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How You Can Make Money With Nothing But A Smartphone and an Internet Connection

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Making money with your smartphone might not seem like something you’re cut out to do, but in fact, it’s something most people could achieve if they put their minds to it. Making money with nothing but an internet connection and your smartphone is entirely possible in 2020, and here, we’re going to discuss how you can get started right away. Take a look:

Download Investment Apps

Start by downloading investment apps. If you’ve read anything on finance, you’ll already know that investing is one of the only ways to build wealth and grow your money. The great thing is, you don’t even need to know how to invest to do it - you can simply download an app and it’ll do it for you. You just set your risk level and away you go. You can also have apps invest the change from purchases you make using your phone. It’s highly convenient and you barely have to think about it at all.

Use An App To Sell Your Old Stuff

Download an app and use it to sell stuff that you no longer want or need. You don’t need to go to a physical place anymore to sell anything. You can use Depop, Poshmark, or even Facebook marketplace to sell things you no longer want for a decent price. There will always be somebody who will buy your old stuff. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

How Does Software Touch The Real World?

Take Surveys

You can make a small amount of money with each survey that you complete. It may only be a small amount, but if you have a spare 5 minutes to fill in a survey, it’s money you wouldn’t have had if you just sat around! People who take surveys on the side can build up a nice amount of pocket money. Just make sure the sites you use are good for paying out!

Play Games

How about playing games for real time cash prizes? Not for everyone, but places like wonga casino could help you to make money in no time. Just be sure you stop when it’s not fun anymore - you need to look at it objectively. Don’t try to get back the money you’ve lost.

Take Photos And Upload Them To Stock Sites

Anybody can take photos and upload them to stock sites for other people to use and make a bit of money. Each stock site has its own set of rules, bear in mind, so make sure you look at these before going ahead.

Shop Using A Cashback Site

If you shop on your phone, use a cashback site before doing so and you’ll make a little money back on each purchase you make. Don’t use it as an excuse to shop, but remember this so you don’t spend money that you don’t need to spend.

Create Useful Content

Create useful content for other people to learn from, whether videos or blog posts. You never know where this could get you - people make a living from YouTube.

How Does Software Touch The Real World?

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How Does Software Touch The Real World?

When thinking about modern engineering, it can be all too easy to be bogged down in the physical structures that people put together. While many of the world’s buildings and other architectural feats are very impressive, there is an awful lot of work that goes on behind the scenes that people are all too quick to ignore. Software sits at the heart of our cities and towns, powering your life in ways that you may never expect. Of course, though, how does this all work, and where does software touch the real world?


Optimization is incredibly important in busy cities. Trucks, cars, and pedestrians all have to work around each other to get where they need to go, and it can all take a lot longer if mistakes are made along the way. For example, traffics lights are controlled by complex software systems that are able to monitor road congestion levels and change their patterns to make sure that areas with more cars are getting more green lights. Software can help to reduce bottlenecks for truck drivers, taxi companies, and other logistical businesses that need to get from place to place in as little time as possible. This is changing the way that roads work for the better.


People often joke about how you are always on camera when you are in busy places, and this isn’t too far from the truth. Most cities and towns are filled with CCTV cameras, but these devices are far more complex than they used to be. For example, modern CCTV systems can track faces, detect things like backpacks and cigarettes, and even track people for miles without a single human seeing them. This can be automated to the degree that operators are no longer needed to monitor their systems. Instead, they can be told when something needs to be checked by a person, with things like mobile notifications making the whole thing smoother.

The Internet

It’s hard to ignore software in cities and towns without thinking about the internet. There are countless devices in places like this that need to be connected to the web, from traffic lights to payphones, and they all use software to get their work done. Much of this happens completely behind the scenes, with most people being completely unaware that they are walking through data wherever they go. This has proven particularly useful for buses, with many cities having bus stops that can give accurate estimates for arrival times that are based on a vehicle’s actual location.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get started on building an understanding of what software touches in the modern world. A lot of people don’t realise that they are constantly using and interacting with software, and this can make it a little daunting when you have this revelation. Of course, though, these tools are usually designed to do nothing but their job.

