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Businesses Can't Account For Myths So Don’t Believe Them

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 8:20:00 PM
Accounting plays a significant role in the daily lives of SMBs. Considering small businesses have little money to begin with, they have to spend it wisely. After all, one late fee or a penalty charge from the bank could put the whole firm in jeopardy. It’s for this reason that bosses and CEOs put lots of emphasis on every accounting tale they hear. Some even create policies based on the stories making the rumor mill. Of course, myths are dangerous and do more damage than the truth which is why they need avoiding.

To help you sort out the truth from lies, the following are the tall tales to swerve.

Businesses Can not Account For Myths So Do not Believe Them

Hiring An Accountant Avoids Audits

No, that is not the case. The truth is that having a money professional on your side makes an audit less hazardous. If they are worth the money, they should keep detailed records and receipts which stop the IRS from getting on your back. Also, with their knowledge, they should understand where to cut and where to file for expenses without getting into trouble. Still, the Internal Revenue Service may want to take a closer look at the books, especially if you’re making money in the first year. With that in mind, it’s essential to maintain proof of purchases and hand them over to your bookkeeper.

Businesses Can not Account For Myths So Do not Believe Them

Bookkeepers Are Expensive

The truth is that they are quite affordable. There are numerous reasons, one being accredited experts offer online services free of charge or at a small rate. This paycheck stub template is a prime example of pro bono accountants at work. More than that, though, outsourcing often cuts costs and improves quality within the sector. For one thing, you pass responsibility to people who know what they are doing rather than blindly trying to do it yourself. Also, they don’t just save but make money for companies. So, even if the expense is high, it’s nothing compared to the green they get coming in on a monthly basis.

Small Companies Are Small Fry

On the contrary, SMBs tend to get a close examination from the authorities more often. Why? Well, some people would say it’s because big corporations make tons of money and have the local authorities in the pockets. Whether that is true is up for debate, but what isn’t arguable is that large firms have the best people on their payroll. So, it is safe to assume that the tax office places more faith in their records. Plus, a government can make as much money by cracking down on a small offender as chasing big game as they’re less likely to have an accountant.

It’s All About The Money

In fact, accountants also save their clients time because they take the burden of the responsibility. Cash may seem like the be all and end all, yet that isn’t the case. In fact, time is just as crucial because it helps to increase efficiency and output as you can focus on other areas of the business.

The trick, as always, is not to believe everything you read or hear.

How to Merge Archive PST Files In An Easy & Efficient Way

Peter Baris 1:32:00 PM
How to Merge Archive PST Files In An Easy & Efficient Way
User Query: “I have created so many archive files by month and year. I still use them as a reference. Now I think if I merge archive PST files into one large archive, then it will easier to manage and also it will simplify the searching process. So is there any solution? How do I combine PST files easily?”

There is no easy method to combine multiple archive .pst files directly but there are some workarounds for this integrating process. Based on the number of PST data files and their sizes, you can either join them manually or choose the Import/Export wizard to consolidate them into one large Master Archive. As an alternative, you can also use the help from third-party software specialised in combining Outlook PST files.

Preparations to Merge Archive PST Files

Step 1: Opening Archives to View the Contents

Technically, an archive is no different from other PST files. To access the contents, one can reconnect them to MS Outlook. To open the file you want to follow the below steps:

File--> Open--> Open Outlook Data File...

Step 2: Creating the Master Archive

To create one big archive, first, start off with the new file which will become the master archive and copy the contents of all the archives into this single file. If you are following this way then you should have the original in case join goes wrong.

  • Create new PST data file that is “Master Archive”. 
    • In case of Outlook 2007 & previous versions: 
      • File--> New-->Outlook Data File... 
    • In Outlook 2016, 2013, & 2010 versions: 
      • File--> Account Settings--> Account Settings--> tab Data Files 
  • Select one location to save the file and provide name. 
    • Create one folder with name Outlook inside the Documents folder. Then make sure that you do not select the network location as that is not supported. 
    • If you get prompted for a type of storage file, not select the 97-2002 versions because the file size will be limited to 2 GB.

Manual Methods to Merge Archive PST Files

Approach #1:
Copying the old PST archive files into the newly created master archive is one of the manual tricks to join PST files. When the copying process fails, it is simpler to determine where it makes wrong so by this way you can prevent creating of duplicates when resuming.

