Absolutely Nailing The Basics Of Business Branding

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Absolutely Nailing The Basics Of Business Branding
When you are making a list of the most important aspects of any business, whether big or small, retail or service-based, the thing at the very top of that list tends to be branding. Getting the branding of your idea right is numero uno and that is because an effectively branded business is what gives your business the edge over your competitors, and let’s be honest you really need that edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

That is why we have come up with a few ideas on what makes a great brand and how you can quickly and effectively get the word out there. We wish the best of luck with it all.

Absolutely Nailing The Basics Of Business Branding

It’s All In A Name

This is one of the first hurdles all businesses find themselves trying to climb over. You have the idea, you have developed your product, now it is time to give your brand a name, which is tricky; naming businesses is tricky. It needs to be relevant to what you are doing yet catchy enough to stick in the minds of your potential customers and work as a great domain name too. Basically, don’t skip over this part too lightly because it is what will define you from here on out.

Absolutely Nailing The Basics Of Business Branding

Great Logos Go Far

The Nike ’Swoosh’. McDonald’s ‘Golden Arches’. The ‘Siren’ of Starbucks. Apple’s sleek and clean machines are symbolized by the logo. A logo is a visual identity of simplified into a well-designed icon. So make sure you have something that will become synonymous with you and then put it everywhere. Your website, product, marketing, mugs, t-shirts, everything. Get the word out there with a logo that people can’t ignore no matter how hard they try.

Absolutely Nailing The Basics Of Business Branding

Know Your Voice

Think about some of the greatest movie stars in history; they have become famous partly because of that voice of theirs. Jack Nicholson, Kevin Spacey, Alan Rickman and Christopher Walken to name but a few. Voices are so important, and the same goes for your brand. So know what voice you want to have and then use it consistently across everything, from written communication to video marketing and visual imagery. Decide whether it needs to be conversational or formal or funny or whatever, and they stick to it. 3

Absolutely Nailing The Basics Of Business Branding

Taglines Live Forever

We’re loving it. You know exactly what that is from. In fact, McDonald’s got this tagline so right that they no longer have to say it on their adverts; they just play the tune and you say it for them. That’s the power a tagline can have, so get a great copywriter on board, spare no expense if you must, and come up with a memorable tagline; a meaningful and concise statement that sums up your brand in a matter of words; the fewer the better.

Absolutely Nailing The Basics Of Business Branding

Integration Is So Important

When you are thinking about where you need to incorporate your brand, you need to understand that the answer is everywhere. Full integration is absolutely key because branding stretches out to absolutely every aspect of your business. It needs to be considered when it comes to how you answer the phones, what your uniforms look like, how you sign off your emails and even what you have in your email signatures. Your branding needs to be celebrated everywhere, in every aspect of your business.

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