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IT Girl: Expanding Your Technological Knowledge

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Expanding Your Technological Knowledge
Let’s face it. We’re not all technological whizz kids. We might hate to admit it, but technology has left many of us behind in the dust. So if you watch other people type at lightning speed and marvel at how they do it, or struggle to send an email while your child or younger sibling is setting up an online business of their very own, you may like to read on. It’s time to get yourself into gear and improve your technological knowledge. After all, in this modern day and age, it’s absolutely essential to be tech savvy!

Expanding Your Technological Knowledge

Finding Your Way Around Your Device

Whether you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, you should take a little time out to learn your way around your device. Each has its own feel and will take a little while to get used to. Especially if you find yourself switching from one device to another. If you do use more than one of these products, try to opt for the same brand. This way, your devices are more likely to use the same operating systems and are therefore going to be more similar to one another and offer you a sense of consistency with the technology in your life. You can also usually share files more easily between these devices. Just have a play around. You’ll quickly pick up how to operate the system and navigate your way through different applications and programs.

Tech Lingo

Pick up tech lingo. If you hear other people coming out with terms that you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask them what it means. We all have to learn from somewhere, after all. If you are a little embarrassed, go to google and search for the word. Definitions will come up and it will save you from asking others. You’ll know what a meme is in no time and will be commenting all sorts of abbreviations to your friends like they’re part of your natural vocabulary. Some things will seem a little nonsensical and sometimes that’s because they are. Take the Donald Trump “covfefe” debacle as a good example.

Make Use of Tutorials

If you find your way to Youtube, you’ll find that there are endless tutorials out there. So whenever you find yourself struggling to fulfill a task, just search for a video tutorial. The quality of these will vary, as pretty much anyone can post to the site, but you will find something perfect eventually. So many people dedicate their time to making videos advising others on how to carry out certain tasks. From eye makeup to handstands. So don’t worry, there will be one out there for whatever technological difficulty you’re experiencing. Users will generally talk you through the process required to fix whatever it is that you may be struggling with.

Take Classes

If you want to use your device for more than just chatting on Facebook or scrolling through someone’s Instagram feed, you might like to take classes. These are available through tech gurus. You may think that this is all a bit much, but you couldn’t be more wrong! These people know everything there is to know about laptops, tablets, games consoles and cell phones and genuinely enjoy being your local tech guru. So contact one for one-on-one help and advice, whatever it may be.

Connect With Others

While it may seem like everyone else knows what they’re doing, this isn’t entirely true. There will be plenty of other individuals finding themselves in the exact same situation as you. So don’t feel lonely or isolated. Join chat forums and make friends. You’ll quickly realise that there are plenty more fish feeling lost in the online sea. You can work your way up the technology ladder together, offering support and advice, tips and tricks. What’s more? Using the forums themselves will improve your tech knowledge too!

Don’t Rush

There’s no need to pressure yourself or rush to improve your skills. You have all of the time in the world. The less pressure you put on yourself, the more you will enjoy using technology and the easier things will come to you and stay in your memory.

Learn Shortcuts

As your confidence increases, you will start to pick up little tips and tricks to make your life a little easier. There are so many keyboard shortcuts and shortcodes that can make typing and editing documents faster and more simple. Take it upon yourself to learn just one new shortcut a week. Within a year you’ll know 52 and be typing things up faster than ever.

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