  • First, you want to connect one of the old archives to Outlook 
    • File--> Open--> Open Outlook Data File... 
  • Copy the contents from old archive to newly created Master Archive. 
  • To easily move the calendar items, switch to List View. 
  • After complete the copy process, by using Remove button disconnect the old archives. 
    • In Outlook 2007 & 2003: 
      • File--> Data File Management... 
    • In Outlook 2016, 2013, & 2010: 
      • File--> Account Settings--> Account Settings--> tab Data Files 
  • To make the Master Archive to your default archiving location, follow the below steps:
    • Outlook 2007 & 2003: 
      • Tools--> Options--> tab Other--> button AutoArchive... 
    • Outlook 2016, 2013, & 2010: 
      • File--> Options--> Advanced--> button: AutoArchive Settings... 
The import option allows you to move the original archives into new Master Archive. The important points to remember when you go with the Import option to merge archive PST files are:

1. You want to scan the PST data files using scanpst.exe because the errors may cause hang in the import process.

2. Create the backup of all the files.

3. Make sure that you select the Master Archive as the destination folder.

4. There is a chance for Outlook shows “Not Responding” while the import process. In this case look the master archive file in File Explorer then if you can see it is still growing then Outlook is actually still responding.

The import command will get by following way:

  • In Outlook 2007 & 2003: 
    • File--> Import and Export... 
  • In Outlook 2010: 
    • File--> Open--> Import 
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016, & 2013: 
    • File--> Open & Export--> Import/Export 

If you feel the above methods take too much time and effort or you find yourself regularly needed to merge archive PST files, then using SysTools PST Merge might be the solution for you. The software is specially designed to join PST files together into one single consolidated file. There is no file size limitation imposed to perform the joining process.

Summing Up

From the above write up you can get the detailed idea about how to combine multiple archive .pst files. Here we discussed different manual approaches to perform the joining of PST files and also one alternative third-party solution PST Merge tool. It is one of the best PST Merge Software available to merge archive PST files in an efficient way and also without taking much time.

Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST – Why Office 365 Backup is Needed

Peter Baris 5:17:00 PM
Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST – Why Office 365 Backup is Needed

Backup Office 365 Data: On-Premises vs Cloud

You all must be knowing that backing up Office 365 data is helpful for an organisation. But many are confused about would it be better to backup data on-site or use a cloud backup to export data? Many have used some exporter and migrators to export Office 365 mailbox to PST so as to use it in their local machines. But user don’t know the exact way so that they can backup Office 365 data.

What do you need from a backup?

In many cases, user will need to backup so that they can protect data from ransomware, malicious internal attack, employee error, third-party integrations errors, and accidental overwrites. User want to make sure that they meets the following SAFE criteria through the process of export Office 365 data to PST or cloud premises:
  • Secure: Their data should be secure from all unwanted intrusion as well from each and every intentional or accidental destruction.
  • Accessible: The data that is backup should be fast and easy to retrieve it Process 
  • Speed: Backup retrieval and storage should be fast so as to the backed up and retrieved with a minimal disruption to your business 
  • Easiness: The data backups need to be as easy as possible to ensure that your data will be backed up regularly. Ideally, the backup will be automated.

Using on-premises backup

If you decide to go with an on-premises backup, it will usually cost you a little more up-front, but it might wind up being cheaper in the long run. You’ll need the appropriate storage hardware (hard drives), and you’ll need to set it up to easily backup your data.
Expected Vulnerabilities: On-premises backup is susceptible to the following vulnerabilities:
  1. Security
    Your on-premises backup is only as safe as the hardware. Any portable hardware that can access the backups can also damage the backups, and all the normal hazards that apply to any computer equipment (user error, ransomware, natural disaster, flooding, smoke damage) apply to your backups. 
  2. Ease of use 
    The more secure you make your backups, the less accessible those backups will be in the event of a data loss. 
  3. Speed
    The speed of an on-premises backup is limited to the speed of the drive, the speed of the computer equipment, and the speed of the cables. More money can create a much faster and robust system, but cheaper systems are likely to suffer from lag. 
  4. Automation 
    On-premises backup is usually not automated, so it’s important that regular backups are performed. 
Your IT department can mitigate a lot of these vulnerabilities, given the right tools and equipment. Cheap equipment, substandard tools, and poorly trained IT staff can make your on-premises backup bulky, insecure, and hard to use.

