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3 Tips For Better Business Blogging

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Blogging, aside from its massive potential as a marketing tactic, is hard work. Recent years have proven that it’s certainly possible to create an incredible business blog that generates a potentially endless stream of customers, but for many entrepreneurs, being able to accomplish this is a complete mystery. It may seem near impossible now, but it’s well within your abilities to create a blog that will make your target audience fall head-over-heels for your brand. Here are a few key tips to bear in mind…

3 Tips For Better Business Blogging
Image source: Pixabay

Cut Out the Sales Messages

Your blog should be for your customers, not for your company. Whether you’re trying to establish yourself as an industry authority, or you simply want more sales and conversions, you can’t simply use your blog as another mouthpiece for your sales messages. Fall into this bad habit, and you’ll chase readers away in droves. Your customers aren’t interested in your sales messages, and very few of them are interested in your actual business. All people usually want to know is what they can gain from reading this piece of content. Stop thinking like a sleazy car salesman, and start thinking like a mentor. When you write content that shows your readership you care about them, you’ll find it much easier to woo customers through your blog.

Focus On your Headlines

If your headlines aren’t getting your brand the kind of attention you need, there’s a strong possibility that this has something to do with your headlines. Talk to anyone involved in professional blog writing services, and they’ll tell you that a huge part of a post’s success lies in the headline. If you want your blog to really work for you, you need to start using headlines that compel people to click on them and read through. All click-worthy headlines employ some kind of sensory or otherwise emotional term. Numbers (particularly odd ones) can also be a good element, as they instantly draw our gaze when we’re scrolling through a page of text. Depending on your niche and the focus of the content that you’re putting out, you may also want to promise the reader some kind of specific benefit. Seductive headlines can be hard to pin down, but once you get into the swing of it, a lot of your blogging work will be cut out for you!

Follow Up with Enticing Introductions

Though they may not be as important as good headlines, a great introductory paragraph is also very important to the overall success of your blog. You’ll probably agree that we live with far too many distractions. In between all the Facebook updates and email alerts, it can be hard to focus our attention on just one thing when we’re browsing the web. Fail to grab your readers in the first paragraph, and you’ll lose them. Use your intro to empathize with your target market, telling them that they’re not the only person going through a certain problem. Promise that the following advice will get results, and don’t scare them off by making it sound too difficult!

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