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Repair Suspect SQL Database in SQL Server 2003, 2005, 2008, 2012

Peter Baris 3:23:00 PM

Steps to Repair Suspect SQL Database in an Easy Way

SQL database server is a creation and manipulation program that is developed by Microsoft. It is a relational database management system, which can store and retrieve data as per users request. The programming language can be used to handle this server is known as Structured Query Language. SQL is used to create large databases that can save data in a tabular form. Generally, there are so many errors and bugs created by Microsoft SQL Server. One such problem is the database going into Suspect Mode. This becomes a very sensitive issue and it cannot be resolved by any manual techniques. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss different approaches to recover the database in detail. Before that, let us explore methods to repair suspect SQL database in SQL 200, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2012. The recovery solutions include the manual procedure and an automated solution i.e. SQL Database Recovery Software.

Reasons For SQL Server Suspect Database

During startup, SQL database Server tries to obtain some exclusive lock on the most important files of the server. At times no other application can access that data from SQL database when the server is online. Even though sometimes all these device files can be used by another processor may be missing. In such situations, many errors are generated and the database has gone into suspect mode. Go through some probable reasons for a suspect SQL database:
  • The devices are inaccessible to the server where database log files can be kept. This might be caused by any corruption in the hard disk sector or partition.
  • Some files are missing and could not be found. There can be multiple causes for Suspect SQL database. In a while, any malicious malware or virus attack may be deleted server files.
  • Another reason for suspect mode is due to SQL server crashes in the middle of the data transaction. If a transaction that updates the value of a large database and it can be stopped midway, there can be some changes made to particular value and not others. This might cause corruption in transaction log files and many errors are generated.
  • Some other application may handle the server’s device files for preventing access to specific data files. As a result, this issue indicates while opening the SQL database and connecting with it. Most of an antivirus block files that they consider problematic. There may be some file corruption caused by a malware infection that scanners start to repair and fix.
  • One another cause for a suspect database is corruption in the transaction logs caused due to the abnormal/improper shutdown of a local machine.
  • There might be errors generated due to the limited disc space or hard drive of the computer system.

How to Repair Suspect SQL Database Manually?

There are several modes that define the state in which the database server files are available. The separate procedure is implemented to work in any mode. There are certain modes such as offline mode, online mode, data restoration mode, data recovery mode, emergency mode and so on. Another one is Suspect Mode in SQL server. This mode indicates an issue with primary file groups. After entering this type of mode, the database is inaccessible and data within it could not be recovered. Alternative recovery operations need to be implemented and can be connected to the database server. Some alternatives to repair suspect SQL database in SQL 2003, 2005, 2008, 2012 have been discussed below:
  • Enter an Emergency Mode for gaining access to the SQL Server database. This mode provides read-only access to the administrator to troubleshoot the database in an emergency.
  • Having gained access to SQL database, run the Consistency Check on a master database file. This kind of checks for all logical as well as physical errors within the SQL database.
  • After that, move to the Single User Mode and rollback any type of transaction that may not be completed successfully.
  • Now, if certain errors are found during DBCC check, then you need to repair them by using repair_rebuild, repair_allow_data_loss, and repair_fast.
  • Finally, move back to the Multi-User Mode and verify the connection of database server.

Automated Solution to Recover SQL Database in Suspect Mode

If the above-stated approach fails, users can take help of a reliable third party tool i.e., SQL Recovery Software. It is designed in such a way to remove corruption from SQL Server database. Moreover, it is strong enough to retrieve both primary as well as secondary database files without any risk of data loss.

Final Words

SQL Server is the most widely used database management application that helps to store and retrieve data. There are different errors encountered by many users while using the SQL database server. Some of it may have to be rectified using manual approaches, others may not. One such problem is the Suspect Mode. Advanced SQL users may find it difficult to access data or connect to the database server once it goes into a suspect mode. In this blog, we have covered certain reasons for the suspect SQL server database. Also, we have discussed both manual and automated solution to repair suspect SQL database in an efficient way.

This Tech Will Keep Your Business In Check

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 7:56:00 AM
Do you ever worry about the safety, security or even the level of pollution of your company? There are three issues that could definitely cause an issue in your business leading to expensive costs and potentially a damaged reputation. If that happens, then you will struggle to get back on top and get your business where it needs to be on the market. The good news is that these days the right tech could solve all these problems.