3 Tips for Setting a Good Example to Students and Others

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3 Tips for Setting a Good Example to Students and Others

Whether you are a teacher working with children and trying to set the right example to them, or whether you are simply trying to ensure that you have a generally positive impact on the people you interact with in day-to-day life, it’s important to consider how the way you conduct yourself can influence the people you come into contact with.

Kids of all ages – and adults too – famously tend not to respect or listen to people who tell them what to do, but fail to behave that way themselves. The old line of “do as I say, not as I do” always rings hollow.

So, here are a few tips for setting a good example to students and others.

Take pride in your appearance and personal presentation

While your personal appearance and presentation is, of course, nowhere near as important as your character and moral qualities, it nonetheless makes a big impression on the people around you how you present yourself.

Someone who presents themselves in a stylish and thoughtful manner and who honestly cares about their appearance, projects a sense of confidence, self-respect, and purpose to others. This can then encourage the people you’re interacting with to take themselves more seriously as well, and to take pride in themselves, their presentation, and even their schoolwork.

Enhancing your personal presentation may begin with something as simple as picking up some new great quality frames for your glasses, or getting a new haircut that you really like and that causes you to feel more confident and on top of things.

Have integrity, be truthful, and always stand by your word

Perhaps the most essential moral lessons that anyone can learn in life have to do with having integrity, being truthful, and always standing by your word. These are the basis of trustworthiness, solid social and interpersonal connections, and are a major component in self-respect and resilience and in treating other people with dignity, as well.

Everyone faces temptations on a regular basis to fib, blur the lines, or fail to live up to obligations that they have committed to. But falling into these traps not only deeply undermines the individual themselves, but also has a very negative effect on the people they come into contact with – oftentimes hurting them directly, and very frequently giving them licence to act in the same way.

To set a good example, always have integrity, be truthful, and stand by your word.

Accept accountability, rather than passing the buck

Any teacher, or a person in a position of authority, has to be willing to accept responsibility and accountability for what goes on in the area that they have influence over – and especially with regards to their own actions.

If something isn’t going the way you want it to in your classroom, place of work, or even your friendship group, one of the best ways that you can set a positive example is to accept responsibility for addressing the situation yourself – rather than passing blame or accountability to someone else.

As with many other social behaviours, this is “contagious.” When people see you willingly accepting accountability, they’ll be more likely to do the same as well.

Know About Buying YouTube Subscribers and Views for Your Channel

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Subscribers and views are the currency of YouTube. The worth of a YouTube channel owner is reflected by these two enactors. The subscribers and views can either be built organically or be bought. Buying is the shortcut that can give short term success but has risks of hindering the channel and its image. Whereas organic subscribers and views assure of quality, substantial long term success and credibility for the channel and its owner. The intensive cut-throat competition among YouTubers has instigated the need for buying views and subscription. This article comprehensively explains everything about this matter that has been brought to light by recent accusations and revelations about huge stars like Badshah and Deji who allegedly resorted to buying views to gain popularity on YouTube.

It is widely known now that subscriptions, views, likes and comments can all be bought. But what actually matters to be legitimate is the quality that you are buying. Buying Google or YouTube ads can accelerate a channel’s growth and are legitimate. But there are illegitimate views that qualify under “fake views” that are provided by click farms and bots. The YouTube algorithms are so designed that they can track which views lead to future engagement and those that are just meant to increase views artificially. Thus due care needs to be taken while buying the views and subscription as their quality and legitimacy can have a considerable impact on the reputation and credibility of the channel and owner. It can also help avoid any punitive or disciplinary action by YouTube-like, channel delays or termination.

YouTube, on the other hand, is constantly striving to protect its authenticity by battling with these bots and malware. Initiatives are being taken to track these down and improve the quality and credibility of their own company by assuring the viewers that the content being presented to them is free from any illegal or illegitimate manipulations. YouTube is modifying algorithms to weigh and assess views by pairing them with other interactions like the duration of watching videos, likes, comments or subscriptions. This further facilitates distinguishing fake or illegitimate views and subscriptions from real ones.

