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Google Remove Nearly 2 Billion Bad Ads in 2016

Saturday, March 18, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Google Remove Nearly 2 Billion Bad Ads While claiming to improve the image of google especially in Europe, Google has removed nearly 2 billion poor advertisement of the Google system. In addition, Google also removed about 100,000 publishers from Google Adsense, and prevented ads from serving on over 300 million YouTube videos.

From our founding days at Google, our mission has always been to make information universally accessible and useful. We believe strongly in the freedom of speech and expression on the web—even when that means we don’t agree with the views expressed, therefore what was said by Ronan Harris, Managing Director, Google U.K.

The seriousness of google is certainly our appreciation nice and need our support, so that positive internet is always within our grasp and will certainly generate more useful.

So high rise bad ads would be devastating internet advertising business. From the year 2014 alone, Google has claimed remove bad ads 524 million, compared with 2016 is certainly very surprising and sad we are to admit it.

With Google's commitment to working with publishers, advertisers and agencies to address this issue expected to increase their confidence every day so that they can use Google services both successfully and safely.


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