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Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

Thursday, April 6, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
The digital revolution has brought us literally millions of apps, all designed to make our lives better. There are now more than two million apps on the Apple Store alone. But when it comes to business, only a few of these are actually any use. Here are some of the top apps you’ll want to try if you’re building a startup.


Getting business cards printed and sent to your address is a hassle. Carrying business cards around is a hassle. Keeping track of all the business cards you’ve been given by other people is a hassle. In fact, the whole thing is downright annoying.

Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Know About
This is what motivated the developers of Bump, an app that allows entrepreneurs to get rid of their business cards and digitize their communications. Because of the fact that it is digital, there is more scope to store things like pictures and contact details. What’s more, you can share your business card with somebody else on the app, just by “bumping” your phones together. Bump isn’t widely known among the general population yet, but in entrepreneurial circles it’s very popular, having garnered more than 8 million accounts so far.


Managing expenses has been a headache for business for decades. But it looks as if the problem is finally going to go away thanks to some rather clever apps. One such app is Expensify, an app that promises to take the hassle out of calculating your expenses, be it for gas oil or hotels. The idea behind the app is to make it easy for entrepreneurs and businesses to keep track of things like receipts by simply scanning and uploading them to their account. With a single click, Expensify will reconcile the receipts with the business account, allowing entrepreneurs to get on with the rest of their day. Expensify was started as a passion project by its developer, David Barrett. It’s since garnered more than a million customers worldwide.


LocalVox is, at root, a marketing app. The idea behind the app is to help businesses simplify their online marketing and organize it all from a single, central location. The service allows entrepreneurs to publish news about their business as well as announce deals. What’s more, it gives you the option to publish on multiple social media accounts as well as websites and even emails. The developers have also added features that help you optimize your Google Places for your business so that your business can be found more easily online.


Business travelers are constantly on the move, flying from one location to another and renting cars when they get there. Keeping track of all this can be difficult, which is why Tripit have developed an app that allows people to collect all their travel plans in one centralized place.

Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Know About
Although the idea of having a digital travel itinerary is a simple one, it’s also one that has seen an explosion in popularity since it was released. The company behind the app was started in 2006. By 2011 it was bought for more than $120.

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