Using cloud backups

Cloud-based backups usually have a very low up-front cost, as they’re often based on a subscription model where you’re either charged on a monthly or a usage basis. For smaller companies without a dedicated IT department, cloud backups may be the easiest way to start making regular backups.

Possible Vulnerabilities: If you’re going with a cloud backup provider, there may be a big difference in the quality of service you receive. Higher-level backup providers usually have fewer vulnerabilities.
  1. Security
    Because a cloud-based backup is online, it can be hacked. You can mitigate this risk by choosing a backup provider with strong security measures. The best backup providers will also duplicate your data on multiple servers so that a hardware problem with a single server won’t destroy your data. 
  2. Offline Access
    A cloud backup is only accessible when you’re online. If your Internet Service Provider gives you choppy or inconsistent service, a cloud backup may be difficult to access without a reliable Internet connection.
  3. Ease of Setup
    Your cloud backup solution may offer automated backups, but it could be difficult to properly setup your backups when you first start with a new service. Some backup service providers will walk you through setup with onboarding, but others are complicated to setup and offer little guidance.

Hybrid backups

Many companies will opt for a hybrid model. With a hybrid model, some data is backed up on local or network hard drives on the premises, some is backed up to a cloud, and some data may be backed up in both locations. A hybrid model offers increased protection against data loss, but it could expose your company to a higher risk for data breaches and theft. Because a hybrid model requires excellent data management skills, it’s best to discuss the options with your IT department to find ways to eliminate or lessen the risk.


We have covered the topic that will suggest you to use make a right decision weather to have on-Premises or cloud backup to related you conversion. But user can even use Office 365 Exporter to backup Office 365 to PST / EML / MSG files format to access them in offline mode.
Why Don't Customers Care About Your Products?

Why Don't Customers Care About Your Products?

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 7:33:00 PM
Why Dont Customers Care About Your Products
The modern business marketplace has never been more competitive and crowded than it is right now. One of the great things about the internet is the way that just about anyone can start up their own business with little more than a computer and a great idea. However, this does mean that if you want to get noticed at all, then you't re going to need to put in a lot more effort that you might have previously. But what can you do if there are other businesses taking up potential customers't attention? Getting people to care about your product in a sea of other people doing the same can be incredibly difficult, but not impossible. With that in mind, here are a few things that you can do to get people to actually care about your products.

Improve your branding

Branding is one of the most important things for any business. It might sound shallow, but your branding can often have more of an impact on how customers respond to your product than the quality of the product itself. Look at Apple for instance. Sure they make high-quality products, but there are a lot of aggravating things about them as well, like proprietary hardware and short battery life. But people put up with these kinds, and why? Because the branding is so good! You should work alongside companies like SmashBrand who can help you build a successful modern brand for yourself. Never underestimate the power of branding for your business, it can change the perception of your business pretty much overnight.

Connect with customers emotionally

If you want customers to care about your product, you need them to care about your business. One of the best ways to do this is to give them a behind-the-scenes look at the way that your business is built. By showing them the people behind the curtain then you're going to be able to create an emotional bond and a sense of loyalty among your customers that could be incredibly difficult to achieve otherwise. You can also do this through things like social media to interact directly with customers and form genuine relationships with them.

Offer something unique

Of course, if you really want to stand out then you need to be able to offer your customers something that they've never seen or heard before. Figure out what it is that sets your business apart from the competition and lean into it. Whether that thing is customer care, technological innovation, or simply the progressive ethics of your business, being able to offer something that no one else has can be the best way to attract customers to your business.

The reality of the modern world is that things are only going to get more fast-paced and more crowded. This means that methods that you use now to make your business successful aren't necessarily going to work a few years down the line. Make sure that you pay close attention to the way that things grow and improve over time so that you don't end up falling behind the competition.

All the Things Worth Investing in For an Awesome Student Life

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 10:46:00 PM
If you’re a student, or you’re preparing to move out and start next term, you are going to need a lot more than a caffeine fix and a positive attitude to get through the next few years. Your uni days are some of the best of your life and it is well worth fully investing yourself in everything that goes with it: the studies, the friends and the nights out.

There are all sorts of student life hacks that will help you to get from fresher’s week to graduation without a hitch, but what about the stuff you need to buy to make things easier? A student budget is always a toughie to negotiate, but with a bit of smart saving and investing, your life will be made much, much easier.

All the Things Worth Investing in For an Awesome Student Life
Image Credit: Pixabay

A Sandwich Press

No student should ever have to go through university without a sandwich press. In fact, it should be right up there at the top of your list as it is here. The sandwich press is a lifesaver; it has prevented student starvation for many years and will continue to do so well into the future.

