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Can Industrial Companies Use Instagram For Brand Awareness?

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 5:29:00 PM
There’s a commonly accepted fact about Instagram, and it’s that it is one of the trendiest social media platforms out there. In fact, it has long beaten the popularity of Facebook and Twitter – two old giants of the social media sphere – with its popular photo and video sharing features. Instagram is, by far, the place to develop a brand image and to connect with same-minded users and aspiring influencers. Except that, in all honesty, it can seem difficult to make the most of Instagram if you’re not in the world of fashion or beauty. Take an industrial manufacturer, for instance. Is Instagram the right platform to build their brand reputation? The answer is yes and here’s how it works:

Can Industrial Companies Use Instagram For Brand Awareness?

#1. The right setting

The thing about manufacturer is that most customers tend to picture a dirty factory full of grease and dust where workers are busy with menial tasks all day. It’s likely that this image might be the cultural result of films such as Modern Times by Chaplin, and consequently needs to be improved greatly. But for industrial compânies, it’s a good place to start. You can use a pressure washer on your machinery to get that clean shine people want to see and share a picture of your workplace. The best way to address preconceptions is by showing that they’re unjustified.

#2. Understand all the possibilities

Instagram offers a bundle of possibilities, so it’s best that you start experimenting before launching your social media campaign. You can share photos and edit them directly through the app. But since March 2017, you can also broadcast a live video and save it to your phone too. Admittedly, you can only save the videos and not the comments that come with it, but it’s a great tool to improve your broadcasting skills or simply rewatch an existing message.

Can Industrial Companies Use Instagram For Brand Awareness?

#3. Research your hashtags

Admittedly, there is a lot of hashtags in Instagram that tend to relate to personal entertainment or fashion style sharing, which may not be relevant to a manufacturer. But with a list of over 150 popular marketing hashtags, it’s impossible not to find something that would get people’s attention! Generic terms such as #strategy or #promotion are suitable for pictures displaying your work methods, for instance. You can also use popular choices, such as #work, #christmas or even #design and #instafollow. And finally, don’t forget the indispensable #production!

#4. Unlock your viral potential

If a post has the potential to go viral, it’s definitely on Instagram. But instead of posting and hoping for the best, you can get an Instagram Pod to connect with likeminded bloggers and influencers. Pods consist of 10 to 15 members and enable you to boost engagement on your posts, and gradually reach the Explorer Page of Instagram. What’s the Explorer Page? It’s the equivalent of a page where all the popular posts can be found, aka the posts with the most likes and comments.

In conclusion, Instagram is not only a world of fashion and beauty pictures. In fact, with the appropriate setting and social media training, you might even turn your factory work into viral posts… using only a smartphone!

The Secrets To A Stand Out Construction Brand You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 10:14:00 AM
Take a look at a successful business, and you’ll likely notice a few consistent things about the brand. Products and services need to stand out from the crowd for a brand to be successful, that much is obvious. This can be tough, but it can be done if you plan as much as possible in advance and get to the very heart of what your marketing needs.

Construction companies are no exception to the rule when it comes to successful branding. Yet, many of them think that somehow they are exempt from many of the things that regular businesses need to do to be successful. Although construction is a hands on industry and career, this doesn't mean you can focus less on the internet/marketing side of things. Focusing on these things will give your business that something special it needs to thrive.

In this post, we’re going to look at the secrets to a stand out construction brand that you’ll wish you knew sooner:

Creating A Strong Brand: Who Do You Want To Be?

Creating a strong brand is knowing who you want to be first and foremost. If you don’t know what your brand is supposed to represent, and the feelings and things you want others to have when dealing with your brand, then it isn’t going to have a big enough impact. You want to be known as trusted, reliable, professional, amongst other things you can think of that will make your company stand out from the rest.

It’s a plethora of things that help to create your brand. It’s not just your logo and your fonts, like some believe, but your customer service, your colors, your brand voice, everything that ties into you as a brand.

Think about who your brand would be as a person, and how you want people to feel, then come up with types of language, colors, and imaging you can use to support that.

Offer A Unique Service

If you want to stand out, then you need to do something different. Can you offer a unique type of service? This will expand people’s views on your brand. Just make sure you update and train your staff so that things go as smoothly as possible in the shortest amount of time. If you don’t know what to offer yet, that’s ok. Just stay ahead of the news in your industry so you can jump on something as soon as it comes up.

