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The Uncelebrated Heroes of Our Technological Gadgets

Thursday, March 30, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
There are a whole host of amazing gadgets out there in the world today, but have you ever thought about how they work? Have you ever thought about all the comments inside of the technological gadgets you use every day that are working tirelessly every time you turn them on? Whenever you pick up a gadget, whether it be your phone, your laptop, your tablet or anything else that you use, there are a whole host of different bits and bobs inside of it working like the clappers in order to ensure that the gadget is working the way it should be.

First and foremost, the work that the processor does should never be overlooked. Fundamentally the processor is the brain of the operation every time you switch an electronic device on: without it your device just simply would not work. And what deserves just as much appraisal is the component that ensures the processor can continue to do work the whole time the gadget is switched on: the heatsink. Without this component, and the thermal paste that sits between them, that is essential for heat dissipation, the processor would simply heat up to a point where it wouldn’t be able to function at all, let alone function properly.

The Uncelebrated Heroes of Our Technological Gadgets

And another vital component in the gadgets we use everyday, that isn’t necessarily thought about, is the system memory or the Random Access Memory (RAM). The RAM is the component that means every single thing you do and save on your gadget, i.e. writing word documents or saving photographs, are saved and accessible at a later date. Imagine if you had to start again every time you came to do doing some work? Well, the RAM means that doesn’t have to happen. Memory components for your gadgets can sometimes be difficult to source and generally hard-to-get, which is why you should look to an independent distributor of electronic components, like DigSemi, when it comes to sourcing all of your gadgets memory needs if, say, you need a replacement. Memory is of great importance to gadgets, which is why it should always be optimised to its full potential.

The Uncelebrated Heroes of Our Technological Gadgets

But it’s not just about the inside components, sometimes the peripherals of a gadget, i.e. the monitor, keyboard and mouse, can sometimes be forgotten about too, despite the fact that they are in the eye’s sight. By this it is meant that their importance can sometimes be forgotten and they can, as a result, be treated in a way that provides them with general wear and tear problems. For instance, the USB is a highly important component when it comes to the gadgets and technology we use every day, and really laid the foundations for services such as the Cloud to really shine, but it doesn’t always get treated the way it should. For instance, it should always be ejected properly in order to prevent any kind system malfunction or the corruption of the files on it.

The next time you pick up your gadget, make sure to remember all the important things that are happening inside of it every second that it is turned on, and remember to treat any peripherals with the same respect that you treat the gadget itself!

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