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Milking Mobile For All It Has

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

/ by Kodiing
Milking Mobile For All It Has

Mobile devices have completely changed the world we live in, and if you’re not using them in the day-to-day running of your business, then you’re almost certain to be lagging behind the competition. I’m not talking about using your phone to read and reply to emails here. I mean using modern, innovative functions to take your business to exciting new places. Here are a few changes you may want to consider…

Introduce Mobile Payment Options

I read a feature not too long ago focussing on a food truck business which was more or less dependent on mobile technology. The company regularly used tablets with mobile credit card processing capabilities as their points of sale, which proved to be faster and more convenient than more traditional POS systems. The business also relied on social media access to let their customers know where the truck would be on a day-to-day basis. If your whole business has a mobile element to it, you should certainly be using mobile tech as an auxiliary.

Equip Your Sales Team

Though a lot of business owners aren’t aware of it, mobile tech can be an incredibly useful tool for contemporary sales teams. With modern smartphones and tablets, mobile sales teams have constant access to productivity and communications tools including simple things like email, as well as scheduling apps and calendars. Various apps will also allow your sales team to deliver presentations, prepare invoices, and take part in various social collaborations. These handy functions of mobile tech keep on growing, so take advantage of it now!

Milking Mobile For All It Has

Up with Flexibility, Down with Costs!

When you boil it all down, the two biggest benefits of mobile technology are flexibility, and a significant reduction in costs. Social media, email and sharing apps all allow you to save sharing information instantly, no matter where you are. A lot of modern businesses are also using the capabilities of mobile tech to eliminate paper altogether from their processes. This is one of the most effective ways for companies to increase their flexibility and efficiency, all the while shaving down overall costs. No matter what kind of niche your business occupies or what your specific goals are, these are two benefits of mobile tech you can’t afford to ignore.

Engage Customers in the Mobile Space with QR Codes

QR codes, those little boxes of pixelated black marks, are now a common sight in modern marketing materials, and one which you should certainly be taking advantage of wherever it will help. Local, physical retail outlets can send out direct mail campaigns with a QR code allowing people to download their mobile app or give them access to digital vouchers. Alternatively, you can link your customers straight to your online store through eye-catching print ads. There are all kinds of ways to leverage QR codes and bridge the real world with digital materials. Find one that suits your business right now!

If you thought you could get by without incorporating mobile tech with your business, I hope this post was a wake-up call!

Image: Wikimedia & Pixabay

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