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Why Outlook is Better than Gmail - 10 Notable Factors

Thursday, May 11, 2017

/ by Peter Barris

Today, the sizzling subject of our discussion is why Outlook is better than Gmail. This discussion gets doubly exciting if a user has moved from Gmail to Outlook. While interacting with people, we got to know a number of potential abilities that they miss out in Gmail, which is present in MS Outlook. So, here we present before you some of the remarkable features that are present in Outlook but not Gmail.

1. Integration across contacts, email and calendar: Emailing is the most significant mode of sharing information today. The reason why Outlook is seen as so effective email client is that it can set up meetings, search more details about a contact, jump onto online meetings, dial into conference calls, and much more. Its consistency allows users to complete their tasks, with minimal training whereas, Gmail keeps giving a new experience. This contributes to a factor in Gmail vs. Outlook for business.

2. Offline Mode of Emailing: A big concern among users is that if the email client can work without internet connectivity. So, Outlook gives an offline mode to the users. For users traveling on the flight, can work without any internet connection. Outlook offers services to read and respond to emails just like they do normally. As internet connectivity is regained, emails get sent on their own while on Gmail offline, there is access to only a month’s old emails that too on Chrome and Safari browser only.

3. Organize Emails yourself: Different users work in a different manner. Some like sorting folders alphabetically while some don’t. These users find Outlook way more tempting as it offers such attributes. It is a fact that users have limited features in Gmail to organize their email. So again, Outlook wins in Outlook vs Gmail race.

4. Categorize to Organize: Outlook users are given an opportunity to assign categories to various contents of emails like message, calendar, tasks, appointments, etc. items can be classified in multiple categories. For people who require visual cues, they can color-code the categories. In a quick look, users can figure out how they spend their time around different areas by viewing color codes of events. The ones using it can not even imagine organizing their work without it. These users then had to limit themselves when they tried using colors to mark folders distinctly in Gmail. This is another big reason why Outlook is better than Gmail.

5. Numerous Ways to Find Email: Users require various ways to find their email. In Outlook, to set time frame, the capability to sort emails using date and size, and to scope, the places to look are some different ways to search for an email in case one does not know to describe the search. Outlook offers multiple options for the same whereas, in Gmail users do not have any such ways to search any emails.

6. Changing importance of Email, Flags: To seek quick attention, it is easy for Outlook to flag emails. Outlook describes this by showing a red exclamation mark but in Gmail, the absence of any such indication leaves users puzzled. Due to this, Gmail users are unable to receive correct priority attention. Not just this, Outlook also equips a flagged email to rapidly follow-up or alter the significance of an email as “low” to indicate little urgency.

7. Reduce Email Clutter: Outlook helps users to manage inbox clutter in a better way. Some users equip rules to transfer items and set categories to remain organized. By this, unwanted clutter is removed from emails. Actions for filtering are restricted in Gmail. So, Outlook overtakes Gmail yet again.

8. Highly-rich Contact Information: Contact cards carry immense information about the user. The picture in contact card links faces with the names. Status of the user is also shown quickly like busy, away, on call, etc. unlike Gmail, Outlook has every user’s job title department and details of the location.

9. Scheduling Meeting Rooms and avoiding Conversations: Outlook allows users to schedule resources like projectors, meeting rooms, etc just by adding them as a resource to the meeting. Users who try doing this with Gmail end up annoyed as scheduling practice with Gmail is an irksome task including complexities. Also, few conversations are just useless. For this, Outlook has a feature to ignore these conversations by just a click and all these emails go to deleted items folder while such a feature is totally missing out in Gmail. Thus, we can say that Gmail has advantages over Outlook in a lot of ways.

10. Delegating Calendars and Mail Tips: Google offers a feature to share all details on the calendar or only the busy/free schedule, it does not have the capability to share this only with the subject of events. It has less control on what to share. After moving from Gmail to Outlook, users have expressed a great sense of relief in managing calendars. After the calendar is delegated, A can manage delegated calendars with ease.

In addition to this, mail tips in Outlook is a bliss and enhance productivity.

Concluding Lines

Since Outlook has gained a matchless popularity over all other email clients. We have highlighted advantages of using MS Outlook over a Gmail account. Thus, this article has vividly described why Outlook is better than Gmail account. All the points regarding the superiority of Outlook over Gmail have been explained in a comprehensive manner.

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