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What is the Ashford Formula Application Process?

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ashford formula

Many things are easy to use but the process of their application is very complicated, this is why many people think that applying to the Ashford formula or the application takes so much time but that’s not true, applying for the Ashford formula does not require a lot of your precious time or not involve the complicated procedure. 

Ashford formula applied on two types of surfaces, the first is existing concrete and the second is to apply on the freshly new concrete surface. If the Ashford formula is applied to the existing concrete, the floors need to be prepared so, make sure the floor should be clean and other particles or compounds are stripped and removed completely. You can get this service by visiting the site.

Only one application of the Ashford Formula is enough to permanently densify the concrete surface. Ashford Formula Dubai is available.

So here is the full application procedure:- 

  • The starting thing of the application procedure no matter whether it’s a new or existing concrete, is to spray the Ashford formula on the surface with a low-pressure sprayer there is no other recommendation like high volume sprayers or airless sprayer is not needed. You just need to spray the Ashford formula on all the surface slabs. 
  • For getting the flood coat on the floor surface the material should be applied at approximately 5m square /L. But how will you get that, this is Right? So that means if someone steps on the material that you are applying, the footprints of their muddy shoes should disappear within 3-4 seconds. We all want a floor that can easily be cleaned with water or free from dust or dirt. 
  • Once you achieve the flood coat, the material should be the fine bristled brooms to help preserve the concrete's surface. 
  • Once you apply the Ashford formula on the surface for a minimum of 30 minutes the formula becomes a slippery thing or converted into a gel. If the temperature is high or in hot condition the Ashford formula converts into slippery form prematurely. If this happens with your Ashford formula it is necessary to fog the whole floor with the water to keep the Ashford formula in liquid form for a minimum of 30 minutes. 
  • After the 30 minutes elapsed the Ashford formula starts to turn slippery, it can be washed away with the water to clean the gel that occurs over the floor. 
  • After washing the floor with water, the water is on the slab, the surface should be started to loosen all the excess Ashford formula from the concrete surface. Now, this is a time to squeeze dry and let the dry floor for 2 to 3 hours. 
  • Now the final step is to squeeze and flush with an automatic scrubbing machine. This will squeeze, broom and dry, all in one easy pass. Now Ashford formula Sharjah is also available.

How to Choose Best Vitamin C Serum for Face in India

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Best Vitamin C Serum for Face in India

To begin with, having a bad skincare routine can cause you so many problems. Even if you are not seeing any problems now, you might face them later on. So, you should remember that precaution is always better than cure. Keeping your skin healthy and giving all the important nutrients will help you to avoid further damage to your skin. And when it comes to your skin, you should always avoid making bad decisions. Your skin is very sensitive, hence it needs very sensitive and good care. All the vitamins, chemicals, proteins you use should be balanced as per your skin. Often many people use too many vitamins and chemicals that disturb the pH level of your skin to a very great extent. This causes many severe problems such as acne breakouts, skin damage, blackheads and whiteheads, and so on. 

Furthermore, when you add new products to your daily skin routine, you should be cautious. Especially to avoid major problems such as acne, you should take certain steps that will help you in choosing the right product for your skin and hair. Even when we talk about your hair, you should not rely on products just on the basis of good reviews. Normally there are many hair types so it is likely that your hair type is different from the others. As a result, you will need a product, and routine that will support your hair to the fullest and nourish it with the best nutrients. You will need to maintain your hair according to your hair needs. For example, if you have thin air and your hair is rough you will need a product that can help your hair in resolving the damage. Today, you can find the best hair serum for thin hair without any struggles.

How To Choose Vitamin C Serum

According to some researchers, many people often complain about the problems they have after using a certain product. Now when we talk about that, there is one important thing you must do. Generally, when it comes to skin products you should rely on very few reviews. Mainly because every skin type is different so the product you buy will act on your skin according to your skin. So, it is much better for you to choose the product that will help your skin and not a product that helps some other person’s skin. Similarly, everyone has a different type of hair so buying the best hair serum for dry hair in India at a price that is reasonable is a must. Luckily, we are here to tell you how to choose the best vitamin C serum for your skin and hair. Here are some ways to select the best serum for your skin.

