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Is Tech The Answer Your Trading Dreams Have Been Waiting For?

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 8:11:00 PM
Many of us have dreams that trading stocks could make us millions. Blame the countless movies with their rags to riches stories of Wall Street. Wouldn’t we all love to be the next one to break big on the stock market? There’s just one issue; few of us manage to reach those giddy heights. In fact, many of us who do try lose what we invest. And, that can fast get painful if you’re trading at high prices. In fact, the blow is often so severe that this becomes a once bitten, twice shy scenario. You may have dabbled back when you were young and didn’t know any better. But, you learned the hard way how wrong things could go. Since then, you’ve settled for watching from the sidelines.

But, we’re here to tell you that tech could be the answer your trading dreams have been waiting for. As with anything, the investment industry has seen significant changes in recent years. And, we think those changes could be the path to lead you towards stock success at last. If you aren’t convinced, read on to follow our reasoning.

Is Tech The Answer Your Trading Dreams Have Been Waiting For?

A lesson in trading

Perhaps the most vital change is that there is now a whole host of information online about how to get this right. In those pre-internet days, many of us had no better hope than to go along with what stockbrokers told us. But, stockbrokers were out for themselves. As such, it’d be fair to say the information they provided was patchy at best. But, thanks to online articles, it’s now possible to get a firm grasp on every investment imaginable. It’s even possible to find examples for those investment types from companies like CMC Markets. And, stocking up on stock knowledge this way increases your chances of finding sound investments.

Access to all markets

Technology also provides access to any stock market. All you need to do is type what you’re looking for, and you’re sure to find it. In the past, gaining access to various markets was a much more long-winded process. It involved phoning different companies, or studying already outdated figures in newspapers. Is it any surprise, then, that you put your money in the wrong places? But, that’s behind you now. With these searching capabilities, you can be sure to find a trade which suits your needs down to the ground.

Live-action updates

By going mobile with your trading, you even stand to get live-action updates on the state of your stocks. And, given that substantial losses often happen due to sudden drops, this could save you a lot of money. With most companies now offering mobile apps with lock screen updates, you can keep on top at all times. And, that means you can sell wherever you are if things take a turn for the worst. So, it might be time to put your worries to the side and give trading another go. It seems as though tech has got your back this time.

How to Restore MSF Files in Thunderbird Account- Ways to Import MBOX

TechJessica 4:32:00 PM

Find Out How to Restore MSF Files in Thunderbird with Reliable Solutions

Noel Miles: "I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird from the last few months. Suddenly, all my emails disappeared from the inbox. I had been struggling all day to retrieve my lost data. I tried to troubleshoot the problem. Then, someone suggested me to delete MSF files. I deleted them and it proved to be very dangerous. I had some unpredictable behavior on some folders. Please suggest me any solution on how to restore MSF files in Thunderbird. Any lead will be greatly appreciated."
Are you looking answer to the same question? Does the query seem familiar to you? If yes, then do not despair as the issue can be resolved easily. You only need to read the write-up until the end. So, let us get started. In Mozilla Thunderbird, there is an SBD file. In this sub-directory file, emails are stored in two types of file format. First one is .msf extension and the second one does not have any extension. The file which does not have any extension is generally the MBOX file. To import MSF file into Thunderbird, best possible approaches have been discussed.

Approaches to Open MSF File in Thunderbird

A user needs to follow these set of instructions to restore MSF files in Thunderbird application:
  1. Navigate to Tools option in the menu.
  2. Click on ImportExport Tools and then, import all messages from a directory.
  3. Afterwards, select also from its subdirectories.
  4. In the next step, you have to select the subdirectory which you want to open in Thunderbird.
  5. Once the process is completed, the MSF file can be seen is left column of the Thunderbird application.
Note: In case, the Import-Export tool is not present, this can be added with the help of add-ons. Launch the Thunderbird application in the local system and move to the box which has three parallel lines in the top right-hand side corner. Select the option of an add-on. In search all add-on box, type ImportExport Tool.