Consistency Is Key

When you want to create a strong brand, consistency is key. You must use consistent branding via your website, logo, and promotional materials. Just make sure you get creative with them and think outside of the box as much as possible. Think about it: you could probably spot a can of Pepsi a mile off. Some of the bigger brands would only need to show you the smallest piece of their packaging for you to know who they are. That’s because they have perfected their brand and remained consistent across multiple platforms. It’s all about making your brand attractive and recognizable.

Don’t forget, your website, logo, and other materials need to have continuity between them too. You should have company vehicles and visible signage that demonstrate your themes at all times. All this will do is strengthen you as a business!

The Secrets To A Stand Out Construction Brand

Make Sure You Can Say You Only Use The Best Machinery And Equipment

You might be wondering how else you can differentiate your brand. It’s a good idea to make sure you can say you only use the best machinery and equipment available in your industry. Whether this is excavation machinery, cranes, or both, make sure you choose only the safest and best. This will give you an edge over competitors. Providing safety training to ensure your staff won’t hurt themselves or others is also a must. Safety cannot be emphasized enough on a construction site.

Focus On Having A Great Website

Not all construction companies have poor websites, but many do. They think that the construction industry doesn’t require an aesthetic website that works well - and they’re wrong. Website construction has changed dramatically over the years, and continues to do so. A website is required for any business, including a construction business. Finding a qualified web designer to help you put together a quality site is important - you will not be able to do it yourself. At least, not to a good standard. They can incorporate what they know about marketing, SEO, and more to ensure your site works as well as possible. A knowledge of search engine algorithms and inbound marketing tools is also beneficial.

You're also going to need individual landing pages to market your services. Make sure you emphasize on your website your ‘USP’ - unique selling proposition. Having photos and testimonials to back what you say up will help. Make sure they are genuine, as it’s easy to spot false reviews a mile off.

Change when necessary

Something that worked for your business a year ago may not work for your business today. That’s just the way it is. You need to make sure you’re prepared to change when necessary so that you can continue to grow and expand your business. Failure to do this will leave you stagnant. This is why it can be a good idea to hire a business coach, as they can look at things from an outsider’s perspective and help you to improve.

Create And Keep Up With Social Media Accounts

Yes, social media accounts are important too. The more you use these accounts, the better you will be able to connect with your audience and customers. You just need to make sure you focus on responding to people in a timely manner, and providing relevant and helpful information. Remember, your branding needs to be consistent across here too, so remain professional. Just don’t turn your social media pages into a shameless plug for your services. It’s off putting - it’s called social media for a reason. These accounts are essential for modern day branding success.

The 10 Essentials For Selling Goods Online

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 9:58:00 AM
Selling goods online is one of the most popular ways for entrepreneurs to start their business. You might have aspirations to become as big as Amazon. Or maybe you’re just looking to earn a few bucks from the comfort of your home office? No matter how big or small you want to be, everyone has to start at the very beginning. Here are the 10 essentials you need for selling goods online:

1. Stock Supplies

Start by determining what it is you intend to sell. If you don’t really mind, then look to market reports to get some ideas about which product sectors are performing well right now. Don’t forget to do some market research into how many retailers are operating in this sector though. You need to know how much competition is out there.

Now you know what you want to sell, it’s time to find suppliers that will provide the stock in the quantities you forecast will sell. You might start with some product samples so you can get a feel for the quality and appeal of each item. This helps with marketing later on. Choose a company that offers the flexible terms you need to get set up and started. You don’t want too much of your enterprise fund to be tied up in stock.

The 10 Essentials For Selling Goods Online

2. Stock Storage

Your next challenge is to store all the stock you order. Chances are you’re working with many different lines at once to give you the best chance at tapping into the market. The trouble is, startups rarely have the capital to invest in a storage option that can act as a warehouse for your stock. This is where drop shippers can help. If you use a drop shipper, you don’t need to personally handle the stock. It is ordered from, and delivered to, the drop shipper. They then handle the logistics to get it to your customers as required.

