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Giving The Human Touch A Data Touch

Thursday, April 20, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
The most obvious reason to become a complete data hog in business is to better manage and connect with your customers. Big Data is most often used to connect different customer relationship management tools together to give you a bigger picture of your target market. However, it can also give you a much bigger picture on your employees, too. If you have an eye for data, then consider using it to become a much better boss.

Giving The Human Touch A Data Touch
In training Training new employees can be some of the most difficult and important parts of welcoming new talent. Fail to identify the wrong method of training for individual and you could be dealing with someone not fully informed on the job for a long time. However, data can help you create the analytics that allows you to see the real effectiveness of training models separating it into different processes and different skill outcomes. Paired with feedback, it allows you pinpoint exact parts of the training model that currently aren’t working. Keeping data on individuals and past training attempts also allows you to build profiles that can help you better see how to train them in future to avoid any issues faced the last time.

Giving The Human Touch A Data Touch
In health and safety
Even more costly than training employees is having to pay out too often thanks to accidents, injuries, or illness at the workplace. Take a look at the available data on accidents in similar environments and find the most common sources of serious injury, helping you to stock on different PPE depending on the situation, whether it’s dealing with fluid transfer in an industrial setting or transporting in a warehouse. A better understanding of which risks are more likely doesn’t mean you don’t focus less on the less common risks, but that you invest more on protections that are more likely to be required.

Giving The Human Touch A Data Touch
In stress and workloads
One of the leading causes of stress and burnout is the inability to properly deal with a workload. Thankfully, training employees in tracking their tasks and managing key performance indicators provide some of the most individualistic and contextual looks at productivity you can hope for. When you see dips in that productivity, it is just as often because of heavy demand and constraints and reducing an employee’s effectiveness as opposed to being all about whether or not they’re working hard. Spotting workload difficulties can help you cut stress off at the root.

Giving The Human Touch A Data Touch
In happiness
We don’t just want employees with healthy levels of stress. We want them to be engaged, motivated, and happy to work with us. It’s as simple as asking a few simple questions a day. For instance, look at the traffic light method, which tracks moods of employees at the beginning and end of work periods for long stretches of time. That gives them data to track on whether new decisions and implementations at work are making employees happier or unhappier.

Data can create more efficient workplaces, it can create safer places, and it can even create happier places. Get some cold, calculate computing to go with that warm human heart and see your employees flourish because of it.

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