  • Consider your skin type:

You should be able to easily identify your skin type. When you are aware of what skin type you are, you can buy products on the basis of your skin type. Your skin type will help you in buying more appropriate products for your skin. Even when buying vitamin C you should know what type your skin is so that you can use that kind of concentrated serum. 

  • Look at the form:

You will find vitamin C with many different names. So, you must select the one that is L – ascorbic acid. According to various studies, this type of vitamin C is considered the most effective type.

  • Concentration:

The concentration level is quite important for your skin. You do not want an extreme level or very low level of vitamin C in your serum. The most considerable level is between 10 and 20. To see results, you will at least need a concentration of more than 8 per cent. However, it is much better if you do not go for the 20 levels as it can cause itchiness and irritation.

SEO Tips to remember in 2021

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), posses itself like a very complicated process of optimising digital content, over time, it does not appear as challenging as it initially did.
It is viable to divide the process of search engine optimisation into three essential fundamental parts:

1.    Technical Onsite Search Engine Optimisation
2.    Ongoing On-page Search Engine Optimisation
3.    Offsite Content and Link Building

I have emphasised on the second part today, which is, ongoing on-page SEO. I feel this is one of the most vital branches of the process of search engine optimisation. The process involves editing and revisitation of onsite content.

As we all know, keywords keep changing from time to time, and therefore it is vital to keep updating and optimising the content on a secure website regularly. Ongoing on-page search engine optimisation also helps in introducing new features and pages to your websites. 

It is a procedure followed by successful SEOs to maximise the results the content achieves from various search engines, including improvement in ranking, organic traffic and conversions.

The process of Ongoing on-page SEO can be undertaken in three simple steps:

1.     Identifying the top-performing pages of our website using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console should be the priority.

2.     Studying what the competitor websites are doing to optimise better their websites can be beneficial too. Setting realistic goals after pinpointing what the competition is doing right will lead to a highly optimised content of a website.

3.     Most importantly, the content of our website should be completely updated as frequently as possible, keeping in mind the before mentioned points. Constant editing and re-evaluation will surely give fruitful results.

4.     Let us not forget the remaining, not so high performing, pages of a website. Once the top-performing pages are optimised this content should not be left as it is, in turn, much effort should be made to optimise these pages as well.

The latest trends in on-page search engine optimisation are mostly focused on

1. User experience

2. Mobile compatibility

User experience in today's world is a top priority while conducting optimisation. The content presented on a website should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as be easily understandable. The queries put up by readers should be answered promptly, and also follow-up questions should be answered. The website loading speed also plays a vital role in the rankings of the website; a high-speed website is always ranked above a slower one.

Content these days has shifted its focus from mobile friendly to mobile-first. As being the most used device on the planet, all content should be easily accessible to mobile and tablet users.

You can contact SEO company here:

Good Reasons To Start Playing Video Games on Your Smartphone

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Most people will say that they don’t really have time for video games. But when they think of video games, they’re usually thinking about games on a home console or a computer. They’re usually talking about games that take a bit of time investment or games that are fairly expensive. If you consider how expensive the average console game is these days, then it’s also understandable if you said that regular video games are perhaps a little too expensive.

However, mobile gaming can be a great alternative if you’re looking for a way to pass the time or if you want a quick challenge to test your brain. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some great reasons why you should download and start playing some video games on your smartphone.

Good Reasons To Start Playing Video Games on Your Smartphone

Stimulate your mind on-the-go

There are loads of great smartphone games that can stimulate your mind and keep it active. You can test your brain with some mental challenges, or you can try to test your reflexes with something a little faster. There are loads of different games that can give you a real test and it’s a perfect way to keep your brain and reflexes sharp throughout the day. It can even train your brain to be more active and help you improve your focus.

It’s a great way to pass the time

Whether you’re stuck on a long commute or waiting for your appointment at the dentist, mobile games are a fantastic way to pass the time. You can play some classic online slots and try your luck, or you could play a roleplaying game where you slay monsters and gather loot. There are so many great options that you can download a whole bunch of games and play something different each time you’re in the mood for some games. Just take a look on the app store and you’ll find thousands of great games.

