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How to Unlock Adobe PDF Document without Password?

Monday, June 19, 2017

/ by Peter Barris
How to Unlock Adobe PDF Document without Password?

what is PDF?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is the file format that is used in order to transfer data from one place to another by being independent of the sender/receiver's machine specifications such as operating system, Hardware configuration. The PDF file format is widely accepted and is compatible for use on computers, handheld devices such as mobile phones, tablets. Each PDF file is a file in text format encapsulating all the images, text, forms, graphics etc.
The PDF file format first came into existence in early 1990's. Since then PDF has become one of the most widely used document formats. PDF became such a success because of the set of features that it provides:
  1. Independence: The PDF file format performs independently. The user can access the PDF file on a system without any worries about the hardware specifications of the computer.
  2. Security: The PDF File format provides the feature to encrypt PDF files and enable password protection on the PDF files. This feature is very useful if the PDF file is having some crucial data. Then the PDF file creator\user can very easily add encryption to the PDF file.
  3. High-Quality Prints: When the user wants to take some high definition printouts where clear formatting and quality images are the main concern. Then, The PDF file format is suggested to use under such requirements.
  4. Accessibility: Anybody can view the PDF file format. In the case of some other documents, the user is required to have the specific software to view the file. Such as in order to view the doc files, the user should purchase & install MS Word Application on the system. But in the case of the PDF file format, the user can download the free Adobe Reader software to access the PDF file data.
Now, As security is the main concern while exchanging data among users. Then, It has become very popular among the user to add encryption i.e. basically adding password protection in the PDF files. There are multiple scenarios that have been observed where the user faces issues regarding how to open the Secured PDF files without the password.
Scenario1: “At my new workplace, I have been assigned the job of researching old organization journals. Now, most of the journals are encrypted and protected with PDF passwords, also most of the passwords are lost. Please suggest a way to unlock PDF file without password.”
Scenario2: “I want to open some of my old PDF files, but I encrypted all of them at the time of creation. Now, all the PDF passwords are lost. How can I access\unlock PDF file without password."
Now, in order to access locked PDF files. Now, arises the demand of a well simplified easy to understand & use PDF Unlocker software.

The best PDF Unlocker software

The one stop solution for opening locked PDF files is through the “SysTools PDF Unlocker” software to unlock pdf files without password. The software provides the following set of features:
  • Can unlock PDF files instantly from owner level security.
  • Supports up to Adobe Acrobat 9 & below versions facilitating 128/256 bit encryption.
  • Adobe Acrobat installation is not required to unlock PDF files, The tool works independently.
  • Compatible with all Windows versions: Win 10 & all below versions.
The SysTools PDF Unlocker software is an effective and efficient utility that can very easily unlock PDF files without password. The software is technically updated and performs really well while adding or removing password protection from PDF files.


In this informative post, We came discussed the PDF file format along with its features of using the PDF file format. We defined a one stop solution to unlock PDF files without password that is very effective & efficient in order to access secured pdf files.

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