Installing VB6 in Windows 10 64 Bit

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Installing VB6 in Windows 10 64 Bit Visual Basic 6 is a legend for programming languages that are phenomenal at the time. Visual Basic 6 is the last version developed before updating its discontinued and replaced with Visual Basic[dot]Net.

But for programmers who are still using Visual Basic 6, there are few complaints because it does not successfully Installing VB6 in Windows 10 64 Bit. Well, Digital Hints will provide a solution very easy way to perform the installing and guaranteed 100% works perfectly.

In a simple illustration of Installing VB6 on Windows 10 64 Bit, is to ignore the component files (DLL or OCX) of the object to be used by VB6. So after VB6 installed your update files component (DLL or OCX) are required.

Here are the steps to installing VB6 on Windows 10 64 Bit:
  • From the installation folder of Visual Studio 6, select and run Setup.exe as Administrator.
    Installing VB6 in Windows 10 64 Bit
  • In custom option programs to be installed, ignore all the options with uncheck, except Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
    Installing VB6 in Windows 10 64 Bit.
  • Continue to installing and wait until the process completed.
    Installing VB6 in Windows 10 64 Bit

There are two possibilities for error when running VB6 once installed:
  • Error when loading DAO350.DLL
  • Error occurred, if you use a component (DLL or OCX) who was not installed
    • Searching component that you intended, copy to folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64 then do register those components.
    • If you are having trouble in finding one by one from the component file you are looking for, you can download the file DevLib.exe here: then do intall.

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