This issue of buying views and subscriptions is not new. It has been prevalent since YouTube gained popularity and scammers found a new opportunity. Thus due diligence while buying can mitigate the risk of any loss to the channel. However, the best way is to organically increase your views and subscriptions by working on your content and finding other legitimate ways to increase the popularity of your channel. Don’t forget, the sole purpose is to gain popularity but by engaging in buying fake views hinders the credibility and can hamper the future growth of the channel.

What are the Benefits of Air Conditioning Services?

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Like other electrical appliances, air conditioning units also need regular maintenance and effective services. After a phase of continuous working, these items, with the passage of time, become prone to errors and faults. Air conditioning services are mostly required in tropical countries as most of these families use air conditioners to escape from intense heat and other discomforts.

Regular and timely services of these air conditioning units render multiple benefits.

  1. Helps save a great amount

Timely and effective maintenance of air conditioning units keeps these appliances in a better condition for a longer duration. Avoiding regular services and minor repairs may cause major damage to the air conditioning units. It is not necessary to mention but still, major damages would need major repairing and a great amount of expense.

  1. Helps work continuously without interruptions

Regular and timely maintenance of the air conditioning unit keeps it in a proper shape and helps it work uninterrupted. It also helps it exhibit durability. Moreover, effective maintenance saves the appliance from potential wear and tear. 

  1. Saves the appliance from environmental damage

The saline breeze damages air conditioners. This usually happens in the air conditioning units installed in the seashore areas. Such problems can be avoided if the appliance if is maintained regularly.

  1. Enhance efficiency

Every user expects their air conditioning units to provide them with efficient cooling. This is possible if one either has a new one or has maintained the old one regularly, effectively and timely. Proper air conditioning services Frankston not only provide an efficient cooling system but also save a lot of money that would have to be incurred towards greater damage in the future.

  1. Low energy consumption

A perfectly tuned and well-maintained air conditioner consumes minimum energy. Regular air conditioning services help the user spend less on energy dues. 

  1. Provides quality and clean air

By regularly cleaning and replacing air filters in the air conditioning unit, one can breathe quality air inside the room. With it, occupants of a room feel safer and healthier. Dirty filters provide contaminated air into the room. This can be avoided by maintaining the appliance on a regular basis.

  1. Saves from emergency

A neglected air conditioning unit is prone to substantial damage, even a complete breakdown. Such a situation comes without a warning. If it occurs during the peak summer, the occupant will undeniably feel discomfort. For the prevention of this emergency, regular maintenance and services of the units are essential.

  1. Prevents electronic devices from overheating

Heat and humidity not only damage the human body but also cause substantial damages to electronic devices including, mobile phones and computers. These items fail to perform properly phone getting overheated. An ill-maintained air conditioning unit cannot provide proper cooling. 

Therefore, regular, and effective air conditioning services are essential. Just like a regular health checkup improves the health of a person, regular maintenance of air conditioning units increases its longevity and keeps it efficient for all times. You can contact to air conditioning service Mornington.

Buy Online Cake for your Child’s Birthday

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Online Cake Delivery


Hey, you sweet bun!

I’ve got something really tasty to talk about, let's ice it up!!

When you get invited to a Birthday party what’s the first thing that walks through your mind? I can’t stop and deny but it's that yummy cake which awaits for me to be eaten.

That luscious-looking cake placed graciously at the centre of the table has got the second best limelight in the party and trust me when I say it, ‘everyone’s got an eagle eye at it!’ 

Birthday traditions have been ongoing from the Middle Ages and have been practised with joy and the cake, the candles, the great birthday song and the wish-begins. If there’s no cake, there’s no birthday. Simple!

The Cake is the essence of a Birthday, you see something which adds up the spark in the night. After all, a cake is that one thing which is shared equally with everyone at the party and binds everyone all-together in the get-together.

Knowing that its such an important ingredient of the celebration, who would want to risk lives over it? I am sure not you! 

