the contacts have actually been imported into Outlook. In such cases, users can try to import the contacts file again, yet there is no guarantee that it will fix the issue.
Only Some of the Contacts got Imported: Another problem for Outlook users is that after Excel file is imported, only some contacts get migrated while others do not. For example, if this error occurs, 200 out of 500 contacts will get migrated in Outlook. This issue mainly happens in case of Excel files containing a large number of contacts. Users can re-format the problematic rows and try to import again.
MAPI Error: This is another common error that may occur in absence of the header row in Excel file. Incorrect formatting may also cause this issue. Try adding a header row or change the formatting of the Excel file and migrate to Outlook again.

Resolve the Issue of Getting Error While Importing Excel into Outlook Account

From the above discussion, we can understand that the manual method of importing Excel contacts to Outlook can give rise to several problems. All these issues can be solved easily with the all-in-one solution and the solution is to use SysTools Excel to Outlook Converter. None of these above- mentioned errors will appear if this tool is used to import Excel files into Outlook. This product is specifically useful for exporting Excel files with a huge number of contacts. It also allows users to map the field in Outlook, so that the contacts get migrated to Outlook in their original format. If users want, they can even exclude the duplicate contacts to avoid confusion.
This application supports all versions of Windows OS and MS Outlook. To use this software, users should have MS Outlook installed and configured on their system. Before importing contacts, the program also displays the preview of Excel contacts. If there are any empty contacts, there is an option to terminate that contact too. For direct contact export from Excel to Outlook, this tool is a smart choice.


In this write-up, we have discussed errors that appear while importing Excel files to Microsoft Outlook. We have also suggested an all-in-one application that is capable of solving all the errors. Users should try the prescribed tool and troubleshoot the issue of getting error importing Excel into Outlook.

“Not Able to Open MBOX File” in Windows - Error Resolved

TechJessica 7:15:00 PM
Not Able to Open MBOX File
The Mozilla Thunderbird mailbox file format is known as the MBOX file format. The entire email messages are stored on a hard drive in the text format by this file format. MBOX files are used by various file formats which include Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora, Entourage, Netscape, etc. in order to store the essential mailbox data on the user’s machine. A completely different structure is used by these email clients to open MBOX file. Read the below-discussed write-up in detail to have a complete idea to overcome this issue of viewing MBOX files. The default location to store this MBOX file format is:


Drawbacks of MBOX File

In spite of being the most user-friendly and the most commonly used file format, MBOX file also have some significant disadvantages. As we all are familiar with the fact that every data file whether it's the MBOX file format or any other format, contains the entire user’s data for a particular email account. Since we all know that MBOX files are platform dependent. Therefore, the problem arises when the users are not able to open MBOX file in the absence of any of its supported email clients.
Let us consider a scenario which states that when a user was working in his previous organization, at that time he was using Mozilla Thunderbird as an email client but after changing his job now he is using Outlook email client in his present organization. Now, the problem is that he needs to open and access some of the important emails stored in MBOX file. But, it is not possible to open MBOX files in Outlook as this file format is not supported by MS Outlook. In such scenario, if any user wants to read MBOX file, then he/she is required to perform a quite long, hectic and complex conversion approach which consumes more time.

Solution to the Problem “Not Able to Open MBOX File”?

Though, it is the ideal option to read Mailbox files with the help of the supported email client. But, if users want to access MBOX files in the absence of email clients, then one must go for SysTools MBOX Viewer Freeware application to open and read entire MBOX mailbox data swiftly. The unique feature of this software is that it doesn’t require any supported email client to read MBOX file. This software is entirely free to use as the users can easily access this tool with all the functionalities without any hassle and also without even spending a single penny.

Advantages of Using Free MBOX Reader Software

There are a number of advantages of having MBOX Opener FreeWare Software in order to open & read MBOX file. Some of them are discussed below:
  • Non-technical users can easily use this application effectively with the help of its user-friendly interface and smooth navigational flow
  • Using this utility, helps users to open MBOX files along with its attachments and all the associated attributes
  • This application displays the complete email items in the preview section in the same manner as it appears in the email client
  • The users are allowed to open and preview an unlimited number of MBOX files without any file size limitation
  • Performs quick scanning of MBOX files and list emails and attachments with proper folder structure
  • This software to open MBOX file is also capable to autoload MBOX file from the default configured profile
  • It is compatible with Windows 10 & all the other below versions


The above-discussed blog discussed the Commercial MBOX Viewer Tool as it the most effective and reliable software to open and read entire MBOX email items in just a few clicks and without consuming much time. This utility is designed in such a manner that even a non-technical user can use this software without any hassle. Users are suggested to use this utility if they want to open MBOX file in the absence of any supported email client.