By investing in the right tech, you can make sure that your business is secure, that it is safe and that it won’t cause an environmental issue. Let’s look at a few examples of how this can be true.

It Monitoring Software

This Tech Will Keep Your Business In Check
If your business is exposed to a security failure, it probably isn’t going to be a physical one. Instead, it’s far more likely that your company is going to be hacked. There’s no way to avoid a hack completely, but you can prepare for it and make sure that you ready for the potential damage it can cause. The best way to do this is to invest in IT monitoring software. With IT monitoring software your network can be completely monitored, and you’ll be able to know if there is an issue with your security. If you are exposed to a hack, then you can fix the situation quickly closing the fault in the security line. You can also make sure that you are aware a hack has happened and can respond accordingly.

Office Security

This Tech Will Keep Your Business In Check
If you are still worried about a security breach in your office, then you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a variety of different security options that you can consider including CCTV. The best part about CCTV these days is that it can be smart. What does this mean? Well, let’s say that you are away from the office. You’ll be able to sign in from a mobile device and quickly check whether there is any threat to the security of your company.

Controlling Pollution

This Tech Will Keep Your Business In Check
If you look to Denmark, you'll see that companies there have actually created tech that allows you to control and indeed reduce the level of C02 emissions a company such as yours producers. As well as this, you can also think about looking at other tech that can help you protect the environment from issues in your company. You might be dealing with oil in your business. Technology like oil water separators can make sure that you are not at risk of causing a potential spill in your business.

Automated Software

This Tech Will Keep Your Business In Check
Finally, you should consider introducing automated software into your business model. Automated software can be used in a wide range of different scenarios including managing invoices. However, a more extreme example would be software that allows you to actually cut out the employee altogether. Instead, you can use a piece of software to complete dangerous jobs, and this would definitely be useful in an industry like manufacturing.

We hope you see now that tech could be the answer to make sure that your business is safe, sound, and completely eco-friendly.

Starting A Virtual Jewelry Business

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 4:20:00 PM
Setting up any business is undoubtedly an exciting prospect, but setting up a company that you are truly passionate about is even more exciting. Of course, regardless of the business that you are launching, there are a lot of questions that come with it. There’s a lot that you need to consider and plenty of things to wonder about, such as ‘do I have the know-how to make this work?’. These questions and concerns are, believe it or not, what will make you a successful business owner.

If you already know what type of business you want to start - a jewelry business - that’s fantastic. Because, as soon as you know which industry you will be tapping into, you can start properly planning for your success. If you are starting out with a small startup fund, then an online business is probably the best one to launch with. Over time, as your business grows, you could consider moving to a shop location, but for now, it’s probably best to stick to running your business virtually to help cut down on unnecessary overheads.

To help you ensure that your business is geared for success from the start, below is a guide to all of the most important steps that you need to take to make a success of your business.

Starting A Virtual Jewelry Business

Find your USP

The first step that you need to make is to find your USP - your unique selling point. If your business is going to be a success, it needs to have a unique selling point. You don’t want a business that is the same as every other; you want a business that has its own unique appeal. So take some time to think about what this could be. Perhaps you could work with only sustainably sourced metals and gems? Maybe you could work from people’s own designs? Perhaps you could offer a jewelry subscription services. Think outside the box and make sure to find the USP that your business needs to success.

Invest in your tools and material

If you are going to be able to run a successful jewelry business, you need to invest in your tools. So take the time to make a list of all the tools and materials that you need to buy, from the metals that you need and the BossLaser for engraving that you want to any computer software for jewelry design that you require, everything that you need should be on the list. Once you have your list, you can then start working out whether it’s affordable to purchase everything that you need. If it’s not, it may be worthwhile considering taking out a business loan to help you get started.

Have your website professionally designed

For a virtual business, a website is the key tool for success. That’s why it is so crucial that when it comes to the design of it, you ensure that you get it right the first time. Ensure that you enlist the help of a skilled and professional web designer to help you create a website that is easy to use and navigate, looks professional and runs seamlessly. You also need a website designed that incorporates an e-commerce store, so that you can set up a page to sell your jewelry from as part of your site. Don’t opt for a cheap website, as your business is virtual, your website is at the heart of it, and first impressions count.

