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It's All About The Organic Connection

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
There are two ways to build leads on the internet. The first (and most expensive) is interruptive lead-building. These are the ads that pop up when you’re trying to watch a video or visit a site. Most of the time, they get closed. Some would say that organic lead building is less abrasive so, whilst it works slower, it gives a better return-on-investment. So, what are the organic ways to grow the business?

It's All About The Organic Connection

Answer a question

Think about how people surf the internet. Unless they’re aimlessly participating in communities or exploring, people tend to research to answer a question. By answering more questions, you can build a lot more opportunities to get more people on your site. This is why blogging and content marketing have become a lot more popular as of late. Combined with good search engine optimisation, content can ensure your site is the answer to their question. Naturally, your content should all be at least tangentially related to your business or the purpose of your site. That way, you’re attracting the right kinds of crowds, not just brief visits.

Create a journey

When you get people on the site, you also want to make sure that the site is optimised to help them find their way where they want to go. All pages should be designed to a purpose. Teams like make it clear that it’s all about creating the right user experience to fulfil that purpose above all else. If they follow a link because they want to buy a specific product, make sure the link and the site design makes it easy to access that product without getting bogged down by irrelevant content or confusing navigation.

Spread the word

People don’t just search for content and for products in a vacuum using only search engines. Browsing the web has become a community activity. We follow recommendations on social media and through influencers. Generating leads on social media means getting on there yourself to disseminate content. You want to mix content that is in line with goals (increasing traffic, getting subscribers, making sales) as well as content that is purely about getting the right followers invested. Don’t be afraid of giving attention to other content creators by curating their stuff. It just gives other users more reason to follow your social media channels.

Know where to invest your time

The above tips are all methods to organically grow your leads, but just as important is figuring out which of them yield the best results. To that end, recommends Google Analytics as a tool worth getting your hands on sooner rather than later. Besides telling you which parts of your site work best and helping you optimise it to make a more concise user experience, it can also help you see where the majority of your leads are coming from. From that, you get an idea of where you would yield better results by investing more time and effort.

The fact is that a mix of both interruptive and organic lead building is the best strategy to use. However, organic growth costs a lot less so, providing you do it right, there are no downsides to implementing it in your business.

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