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Easy Ways To Keep Your Digital Clients In-The-Loop Without Being Intrusive

Monday, May 8, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Easy Ways To Keep Your Digital Clients
Owning a business with a list of digital clients is a convenient affair. Not only do you have speedy and easy ways to deal with support tickets, but you’re able to promote yourself simply and efficiently. However, as most people are digital savvy these days, modern attitudes about marketing and self-promotion have carried over to the digital space. Sometimes a customer doesn’t want to see an advertisement on their late-night YouTube session, and a sloppily handled campaign can alienate some online viewers. With the speed of on-demand services, consumers want their content quickly, easily and without interruption.

These means that modern businesses need better ways to promote themselves and keep their existing clients in-the-loop about their affairs. The following list is a tasteful recommendation that should help you when it comes to coming across in the most affable, presentable way digitally.

Structure a humorous or quality campaign appropriate for the targeted audience.

A humorous or quality campaign is a great way to keep your audience watching passed the skippable 5 seconds they are required to watch. Making sure your video grabs attention by suspense or comedy works better than you’d expect. Once you set up an initial expectation, the natural human response is to see how that expectation turns out.

You can see this model being adopted by video games companies on their targeted video advertising. For example, take a company trying to achieve installations of their fantasy mobile game. First, they’ll show fantastic CGI video that looks like it belongs in a motion picture to capture attention, and then it will reveal that a mobile game was the focus of promotion all along. The mobile game couldn’t possibly replicate the awesome footage you’ve just seen.

But by now, the viewer knows the name of the company, the game, they have a link present on screen to install the app, and they understand what has been offered. Using more tasteful methods to acquire viewership is recommended, but if your product warrants it, getting your foot in the door this way isn’t the worst thing you can do.

Use targeted Facebook advertising.

Everyone expects advertisements on their timeline. In the ‘scrolling’ culture of social media, it’s to be expected. You can access your audience anytime, anywhere, provided they are looking at their phones. Developing an eye-catching and targeted advertising can help draw attention. You can also purchase access to your chosen demographic to avoid wasting investment placing yourself before eyes that aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

A great way to keep your existing clients a subject of this targeting is to allow a ‘login with Facebook’ or other social media option on your website. This means that when managing their account, you’ll have access to their information, and will both be able to give advertising directly to their timeline while also building your demographics for your marketing department.

Use email newsletters.

Email newsletters are a great way to keep clients up to date. It can be as simple as offering a ‘mailing list’ option when a customer places an order or creates an account. Generating interest by giving discounts or special offer to those subscribed is encouraged too. This means in the future you’ll be able to send information about future promotions without seeming intrusive. Using email newsletter templates is one of the better ways to handle this, as you want your messages to look uniform, consistent and professional.

Keeping a client base in the loop is paramount to repeat business. Make sure you’re making the effort to address your clients in a respectful and inclusive manner, and your results might be better than you initially thought.

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