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Create the Video Games Room of Your Dreams

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Create the Video Games Room of Your Dreams
If you have a room that is not currently in use for anything else, chances are that you have got your eyes on it for a video games room. This is any kind of place that you can shut yourself away and enjoy a few hours in front of your favourite games, either by yourself or with friends. How much equipment you are able to have in the place really depends on your individual budget, but for this guide, we will try to assume that you don’t have mountains of cash to spend.

Find a Place in Your Home

Right at the top of the list of priorities, you will need to find a room in your home that can be used for gaming. Ideally, you want it to be shut off from the rest of the house and soundproofed if possible. The perfect place is either a spare room or a basement. If it is the latter, you may well have the pleasure of creating the room totally from scratch which is always an added bonus! You don’t need masses of space, but just enough that you can fit yourself, a couple of friends and some equipment.

Centre Everything Around the Screens

The focal point of your room will be your screen(s), so it makes sense that you start off with this particular feature. You may be a fan of console gaming, in which case you will need a good sized TV, or you may be looking to get the best gaming laptop for under $1000. Decide how you are going to position your screen so that everything else works around this. You may choose to mount it up on the wall so it has maximum visibility for the most people.

Choose Your Seating

A couch or futon is your best choice for fitting the maximum number of people into the room, so you will probably want to position this centrally in front of your screen. If you have a little more cash to spend, you may decide to go for a gaming chair or two so you can get more of a full experience. If you are planning to have more people over, you could go for some more mobile seating like beanbags or stools.

Think About All the Added Extras You Want

Obviously, a console, TV screen and seating are your basic options, but there are also a whole load of added extras that you could consider getting to enhance the overall feel of your games room. If you don’t have the budget for all of them straight away, it is worth creating a list and ticking everything off one by one. A surround sound system will really enhance your gaming experience and put you right in the heart of your other world. A coffee table is a good investment for holding all your drinks, and you could even consider a mini-fridge if you are really looking to push the boat out!

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