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The Little Things That Make An Employee Appreciate Their Workplace

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Keeping employees happy does a lot more than make you feel good and look like a good boss. It gets them more motivated and engaged in their work. In turn, that makes them a lot more likely to develop company loyalty. Meaning you can retain them longer. Meaning that, on top of all the positive workplace culture benefits, it saves you the money of having to hire and retrain quite as often. Keeping your employees appreciative of where they work is as simple as taking a look at the most basic of their needs.

The Little Things That Make An Employee Appreciate Their Workplace

An investment in their equipment

Most people have some manner of investment in how they do their work. They might take pride in getting better results. In most cases, they will simply appreciate any opportunity to avoid frustration and inconvenience. To that end, upgrading the office systems and the methods used to carry out work isn’t just going to help your bottom line. It’s going to improve every individual’s experience of how they handle their day-to-day. You might have a great corporate culture and real empathy for the wellbeing of the employee. That’s not going to stop those minor annoyances and time-wasting relics from building up until the point they feel like they’re being hamstrung by the job. When someone feels like they’re not living up to their potential because of outdated methods and equipment, it’s a waste for everyone involved.

A focus on their well-being

Of much greater importance to them, and hopefully you, is their health and safety in the office. You might think that you have a safe, secure workplace because you can’t think of the last time someone had an accident or was harmed by the office. However, if you’re not actively identifying risks, then you are at risk. If your workplace involves heights and you’re not using ladder safety gates or if it requires machinery and you don’t have the property protective gear available, it sends a clear message to employees. You don’t take their wellbeing seriously. Not only does that drastically decrease the sense of worth they feel from the job. It puts you at great monetary and even legal risk.

A space suited to what they do

Safety from accidents isn’t all that makes a workplace better for them, however. The ability to work comfortably and in a space that actually fits the task they’re trying to do is important. Cubicle crushes were an attempt to provide the necessary amount of private space to people who had to use phones, for instance. They proved to be too isolating and claustrophobic for a good work environment, but they provided a lesson to learn from. Be flexible with the physical arrangements you provide based on the different tasks your team takes care of.

If a workplace can’t fulfil the needs of the employee beyond giving them a paycheck to subsist on, you won’t hold onto them for long. Soon, they’ll see the deal as no longer worth it on their end. That’s when they will start to look elsewhere and you’ll have to fork out for the recruitment process.

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