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Getting Attention in the Modern Age

Thursday, June 1, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Getting Attention in the Modern Age
Your business needs attention to thrive. Thankfully, this modern age, replete as it is with awesome and fun technology, is filled with opportunities for getting the attention you need. Here are the ones you should be focussing on.

Digital marketing

A lot of people seem to be becoming a little disenchanted when it comes to advertising, and the same can be said about a lot of people who are just starting up a business. Because a lot of us simply aren’t all that affected by the marketing we see around us - or, at least, don’t seem to be - we begin to assume that the whole endeavour is actually a little bit useless. When someone with this common mindset starts a business, they may dismiss marketing altogether, or at least downplay its importance to a large degree. While it’s important that you keep your focus mostly on the quality of your product or service, the value of a good digital marketing campaign shouldn’t be underestimated.

Social media

Social media isn’t just for personal use. More and more businesses are starting to realize the massive benefits that platforms like Twitter and Facebook can bring to their business. You can read more about this sort of thing at There are common mistakes that businesses make on these platforms either. One is that they’re too formal and dry, which isn’t exactly what attracts people to your account. Another is that they become a little too informal; they start to play along with trends without really understanding them, which makes them look a little like they’re trying too hard to look cool (and failing miserably). You should do your best to keep it fun but informative and helpful.

Getting Attention in the Modern Age

Tech in the customer’s hands

The above items are great and all, but the interaction the end user will have them can be quite limited. So what about using modern tech to get attention in a way that gives users something tangible? If you want to spread brand awareness and give your customers something genuinely useful, you could consider getting bespoke USB drives from somewhere like If your business would benefit from increased customer-to-business interaction, then you should consider building an app for your business. This can give you a lot of valuable data, as well as increase your reputation as a technologically-minded company. It also gives you easier direct contact with your customers, more so than even email!


The creation of web content is pretty darn important for businesses these days, and you’ve no doubt heard this before. But it’s not just text content you should be creating. Heck, businesses have been writing blog content for increased exposure since the nineties! If you’re interested in getting in on what businesses are doing these days, then the answer can be found in the creation of video content, which you can read more about at With platforms like YouTube and Facebook, sharing a video made by your business is easier than ever. At the risk of sounding a little old and uncool, video content is what’s really “engaging the youth” these days.

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