The true beauty of the sandwich press is not the fact that you can have a hot meal within 5 minutes placed between two perfectly toasted slices, but actually the surprising versatility of such a machine. From caramelised bananas (just add peanut butter and toast) to a thin cut steak, you can do it all with the sandwich press. And if you can’t cook it in the sandwich press, did you really want to eat it in the first place?

Printer, Paper and Ink

Sure, you could queue in the library for a printer, but when you need to print off your essay with 30 minutes before the deadline, having your own printer will be a real bonus. It will also make printing off resources a lot easier and you can print off earlier versions of your essays to edit too.

It might seem like a luxury item, and, okay, it kind of is. However, if you are smart and buy your inks from somewhere like 123inkjets and use cheap paper, it won’t end up costing way over what you would otherwise pay in the library.

A Really Good Frying Pan

Cooking for one is a challenging process. Why is every recipe intended for a family of four? Where are all the cheap student recipes for one?

The good news is that the cooking implements should be exactly the same. Don’t be tempted to get a tiny frying pan because there’s only one of you. Get the best one you can afford, preferably non-stick unless you want to spend hours soaking it in the sink.

Plus, if you have the good stuff, you might be able to use its loan as leverage for other things. The student kitchen is a real mish mash of what everyone has brought so if you have the good pan at your disposal, you could get a good deal on being able to use all sorts of other stuff too.

All the Things Worth Investing in For an Awesome Student Life
Image Credit: Pexels

Fairy Lights

Yes, indeed. Dorm rooms are anything but romantic with their on or off main lights and bright LEDs and yet a few fairy lights can really make a difference. Something in their gentle glow and all round loveliness makes any dorm room feel a little more like home.

You should also consider bringing a bedside light to make reading more comfortable and, once you are friendly with your flatmates, you could choose some nicer lights for your social spaces as well. Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting. Seriously. Even guys should think about this stuff.

More than One Bed Set (3 is Ideal)

So you choose the first bed set and that’s great, but what happens when you need to put all your bedding in the wash? You have a naked bed. This is where the second set comes in really handy. While one set is in the wash, you can just pop the other one on and have a nap to recover from such crazy exertion.

The third bed set is really the clincher though, as it means that should you delay your washing in favour of more fun activities - like basically anything else - you still have a backup set. It is for this reason that you should keep a fund just in case you run out of clean socks and pants. Your mum won’t approve, but she also doesn’t have to know.

All the Things Worth Investing in For an Awesome Student Life
Image Credit: Pixabay

Noise Cancelling Headphones

In a student dorm building, there are, unsurprisingly, a lot of students all hanging around and being noisy and annoying. This is fine when it’s you being noisy and annoying, but if you have deadlines and a desperate need to concentrate, you are going to need some peace and quiet.

Short of going to the library, where you will be obliged to wear clothes other than the pair of pjs and jumper you’ve been wearing since you started the assignment, noise cancelling headphones should do the trick. You don’t need to put any music on, though film music is pretty good for working to. Just stick them over your ears and pretend that you aren’t missing out on any fun. This assignment is fun.

Going to uni for the first time and moving out of your parent’s home is a really strange feeling. You are at once so much older and yet still so young as well. Though this list is by no means exhaustive, hopefully if you choose to invest in these things, they will help you to have the time of your life.

University is about more than just getting a degree. It’s about making new friends and finding things that you wouldn’t have come across before. This is a time for having a lot of fun, doing some of the crazy things you’ve always wanted to do and working hard as well.

Enjoy it. Have fun. Do it all. And when you run out of pants - buy more pants.

Move Contacts From Google to Office 365 Account Google Apps to O365

Peter Baris 6:16:00 PM

Move Contacts From Google to Office 365 Account

Google Apps is one of the most eminent cloud application. The evolution of cloud management has got a hike on a large scale. Some provided the extra security and some came with idea of on premises development. G Suite in the earlier times made a good number of users but later Office 365 came with the large number of advance features and syncing all the application at one place. User started the process of switching from Google Apps to Office 365 account. In this section we will cover the method to move contacts from Google to Office 365 so that user may not loss their contacts list of Google account. 
There are a large number of method to import Google Apps contacts to Outlook 365 some are fast and some takes a time to complete. User these days are getting more closer towards technology thereby getting move familiar to software to transfer contacts from Gmail to Office 365. So we will suggest you to use a software rather than getting stuck in a honeycomb trap of manual solution.

