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Mobile App Marketing Winning Strategy - Mistakes to Avoid

Saturday, April 22, 2017

/ by Digital Hints
Mobile App Marketing Winning Strategy - Mistakes to Avoid


A Mobile application is a term used to describe the software designed to run on devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. They leverage the brains in the smartphone devices providing unique tools to handle the infinite details in the busy lives of today. They allow you to customize a phone to your specific set of prerequisites with the flexibility to do what you need today as well as preparing for what you may need in the future. With the mobility platform you can interact with the users through their entire lifecycle -- from when they first know about you to they become a loyal and regular user.

Key Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Development Process

No clear marketing plan:
This is not a guaranteed way to generate downloads and traction if not focusing on the significance of title, description and keywords. This can lead to a negative impact in ranking. Another common mistake is not concentrating on customer reviews to have loyal, happy customers. By not actively encouraging users to leave a review, you lose out on new potential customers.

Creating Like Desktop Versions:
Duplicating the content of a website page is often a mistake that most business people make as they incorrectly assume that is what users want. In reality, it should offer a great way for businesses a more engaging and streamlined experience for them.

Assuming that retention is guaranteed:
A successful strategy will have a high retention rate as it offers long term value to the user. A great way to accomplish this is to include loyalty programs to track the users' journey and contributes a reason to constantly engage them.

Skipping the testing stage:
Post quality assurance and testing are some of the most critical steps. Ensure you have included plans for the bugs or errors that pop ups after the launching.

Assuming people who download will use it:
If you are not tracking that happens post download, you may experience a high abandonment rate. So you need to start tracking post-download analytics and find what kinds of experiences people face and what you can do to improve the retention rate.

With proper planning in place you can make sure your marketing strategy is well thought out. Reviewing your marketing plan for the critical errors and correcting them will dramatically boost your downloads. By realizing the design mistakes you can easily make the most out of your time so making it appealing to your users and successful to your overall needs. If you can strive to avoid the common mistakes, then you can have an engaging, simple, and functional outcome.

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