This hands-off approach suits many startups. It means you can enjoy your home office and not worry about finding premises. You don’t need to worry about any of the logistical side of things either. However, this system will eat into your profits. Effectively you are given a finders-fee for delivering customers to the drop shipper’s business.

3. Stock Tracking

If you use a drop shipper, then their white label solution for your website should keep stock details up to date. They should also offer a good tracking system, so you know when orders are processed, posted, and delivered. Are you managing your own stock in-house? You might need to set up a high-tech system that keeps your website up to date, so customers know when products are in stock.

Something as simple as a scanner might be tied into an app that can keep records and updates for your system. You might need to commission a bespoke app, or you might be able to order a turnkey solution. You’ll need to tie this to your customer service emails too.

4. A Website That Stands Out

Of course, a website that offers the customer everything they need is also essential when you’re selling goods online. Choose a template or bespoke order a site that works the way you want it to. The most important things to consider are the domain name and the ease of ordering for the customer. You might also choose to include a blog to help funnel sale into the site.

5. Secure Ordering Systems

The security of your website is essential. You should order SSL certificates and decide which secure payment service you wish to integrate with. There is usually a fee for each of these so consider your pricing strategy carefully to ensure you can still turn a profit.

6. Logistics That Customers Love

People love next day delivery, but that isn’t always practical when the customer is far away from the business. They also love the personal touch. A delivery expert with a great attitude toward customer service can certainly brighten anyone’s day. A local freight company can pick up your orders and then manage the logistics to get each item to the customer. This works across the country. You might be charged per item, or be able to set up a contract for an average cost or tariff per day.

7. Great Customer Service

Customer service goes far beyond the delivery. You need to answer inquiries, handle complaints and returns, and engage with customers current and new. You might have operatives online handling social media, and you might have a call center. Automated emails play a part in the customer service strategy too, so make sure your marketing team is on it.

The 10 Essentials For Selling Goods Online

8. A Fair Returns Policy

You must publish and implement a fair returns policy. Ensure it complies with your local and international trading agreements and regulations. You can usually find examples of these at your favorite stores.

9. A Marketing Plan That Works Better Than Your Competitors

Ultimately, your business needs an impressive marketing strategy. Introduce your brand, build it up, and take over your competitors’ market share. There is a lot to do, and a long way to go when you’re just starting. Digital media is just one part of your marketing strategy. Plan for campaigns offline too. You might use inserts in your packages, or send out catalogs.

10. Expertise And Knowledge Of Your Products And Sector

Don’t forget that knowledge is power! Make sure your website is full of useful information like specifications and full product details. A customer is less likely to go elsewhere for more. Build your website so you can become a voice of authority about that product or even the whole sector! Use your blog as well as your product pages. Show the products in action and suggest as many applications for each item as possible.

When you’re setting up an eStore, there are many things to consider. These are just ten of the essentials that you need. What’s the most important element of your online sales site?

Export MSG to PDF File Format - Complete Guideline

Rollins Duke 1:47:00 PM
Outlook is the most widely used email application in the present arena for the proper management of data. It stores its single message in .msg file format. It is the file extension that always requires MAPI aware application to open it and difficult to export to another file format. Moreover, MSG file includes, plain ASCII text, hyperlinks, contacts, main message body, calendars, and attachments. It is a document file and can be encoded as Binary. On the other side, PDF (Portable Document Format) file format is a highly demanding format as it provides a high level of security. It is a standard file format for exchanging information from one place to another.

More about PDF File Format 

PDF file is a document file that captures all attributes enclosed by a printed document such as viewed or forwarded to another user. It is originally associated with Adobe Acrobat, which is designed especially to view, create, manage and manipulate PDF files. Moreover, a PDF file can have any number of images, hyperlinks and fonts. In order to view and use these PDF files with original graphics, one must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on their machine. It is a platform independent file format due to this most of the users need to export their MSG data to PDF file format.  In the following section, we will discuss a way to export MSG to PDF file format.

Technique to Export MSG to PDF File formats

There are two ways to migrate Outlook MSG files to Adobe PDF as mentioned below: 

Solution 1: Manual Method

  • Open MSG file in your system that is required to be exported.
  • After that, navigate to File tab of Microsoft Outlook
  • From the File menu, select the Save As option to store the data file.
  • Now, select the HTML format to save the MSG file at any desired location on your system.
  • Now open that .html formatted file, on MS Word.
  • After that, in MS Word, navigate to File menu and click on Save As option.
  • Then, in Save as type field, select PDF (*.pdf) format to save file in a PDF format.
In this way, you can successfully export all your .msg file into .pdf file format one-by-one without any problem.

