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Kerio to Zimbra Migration with Emails, Contacts, Calendar

Rollins Duke 2:21:00 PM
A lot of professional users are looking for a solution for Kerio to Zimbra migration, but now they can stop searching queries because this blog post is all about the procedure to migrate from Kerio to Zimbra. This blog post will cover the following queries.
  1. What are Kerio and Zimbra?
  2. Why do users migrate from Kerio to Zimbra?
  3. What is the right solution for Kerio to Zimbra migration?
  4. What are the features of Kerio to Zimbra migration tool?

Introduction to Kerio or Zimbra

Kerio connect is specially developed for maintaining emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, etc. in a professional way. Kerio connect is specially designed to full fill all requirements related to business communications. Kerio Connect is an award-winning messaging and collaboration solution, users can easily access Kerio connect the client with their favorite web browser. Users can access their Kerio connect client by using different types of devices like mobile, computer, tablets, etc.
Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is a collaborative software suite, which comes with the email server and web client facilities mean that users can use Zimba in various styles like Zimbra can be installed as an email client or it also can be used as like a cloud-based email service. At present time a lot of professional users prefer to use Zimbra as their email client as it comes with advanced features and now it is acquired by Synacor Inc. which is the trustworthy name in the IT sector.

Reasons to Migrate from Kerio to Zimbra

These may be the possible reasons to migrate from Kerio to Zimbra
  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Technical Support
  • Brand Equity

Right Solution for Kerio to Zimbra Migration

A third party software BitRecover vCard to OLM Wizard is available in the online marketplace, which comes with the separate option to migrate from Kerio to Zimbra including all important information like Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, etc. It is a Windows OS based software which supports every edition of Windows OS including latest Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. The tool is also known as Kerio to Zimbra migration tool. 

Features of Kerio to Zimbra Migration Tool

  1. Separate option for Kerio to Zimbra migration procedure
  2. Convert Kerio to Zimbra including emails, calendar, contacts, etc.
  3. Preserves emails attachments and other components during the procedure
  4. Dual options to choose Kerio connect files or folders having Kerio data
  5. Freedom to transfer selective items from Kerio to Zimbra desktop
  6. Facility to save resultant Zimbra TGZ file at selective destination path
  7. Creates saving log report of converted data
  8. Free trial version for evaluation before investing money

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1 – Does this Kerio to Zimbra migration tool preserves email attachments while transferring emails from Kerio connect to Zimbra?
Ans – Yes, the tool maintains all email attachments while transferring emails from Kerio connect to Zimbra.
Que 2 – How to import resultant TGZ files to Zimbra?
Ans – Run Zimbra and choose Preferences >> Import/Export option to import TGZ files to Zimbra.
Que 3 – Does this software permit to convert Kerio connect contacts to Zimbra format?
And – Yes, after loading Kerio connect data in the software panel, the tool will show all item folders in the software panel from where choose only “Contacts” and complete the process.


Now Kerio to Zimbra migration process can be easily completed within few simple steps as the recommenced software has separate option to migrate from Kerio to Zimbra. Users can download this software free of cost for evaluation and after complete satisfaction, they can grab the license keys. 
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Why Online Learning is The Future

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 1:51:00 AM
There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.
- Jiddu Krishnamurti

Where once we would need to head off to a physical building to get our degree or diploma, now we have more amazing options than ever. We can choose almost any degree and learn it online. While, yes, there are some things that you are likely to learn better by doing, getting all the foundations in place before putting the knowledge into action is no bad thing. They do say ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’– with good reason. Sometimes online learning can be used alongside a career you are already in. Doing this is brilliant because an online course, while they may have some set deadlines, they otherwise entirely fit around as and when you have time to learn.

Why Online Learning is The Future

What are some of the other bonuses to online learning?

Total comfort. After a day of work, you can kick back in whatever you find most comfortable, surrounded by home comforts and learn as you go. As all of your lectures and course notes will be at your fingertips, you are free to pause them, have a bath or cook some dinner then come back to it. In fact, if you really want to, you can watch lecture content while IN the tub.

It usually costs less. That one might seem a bit self-explanatory – but let’s break it down a bit. Online programs have fewer overheads for the provider, which means the course can often be much cheaper than if you were to head off to somewhere with brick and mortar you’ll be paying a premium for the privilege. You can usually break down the course into smaller easier to afford bits too. Aside from the actual course costs, you’re going to save money on gas to and from the campus, lunches in between classes, and other smaller costs that build up over the year.