Starting a virtual jewelry business could be a great move to make - there is plenty of potential for success. It’s just a case of taking the right steps to ensure that your business runs well and grows into a prosperous and profitable brand. Taking note of the tips above will help you to do that.

Export Exchange Online Mailbox to PST – Backup Office 365 Data

Peter Baris 4:32:00 PM

Microsoft Exchange Online or Office 365 is the popular web-based email client that stores its all data in the cloud. It allows users to access data from anywhere at anytime. Exchange Online has some additional features such as file sharing, working with mobile phones, cloud services etc. But, still, some users want to export Exchange Online mailbox to PST. Because the problem with Exchange Online is that, it works only when the internet is available. If the Exchange Online data gets deleted or corrupted due to different reasons like masquerading, corruption, hacking, virus attack, etc, then it is not possible to retrieve it back. So, to overcome all such situations, a user needs to make a backup of Exchange Online data. For backup, all Exchange Export data should be saved in the desktop-based email client i.e MS Outlook. Therefore, it is required to export Office 365 mailbox to PST file format. There are some solutions to such migration discussed in this post.

Common Reasons for Export Exchange Online Mailbox to PST Format

There are many reasons behind the migration of Office 365 or Exchange Online mailbox to PST. Some of the causes are discussed here:

  • If the data gets corrupted or deleted, then normally it cannot be recovered. In this situations, data can be retrieved back if the user has a backup of Exchange Online mailbox in PST format. Many organizations which do not keep backup of data, stuck in serious problems at the time of disaster.
  • Export mailbox to PST from exchange online is required if the data stored in the cloud is hacked, and the hacker made some irrelevant changes. In this case, your data will be safe in the backup files.
  • If the user has accidentally deleted some important data, then the deleted data can be retrieved if the backup of the data is available in the PST format.

Export Exchange Online Mailbox to PST Using eDiscovery PST Export Tool

An eDiscovery PST Export Tool is an inbuilt facility of Microsoft. It is used to export Exchange Online to PST file. It creates the backup of Exchange data such as emails, contacts, and calendars to an Outlook PST format. To use this facility, some special privileges are needed and it must be granted by an admin account holder. So, perform these steps to acquire the permission to access the tool.

  • Step 1: First of all, log in your Exchange Online or Office 365 account with administrator credentials
  • Step 2: After that, go to the Admin option >> Exchange option
  • Step 3: Next, click on Permissions from the left pane. Then, go to the Admin Roles >> Discovery Management
  • Step 4: Now, from the Discovery Management, click on the plus (+) sign to add Roles then click on the Mailbox Import Export option. Then, under the Members, click on the plus (+) sign again & click on the name of the user. After that, click on Save option
  • Step 5: This step will allow access to the eDiscovery Export tool. The member with the mentioned username has been assigned the permission to start the backup process. So, there is step by step process mentioned below to archive and backup Exchange Online mailbox to PST file format:
    • To start this process, go to the Exchange Admin Center i.e EAC
    • After that, click on the Compliance Management from the left pane
    • Then, click on In-Place eDiscovery and Hold
    • Now, choose the mailbox items from the list-view that are to be exported as a result by using In-place eDiscovery
    • In this step, click on the Download icon to start Export Exchange Online mailbox to PST file
    • Finally, perform the following steps mentioned below in the eDiscovery PST Export Tool & create Exchange Export Backup file:
          1. First of all, click on the Browse button to set the folder path where the exported PST file will be saved.
          2. After that, check the Enable deduplication checkbox to remove any duplicate emails. If the same message exists in more than one folder, then only one instance is saved in the PST file.
          3. Now, users can also check the Include unsearchable items check box. This will add mailbox items that can not be reached by Exchange Online Search. These items include email files with attachments that cannot be indexed during a search and saved in a separate PST file.
          4. Finally, click on Export button to start the migration process to backup Exchange Online mailbox to PST file.

An Expert Solution to Export Exchange Online Mailbox to PST

The manual method has some demerits like it is very lengthy and time-consuming process, administrative credentials are required for granting privileges, technical skills are needed etc. Therefore, it is suggested to use Office 365 Exporter. It is used to archive and export Exchange Online mailbox to PST file without any data corruption or data loss. This automatic solution is simple and efficient for all users. However, according to the experts, it is the best trouble-free solution to get backup of data in PST format and retrieve the lost data.

