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Yawn... You're Boring Your Potential Customers

Friday, May 12, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
It’s the modern age of technology and digital solutions in business. You’ve heard no end of chatter regarding how much better business is in the present day because machines and software are making everything easier for employers and the customers that they’re trying to please. Still, as with everything in the business world, nothing is ever quite so black and white. With the benefits afforded by technology in terms of speed and accuracy, the atmosphere has changed.

The fact is that because technology can do so much more than it could even a decade ago, consumers have come to expect more. Whilst friendly competition is no bad thing, the market has become very impatient. If you can’t impress a potential customer at the click of their fingers then you might lose them to a competitor. It can seem impossible to keep customers engaged in the modern age, but it isn’t. Here’s some advice to help customers if they’re struggling to pay attention to… what were we talking about again?

You're Boring Your Potential Customers

Understand your market.

It’s time to conduct a little research. You need to know your customers in order to market your brand and services to them. If you feel that you’re not capturing their attention then the likelihood is that you’re not offering a product, service or deal which suits their needs.

You might be thinking that you’re offering the same thing as your competitors so it makes no sense that you’re low on customers, but that’s exactly the point. You need to offer something different in order to solve a consumer problem that no other business is solving. You need to find the gap in the market, and that depends on identifying your potential customer. You need to understand your market.

Let them come to you.

One of the beautiful things about technology is that it’s made marketing easier than ever for your organization even if you’ve yet to realize this. You might already be using the internet for marketing campaigns and advertising if you’ve noticed that billboards, posters and business cards don’t quite have the impact that they used to. However, just because you’re using the internet that doesn’t mean you’re using it properly. Every company has tried their hand at shoving their adverts on websites. Not only does this cost you an unnecessary amount of money but it deters consumers in the same way that billboards or other forms of traditional marketing deter them; it’s pushy and blatant sales marketing.

In the modern age, you need to let customers come to you. Not only will you save huge amounts of money on marketing campaigns, but you won’t come across as a pushy company desperate for sales, and you’ll make more sales in the process. It’s a win-win situation. You should be using search engine optimization techniques to push your website to the top of Google result pages, as this will ensure that people find your company before any others when they search for terms related to your industry, products or services. If your business is still feeling technologically-inept in this regard then you could always look into IT support outsourcing to help sort out your website. The point is that technology is finally making it possible for businesses to lure consumers to them without having to say a word, and that’s a good thing for your company.

You're Boring Your Potential Customers

Be calm, and act human.

Finally, the key to success is to not lose your cool. Your business might be putting off potential customers by appearing too eager. This might sound like an odd piece of advice, but it’s true that consumers are deterred by businesses which are pushing the hard sell and seem far more interested in getting somebody’s money than earning the trust of a potential long-term customer. Be patient, and build trust.

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