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Business Blitz - Quick & Cheap Company Concepts

Friday, May 12, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
You may know the drill or you may not, setting up a new business to compete with all of the other startups and SMEs out there is a big task. You need to get the basics in place, and you need to go in all guns blazing. At least that’s what the market seems to give a whiff of in this day and age. You can bide your time and get every piece of the puzzle just right, but does this mean you will lose your place? It can be argued either way, but if you want to get your company and product out to the masses, you need to get the right things in place. And some of these can be done cheaply!

Don’t underestimate local marketing, because the goal at the beginning is to get some recognition for your brand name. This is the best move right at the start, because it is cheap, and you can use local talent to get your name out there. Doing this will also give you an idea on the health of the local economy and your industry on a local level. If you can make a big impact locally first, you can expand your catchment area in a more organic way.

Business Blitz - Quick & Cheap Company Concepts
Get it done fast, and get it done right, i.e. keep your tech a priority. Refresh your system updates on a Friday evening, so you don’t have to do them on a Monday morning, delaying your working week and setting yourself up for some headaches. If your budget allows for it, get the best IT tools to help speed up the system processes. Time is money!

Your website is the window to the world, this is where people will see your products and services, so make it 1) attractive (but not too attractive, there is nothing worse than millions of colors) and 2) keep it in line with your brand ethos or personality. A great website will bring a lot of traffic, and designers like Bash Foo that can work with you to personalize content and perfect your SEO. The website, used in conjunction with the right social media patter will drive traffic and get the sales you need.

Business Blitz - Quick & Cheap Company Concepts
Content is vital, and you can get some great content for little cost now. Everyone has a phone with video capabilities, and you can make videos, or podcasts, or memes that really communicates your angle as a business. Every company has content at the forefront of its marketing strategy, and you need to make the best content to encourage people to visit your site. Every business is different, and this is why your business voice is so essential to your marketing. Your voice, when nailed down, will give your staff and customers an insight into your brand, and they can then decide if they want to align with you or go and shop somewhere else. Your content can be quirky, or it can be serious, but as long as it has a tone that is relevant to your company personality.

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