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Clicking For Clients: A Freelancer's Guide To Getting More Work

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
A Freelancer’s Guide To Getting More Work
In this digitally savvy business world, more and more people are turning their hands to freelance self-employment. It’s a career path that offers immense versatility, flexibility, and control. Meanwhile, the opportunity to earn huge financial rewards is not to be ignored either. Having said that, the ability to achieve that goal relies heavily on gaining clients.

Essentially, every proposal for work is like applying for a new job. As such, you need to think of yourself as a candidate. Only then can you gain the level of response that is required for sustained success. Here’s what you should do.

#1.Know Where To Look

The first step to gaining new clients is arguably the hardest. Before you even start thinking about gaining leads, you must know where to find them. Professional sites like LinkedIn are a great starting point. Meanwhile, industry-specific job boards can point you in the right direction.

Whatever type of deal you are trying to secure, knowing the various types of resumes is key. Choosing the wrong one to support your proposals will immediately damage your hopes of success. Conversely, perfecting it shows an attention to detail that bodes very well for any future engagements.

#2. Make A Big Impression

In the hectic minefield that is modern business, simply getting noticed can feel almost impossible. However, with the right tricks of the trade, you can achieve that with ease.

You are a micro business and building a website and App can go a long way to helping your cause. This is especially true when supported by SEO and a strong social media presence. Meanwhile, testimonials and customer reviews will show customers that you can be trusted with their business too.

#3. Show What You Can Do For Them

Ultimately, potential clients are only interested in the type of service that you can provide for them. With this in mind, it always pays to do your research. Find out as much as you can about the company and the project itself. Then take the time to think about the unique impact that your services can offer.

Appreciating the three major priorities of the client will enable you to approach them in the right way. In some circumstances, it may even pay dividends to go ahead and create a sample. This could mean writing an article, designing a logo, or a host of other tasks. Either way, showing that you have an understanding of their needs will give you a far better chance of success.

#4. Build A Personal Connection

Perhaps most importantly, clients want to know that they can share a positive working relationship with you. After all, communication is at the heart of all successful projects. A little research on social media can give you an insight into their preferences, which can be very useful for gaining talking points.

Attending networking events and conferences provides a chance to strike up a human connection. Combine this with a professional touch at all times, and those success rates should be greater than ever.

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