There are some limitations of manual procedure as the method is quiet lengthy as well as time-consuming. Moreover, by using this method one can only export only one single MSG file at a time, which takes a lot of time if the user needs to export multiple MSG files. 

Solution 2: Trouble-Free Method

To overcome the limitations of the above method there is a software BitRecover MSG to PDF Wizard which is Specially designed to export MSG to PDF. The software is designed in such a way that it makes easy for users to perform batch MSG file conversion to PDF file format. The software only required MSG file to perform the data conversion. It is the algorithm in such a manner that it takes only few moments to convert multiple MSG files to Adobe PDF file format. The application retain the data integrity after converting the data. The software is totally secure to execute the migration process. The application is simple and easy to utilize without any technical knowledge. 

Noteworthy Features of MSG to PDF Converter:

  • Maintain the data integrity.
  • No Outlook installation required
  • Migrates unlimited data files to PDF
  • Supports all Adobe and Windows editions
  • Completely safe and secure in usage


After understanding the requirement of users to export MSG to PDF file format. We have discussed two ways to perform the data conversion. Users can opt any of the desired method accordingly.

Tips For Making Your Office Relocation As Smooth As Possible

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 9:29:00 PM
When you own a business, there can be plenty of things to be thinking about and some big decisions to make. Hopefully, those big decisions are all about things that mean your business is expanding and growing. One of those things that you will need to negotiate and think about, is moving offices to a new location. You might move from working at home to working in an office, or go from one office to a larger one. While needs must, it can be a busy time for all involved. You will still need to operate the day to day business while a move is happening. So here are some tips and tricks to help an office move run as smoothly as possible.

Tips For Making Your Office Relocation As Smooth As Possible

Start Planning Early

The lucky thing with a relocate is that it is rarely something that will take you by surprise. You are likely to know just when you will need to make the move, as well as how long you will have to do so. So once you have chosen your new premises, you can put plans in place for the big move. Booking a moving company or a van to move everything across is good to be done as early as possible. You should also think about the costs involved so that you can account for them. There is no time like the present to get planning for it.

Don’t Forget IT

IT is going to be at the heart of most businesses. So you need to take extra care to make sure that all of that is moved over carefully. You might need to get some external hard drives or update a server to make sure that no data is lost. You will also want to recruit some specialist movers to make sure that your expensive IT equipment is moved over safely and carefully to avoid damage, as well as get it all setup right.

Organize Admin

There will be lots of small things to sort when it comes to moving an office. It might not take long to sort these kinds of thing, but from looking for a mail forwarding solution to getting a new broadband deal at the office can all take up plenty of your time. You will also need to make sure that all utilities from your old office have been dealt with, so that you can leave that office behind and not still be paying for the water or heating bill. It might take a day to get all of those things organized, but it will pay off to get it done as soon as you can.

Get It Looking Good

Moving office space is a great opportunity to have a good clean, both of your new office and your old office space. Whether you have regular cleaners that can do it for you, or you hire in a team to do a deep clean, it can be much needed in both places. Then when you move in, you are left with a blank canvas to start building your office.

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Get It's Head In The Cloud

Nurdin Budi Mustofa 9:20:00 PM
8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Get It's Head In The Cloud
You have probably heard about cloud computing by now. With an internet connection, you have access to your files and data from any device that is connected to the cloud, such as a tablet or smartphone. Even the biggest technophobe has to recognise the advantages that this invaluable tool has to offer them. Of course, you may not be aware of all the benefits the cloud has to offer, so in this article, we will give you some of the key reasons why your business needs to get its head in the cloud.

Automatic data backup

No longer do you need to worry about losing valuable data because of hardware failure. By saving your files in the cloud, you have an automatic backup, whether your information is held at a secure data centre or through an online cloud service such as Google Docs. So, whether through human error or computer malfunction, you have the peace of mind knowing your work is backed up virtually, saving you from any number of potential disasters.