Limitations of the Manual Approach

To restore MSF files in Thunderbird, the manual procedure is generally not preferred. It is because of the reasons that it has some shortcomings which are listed as follows:
  • All the steps are to be performed by the users. So, if any mistake is committed at any point, this may lead to loss of data.
  • No option of selective data migration is exhibited. The irrelevant data from the same folder will also be transferred.
  • This method is a bit tricky for non-technical users if they do not know the basics of the Mozilla Thunderbird application.

Alternative Solution

To overcome all the drawbacks of the manual solution, users can use another technique. This can be performed with the help of the third-party tool like Thunderbird Import Wizard. According to the experts, it is the best solution to import MSF files into Thunderbird email application. Single or multiple files can be moved by using two different options: select file (s) or select folder. Moreover, selective emails can also be moved using a date filter.

The Final Words

MSF files are created in the sub-directory file of the Mozilla Thunderbird application. To restore MSF files in Thunderbird both manual and automated methods exist. The manual method possesses some drawbacks due to which it is not preferred. Hence, an automated tool is also explained to view MSF file in Thunderbird. The commercial utility maintains the folder structure and not even a single bit of data is lost.

How to import OLM file into Windows Outlook

Selvi Naidu 1:04:00 PM

In the world of growing technology, finding a dependable and viable approach to import OLM into Outlook is very hard. Microsoft Outlook is one of the finest Mac email platform which is used in Mac operating system and in Windows OS. Through this software, you can easily import an Outlook for Windows Data File (.pst) or an Outlook for Mac Data File (.olm). These data files can contain large amounts of data of multiple item types.
Fortunately, SysinfoTools software has recently launched the OLM with PST converter which can be known as the one-stop shop with regards to making an import from OLM to Outlook.

Know How to Import OLM File to Windows Outlook

Now, we will have a look at the manual method of exporting OLM files to Windows Outlook. Through this technique, Mac OLM files can be migrated into Outlook PST files. Here is the step-by-step guide to OLM to PST migration.
Note: Always remember to take a full backup of your data/information before you opt for any conversion/ migration process.

Step 1: Creating IMAP Account by Gmail Account
  1. Open your Gmail account and click on the gear icon to go to Settings option.
  2. Click on the tab “Forwarding and POP/ IMAP"
  3. Check the status of IMAP Access. If disabled, make it enabled.

Step 2: Configure Gmail IMAP account in Mac Outlook
  1. Launch Mac Outlook. Click on Menu>> Tools>> Accounts.
  2. Select Email. Enter mandatory information including email id and password of IMAP account.
  3. Click on Add Account. IMAP account will be configured in Mac Outlook.

Step 3: Creating Gmail Label
  1. Log in to your Gmail account and go to Settings>> Labels.
  2. Click on Create New Label button in order to create a new label in Gmail.
  3. Now, go to Outlook again and click Send/ Receive button to update your IMAP account.

Step 4: Move Outlook for Mac Emails to IMAP Mailbox
  1. Open Outlook for Mac.
  2. Find the mailbox you want to import to Windows Outlook and right-click it. Now click on Move >> Copy to Folder.
  3. At this stage, write the IMAP folder name and click Copy.
  4. Click Send/Receive and Mac Outlook IMAP folder will be updated.
At this stage, all copied Mac Outlook emails have been transferred to IMAP mailbox folder. To move these emails to Windows Outlook, configure the same IMAP account in Windows Outlook. After that, simply drag IMAP mailbox folder to Windows Outlook Inbox folder. Thus Mac Outlook emails will be imported into Windows Outlook.

Alternative Third party tool

SysInfoTools is a top and proficient brand that produces high-quality software utility tool to perform the migration seamlessly. OLM to PST converter tool offers you the best security features, through which users are able to convert your data without losing your personal details like contacts, calendars, emails, attachments etc. It can also successfully recover all the injured or corrupted OLM files and protects them from the emails in PST, MSG, and EML file format. It supports all updated MS Outlook version 2000, 97, 98, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 and all updated Windows OS version.You can download a free demo version of SysInfoTools for OLM to PST Conversion Tool 


In this post, I have explained both the manual and alternative approaches to import OLM file into Windows Outlook. The manual method is often considered to be tricky and time-consuming so for getting an easy and effective solution to import OLM files users are advised to buy SysInfoTools OLM TO PST which is considered to be the best software available in the market.

Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 Migration Planning & Implementation Checklist

Peter Baris 1:11:00 PM
Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 Migration Planning & Implementation Checklist
Planning a successful migration from Exchange to Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 a number of products and services that can be managed easily by accessing a simple online portal. One can add users manually, import CSV, and single sign-on facility for Office 365 is also available with a local Active Directory using Microsoft ADFS. These are one of the many reasons why organizations are switching to Office 365 platform.
It is no easy feat while migrating to Office 365, especially for large organizations which have many users and resources. And if Office 365 is in consideration for replacing exchange on-premises or other clients then the below-given tips and office 365 implementation checklist should be followed closely as it will make the process stress-free.

Research is the Primary Step

Performing a research based on Office 365 specifications, features, how it works, basic requirements which will certainly give you a good idea and expectations before, during and after the migration process. It is the first step in office 365 implementation checklist for Exchange to Office 365 migration. One should take into consideration that how the change will affect your daily business operations when you move to a cloud-based platform such as Office 365. There is a distinction between functionality, features, and interface among the traditional MS Office programs and Office 365 Applications which should be kept in mind before the migration.

Make a checklist

A checklist is as important as technical aspects of the migration process. A migration checklist should contain elements such as Office 365 training, users must be informed beforehand, and to gather feedback about migration to facilitate your whole process as it is critical to the migration’s success. Start by drafting a step-by-step plan i.e. office 365 implementation checklist clearly stating the various migration phases and then keep refining the plan until everything is covered.

Verify Email-Settings

Seamless transition demands synchronization between active directory domain and Office 365 account by using Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory Synchronization tool which comes third on our office 365 implementation checklist. Also, it is advised to point mail exchanger records of your organizations from Exchange to Office 365 as new emails will then be sent and received directly to the new Office 365 mailboxes. Beware as email synchronization misconfiguration during the migration could flag emails as spam and will disrupt complete communication process.

Migration Type Selection

Migration plans are different based on organizations need and should be chosen carefully and those that fit your need while performing Exchange to Office 365 Migration. Office 365 migrations can be performed by following these three methods:
  • Cutover migration – This method is a single provisioning while the transfer of mailboxes, users, mail groups, contacts from Exchange to Office 365. It has one shortcoming that cutover process can handle only up to 2,000 mailboxes, and the time taken for migration vary according to the number of users and mail volume.
  • Staged migration – This method is well suited for migration of Exchange server mailboxes to Office 365 for organizations that cannot halt operations for even hours and due to this, it processes over a much longer period of time. Staged migration allows you to migrate mailboxes in smaller batches over a much longer period of time.
  • Hybrid migration – Choose this method if there are resources which need to be on-premises while others may be migrated to Office 365. It is perfect for organizations having more than 2,000 mailboxes and provides access to both local Exchange servers and Office 365 simultaneously.

Testing Migration Process

This is the last and most important step of our office 365 implementation checklist for migration of Exchange to Office 365. Once the migration process is divided into different phases, you can design a testing procedure for every phase. The testing process includes testing over a test account by migrating a small amount of data, sending and receiving emails, and trying out applications, which ensures that the applied settings are working as per expectation and the office 365 implementation checklist is followed. It is advised to test more and more components before actually migrating to the platform as the chances of issues while migration gets eliminated.
There are solutions available for migrating mailboxes from Exchange to Office 365 using Cutover, Hybrid, and Staged Migration. After planning the migration there are third party tools available which provide simple and secure migration environment namely, Exchange to Office 365 Migration. Engineered so that it moves the complete data from On-Premises Exchange Server to Office 365. Advanced features of this tool include Exchange Mailbox Mapping, View Active Directory Details, Apply Email Filter, Empty Exchange Server, etc.