Steps to Move Contacts From Google to Office 365

  1. Run and Install Google Apps to Office 365 Migrator. 
  2. Select the single user or multiple user accordingly 
  3. Enter your Google Apps passwords and in case of multiple user add the csv file holding the user credentials 
  4. Then you will get the option to provide Office 365 account details and select contacts / mails / calendars according to migrate data from Google Apps to Office 365 account. 
  5. Add the date filters if needed and start the process.
  6. Wait for the process to complete and then you will successfully move contacts from Google to Office 365 with other data items as well.

Advantage of Google Apps to Office 365 Migrator - Automated Solution

  1. With the help of this tool you can move email, contacts & calendars of Gmail account to Office 365 account. 
  2. User get date filter option that helps to migrate particular data only. This helps to increase the user productivity. 
  3. Unique stop and resume option let the user to halt the entire process to export Gmail to Office 365. 
  4. Domain User facilitate option helps to migrate multiple Google Apps domain account with a single move.
  5. User can append data in the existing profile from Google Apps to Office 365 with this tool.

There are still a large number of valuable points using that this wizard providing us to move contacts from Google to Office 365 without any problem. There are large number of user who still follow up the process to migrate contacts from Google Apps to Office 365 manually and in end they stuck up with an unknown error. So its better to play safe and use an automated technique.


After going through the above write up about exporting data of G Suite to Office 365 mailbox. It can be concluded that it is better to go for the above mentioned third-party solution to move contacts from Google to Office 365. 
A naive user can never understand the method to migrate Google Apps data to Office 365 manually without having the technical knowledge so its better to have an appropriate solution to transfer Google Apps to Exchange Online account in few easy steps.

Mac Mail Converter All in One Software – Explained Details

Rollins Duke 6:27:00 PM
Mac Mail Converter All in One Software
Mac Mail Converter comes with unlimited facts, which most of the users believe to be present on the application to move data from Mac Mail to Outlook, Office 365, Windows Live Mail, Exchange, MBOX, etc. The numerous of options to move Mac Mail data are executed in the application Mac Mail Converter Wizard. The software offers numerous of useful features to perform the data conversion from Mac Mail to PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, MHT, etc.

Need to Convert Mac Mail to Outlook PST or Other Formats

There are some of the forceful reasons that wedge the users to convert their Mac Mail to PST or other formats. Nonetheless, this conversion is done for the user’s convenience only, still, they are to be called as the forcible conversion as it’s not what the user wishes to do; but has to do according to the circumstances.
  • The user might be changing from the old organization to a new one. After this shuffle in the Company, the user might face difficulties extracting his old emails as because of the change in the mail server.
  • The Mac operating systems are pricey and not even worth the price, they are sold at. Mac O.S are also rare to be found or are rarely available everywhere as it is not as abundantly used as Windows which comprises of an easy graphical user interface and reasonable price.
  • The user might be a regular traveler due to business trips; hence might need an operating system that is easily available and can load the files the user earlier used by the simple conversion process.
  • The Mac operating system has the least count of software’s that support its interface.
  • The Mac O.S are only profitable only for the creative workers as such the graphic designers etc.

Trouble-free Approach to Convert Mac Mail Mailbox

Mac Mail Migrator migrates the complete Mac data files along with all the details. The application is programmed to convert multiple Mac Mail files at once. The software does not need any external utility to perform the data conversion. The tool is totally virus free to utilize and perform safe conversion of data. The application comes up with numerous of features that make easy for users to perform the conversion. The utility is completely Windows based and takes only a few moments to perform conversion of data.

Highlighted Features of Mac Mail Converter

  1. While transferring Mac Mail data files, it conserves integrity and structure without doing any modification.
  2. Offers various file formats to store converted Mac Mail data like PST, MBOX, EML, Doc, MSG, and RTF.
  3. Moves the complete data from Mac Mail account that includes inbox, contacts, calendar, attachments, etc.
  4. Allows users to migrate unlimited Mac Mail data files in few steps.

Feel Free to Use the Free!

Mac Mail application is also equipped with a demo version that lets the user convert the first 25 emails to the mail server. The demo version enables the users to take a trial run of the software, check out the features, the workability of the software prior buying it and the best part is that it comes for free. Yes! There are no hidden costs and no investment are required.