Keeping today’s bottled-up-situation in mind extra precautions are a must-to-adopt practice, with this a small suggestion might help our guardians and caretakers in making this special day of their loved ones a little safer and extra special,

Let’s rise up and believe in socially distancing but emotionally connecting, by this what I mean is to keep more steps away and a little more steps closer humanly and emotionally to each other, care a little extra for each other no matter it's our family or not. Everyone is family, we are one.

Instead of stepping your foot outside of your home and getting in proximity with more people which will definitely lead to extreme danger of getting in contact with the virus, you can simply just sit back and enjoy the pleasure of today’s technological advancement,

With just a few clicks on your smartphone and you can order a perfect desired cake for your birthday celebration at your destination and that too in no time, isn’t it so cool and convenient?

Yes, I know it is, hi5!!

No unnecessary stepping outside and getting ourselves into the unsafe zone when we can just ease the pain and get what we want while just sitting back. Why risk ours and others life, right?

A cake is an extension to the personal festivity which we tend to feast with our loved and dear ones, that one thing which is served with a piece of love and celebration to everyone’s plate.

You would never want to turn this happy feast into a tragedy, for this taking necessary precautions are really important at such times.

What’s that your child loves?

There are ample of online websites and applications with trunks of choices to make where you can visit and order anything you’d like. A truffle or a Red velvet, maybe even a cheeeeseeeecakkkk…..

Sorry….ummm, I can’t resist, I am ordering one for myself. Alone! See ya, cake lovers! 

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Ways to Buy YouTube Subscribers and Views for Your Channel

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With over a billion views every day, uploaded every single minute, YouTube connects the world under one umbrella of information. It is the gala of varied culture, ethnicity and differences in opinions, all with the holistic aim to unite the world and show people what the world really is, and what it comprises of.
Essentially like any other form of “job”, so to speak, YouTube works on certain pre-drawn strategies. It is mandatory to have a solid number of subscribers that is much critical for your YouTube success.

Everything is at sale at the right price and at the right time, it’s also perfectly acceptable to have your hands on the resources much needed to play a part in your advancement be it personal development or career opportunities. Even if you have to pay a small price for it, for instance, buying them off at the start, youtube views and subscribers are one of the most sought after of all resources to develop your stance in the virtual world of video and content creation. Your popularity and credibility both stand solely on this high and concrete foundation if not laid with utmost supervision and tactic can fall to dust crumbles, a list of devoted followers and views not only make you stand out also give you the biggest of all tools of popularity and word of mouth which ensures that your content travels lengths even when all you’re doing is resting your head. 

Happiness can be wrapped up in all shapes and sizes or as in this case in a bunch of extra views and subscribers this would not only give you the competitive edge and the first mover’s advantage to your exceptional and one of its kind content, but it shall also instil in you the much-needed starting boost of confidence, that will boat your inner self to strive for greater heights and goals. That’s what they say about opportunities you have to go out and grab them with both hands, It’s the world of fake it till you make it, now believing this shall work in the long run would be the biggest of all misconception and also thinking it wouldn’t benefit you at all would be another this will give you the much-desired popularity to start from a little head than from the start but only your very own exceptional skills and hard work will row you forward. Buying something to get ahead isn’t a crime but believing that shall be the only key to your destination is faulty.

Buying views and subscribers towards the start of your journey shall be the much-needed push your content blogging may need which will establish its well-deserved place in the world So go out there and buy however many of those views and subscribers you want but remember you have to pay the right price and that too twice, once while using it and the other time when you’re starting to think you can abuse it. Life is all about chances take yours preferably the right one. 

Buying YouTube subscribers and views can be a good idea only if tactfully done because otherwise, it bears the risk of having your account suspended and even banned. Listed below are few lucrative ways to buy subscribers and views for your YouTube channel:

Instant Purchase
There are instant relief services that have a significant number of YouTubers and YouTube accounts in their database ready to follow your channel for payment. You have to visit their website, choose a package according to your requirement, and make the payment. 
One example of this service is Buyytsubscribersindia with which you buy 100% real subscribers and not bots. You can further increase your engagement by buying views and likes. YouTube’s terms define buying promotional services as legal as long as those services are generated by legitimate users. Stormviews meets these criteria. 

