Here's Why Online Marketing Isn't As Important As Businesses Think

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Here’s Why Online Marketing Isn’t As Important As Businesses Think
In today’s industry, it’s easy to get caught in the online marketing web. The PR is so good that it isn’t savvy not to invest. Plus, every competitor within a twenty-mile radius invests, and you have to follow suit. Of course, online marketing is an important tool at your disposal. Still, it isn’t the be all and end all, especially where success is involved. The fact is that offline techniques work just as well today as they did in the past. And, as a result, there is still a place for them in the current industry. In fact, the following work as effectively now as ever before.

Trade Shows

Even though a digital presence helps increase traffic, boots on the ground continue to have an impact. And, that is what trade shows have in abundance. If you have been to one, hundreds and thousands of people go to events to check out the latest in the industry. While they are there, people like you can pitch your product and generate leads. With the help of business cards or a shout out to your site, they can follow up after the show. Also, signing up for a competition allows you to collect quality info at a low cost.

Community Event

A community event works in the same way, apart from the stigma which comes from sponsorship. As you know, a local community is very protective of their environment. As such, it isn’t rare for communities to dismiss a brand out of hand because they don’t pull their weight. By sponsoring a function, it not only promotes your brand but sends the message that you care. To the majority of people, this is almost as important as the product you sell.

Here’s Why Online Marketing Isn’t As Important As Businesses Think

Text Messages

Did you think mobile messaging has to take place online? If you did, you were wrong and that’s because of the text messaging service. Simply put, a company can send bulk SMS messages to as many people as possible as long as they have their number. Okay, some people won’t be happy about a firm contacting them personally. However, a message is far less invasive than a cold call, and people take more notice of text messages. Therefore, the number of leads they can create is pretty high. All you need are enough phone numbers to make it plausible.

Business Cards

Anyone that thinks business cards are dead is dead wrong. In truth, they continue to plug a gap as there are people that aren’t technologically savvy. To these people, going online and looking for information is neither easy nor enjoyable. What they prefer is picking up a phone book or a card and making a call. With a business card, they can do just that. Some people believe there isn’t enough demand to print cards, yet you have to cater to your customers.

Here’s Why Online Marketing Isn’t As Important As Businesses Think
If that means shaking hands and exchanging details, that is what it takes.

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