We conclude that one should follow the office 365 implementation checklist stated above and then proceed for migration process either manually or by employing a third-party tool such as Office 365 Migrator to ease the process of moving Exchange server to Exchange Online.

How to Split and Merge PDF on Windows 10 Operating Systems?

TechJessica 8:00:00 PM
How to Split and Merge PDF on Windows 10 Operating Systems?
Many times users face various management issues while working with the large set of PDF documents. It becomes very difficult to handle all files together. Therefore, there arises a need to combine multiple PDF documents. On the other hand, when the user tries to open large size PDF document then, suddenly system starts hanging. Not only this, most of the times uploading and downloading large PDF documents take a lot of time. Hence, users search for the solution to split large pdf files. So, to resolve all such problems here we have provided the simple solution which helps the user to Split and Merge PDF documents.

Need to Combine and Split PDF Files

There can be various root cause due to which users want to split and merge PDF files. Let’s suppose someone is sending large PDF document. But, due to large size person found the error messages and could not send the document. Hence, in such cases, it is needed to divide PDF into multiple files so that small sized files can be easily sent. At times, if the user is having multiple PDF documents then, there might be a chance of file misplacing. So in such situations, we need to combine multiple PDF documents.

Manual Solution to Split and Merge PDF Files

With the help of Adobe Acrobat Pro, users can easily combine and split PDF documents. But, for this, a user has to follow some useful steps:

Divide PDF into Multiple Files With Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • First, start the Adobe Acrobat Pro application on the local machine
  • Navigate towards Go to File option>>Open or simply press Ctrl+O
  • Next, open the large size PDF document that needs to be split
  • Now, the PDF file will open in the Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Click Page Thumbnails to view every page of the PDF document
  • Now, click on the List button
  • Choose Extract pages option to divide large PDF file
  • From the Extract Pages dialogue box, user have to Enter a number of pages
  • Select an appropriate option between Delete Pages After Extracting & Extract Pages As Separate Files
  • Hit, OK button to divide PDF file
  • From, Browse for Folder dialogue box, select a folder location to where the resultant PDF document
  • Click OK button to extract pages from PDF file.

Combine Multiple PDF Documents Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • Start Adobe Acrobat Pro program
  • Go to File>>Create>>Combine Files into Multiple PDF
  • Click on the Add File option to join PDF files
  • Next, choose PDF documents that need to be merged
  • From the Add Files window, choose one by one the PDF files that need to be joined
  • After that click OK button to confirm
  • Preview PDF files in the Adobe Acrobat Pro window
  • Next, select the order in which file has to be merged
  • Click on the Combine button to merge PDF files
  • Click on File to save resultant PDF and then hit Save As option
  • From Save As PDF dialogue box set a folder path for the merged PDF file
  • Next, name the file and click Save

Limitations of Manual Method to Split and Merge PDF Documents

There are some limitations of the manual approach like:
  • Full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro is required to combine or split PDF documents
  • This approach requires sound technical knowledge on Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • It is very lengthy and highly complex method
  • User should follow every step carefully otherwise it may lead to data loss

Professional Tool to Split and Merge PDF Files

As discussed, there are many limitations of using the above manual approach. Therefore, you can go for the automated software i.e. SysTools PDF Split & Merge. This tool easily combine and split PDF documents without any data loss. There are several options provided by the tool to split PDF documents like Split by page, Split by range, Split odd pages, Split even pages. As per user requirement, they can choose any of the options. Moreover, the interface of the software is quite easy and self-descriptive. Such that even non-technical users can use it efficiently to split and merge PDF files. It is the completely platform-independent tool that can easily run on any versions of Windows Operating Systems.


In the following blog, we have tried to explain different solutions to split and merge PDF documents. There is a manual approach that can let the user perform the task but, it has several drawbacks. For that purpose, we have mentioned the professional solution to combine and split PDF files. The tool has an easy user interface can be used by technical as well as non-technical users without any hassle.