Google Ads
Google’s ad platform permits you to promote your YouTube channel to a multitude of people. With Google Ads, you are technically not buying subscribers but rather paying for views and engagement that will lead to an increase in the number of subscribers and views. Google Ads allows you to target a specific audience. Using Google Ads, you can acquire video views for a bare minimum of $0.02 (₹1.47) per view. Converting those views into subscribers can cost you as much as $1-2 (₹74-147) per subscriber. 

Other Ad Network
You can divert traffic to your YouTube channel through other advertising networks such as Facebook ads. It breaks down to disrupting people on other social networks or websites and directing them to come and view your YouTube videos, instead of engaging them while they are on the platform already. 
The cost-per-view for this service is significantly higher, almost $0.30 (₹22.10) per view or more. Subsequently, the expense of acquiring subscribers also comes massive.

Influencer Marketing
Another lucrative way of buying YouTube subscribers is collaborating with influencers on a paid campaign. Influencers with highly engaged social media are across all social media platforms including YouTube. The quickest, safest, and most authentic way to increase your audience on YouTube, in terms of both subscribers and views, without making payment for ads or purchasing subscribers is to target a group of influencers to promote your channel by creating personalized content for you. 
Online tools such as Upfluence can help you search an expansive database of YouTubers to find the right influencers. 

The above-mentioned methods can come very useful and are safe if you choose to buy subscribers and viewers for your YouTube channel.

If you want to know more about buying youtube subscribers and views then visit these references:


Here’s Why You Need To Consider Buying Subscribers and Views for Your Youtube Channel

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Buy YT Subs and Views

Are you a budding YouTuber, struggling to find your footing on the platform? You’ve come to just the right place. We understand your trepidations and anxiety, gaining subscribers and attracting viewers is extremely challenging, especially when you’re just starting out your career as a digital creator. But there’s an easy way to the top, and there’s no shame in engaging in a clever tactic, to accelerate and boost your Youtube channel’s success.

What’s the clever tactic you ask? It is simple. Buying subscribers and viewers is a simple and easy way to give yourself a headstart when the odds are stacked against you.

Before you decide to go ahead and buy views and subscribers, understand that it’s not a free ride to the top, but a helping hand that boosts and accelerates your journey as a digital creator on Youtube. Keep reading to learn the benefits of buying youtube subscribers and views.

Fake It Till You Make It, Give Your Target Audience A Push In The Right Direction.

Okay so, here’s the real tea. In this digital age where chasing trends is the norm, people are constantly in the quest for the next big thing, and they identify the next big thing by looking at the number of subscribers or viewers a channel a has. If you want viewers to give you the time of day, you’ll have to show them that other people like themselves have found your channel worthwhile. Nobody is going to subscribe to a channel with barely any views or subscribers as it does not look credible nor does it seem popular.

Look Popular And Drive-In Organic Target Audience.

Purchasing or paying for subscribers and viewers can successfully transform your Youtube channel and make it seem more trendy, popular and influential thereby helping you subconsciously persuade more of your target audience to click through to your videos. Furthermore, when you buy YouTube subscribers and viewers through Google or any other reputable sources you will also attain the power to place extremely targeted campaigns on the basis of demographic, location and other factors. This will ensure that the right audience is viewing your content, which will, in turn, lead to greater shares and circulation.

Improve Your Search Ranking

Those YouTube channels with higher subscribers and viewers get preference over others. When it comes to placement on the search rank on youtube or another search

Engines as well, greater subscribers equal priority placement on search results. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether the subscribers and viewers are organic or bought. When you have a priority position on the search, you also stand a better chance at attracting organic viewers, subscribers and shares. Moreover, people will be able to find your content more easily, when they input the keywords they are looking for.

In conclusion, when you buy views and subscribers for your youtube channel, you slowly but surely start gaining a solid following of your target audience.

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Ways to buy YouTube subscribers and views for the YouTube channel

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Youtube Subscribers Buy

To start and want to become a sensation on YouTube does not happen overnight. Lots of competition, talented people, and content out there, and becoming famous on such a crowded platform is hard.