It looks great on your resume. It doesn’t matter if you are at the top of the bottom of your field, having online learning on your resume shows that you are still working on yourself and your career. When you are learning online between a full-time job, say a member of the police force doing an online police degree, it shows a particular type of dedication. While many moons ago an online degree was seen as a lesser achievement, the opinions have done a 180 – where now it is a thoroughly respected method of learning, due to the amount of ambition it takes to manage online learning with a full-time job.

Self-paced. Some education options come with something called ‘self-paced’, which means you will be able to meet targets at any time at all. You can arrange your entire learning schedule to meet your needs. There will be zero live sessions to attend, and no matter what you have going on in your life the learning can work for you.

The Career Path Of Problem Solving In Business

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 10:48:00 AM
What’s the magic key ingredient to a great business? Is there one? Well, for those who have been weathering the storm of a small business for quite some years and struggling to break out into the medium-sized business scale, there doesn’t seem to be. There’s no real one-man-army type of solution to a failing business. Much like a horrific plane crash, there are a series of events that lead to catastrophe. The sad part is, at any point during that series, disaster can be averted. So why don’t the 80% of small business that fails see the light before it's too late? Well, they don’t have what large business does and that’s an interior structure team. Executive boards, senior management, and procedures within them are one giant conversation. Everything is happening in unison, everyone is moving as one and catching the mistakes as they go along. But these teams the structural integrity, as well as processes, don’t just appear out of thin air. There is a team of analysts and senior advisors that regulate and formulate the business from the core. One of these roles is as an organizational development specialist, consultant or coordinator. The career path for the individual that wishes to reach the most senior ranks within a business is as a specialist working from an independent base or directly with the CEO.

Don’t confuse the two

It's commonplace to confuse human resources with organizational development. It's true that both work specifically with people but HR and OD as they are referred to in the world of business, have one clear distinction. OD is much more concerned with business structure as well as people; namely, this would be systems, practices such as efficiency, improving productivity while maintaining cultural integrity and values of the business, assessing the current state of the hierarchy, aligning human behavior with organizational strategy and objectives. HR on the other hands deals with more the legal standard side of things such as training employees, holidays, personal disputes and holidays etc. As you can see both works with people but OD is more objective based and tries to improve the business functions and success.

The Career Path Of Problem Solving In Business

Conducting an intervention

Issues that simmer and simmer until they finally boil over can be the death knell of a business. At the very least, problems that are not confronted by staff quickly can lead to relationships being left in tatters. Working as an OD, it's your job to find out why something has gone wrong, and whether or not somewhere down along the chain of command, it could have been solved. You will be tossed into the furnace where the situation is taking place. It can and probably will get hot under the collar when you’re dealing with egos and warring employees of a senior rank. If something is late such as a draft design, a redesign of a product, or perhaps quality control is not being adhered to, it's your job to find out why and come up with solutions.

You’re not necessarily an authority figure, in that, you do not directly tell people what to do. Your job is to collect evidence, speak to employees that are at the heart of the issue, and come up with multiple angles of solving these turbulent issues. This comes in the form of writing reports, working with senior management, talking to different departments and balancing a solution and new ways of doing things. If worse comes to worst, the report will need to be given to the executive board or CEO so that they can see from your perspective the problems that are internally damaging the business.

A change in thinking

OD specialists need to have reasons for their actions when it comes to injecting a different way of thinking in the business. You cannot just keep looking inward in the hopes to find these reasons as businesses that are tinkered with for no reason, tend to become bureaucratic and incredibly slow. Instead, an OD needs to study the consumer behavior and dive deeper into why certain trends are taking off. It's your job to figure out whether a trend is going to be short-lived or if the change in consumer behavior is so drastic and continuous that the industry as a whole we are affected by it. Staying ahead of the curve in that sense is one of your main priorities. You will however again play the role of someone who suggests change rather than implementing it as is the job of senior management. Working very closely with the market researcher, you will take heed of the psychological shifts that demand reactions.

At USC you can take an online degree that allows you to study consumer-driven social media trends. The course is a unique blend of consumer psychology and organizational psychology. Whatever is driving perception changes and therefore demand in consumers, will need to be understood and the business processes aligned with them. When it all comes down to it, it's your job to not only support the market researcher in conveying the thoughts and needs of customers but also to then organize the business from systems to people, so that those new demands are supplemented and catered for by the internal actions of the company.

Where do you stand?

Someone interested in a career as an organization development specialist, will be wondering where do you stand in a company structure? You are not quite in the HR department and nor are you automatically a senior by role. It depends on how serious a CEO takes his or her business with regards to constant change and implementing new strategies in internal processes. What you are essentially is a secondary advisor. A business advisor or financial advisor is senior consultancy roles in a business. However, taking action and expressing ideas as such may be left in the hands of an OD as a secondary to those other advisors.

