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Top 8 New Apps & Tech in the Medical World

Monday, June 19, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Top 8 New Apps & Tech in the Medical World


This is the holy grail of all medical apps and is available for both iOS and Android phones. Doctors are using this highly intelligent app to research information about drugs and for many other functionalities, like calculating patient measurements for things like BMI (Body mass index). Most of the basic information is free, but the more intricate and important information, like alternative medicines suggestions and uncommon disease information, does comes with an additional fee.

Oxygen Flow Developments

With the supply of oxygen being one of the most crucial part of any hospital it is no wonder that there have recently been some amazing developments in the world of medical oxygen technology. The oxygen medical flow meter recently developed by Abest Meter, has been created to ensure the oxygen flow rate in many sectors from healthcare through to farming, meets the demands and requirements of a wide range of customers and patients alike.


PEPIF is a very popular clinical decision-support reference app targeted towards physicians that work in the emergency room. It can, however, also be really useful for nurses, students, residents and paramedics, as users can earn ‘Continuing Medical Education Credits’ while actually treating patients. The symptom checker on the app helps doctors, nurses, students and paramedics diagnose patients in a quicker time by suggesting possible ailments based on the patient's symptoms.


Again available on both iOS and Android phone, UpToDate helps thousands of physicians, every day to find the medical information needed in order to answer an extensive range of clinical questions. This app is not the cheapest on the market although it is one of the most intricate, organised and intelligent.


Even doctors and nurses should find time for networking and this is exactly what Doximity is all about. Doximity allows doctors to connect with the medical experts in their local area and in neighbouring towns, cities and villages and even worldwide. Medical experts can follow news and trends in their area of speciality in addition to being able to discuss their area of medicine with other member of their social network community.

Read by QxMD

This is an app that centralizes all their customers medical literature and journals. Read uses a magazine format allowing their readers to download, read and store journals, studies and articles from an extensive host of sources. With an endless amount of content, and a lot of it free to boot, there is no wonder that this app is going from strength to strength in the medical industry.

NEJM This Week

NEJM This Week allows doctors and nurses and all healthcare professionals to access recent articles and images of medical conditions whilst also being able to listen to audio and video content of many of those articles. This app also provides videos of medical procedures and reports on recent research and medical findings.


Last but by no means least is the app Isabel. This app is a diagnosis assistance app which is becoming more and more popular with doctors who are looking to double check their diagnoses, so this app offers peace of mind for healthcare specialists when it comes to reaching a diagnosis.

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