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Four Ways That You Can Bring Your Company's Tech Up To Date

Monday, May 15, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Updating your company’s technology can often be a constant battle. Even if you want to sink more cash into technology and new innovations, you might find that your co-workers are a whole lot more reticent about it. But it’s important to keep moving with the times and staying up to date with the world of tech. Here are some tips to help you out...

Get Specific

First of all, you need to make sure that you’ve identified a certain problem that your company’s having. Maybe people are finding it hard to understand your company site or work out how to get in touch with you, or your Twitter page is so untouched that it looks like your company folded years ago, or you’re all using old desk top computers that should have been thrown out years ago. No matter what the issue is, make sure that you’ve identified one specific problem before you start to make changes - you need to consider company budgets too, and it isn’t a good idea to blow all your money on new technology that not everyone will agree with.

Four Ways That You Can Bring Your Company
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Help People Understand The Benefits

A lot of people feel more comfortable sticking with something that they already understand, and they might not want to put in too much effort when it comes to learning new skills at work, so it’s down to you to explain how important it is to do so. Make sure that you extol the specific benefits of the technology that you want to introduce - whether it’s social media accounts that will help to improve your customer service and public persona, or whether it’s a group chat technology that will enable people to work remotely and still participate in meetings with their colleagues, or even contactless technology like the services that companies like NFC Direct provide that will help you out at your next company conference. Make sure that you’ve planned out a list of benefits that you can reel off if you need to.

Four Ways That You Can Bring Your Company
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Provide Training

The next step is to make sure that people feel confident with the new technology in your workplace. Not understanding how to use something that’s been introduced at work might be bad for people’s self esteem and motivation, so it’s important that you provide ample training to ensure that everyone feels confident using it and explaining why it’s important. Whether that’s in the form of a company away day or afternoons spent doing one to one training, you need to consider how this training will take place. Make sure that no one feels stupid if they have to ask for more explanations or help.

Four Ways That You Can Bring Your Company
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Explain The Environmental Benefits

Finally, remember to explain that up to date technology can have great benefits for the wider world as well as for your specific company. Using less paper is an excellent thing (and you could also start to emphasise the importance of recycling!). In addition, it also means that you’ll need less storage at work, meaning that your offices will be more empty, light and airy.

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