Working as an OD is a fantastic career option. It allows you to play an important role in how the business thinks and operates. Reacting to what consumers are thinking and doing, you will be at the heart of change in any company.

How to Import OLM Files into PST and Office 365 User Account?

DataHelp India 4:14:00 PM

OLM is the database file used by the Outlook for Mac users. This file extension is used as the internal format for the storage of emails, contacts, calendars, journals, and other data of the application. OLM files are used only by Mac Outlook and cannot be opened in Microsoft Outlook. PST stands for Personal Storage Table. This is the file format of the Windows Outlook.

Office 365 is the web-based version of the Microsoft Office suite. Office 365 includes the Exchange Online for email and stores the data in the cloud. Hence, to open the OLM file in the Windows Outlook email application, it is required to convert the OLM file to PST file format. In this section, we provide multiple methods to convert OLM files to PST format, migrate OLM to Office 365 user account.

Solution to Import OLM to Office 365

As already mentioned earlier, OLM is only supported in Mac. Hence, to view the OLM file in Office 365, there is no direct conversion. There are two procedure available to import OLM to Office 365. The steps are:

  1. Firstly is convert the OLM file to PST file format, Then, this PST file needs to be imported to Office 365 account.
  2. Direct solution (automated tool) to import Mac Outlook 2011, 2016 OLM file to Office 365.

Technique to Achieve OLM to PST File Conversion

To avoid complicated steps & data loss users need to use automated converter tool like OLM to PST converter. This utility helps the user to obtain the PST file for a corresponding OLM file. Some of the unique features of this product which has left the other technologies far behind are:

  • The tool helps the users to migrate the OLM files to PST in batch
  • Entire data of the OLM file is transferred with the help of the tool
  • The resultant PST files can be split into other PST files of smaller size
  • Various OLM files can be combined to form a single resultant PST file

Migration of PST File to Office 365

To transfer the PST file to the Office 365 account, users are equipped with two methods. First one is they can go for manual method. And the second method is an automated method. The manual method can be done by:

  1. Network Upload: Admin can export the desired data files and with the help of import service in Office 365, data files are imported into the Exchange Online account.
  2. Drive Shipping: In this approach, admin migrates all the required data files to a temporary storage location like BitLocker encrypted hard disk drive. Then, this hard drive is physically moved to Microsoft. Using the import service of the Exchange Online, users can import PST files to Office 365

Limitations of this Manual Method

The manual method is free of cost. But, there are some drawbacks associated with these workarounds:

  1. The process requires deep technical knowledge regarding both the platforms
  2. The steps involved are very lengthy and hence, the process is very time-consuming
  3. The mistake at any point can result in the loss of relevant information from the database

The Best Solution to Export PST to Office 365

To overcome all these issues, users can go with the professional solution to migrate PST files to Office 365. This can be fulfilled with the help of automated tool like DataHelp PST to Office 365 migration tool. The utility can import Outlook PST data files to the Office 365 user account along with all the data items without any type of data loss.

Direct Solution to Import OLM to Office 365 – Automated Tool

Manual method to export data of OLM to Office 365 user account takes time and also required technical knowledge if user face difficulties with a manual method so in this situation OLM to Office 365 migration tool is the right solution. This software will migrate emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, & other OLM items to Office 365 user account without any data loss. With this software, you can easily perform bulk & selective OLM files to Office 365 migration, it maintains the internal structure of the OLM file after migration. The user can also apply Date Based Filter to import only selected data of OLM file.

The Bottom Line

To import OLM to PST & Office 365 there is no direct solution available, you can try manual method to convert OLM file to PST and then migrate this PST file to Office 365 user account. If you find a direct solution to convert OLM to PST & migrate OLM to Office 365 user account then suggested automated tools is exact solution. These tools are originally developed to simplified OLM to PST conversion & OLM to Office 365 migration task.

Stop Your Business From Becoming An Organisational Nightmare

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 9:54:00 PM
Any business owner can tell you that running a business isn’t easy, but that it can get a lot harder as the business grows. As you get more people on your team, more customers, and more responsibilities, keeping on top of it all can become an organisational nightmare. But it doesn’t have to. Here, we’re going to look at a few tried and tested methods of staying on top of a business, no matter how much it grows and how complicated it gets.

Stop Your Business From Becoming An Organisational Nightmare

Stay on top of accounting

The finances of the business are one of the easiest ways to start looking track if you’re not paying attention. As soon as possible, you want to move away from doing your inventory and accounting on pen and paper, and instead move to accounting software like QuickBooks that can be used to automatically generate the financial reports you need with the only work on your end being a little data input. Accounting software makes it a lot easier to see the specifics of your finances for particular periods or to look at the profitability of certain services and products compared to others in the business.