They’re cheaper than you think

Most smartphone games are completely free and are usually supported by ads. These ads can get annoying at times, but most developers have toned down how many ads they display since the early days of mobile gaming. If you really like a certain game, you can pay a small amount of money to the developer and it will completely remove the ads. In addition, most of these games have microtransactions that are completely optional, but you can choose to pay a little bit of money if you want a small bonus or some extra levels.

Video games on smartphones have come a long way since the early days. While most of them are certainly still powered by microtransactions, you’ll find that most of them have excellent gameplay now and are much fairer when it comes to monetization. In fact, there are plenty of games where you don’t need to pay a single penny if you don’t want to. At least the choice is there if you want to invest some of your cash or not!

How to Find the Best Elevator Company in Delhi

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Best Elevator Company in Delhi

To begin with, you might find it difficult to search for a good elevator company in Delhi. Especially with all the competition rising today, you will be probably confused in selecting a good elevator for your house. Now you are aware that when you install an elevator in your home, it helps you a lot in moving from the lower floor to the upper floor. Especially, if you have an old person in your family or someone in your family who has pains in joints. You are required to install a lift in your house. Furthermore, when you find a good lift company for your house, it just does not end there. Generally, you will need to make sure that your life is maintained properly. Usually, everything needs to be maintained, even if it is your house lift. 

How to Find the Best Elevator

Now, you must ensure that you hire a good and respectable service to install a lift in your house. Mainly because, when you decide to install a lift in your house, you decide to invest in a long time run. For instance, a manual lift can cost you a minimum of 3.50 lakhs whereas an automatic lift can cost you from rupees 8 lakhs to rupees 24 lakhs. As a small lift for home price in India is a little costly make sure that it is worth it. One and the only way to make your money worth it is to hire a good lift service. In addition to that, some lifts require low power, you can go for this one for less operating cost and low maintenance. Now, if you are wondering how you will choose a good lift installing service, you do not need to worry. Fortunately, we are here to help you out. 

Here are some factors that will help you in choosing a good elevator for your house. 

5 Factors you Need to know to have a Good Elevator 

  • Type of Elevator you want

Firstly, you need to know the size of the elevator you need. Generally, elevators are classified into two types. If you want a lift in your office or mall you should go for a commercial type of elevator. On the other hand, if you want to install an elevator in your house, a residential elevator is for you. So, it’s on you to choose the right elevator for you. Usually, if you are installing an elevator in your house, you will find that residential elevators are less sophisticated. In addition to that, think of what size of the elevator you will need. The size of your elevator depends on many factors. Such as, if you have a big family, you must consider a more significant elevator. Secondly, if your house is small, you will need a smaller size of elevator. Thus, make sure that you understand what kind of elevator you need so that you can contact the right elevator service. 

  • Pick a Reputed Company

Secondly, always pick a company that is reputed. Generally, when you buy an elevator for your house, it is a big investment. So, you need to know that the company you hire is trusted with your money. Usually, every company has its own rules and regulations. Thus, you must enquire about everything before signing up for any deal. In addition to that, you must also consider a company that will provide you with safety precautions. Also, you must enquire thoroughly about the warranty of the elevator from your company that you choose. 

  • Ask people around

Thirdly, asking people around about the company you choose is a must thing to do. When you ask around, you get an idea about the company. From this, you can decide if the company you choose is good or bad. Having a good reputation of a company is important. So, asking for recommendations from people who used this company for themselves can help you out greatly. Usually asking other clients can also help you in learning the way how the company you choose exactly works.

  • You can negotiate the best deal for yourself

Lastly, you must always remember to strike the best deal for yourself. For instance, you must make sure that you have a good warranty and maintenance service for your elevator. Especially, when it comes to the maintenance of your elevator, you must negotiate your best to get a good deal.

MSP India Corporation

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MSP India Corporation

MSP India corporation is the leading branding and advertising company. We believe in a simple objective to win consumer’s minds and hearts. We design our strategy to enhance your company outreach. Our team researches your products and brand. And only then our talent and tools offer you effective and high-impact creativity in any media format. Also, we conduct proper customer domain research to uncover their behaviour and interests. So, as per the research outcome, we plan our branding and advertising to grab their attention. Being a leading marketing agency, we believe that the brand is not how you think it is. But it is totally about how the customer wants it to be. 