Final Words

Exchange Online stores their data in the cloud and it is very difficult to retrieve the data from the cloud in the case of data deletion or corruption. That is why it is really important to take backup of Exchange Online mailbox to PST. For this, both manual and third-party solutions are there. In the manual procedure, users have to perform all the steps and it has some limitations. Now, in order to have a simple, easy and effortless solution Office 365 Exporter tool is suggested above. It is the easiest approach to export Exchange Online mailbox to PST file. Both the solutions are equally good. A user can choose anyone according to the need.

Magento Or Shopify: Which Is The Best Ecommerce Platform?

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 11:33:00 AM
When you’re setting up an online store, the most important decision you have to make is which ecommerce platform you’re going to use. If the process of buying isn’t easy or customers don’t trust that it’s safe, you won’t get many conversions. There are a few different things to consider when deciding which one to use. The first is which device are people most likely to view your site on? More people use mobile devices than desktop computers in general, but if you’re targeting an older demographic, they’re probably going to be on desktops. Then you’ve got to think about how many countries you’re going to be selling to because some platforms are better for international sales than others. Once you’ve answered those questions, you can decide which one suits you best. These are some of the most popular ones on the market at the minute.


Magento Or Shopify: Which Is The Best Ecommerce Platform?
Shopify is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms out there right now and it’s updated regularly to meet new demands. The main benefit of Shopify is that it’s optimized for mobile transactions and has a lot of great social media features. It allows you to connect your shop to your Facebook profile and sell directly on there, without customers having to come direct to your site. If you’re using a lot of Facebook ads to market your product it’s perfect because they can buy it there and then as soon as they see the advert. They also work well with app developers so if you’re building a dedicated app for your company and you want to sell through it, Shopify is a good way to do it.

It has good support should you ever have any problems and there are a lot of add ons available if you want to add advanced features to your store. It’s perfect if you’ve only got basic requirements but if you’ve got quite specific or unique ideas for your shop, you might want to look elsewhere.


Magento Or Shopify: Which Is The Best Ecommerce Platform?
Magento is the main rival to Shopify and has the business of a lot of huge companies, including Burger King. It’s known for its reliability and if you want to scale up your business in a big way, it’s easy to do with Magento. You can also use a CDN for Magento which cuts down loading times during the purchasing process which is a big deal for customers. It also has social media selling functions but, unlike Shopify, it’s not limited to Facebook.

However, the cost is significantly larger than Shopify; where Shopify will cost you between $29 and $299 a month, the premium package of Magento can be up to $1,600. You can get the cheaper version but you lose a lot of functions. Magento is best for larger companies with a high volume of sales so it might be best to start out with Shopify and graduate to Magento later on once you’ve seen some growth.

Overall, both platforms are good at what they do. Shopify is more suited to smaller business that are just starting to grow, whereas Magento is more expensive, but it can handle the larger volumes that bigger companies need.

Know How to Recover a Lost Word Document Without Losing Any Data

TechJessica 7:29:00 PM
Know How to Recover a Lost Word Document Without Losing Any Data

Recover a Lost Word Document - Restore DOC File

It an unknown situation in which users ask for a query that ‘how to recover a lost Word Document of 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and all the prior versions’. The situation may be like:

  • Unable to locate DOC file on machine
  • Forgot to save the Word file before closing
  • Word AutoRecover feature not working
Therefore, this blog is going to help such computer users with solution upon the same. The approach requires knowledge of manual guidelines with which we can recover the lost DOC file on the local machine.

Approaches to Recover A Lost Word Document

Let’s discuss three different and trouble-free ways to restore a .doc file in its original format. There are some users who don’t want to spend so much of time and ask for a quick solution. For such users, there is one of the best Word Recovery software to repair damaged Word document in an easy way. One can opt for this third-party solution to recover corrupted, lost, infected or unsaved Word .doc file in its original format.