But it does not mean that becoming popular on YouTube is impossible because nothing is impossible and in this era, the impossible word doesn’t exist.

So, maybe your next question would be “should I buy YouTube subscribers and views when I first get started”? If you ask some of your friends they will answer you, YES and NO…. so what would you do then?

Here I will teach you the risk-free secrets to growing your YouTube viewership and subscriber count so you can build your channel and become popular.

How to get free youtube subscribers: Here are tips for you
Ask your viewers to subscribe.
In the last mentioned the one you’re working on next.

Interact with your audience by responding in the comment section.
Make your channel art beautiful.

Make eye-catching thumbnails.
If you have blog or website post your channel link over there.
Make a video with beautiful content.

Release your videos on a consistent schedule.
Promote your channel on another platform.
Give people what they don’t know.

So this is the way to get free subscribers but sometimes this way will not help that much to gain enough subscribers. So, what will we do? Here are some ways:-

1. Instant purchase: - First way to buy YOUTUBE is via an instant purchase. This is the riskiest way so once you decided to choose this path you must research the service you will use. 

There are many service providers who have thousands of YouTubers and YouTube accounts in their database ready to follow your channel for free. All you do is go to their website. Choose a package and make payment.

2. Google ads:-  The second way to buy youTube subscribers and views is with Google ads. Google owns YouTube, and its ad platform allows you to promote your YouTube channel to people who are actively engaging with other videos in your industry. 

In this way, you are not buying subscribers technically using Google ads. You are paying for views and engagement that will result in more subscribers.

3. Other ad networks:- You can also promote your channel by another network like Facebook ads or other platforms. In this way, you are asking people to go on your channel and watch your videos if they like they will hit your subscribe button.

4. Influencer:- So here is last but not the least way to collect more subscriber is to collaborate with an influencer on a pain campaign. Ideally, you would find a small group of influencers who already have large YouTube audiences and willing to create personalized content for your brand that promote your channels.

How to Decide Which Industry to Enter with Your First Startup

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If you’re sure that you’re ready to get your first business off the ground but you’re not yet sure what kind of startup you want to run, there are a few things that you’ll need to think about. Making this decision will be one of the most important things you ever do, and it’ll likely be one of the biggest and most important decisions you ever make too. Here are the things that’ll help you eventually reach the right decision.

How to Decide Which Industry to Enter with Your First Startup

Factor in Your Motivations

First of all, you should consider your motivations for starting a business in the first place. Is it all about making money? Or is there something particular that you want to achieve with your business going forward? You need to make sure you enter an industry and start a business that’s going to be able to align with your own motivations and goals.

Seek Out Gaps

If you can spot a gap in a particular market, then it makes sense to start a business that might be able to plug those gaps and provides you with profitable opportunities going forward. Seeking out gaps and doing plenty of research is a must before you start any kind of business, no matter which industry it will eventually end up operating within. And clear gaps are always profitable.

Potential Startup Costs

Getting a startup off the ground is always challenging, and it can also be very costly indeed. Understanding those startup costs and putting in place measures that’ll ensure you can cover all the costs via credit or other means will be vital. It might be the case that you choose an industry that doesn’t have such a barrier to entry in terms of startup costs.

Choose a Niche You Know

When deciding which industry is going to be the best one for you, it pays off to choose a niche that you know. Maybe you’ve worked in the Food Services industry as an employee in the past; if so, starting a business in that niche might make most sense for you. Having that knowledge will give you an edge when you’re running your business and you’ll have a little less to learn too.

Evaluate the Risk

Finally, you need to think about how you might evaluate the risk presented by the industries you’re considering entering. Each industry comes with a range of different risks and opportunities, and one of the most important tasks you’ll have as you make this decision is weighing those opportunities and evaluating those threats. Doing so will help you reach the right decision in the end.

If you’re unsure of what kind of business you want to start, the tips above should help you to make a more informed decision. Thinking about the points raised here and how they apply to you as you make this huge decision is definitely a good idea.
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