You must have strong and effective marketing strategies to help your brand reach top heights. However, you must know that branding and marketing of your brand are vital to promoting your brand. If you have your website or store open but nobody knows about it. Then how you will earn a profit from it. And in this digital era, every company has its own fancy website. But it is very important how many people know that your company exists. So, to reach your target audience you need a large network. To help you out, we are here to help you. We use our branding strategy and hit your target audience to increase your revenue. 

The advertising we plan for your brand is simple, clear, and eye-catching. The tag lines or content we use in ads has 280 characters or less. It quickly catches the attention. We use a digital marketing strategy to expand your reach online. We offer print media, outdoor media, and online media planning. Our team creates the impressive character of your product. Our event management is highly appreciated by many companies. We integrate event ideation, event design, and complete services to deliver a seamless experience to the audience. 

Brand management: Our main aim is to communicate with the audience vividly. And deliver them the critical attributes of your brand. We make sure that the customers can clearly distinguish the major features by seeing the signs or reading the ads. Branding has a special impact on short-term and long-term growth. Brand identity is the image of the company. It shows the benefits you offer, quality, and service support. It creates a unique impact on customer’s minds. Also, it defines your market niche and success. We handle the branding activities creatively and effectively for our prestigious clients. 

Digital marketing and advertising: Most people spend their time online. So, it is a high chance that they will buy stuff online. However, having a fancy website of your own is not the solution. People must know about your brand and trust you for it. Nowadays people use social media a lot. So, we also pay attention to convert them into your customers through social marketing. Advertising and digital marketing decide your online growth to a large extent. 

Our team creates genuine and creative designs with a crisp message to emphasize your brand. Contact us now for branding and advertising of your company of any niche.

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Effective Ways to Organically Increase your Subscribers

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Organically Increase Subscribers

In the 1st week of January 2021, there were more than 50 million active YouTube creators. And keeping this thing in mind, building your own subscribers’ community organically is definitely a tough row to hoe. Below are some easy and effective ways to organically increase your Subscribers {know more} on one of the most competitive content-oriented platforms- 

1. Consistency

Posting your content regularly at fixed days and time, comparatively increase your audience engagement. Thursday & Friday between 12 pm to 4 pm are the best days to upload your video. 

2. Collaboration

Working with other creators and posting videos with different Youtubers increase traffic on your channel and is a great resource for indirect advertising. 

3. Community Engagement

Belongingness and Surprises are two things that retain and bring new viewers to your channel. Subscribers appreciate it when you include them in your journey. Few engagement tricks that you can try- 
a) Giveaways 
b) Polls and repost 
c) Reply to comments 
d) Shout outs 

4. Cross-Promotion

Upload short videos, trailers, posts etc on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram to pull your already established audience towards your channel. Being active on all the platforms is a sign of growing creator. 

5. Be Distinctive

According to research, more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so in order to grab the attention, you need to make sure that your channel is offering something unique to the audience. Always focus on originality and creativity and make your videos stand out. 

6. Keyword Selection

Optimise the words used in titles, tags, description of your video in such content related way that it includes what viewers might search. Before uploading the video make sure you have done good research and have worked upon optimisation. Always remember Consumer is the King! 

7. Spectacular Thumbnails

An eye-catchy thumbnail always forces viewers to click on the video and thus subsequently helps in increasing your engagement. A properly designed thumbnail always works as clickbait for viewers. 

8. Use Statistics

Youtube gives you monthly reports along with statistical data on how your channel is working. Pay attention to details like which age group is watching your videos, what is gender ratio, what is the source of traffic etc. This will help you in modifying your content accordingly. 

YouTube is one of the most active platforms and uploading the right content at right time with the right methods can help you grow your community. These small yet important tricks can make you the New Sensation!

For more information about youtube subs and views: buy youtube views India

What are the Benefits of Being a Nurse in Kuwait?

