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SOFTen Your Approach To Productivity With These Tools

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
As every company looks to innovate and create new working methods to improve every single aspect of their everyday processes, businesses will put a lot of money and backing into an idea that will make every employee work harder or faster. The problem with this is that in trying to make your employees work faster, you will end up with reduced quality as well as an increase in problems like stress or anxiety, which will result in more sick days. Instead of pioneering methods to make your employees work faster in a shorter time space, you should take advantage of the right software. Here is a couple to think about.

SOFTen Your Approach To Productivity With These Tools
Productivity software is a very common tool in many customer service-related industries. Time is definitely money, and using this type of software to keep an eye on your staff’s average call time and listen to a handful of calls to get a good idea of where the staff member is slowing down or lagging in helping the caller, it helps to reset these issues so your staff are working better, and the customer is happier. If you are stretched in your budget, another simple productivity tool is to have staff input what they have done onto a system. Understanding how long a member of staff takes to read an email is more useful than you think because it all adds up!

Cloud computing software is spoken of as the savior of many small businesses, and there are some very good reasons why. The amount of space you have is usually more than enough to contain all the data securely. But once your business starts to expand, the cloud platform capacity will need to increase with it. Once storage becomes an issue, you have to start thinking about the best network and data centre management solutions. There are many issues to bear in mind, from the scalability of the provider, to the actual physical storage space of these devices. As your business increases in scope, you need to think more about how you are going to protect the information, and even if you end up using cloud computing as well as physical storage like servers, you need to make sure they are protected properly.

SOFTen Your Approach To Productivity With These Tools
CRM is a general buzzword for back-office functions. It stands for Customer Resource Management, and for many companies, it is an indispensable tool in developing methods to engage with their customers. It also helps to increase staff productivity because a lot of functions can be automated so you can assign your workers more urgent tasks. If you spend a lot of your time cold-calling customers like in the 80s, it would be a lot of hard work for little return. But by using an automated CRM function to send emails, it doesn’t require the same amount of people power as making phone calls, and it’s for a fraction of the cost.

The right software is a front-loaded investment that you will easily make back in the amount of saved hours slaving away on pointless tasks, so soften your approach to hard work by getting the best software.

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