Troubleshoot Import MBOX File Greyed Out in Thunderbird Error

TechJessica 7:52:00 PM
Troubleshoot Import MBOX File Greyed Out in Thunderbird Error

Import MBOX File Greyed Out in Thunderbird – Resolve the Issue

There are some Mozilla users facing a common issue on daily basis such as Thunderbird Import .mbox file greyed out, cannot import messages "The import messages from a directory" is light grey, impossible to import in this folder Thunderbird, etc. Sometimes it gets difficult to resolve these kinds of Mozilla account errors. However, it is quite challenging to find a relevant solution that precisely fixes the error. This blog has come with few unique and quick tricks to troubleshoot the Mozilla email account issues.

But before going to the solutions, read the following user query to understand the topic in a more clear way. Also, know the reason behind impossible to import in this folder Mozilla account error.

" My boss was looking for a solution to import .mbox file in Thunderbird account but getting an error message- Impossible to Import in this folder Thunderbird. He has checked all the possible things like- internet connection, tried to import the file again but didn't get any result. The error is still same. Can anyone please suggest how to overcome this Thunderbird Import MBOX file greyed out issue?"

Thunderbird Import MBOX File Greyed Out – Know About the Error

Thunderbird, an email application by Mozilla Co., has become an eminent email client in today's technical arena. There are a number of users using this program and these Thunderbird users are almost aware of its functionality also. The intercommunication via emails allows the users to exchange emails including documents, files, videos, images etc. This user data is stored in the MBOX file format. Sometimes the main issue arises with this .mbox file only like any other file format. One such error is Thunderbird greyed out folders issue which causes an error Impossible to Import in this folder error. Thunderbird users can easily rectify it by either using the manual ways or via an expert solution. Both the solutions are discussed in the next section. Read the write-up to know about in detail.

Fix Thunderbird Import MBOX File Greyed Out Issue- Proficient Solution

Every user wants a perfect solution which can keep the database secure and protected in every manner. But, it becomes very difficult for a user to select a pertinent application to resolve Thunderbird errors, as mentioned above. By keeping the user’s dilemma in mind we have come with an optimum solution to add MBOX file in Mozilla Thunderbird account. This utility is considered as one of the best and secured software to import MBOX files. The tool is tested by the Professional Engineers and it is found that it has the capability to remove errors arises while using Thunderbird application. It has come with several unique features such as importing MBOX files in bulk, retaining folder structure, maintaining the data integrity etc. The product is that it is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.
To know more about the tool and its working, read the next section:

Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve Thunderbird Import MBOX File Greyed Out Error

Follow the steps carefully to get a perfect result:
  • Install Thunderbird Import Wizard tool on your system,
    If it is not installed then, add it from its official link:
  • Now select either option from “Add File” or “Add Folder”, according to the requirement.

  • In case you opted for “Add File” option then follow the steps given below:
    1. Select one or multiple MBOX files to load >> Open.
    2. Enable the option of Apply Filter option >> Click on Set button.
    3. Now, select the Date Filter option to pick the specific emails from the same category.
    4. Mark the Maintain Folder Hierarchy option in order to maintain the folder structure.
    5. Click on Import to start the procedure.
    6. When the process starts and when a report file is generated, click on OK to exit.
    7. Click on Save Report to save the generated report by specifying the destination location.
    8. Finally you can view the MBOX files in Mozilla Thunderbird account without Thunderbird greyed out folders error.

  • In case of “Add Folder” option, implement the following steps: to import MBOX files in bulk:
    1. Select the required MBOX files folder >> Click on OK.
    2. The list of the loaded folders will be displayed on the window >> Press Next.
    3. Select the Apply Filters option. To implement filters, click on Set button.
    4. Mention the Date Filter for the emails, under same category.
    5. Pick the identities >> Mark the option Maintain folder hierarchy.
    6. Then hit the Import button.
    7. You will get a confirmation message after the completion of the procedure along with a report file.
    8. Click on Save Report option >> OK.
Now, you can easily view MBOX files by resolving this Thunderbird greyed out folders issue causing an error- Impossible to Import into this folder Thunderbird.
One can troubleshoot the error Thunderbird error- Import MBOX file greyed out using simple automated solution mentioned above. This is because as such there isn't any quick and easy manual solution which can help to resolve such Mozilla Thunderbird errors. The user can overcome this “Impossible to Import in this folder Thunderbird” error in a hassle-free manner using this third-party application. The use of this utility really makes the entire process so easy that even a non-tech user can import MBOX file to Thunderbird account by saving a lot of time and effort.