Make sure you choose the right business structure

Right at the start of the business, you should take a moment to consider which structure you run with. The two most common choices for small businesses are sole proprietorship (aka sole trader or self-employment) and forming a limited company. If you don’t plan to expand and you’re working solely for yourself, registering as self-employed can be simpler. However, registering as a limited company makes it easier to separate personal and professional liability, and it also simplifies your accounting since it requires you to keep personal income and the business accounts separate. Using a formation agent such as – Your Company Formations Ltd can make the process of setting up a limited company much easier. You just have to consider whether or not you plan to grow your business and research the strengths of different structures and how they fit those plans.

Choose the right tools of the trade

Efficiency is the name of the game and to make sure that you can be as productive as you would like to be every single day, you need to take a closer look at where you’re spending the most time. There’s a lot of time-saving software out there, helping with everything from social media marketing to HR and scheduling. Take a closer look at the work you’re doing the most every day and look into investing in the software that can help you automate it or simply get it done much more efficiently so you free up more time in the day.

Stop Your Business From Becoming An Organisational Nightmare

Backup everything

Most modern businesses run in large part, if not entirely, on digital devices like PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Over time, you will likely build a large database of documents, files, and paperwork that is valuable if not crucial to the brand. Losing all that data and information could be disastrous, especially if it’s related to the company finances. For that reason, you need to back everything up. For the most crucial documents, like your certificate of incorporation and annual accounts, you should have a paper and a digital copy. Even if files are digital only, you should make use of Cloud backup services like iDrive to make sure that if you ever lose one copy, you still have the other to rely on.

Make a plan for every single day

Do you have difficulty feeling productive at the end of the day? Many business owners have to juggle so many responsibilities and tasks that it’s easy to become bogged down in busy work. However, starting the habit of prioritising your work every day can help with that. Many people put together a to-do list to help with this, but you should go further. Identifying the work you need to get done at some point is the first step, you should also separate them into categories of work that needs to be done right now and work that could be done later or if you happen to find the time for it. Put together a to-don’t list to narrow down how much you expect to get done today. Allot a certain amount of time for each task and put them on a schedule at the start of the day so you can always track whether or not you’re working as productively as you should be.


A messy workspace makes for a messy mind. If your desk is cluttered, then it’s easy to be distracted which can damage your productivity. You can declutter not just your desk but your mind. If you make it a lot easier to track different projects and responsibilities, you can more easily focus on the task currently at hand. Project management software such as Trello makes it easier to do just that. You can set up a dashboard of different joint and solo projects and quickly track their progress at any time so that they’re not constantly on your mind. It also streamlines communication within the workplace so that you’re not being bogged down by a hundred direct message or email conversations.

Stop Your Business From Becoming An Organisational Nightmare

Get a little help

Especially when a business is new and doesn’t yet have the employee base it needs, knowing that you can outsource to freelancers can be a source of great relief for business owners. Even hiring a freelancer for a role as simple as a virtual assistant can help you free up significant portions of the day. Look at freelancing platforms like Upwork, and get some help with the day-to-day busy-work so you have more time to focus on the tasks that are most important.

Organisation is crucial to the success of a business. Having access to accurate information when you need it and being able to continue progressing with your goals instead of getting stuck with busy work all day will ensure that you’re wasting far less time and spending it on the things that will actually help you make money.

Import PST File into Office 365 Online Using Ultimate Solution

Peter Baris 2:08:00 PM

Migration of data by keeping it completely safe and secured is one of the most challenging task. And, when it come to moving data from Outlook to Office 365 account services, the manual procedure is very slow and complex to perform. This method to import PST file into Office 365 includes creating PST files from Outlook and then move it to Exchange Online account. However, there is no direct method available to move PST files to Office 365. Thus, to let users know about the already existing techniques, we have covered the procedure for bulk migration of PST to Office 365 account.

In general Microsoft offers a speed of roughly 500 MB an hour per each mailbox. Due to time and logistical constraints each instance of Outlook causes a problem. So, it is more efficient to use some third-party tool to import PST to Office 365. This will fasten up the process that include uploading of all data and import them to Office 365 at a high speed.

Reasons of Importing PST File into Office 365

  • It minimize the risk of data destruction because Office 365 offer better safeguards to store emails and other data.
  • Office 365 allows users to archive mailboxes, which provides users an additional mailbox storage space to save their large data in an efficient manner.
  • Office 365 suite provides deep search for content in mailboxes & sites by using Microsoft eDiscovery tools.

