Move Contacts From Google to Office 365 Account Google Apps to O365

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Move Contacts From Google to Office 365 Account

Google Apps is one of the most eminent cloud application. The evolution of cloud management has got a hike on a large scale. Some provided the extra security and some came with idea of on premises development. G Suite in the earlier times made a good number of users but later Office 365 came with the large number of advance features and syncing all the application at one place. User started the process of switching from Google Apps to Office 365 account. In this section we will cover the method to move contacts from Google to Office 365 so that user may not loss their contacts list of Google account. 
There are a large number of method to import Google Apps contacts to Outlook 365 some are fast and some takes a time to complete. User these days are getting more closer towards technology thereby getting move familiar to software to transfer contacts from Gmail to Office 365. So we will suggest you to use a software rather than getting stuck in a honeycomb trap of manual solution.

Steps to Move Contacts From Google to Office 365

  1. Run and Install Google Apps to Office 365 Migrator. 
  2. Select the single user or multiple user accordingly 
  3. Enter your Google Apps passwords and in case of multiple user add the csv file holding the user credentials 
  4. Then you will get the option to provide Office 365 account details and select contacts / mails / calendars according to migrate data from Google Apps to Office 365 account. 
  5. Add the date filters if needed and start the process.
  6. Wait for the process to complete and then you will successfully move contacts from Google to Office 365 with other data items as well.

Advantage of Google Apps to Office 365 Migrator - Automated Solution

  1. With the help of this tool you can move email, contacts & calendars of Gmail account to Office 365 account. 
  2. User get date filter option that helps to migrate particular data only. This helps to increase the user productivity. 
  3. Unique stop and resume option let the user to halt the entire process to export Gmail to Office 365. 
  4. Domain User facilitate option helps to migrate multiple Google Apps domain account with a single move.
  5. User can append data in the existing profile from Google Apps to Office 365 with this tool.

There are still a large number of valuable points using that this wizard providing us to move contacts from Google to Office 365 without any problem. There are large number of user who still follow up the process to migrate contacts from Google Apps to Office 365 manually and in end they stuck up with an unknown error. So its better to play safe and use an automated technique.


After going through the above write up about exporting data of G Suite to Office 365 mailbox. It can be concluded that it is better to go for the above mentioned third-party solution to move contacts from Google to Office 365. 
A naive user can never understand the method to migrate Google Apps data to Office 365 manually without having the technical knowledge so its better to have an appropriate solution to transfer Google Apps to Exchange Online account in few easy steps.

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