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Move OST to Office 365 and Import Offline OST File to Office 365

Thursday, May 18, 2017

/ by Peter Barris
Move OST to Office 365 and Import Offline OST File to Office 365

OST and PST are the two prominent file formats of MS Outlook. As per the subject of our discussion today i.e, to move OST to Office 365, it is essential to first convert Offline (.ost) file to PST format, since OST data file is not accessible directly. Thus, OST is converted to Personal Storage table (.pst) and then, import to Office 365 easily. Thus, we will shed lights on this procedure in this article.

User Query:

“Actually, from a very long time, I am trying to migrate my OST file to Office 365 OWA. But I am badly stuck at it. I am not getting a proper way to move OST to Office 365. I am really pissed off by now. I will be really thankful if someone can please guide me a proper method or a tool to perform the same conversion. Thanks a lot!”

The above user query has been included in this content to give readers an insight into problems faced by people while migrating OST file to Office 365 Cloud. Followed by this are some reasons why users often tend to move from Outlook OST to Exchange Online.

Need to Move OST to Office 365

It is a fact that cloud-based MS Exchange is a lot more preferred to the on-site one. There are a lot of reasons why users migrate OST file to Office 365. All the relevant reasons have been mentioned below.

  • In Office 365, there is no requirement to synchronize any data or file with mail server. User can just sign in to the account and access it. This is an important reason why users import Outlook OST to Office 365.
  • Since OWA has a worldwide accessibility thus, it can be used from anywhere and anytime. It is a reliable option when Exchange server crashes. For this reason, a lot of people migrate from OST to Exchange Online.
  • Exchange Online does not need hardware or software configuration. Thus, it is not restricted to server connectivity. This also acts as a crucial reason for converting OST to Office 365 OWA.

Procedure to Import OST to Office 365 OWA

After understanding the scenario and needs of migrating OST file to Office 365 or exchange Online, we are ready to discuss the procedure to execute this conversion. The conversion takes place in two steps:

  1. Offline data file (.ost) to Outlook PST Conversion
  2. PST (Personal Storage Table) to Office 365 Conversion

STEP: 1 OST file to Personal Storage Table (.pst) CONVERSION

Manual Methods for Conversion

Here are three manual methods to perform the conversion. Let us look at these.

Archiving: This process is equipped to move or copy data to Outlook PST file. This is the most preferred method to convert Offline Folder file to PST. Use these steps to perform the conversion.

  • First, Open MS Outlook > File tab > Archive option.
  • Then, choose the destination to store archived PST file.
  • Click OK button to begin process.

NOTE: This method fails to export Outlook contacts, rest everything is easily moved.

Exporting: This process is an easy technique to move all Offline folder file data to new PST data file. It can also copy only contacts and calendars. Use the following steps to perform the conversion:

  • Open MS Outlook > File tab > Choose file by Export to a File > Next button.
  • Choose .pst file > Next button > Choose the folder where data is to be exported.
  • Tick mark on Include subfolders > Select the destination where PST will be saved.
  • Click Finish button > all OST data will be saved in PST format at specified location.

NOTE: To execute this process, connection with Exchange server is a must.

Move Items to New PST File: This process involves creating a new PST file in the profile. After this, all folders are to be shifted to newly created PST file. Follow these steps to implement this process.

  • Open MS Outlook > Create new PST file > Choose folder where PST data is to be moved.

NOTE: This process fails to move inbox, contacts, calendars, etc.

Shortcomings of Manual Ways

  • Frequent data loss
  • Needs internet connection
  • Archiving method does not migrate OST Contacts.
  • Exchange connectivity is required in manual ways.

Fool proof Method for Offline Folder File to PST Conversion

Since manual ways have certain limitations, so the fully automated method is to use third party solution. This is indeed the best solution to convert OST file to PST format. User can blindly trust this tool for a flawless, quick and easy migration.

STEP: 2 Outlook Data File (.pst) to Office 365 Conversion

After OST data is converted to PST format, the next step is to convert the PST data is to be converted to Office 365. This is how we import OST to Office 365 OWA. There is no manual method for this PST to OWA conversion. So, it is best to go for the PST To Office 365 Migration Tool. This software easily and efficiently moves all PST data including emails, calendar, tasks, etc. to Office 365 cloud. It is the perfect solution and yields a satisfying outcome.

Wrapping It Up

For all the users struggling to migrate OST to Office 365, we have provided in this article the best approach to convert OST to Exchange Online. Since there is no reliable manual method for this conversion, we have made use of software and then flawlessly import OST file to Office 365 OWA. This will yield satisfying results to the users.

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