Method 1 : Look for Original Word Document

The approach involves searching for Microsoft Word DOC or DOCX file from Windows OS machine. It is dependent upon a version of the Microsoft operating system. Therefore, first learn the version, you are using and accordingly go with the approach.
Windows Vista and 7:

  1. Click on the Start button and mention the name of MS Word document in the search box.
  2. Press Enter and if the searched document is present in the list then, double-click upon it. This will open the file in respective Word application.
  3. If the File does not contain document then, type *.doc in the search box of Start menu and press Enter. If the file still does not appears then, directly jump to Method (2).
Windows XP:
  1. Click on Start >> Search >> For Files or Folders.
  2. A searching box will appear in which you have to enter the lost DOC file name.
  3. Click on My Computer.
  4. Hit on Search Now and if the result is ‘no items found’ then, continue with upcoming steps.
  5. Type *.doc in the searching box and press Enter. This will help in proceeding with steps to recover a lost Word document.
  6. Note: Type *.docx for the Word 2007 and 2010 documents.
  7. If the data is not found then, check in the Recycle Bin. Else, move to next approach.

Method 2 : Look For MS Word Backup Files

This method is applicable for computer users who regularly create a backup of their data. If not in the habit of same then, jump to method 3.
Suggestion: To check that backup option is active on your PC or not, you have to click on Tools >> Options. For Word 2007 edition, click on Office button and select Word Options. Click on File >> Options, if you are using MS Word 2010. Go through the following set of instructions to find the backup file copy:

  • Move towards the folder where you have last saved the DOC file.
  • Look for the files having .wbk file extension on the same location.
  • After this, when you find any of the file with name ‘Backup of’ followed with missing file name, at this time instance, use following guidelines as per the version of MS Word program:
    MS Word 2010:
    1. Open Microsoft Word 2010 on your PC and click on File >> Open .
    2. In the list of Files of type, click on All Files option.
    3. Select the encountered backup file and click on Open button.
    MS Word 2007:
    1. Open Microsoft Word 2007 on your machine and click on Office button >> Open.
    2. Click on All Files in the File of type list.
    3. Select the required backup file and click on Open.
    MS Word 2003 and 2002:
    1. Launch Microsoft Word on the PC and click on File >> Open.
    2. Point towards the arrow in Files of type and click on All Files *.* .
    3. Choose the desired DOC file and click on the Open button.
  • After applying all the above-mentioned workarounds, if you are unable to find the WBK files then, look for this file on entire system drives.
  • Follow the instruction written below to perform the same:
    For MS Windows Vista and 7 OS:
    1. Click on the Start button and type *.wbk in the search field. Press Enter to continue to recover a lost Word document, you want to.
    2. If the resultant list comprises of backup file then, repeat the above-explained steps
    3. If you do not find any such file then, switch to Method (3).
    For Microsoft Windows XP:
    1. Click on the Start >> Search >> For Files or Folders.
    2. Type *.wbk text in the searching text box and press Enter.
    3. Click on My Computer in the Look in field of current pane.
    4. At last, click on Search Now.

    Method 3 : Look for the AutoRecover Files

    Initially, the Microsoft Word looks for the AutoRecover files whenever you start the program. Whatever data is encountered by AutoRecover feature, it gets displayed in the Document Recovery task pane.
    1. Utilize Microsoft Word program to automatically encounter AutoRecover files
    For this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

    1. Open the Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar of your screen.
    2. Click on the Processes tab and look for Winword.exe or Microsoft Word. If you find anyone of these then, select it and click on End Process. Repeat this step until and unless all the instances do not get stopped.
    3. Close the opened Windows Task Manager dialog box and open MS Word to recover a lost Word document file.
    4. If the file gets successfully recovered then, stop the process here and save the recovered file. Else, move to next step.
    2. Manually search for AutoRecover files by using Microsoft Word
    This is to be utilized when Recovery Pane does not open and you manually have to search for AutoRecover files. Take help of following steps to attempt the same:
    For Microsoft Word 2010:
    1. Open the Word program and click on File >> Recent.
    2. Click on the Recovered unsaved document.
    For Microsoft Word 2007:
    1. Open MS Word application on your PC and click on Office button >> Word.
    2. Click on Save in the current navigation pane.
    3. Note the path given in AutoRecover file location and click on Cancel.
    4. Close Microsoft Word 2007 program and open the location that you find in Step (3).
    5. Search for the files, which are having .asd file extension.
    For Microsoft Word 2003 and 2002:
    1. Open Microsoft Word on your machine and click on Tools >> Options.
    2. Click on the File Locations tab and then, double-click on AutoRecover files.
    3. Note down the path that you see in front of you and click on Cancel. To see the complete path of AutoRecover files, you have click on down arrow of Folder name in Modify location dialog box.
    4. Close the current panel and then the Microsoft Word program too.
    5. Open Windows Explorer and locate towards the determined AutoRecover file location.
    Search for the ASD files from the current location