Documents are updated immediately

When working with a number of people on a particular project, you don’t have to worry about who has the latest version of a document. As everybody has access to the same file in the cloud, the moment one person makes a change, the moment everybody else can see the updated version. In effect, this means anyone can collaborate on the document in real-time, provided you have authorised them to do so.

Carry your work wherever you go

You never need to be out of the loop, as you can access essential information wherever you are. Provided you have your smartphone or tablet with you, it is possible to stay up to date with company affairs on your daily commute or while away on a business trip. You can also work from home, which is a blessing for any employer keen on promoting a better life/work balance for themselves and their employees.

All-around integration with other services

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Get It's Head In The Cloud
Many companies are utilising innovative ways to manage the interconnectivity of their internet-enabled technology. For example, take a look at the Skyresponse leading iot platform which uses critical alarm systems to notify response teams of particular risks within a number of industries. From manufacturing to healthcare, information can be delivered quickly to respondents to prevent a possible disaster. Whatever business you are in, there are bound to be ways for you to integrate your operations across a range of other services, so consult other industry professionals for advice.

You can cut down on in-office meetings

Thanks to the transition from peer-to-peer networking to the cloud, video communication software such as Skype can use the cloud infrastructure to promote group video calling. This offers many benefits to the business owner. You can hold meetings with your colleagues, whether they are in the same building or at home. It’s also possible to speak to local and international clients, cutting down on expensive phone calls, and removing the need to travel from one destination to another, again saving on costs.

The cloud is eco-friendly

By using the cloud to store your important documents, you are saving the trees (and the planet) by reducing the amount of paper you need to print and file away. As well as cutting down on the need to fill your office space with bulging filing cabinets, you are doing yourself a favour too. No longer do you need to carry a briefcase full of paperwork around with you, as you can leave your computer at work and pick up your documents on your technology at home.

Software updates are automatic

When using servers that are off-premise, you don’t need to waste time maintaining your own system. Your service supplier will take care of the maintenance themselves, allowing you to get on with the other vital facets of your business. Software updates will also be rolled out on a regular basis, meaning you have the peace of mind that your files are securely encrypted with the latest advances.

Your documents are safe

Alluding to the above, an off-site server gives you added protection. Not only are your files updated with the latest security software, but your supplier’s premises will also be manned with the latest security tech, meaning your files are in safe hands. This means you won’t need to worry about hackers or intruders, which is especially important when you deal with sensitive client, customer and business information.

Final word

They are just a number of ways the cloud is revolutionising the business world today. Keep updated with the latest developments, and you will soon see the advantages this technology makes to your company.

Microsoft OST to PST Converter Free Download

Microsoft Support Number 8:03:00 PM
It is practically known to everybody that when the Cached method of Exchange Server is empowered, a neighborhood duplicate of the Mailbox is downloaded on the hard drive of the local systems. Putting away the Outlook OST file clearly expends a great deal of room on the plate yet one can't direct the advantages rendered by OST file. From the lessening in arrange movement to the capacity to get to server mailbox information in disconnected server conditions and diminishing the heap on the Exchange server, OST file most likely proceed in giving their comfort to clients. Aside from that, OST files can be of awesome advantage for clients in certain others circumstances that are portrayed beneath. By and by, these advantages don't stay good. Reason being they have OST records yet not the reasonable condition that will be fitting for opening and review them helpfully.

Presently the inquiry comes up how to open and see OST File without Outlook? One such answer to this issue is by utilizing the outsider utility-Freeware OST Viewer, which opens, see, and investigate all OST data files quickly. This review discusses comparable in view of executed testing of programming.

Quick Glance of Free OST File Viewer

OST to PST File Converter 
Open, view and explore OST files
 Current version
3.01 MB

Features of OST to PST file Converter

Maintain Existing Folder Hierarchy while Saving 

While converting to corrupt OST file to PST file format, the software maintains the existing folder hierarchy while saving the PST file.

Recovery of Embedded As Well As Normal Attachments 

if someone sends an e-mail with some embedded file or normal file, this software has smartly recovery embedded as well as normals attachments also.  

Interactive Preview Pane

The software contains an interactive preview feature that users allow to check the recovered data in the preview pane before saving them.

These are some feature of this OST to PST file Converter Software and if you want to more about this software. Please visit our website