Different Manual Approaches to Import PST File into Office 365

In order to move PST file to Office 365 account, there are two manual approaches available that one can try. Both of them are discussed below with step-wise procedure:

Approach 1: Migrate PST to Office 365 Via Drive Shipping

One can import PST file into Office 365 account by using O365 Drive Shipping method. In order to do the same in a proper way, follow the steps listed below:
  1. To start the process, you need to use a hard disk, which is BitLocker-encrypted
  2. After that, you have to copy the Outlook PST file in it
  3. Then, you have to carry BitLocker-encrypted hard drive to Microsoft data center physically
  4. When the hard disk containing Outlook PST file reached Microsoft data center, the data personnel will begin uploading process of PST file on Microsoft cloud at a temporary location
  5. At last, you have to Import feature of Office 365 in order to move PST to O365 account

AApproach 2: Use Network Upload Method to Import Outlook PST to Office 365

Alternative method to import PST to O365 account is via Network Upload method. Now, to perform this method successfully, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, copy the SAS URL and install the Azure AzCopy on the local machine
  2. Then, simply import PST file into Office 365 account
  3. Now, have a look at the Outlook PST files list that you is uploaded to O365 account (It is Optional)
  4. After that, you need to create Outlook.pst file to map import
  5. Finally, you need to create a PST import job in O365 account

Limitations of Manual Process

The manual process to migrate Outlook PST file into Office 365 account has certain disadvantages other than the slow response rate. Some of them are discussed below:

  • The PST files that are moved to Office 365 may get damaged via going through this process.
  • Various network attacks may lead to eavesdropping of your important data.
  • Man in the middle attack can can re-route a data exchange and may not move PST to Office 365 account.

Automated Tool to Import PST File into Office 365

To overcome all the limitations of manual methods, a user is advised to take help of some third-party tool. It will make migrate PST to Office 365 process easy for the users. Office 365 Importer is one of the most demanding tool in the market that helps the user to get all the PST files to Office 365 account in just a couple of minutes.


Many of the users have rated Office365Import PST Tool as one of the best tool to import Outlook PST to Office 365 account. The average rating of the tool is 4/5 and many clients have even be impressed but its unique incremental import feature. On the other hand, the manual process to import PST file into Office 365 can only be used if you have very limited amount of data.

It’s All About The Green! Fundamental Ways To Make Your Business Environmentally Friendly

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 7:46:00 AM
It’s All About The Green! Fundamental Ways To Make Your Business Environmentally Friendly
The ever-changing business landscape means that you have to think of so many different ways to keep ahead of the curve. The changes in technology and demand for new products and services means that we have to be constantly one step ahead of each trend, but the one trend that's not going away, and, in fact, is something that should have been done a long time ago, is looking after the environment. Embodying a green mindset is a very difficult thing to get right, especially when money is tight in your business. But there are some simple steps you can do to ensure your company is going in the green direction.

Use Energy-Saving Products

The simplest way to get on the green bandwagon is to use products that are good for the environment. You can find some information on to get more details on the most energy-efficient appliances out there, but the most common ones include LED or compact fluorescent lights. These lights do cost more than the standard bulb, but they last a lot longer and use less energy.

Plant Some Trees

If you have no idea how much paper you are wasting every year, the first option would be to make the switch to post-consumer waste. Making your business entirely paper-free is another approach that is ideal. But, if you are still dealing with clients who require paper copies, and it seems to be more beneficial to the business that you use paper from time to time, especially if you are subject to a lot of system failures, then you need to think about how to offset your carbon footprint. Planting some trees is a very simple and effective approach to putting back what you've taken. In fact, if you have garden space outside of your office, planting trees on a regular basis is not only one of the ways to improve your carbon footprint in the long run, but it also adds a bit more value to your office, should there be a time you are intending to sell up. You could even set up self-sustaining approaches to help your business, from solar panels to water storage tanks that collect rainwater, and you can find more information on garden products at If you can aim to be self-sustaining, this will be a giant leap towards a greener mindset.

Encourage A Green Ethos

In fact, when it comes to adopting a green mindset, it's not just about the processes you implement; it's about encouraging greener practices in your employees. From taking public transport to a workplace bicycle scheme, these approaches will have a far-reaching impact. By encouraging your employees to start small, and take the green approach one day a week, a little step in the right direction is better than no step at all.

Not only is making your company green going to benefit the planet, but you will shave thousands of dollars off your bills. But it also carries a certain cache, that if knowledgeable customers want to buy from a brand that's conscious about their carbon footprint, this will make you an infinitely trendy company.