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nursing jobs in Kuwait

To begin with, if you choose a career as a nurse, you must consider working in Kuwait. When you work as a nurse in middle east countries, the chances of you getting paid are higher. Unfortunately, sometimes working in your home country can get you lower pay. Generally, in the beginning, you might not see it as a problem because you might be wondering that you will be paid higher after some time. But as you are aware your time is very important. Especially in some countries if you are a woman, you have limited time to achieve your success. As a result, you have to think smart before starting anything. You must know what is right and what is wrong for you. Generally, just like everybody, even you will not want to waste your precious time. Especially when you could have made your career. Similarly, making the right choice for your nurse career is important for you.

Furthermore, when you search for jobs in Kuwait, you will need to understand the working of the system. Now, you can not just visit Kuwait and apply for jobs. Generally, you will need to follow a procedure after you become eligible for working in Kuwait. In addition to that, No country will want an unprofessional or non-licensed person to work in their hospitals. So, you need to make sure that you have all your paper arranged properly. You must make sure that you ace your entrance exam because unless you clear your exam you will not be eligible to work as a nurse in Kuwait. Now, to help you understand more about the nursing jobs in Kuwait, we have brought you some information that will help you in applying for jobs in Kuwait.


Now, the first and important question is are you eligible to work as a nurse in Kuwait? If you are not aware of your eligibility to work you do not need to worry. Luckily, we are here to explain to you exactly what you will need to be eligible. Firstly, you will need to have a scientific certificate for your nursing learning. This certificate usually should be from an accredited institution where you practised your nursing studies. In addition to that, if you have experience in the nurse job field, it will only work as best for you. Secondly, as you will travel to a different country, you can not be younger than 21 years old. This means you will need to be at least  21 years old to apply for a nurse job in Kuwait. Thirdly, and importantly, you must make sure that you do not have any disreputable felony. In other words, you must not have been connected to any disreputable felony. Lastly, you must be fit to work and complete your job. 

Benefits of Working as a Nurse in Kuwait;

  1. You will get a good salary:

Generally, when you work as a nurse in Kuwait, it is not the same as working in different countries. Luckily, the average salary you may get is $26000 around a year. Your salary depends on many factors such as your qualifications, speciality, experience, and many more. But the salary you get in Kuwait by working as a nurse is higher compared to your home country. In addition to that if you are a specialized nurse, for instance, if you work in adult intensive care or operating room your salary will be higher compared to the average salary.  

  1. Your salaries will be tax-free:

Now, you might think that the salary Kuwait offers is low for you. Especially, if you are from western countries, you might feel the salary of Kuwait is low. However, when you are getting paid in Kuwait, you are not charged for tax, your salaries are tax-free. However, this only works when you reside in Kuwait. If you are staying outside of the country, or if you are a resident of some other country in that case you might need to pay a tax of the country. 

  1. Annual leave for you:

Furthermore, when you work in Kuwait, you are given a generous annual leave where you can go meet and spend time with your family. In addition to that, you are also offered free flights, You also have free medical care. In addition to that, if you work in a higher position you also get benefits for your family as stated in the contract.

If you are planning for a Canada nursing job then read here

What is Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing means the use of digital technologies or equipment and the internet for the purpose of marketing. It also includes non-internet channels like SMS, MMS and television which differentiates it from online marketing. Digital marketing includes all the advertisement we get on our Instagram pages, Facebook accounts, emails, etc. Digital marketing is a more preferred way of promotions as it is easy for people to shop from home than going to physical shops. 


Do you remember the last time you went to the market seeing a pamphlet of 20% off on products?? Ok, stop thinking right there!! You don’t remember right! But you must be thinking of how many times you saw a sale going on in Flipkart through your social media or digital mediums and went on to buy something. Today, most of the youth prefer online shopping to physically going to the shops. Has it never occurred to you that when you search for a Kurti on amazon or Flipkart, its advertisement automatically starts popping up to your screens? Digital marketing includes search engine optimization which helps to find potential buyers for the products. 