SysTools AOL PFC Converter – Best Software to export AOL to Office 365

Peter Baris 12:17:00 PM
SysTools AOL PFC Converter – Best Software to export AOL to Office 365

The files with .aol extensions can be opened by some specific applications only. The AOL files are made in the AOL software. When the user wants to open AOL PFC file on the PC, this can be done by double-clicking on the file. If the connections are prerequisites are correct, the AOL file is launched.

But, what if the right platform is there, still the file does not open. Or the correct application required to read AOL file is not present on the computer. In that case, a user can use a third-party tool such as AOL PFC Converter.

It is the professional solution to convert AOL PFC to Outlook PST, EML or MSG file type. The user interface of the tool is so simple that even a novice user can use it without any problem. It yields very effective and efficient results in a very short span of time.

Highlighted Features of AOL PFC Converter

  • Migrate AOL PFC to PST, EML, MSG, PDF, Office 365 and MBOX file formats
  • For PDF format, there is an advanced setting option regarding formatting
  • Export AOL to Office 365 account with or without the impersonation feature
  • Emails can be viewed when the AOL PFC file is to be converted to PST
  • Option to apply the date-based filter to transfer some specific AOL PFC emails
  • Multiple naming conventions available for MSG, PDF and EML conversion
  • AOL PFC reader supports the AOL file created by desktop version 10,9,8 etc.
  • The software is adaptive with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and other below versions
  • The interface of the AOL PFC viewer is similar to Windows Explorer interface

Explanatory Features of AOL PFC Converter

Export AOL PFC to Outlook PST and MBOX
The tool provides an option to migrate the data of AOL PFC file to PST and EML file format. If the user chooses Outlook PST, an option to split large-sized PST is present. Also, the resultant MBOX file can be viewed in different supporting email clients.

Convert AOL File to Office 365
The AOL PFC converter tool permits the user to transfer its data in Office 365 account. At the time of export, users are provided with two choices: With and without impersonation. This option enables a user to move the data to different Office 365 accounts.

Convert AOL PFC File to EML and MSG
The converter tool allows the user to open AOL PFC file and export it to the different format. One of the different file formats is EML. The EML file obtained after migration process is supported in various email clients.

Migrates the Data of AOL File to PDF
The tool equips the user to convert the AOL PFC file to PDF format and then, print the file. The formatting of the PDF file can also be set like margin, paper orientation like portrait or landscape, size of the page, Bates numbering and stamping.

Selective Export of Data
The utility provides an option to transfer a particular amount of data. In this way, the irrelevant export of data can be prevented. For this, a user has to simply select the files from the export window. A user can also select or deselect the files directly from the export pane.

Several File Naming Conventions
The product offers a feature to save the resultant files in various file formats. The multiple naming techniques are: Save the file by Auto-incremental, subject, date in the format of DD-MM- YYYY, DD-MM-YY, YYYY-MM-DD +subject, etc.

Versions of the Converter Tool

  1. Trial Version: The trial version of the AOL PFC Viewer exports the starting 25 items from each folder in different file formats like PST, MBOX, Office 365, PDF, EML, and MSG.
  2. Full Version: Full version of the converter tool exports all the items from the folders while converting data from the .aol file to any of the above-mentioned file formats.

The Final Verdict

Whenever there is a problem in opening .aol file, it can be done with the help of the third-party tool like AOL PFC viewer. This is the best solution to read AOL PFC file. The features listed are very genuine and has left other technologies far behind. I would like to rate it as 4.5 out of 5.