    3. Look for more ASD files by doing some manual tricks
    Take help of following guidelines to attempt this task :
    Windows Vista and 7:
    1. Click on the Start button and in search box, type .asd.
    2. Press Enter to instruct the system to search for the desired file.
    3. If the searching result fails then, go to Method (4).
    Microsoft Windows XP:
    1. Click on the Start >> Search >> For Files or Folders.
    2. Type *.asd and press Enter in search for files and folders field.
    3. Point to the arrow in Look in box and then, click on My Computer.
    4. Hit on Search Now option to begin file searching procedure.
    When you find any of the ASD files with help of the above-mentioned procedures, you need to follow below-mentioned instructions. These are dependent upon the version of Microsoft Word so, first determine the Word edition you are using and continue with steps:

    Microsoft Word 2010:
    1. Open MS Word 2010 and click on Open from the File menu.
    2. Select All Files option from the list of File of type.
    3. Click on the encountered ASD file and hit on Open button.
    Microsoft Word 2007:
    1. Open MS Word 2007 and press Ctrl+O keys from the keyboard.
    2. An Open wizard will appear in which you have to click on Files of types drop-down menu and select All Files option.
    3. Now choose the ASD file from its location and hit on Open button.
    Microsoft Word 2003 and 2002:
    1. Launch Microsoft Word program on your machine and click on File >> Open.
    2. Select the All Files *.* option from the list of Files of type on current wizard.
    3. Locate towards the location where ASD file is saved and click on it.
    4. After this, click on Open button to proceed.

    Final Words

    If users are still unable to recover a lost Word document then, it means that their file had gone corrupted. In such case, one can opt for Word recovery tool to have a simple and rapid way of retrieving back the lost items.

    How Tech Can Help You Toward A Brighter Financial Future

    Nurdin Budi Mustofa 5:13:00 PM
    If you are keen on ensuring that your finances are as strong as possible in the future, there are many things you might want to do to make that happen. Something which is bound to be especially important is to make sure you're using the best technology you can find to aid you in this task. As it happens, there are countless pieces of software out there these days which can help you as an individual or as a business to ensure that your financial position is a strong one. Knowing which to go for and using them in the right way is often going to be an important task to perfect. Let’s take a look at some of the pieces of technology you might want to use to improve your finances in no time.

     How Tech Can Help You Toward A Brighter Financial Future

    Tax Assistant

    If you ever find yourself having trouble with your tax (and who doesn’t?) then you might want to consider using some kind of tax assistant software. This is generally useful if you are a self employed individual, or if you run a small company, and you want to make sure that your tax position is correct. If you get your taxes wrong, it can not only mean more trouble for yourself in the future financially, but you might even get in trouble with the law. This is not something that anyone wants to experience, so using decent tax software is surely going to help you avoid that particular fate. With the best tax software on your side, you will find taxes much easier to deal with on the whole.


    Everyone needs to budget if they want to be as secure in their finances as possible, and that means that you need to make sure you are budgeting as professionally as possible. While it is perfectly possible to budget yourself with pen and paper alone, you might find that using software specially designed for this purpose will help you to avoid making any mistakes or overlooking anything vital. Some examples of budgeting software even remind you as to what you need to include in your budget, so using this software could actually make a distinct difference in your life.

     How Tech Can Help You Toward A Brighter Financial Future

    Trading Options

    If you are an at-home trader, there is much to be said for using software to make this process a lot easier. No matter how much you might think you know or be able to manage trading, you will certainly find that the software designed to help with that is hugely helpful on the whole. It will be able to update you live on the markets as they stand, as well as showing clearly your current position. One of the most useful aspects of this, however, is that it will often show your likely future projection - something which will clearly make a huge difference to your trading. Consider using professional trading software if you are keen to take your trading to the next level fast.