With the progressively increasing use of the internet and social media, digital marketing has the capability to reach out to the audience 24/7 and influence people. People who have the skills and knowledge required to draw the attention of the people or customers have more chances of bringing sales and rewards. More or less, digital marketing has an upper hand if we compare it to television ads or printed pamphlets. The various career options available which can be learnt through various digital marketing courses are: 

  • Creative technologist 
  • Online content creation 
  • Search expert 
  • Social media marketer 
  • Brand management 
  •  Big data and mobile marketing 


Digital marketing is becoming vast and vast due to increasing advancement in technologies and there are many areas that are involved in digital marketing: 

  • Content creation 
  • Blogging 
  • Brand management 
  • Search engine optimization 
  • Editing and copywriting 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Email marketing 
  • Web designing and web development 

E-commerce For being a successful digital marketer, you don’t need expertise in all the fields but you have to master two or three to have a good grab on the audience. 

A successful digital marketing consultant in Toronto is the one who is ready to be spirited to build a good brand image and fervent to build a healthy relationship with customers. 


  • High return on low investment- Social media marketing or email marketing cost much less than running a traditional campaign. As for business what really matters is the return on the investment we put in it. 
  • Easy to track/measure results- We can easily track the results in digital marketing through pay per click systems, analytics, graphs, the direction of traffic. Email marketing software makes it easy for us to know how many emails were delivered, how many are sent and how many are received and read. 
  • Flexible- The campaign run on digital mediums can be easily modified, tested and experimented with. If the campaign is running well, we can invest more with just one click. But for an ad not giving favourable results, the campaign can be adjusted or stopped immediately. 
  • Brand management- It is easy to build a brand through digital marketing as a well-developed website, creative content, blogs and social media accounts make the brand interacts with the audience and hence helps to build the brand. 
  • Global reach- This world has become a global platform where it is difficult to meet each other properly but everyone is connected to each other on social media. Interaction has become easier due to digital mediums 
  • Targets potential buyers- It helps us to focus on a given particular audience which makes it easy to sell products. 


To sum up, digital marketing is a career option that has a high probability of blooming in future. Digital marketing courses have made it easier for learners to have access to much knowledgeable content available. The biggest advantage of digital marketing is that anyone can do it and be a professional in it with practice and skills. It’s high time for youth to understand this excellent career opportunity provided by digital marketing.

To know about SEO company in Toronto visit here:

Build AND Capitalize: Little Ways To Keep Customers Coming Back

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Build AND Capitalize: Little Ways To Keep Customers Coming Back

Online stores provide many benefits and running any form of business that has captured a specific market is invaluable. But learning to increase your exposure will encourage your business to go in new and exciting directions. But it's also important to remember the vitality of customer service. Namely, ensuring that customers keep coming back. When we have a customer, especially when we run an online store, we can make the mistake that they will never return. But there are things that we can do to keep our customers coming back, and they are all little things.

Diversify Your Payment Options

Many businesses are now gearing themselves up for a plethora of payments in cryptocurrency. And cryptocurrency for many people can seem like an intimidating prospect. But if you start looking for a crypto exchange you will see that it's just another version of foreign currency. By diversifying your payment options to include crypto, you will have the potential to reach more people.

Offer a New Product or Service

It sounds simple and obvious, but if you want to capture a new target market, or bring people back, offering a brand new product is the best way. You might think there's a lot of work to get a new product ready, but sometimes, a repositioning of an existing product can reap dividends. Diversifying your brands, or offering an additional product that suits one you already sell are simple things that can get somebody to come back.

Partnering Up

When you partner up with another company that is looking for the same market but is not competing with you, it can be a very effective way of getting new customers. Sometimes, you can look at other companies that are acquiring high volumes of traffic on their website, and you can work with them to help them get more traffic. For example, creating content as a guest for their blog. Or you can put up a banner on their site to direct customers to your shop. You can then pay the partner a flat fee for each customer acquired, or a slice of the cart revenue.


This, in combination with free samples, can be a great way to spread the word. It helps you to gain more exposure, especially if you do hashtag competitions via social media. You can also incorporate a voting mechanic, which can encourage customers' friends to get involved as well. And if you give away something for free, you must remember that it's got to be economical. There is no point in a significant amount of items because it has to be cost-effective. Sometimes, we can think that property investing in giving out samples will bring the customers in, but we've got to be savvy in this area.

Getting customers to return is crucial. And when you are running an online store, it's these people that you should be focusing on more than getting new customers. This is for the very simple reason that your customers already know what you are about. You got the opportunity to build a relationship and capitalize too.
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