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Wi-Fi Battery Monitor: Internet-Based Smartphone Battery Monitoring Is Here

Monday, April 24, 2017

/ by Digital Hints
Wi-Fi Battery Monitor: Internet-Based Smartphone Battery Monitoring Is Here If you've ever gone out to your car in the morning only to find that it won't start, you know why a Wi-Fi battery monitor system is a great invention. A Wi-Fi battery monitor connects to the internet via your Wi-Fi network and provides battery status alerts to your iOS or Android smartphone anywhere in the world.

We've learned over the years that the information provided through the internet is invaluable. You can get flight alerts, stock alerts, bank account alerts, and more that can save you from inconvenient or even disastrous situations.

Until now, the first indication you would have that there is a problem with your battery is when you tried to start your vehicle or use the battery for some other function. With the advent of a Wi-Fi battery monitor, you can not only check the status of your battery, it will send alerts to your smartphone to let you know when there is a problem.

Beyond the convenience of knowing that there is a problem with your car battery, the other applications are nearly endless. Contractors that depend on their equipment for their livelihood, corporations and municipalities that depend on backup battery power for computers, emergency lighting, and other key functions, and companies or individuals who maintain remote stations for a variety of crucial functions can all benefit from staying informed on battery status.

These new monitors couldn't be easier to use. Simply connect the monitor to your battery using existing or supplied cables, connect to your Wi-Fi network just like with your smartphone or computer, install a simple app on your smartphone, and configure the app with the alerts you want. That's all there is to it.

From that moment on, whenever the device detects a configured alert scenario and is in range of your Wi-Fi network, it will send an alert to your smartphone. Alert scenario examples include a vehicle light was left on and is draining the battery, average voltage is low over a period of time, battery should be checked for effectiveness, and many more.

The user-friendly app is designed to be used on either iOS or Android smartphones and allows you to manage multiple Wi-Fi battery monitors, check the status of your battery from anywhere in the world, and even control compatible battery chargers from your smartphone.

The best wireless battery monitors use a standard for battery monitoring communication known as Connected Power. Connected Power is a set of tools, hardware, and cloud-based infrastructure that allows manufacturers to easily add Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities to batteries and battery accessories.

Wi-Fi battery monitoring is being hailed as the next step in the evolution of batteries and it's easy to look forward to a time when battery monitoring will be integrated into the batteries themselves.

A wireless battery monitor is the convenient way to make sure your car battery is functioning properly and will always be available when you need it.

If you have a critical function that depends on a battery for its functionality or as a backup, a Wi-Fi battery monitor is the modern way to stay informed about the status of your battery.

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