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10 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know

Monday, July 31, 2017

/ by Unknown
Students should know different life hacks to make college life memorable. Some life hacks prove useful for students because they can save their money by using their skills to make different things which could be proved useful and also save money. 10 life hacks college student should know to make his college life full of learning and creativity.

10 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know
A wise student knows to record the boring lectures if he is not feeling like listening to the lecture or if he is tired enough to concentrate on the college lectures. You can record your teacher’s lectures without letting them know by placing the tape recorder in bag. This tip is useful because you can listen to your lectures in free time and can get good marks in exams.
Record lectures by using short codes
You can also use short codes and words to record your lectures. It will help student to record the full lecture in detail .This college life hack is useful in noting down the full lectures without missing the important information.
Try to handle things creatively
A college student should know to handle things creatively. He should learn to know how to enjoy music and solving math’s problems at a time. This practice will help college student to do multiple things simultaneously.

Use different colored pens for noting lectures of different subjects
If you are having difficulty in difficult subjects, you should try this tactic. Use different colored pens for noting lectures of different subjects. You will be able to memorize things quickly and is also a proven life hack for college students. Students retrieve information quickly in exams when they note lectures in different colors.
Make your smartphones your alarm
Don’t waste money on buying alarm watches. Use your mobiles as your alarms. You will be able to save money and it will also keep your side table clean.
Keep a plant pot in your room
Try to make your room attractive by keeping a plant pot in your room. Plant pots have a positive effect on your mood.
Help other students in difficult lectures
Try to help other students in difficult subjects. It will enhance your expressive and communicative skills. This lifehack also help you in becoming a good debater and orator.
Learn to manage time wisely
A college student who is able to manage time effectively in college is also able to spend a disciplined life.
Try to be friends with hard working students
Making friendships with hard working student is effective your life. You will be active in your college life and it also helps you in your professional life.
Avoid negativity
Try to avoid negativity as much as possible. Don’t get stressed with study affairs. Be positive and you will be able to deal things under pressure.These 10 college life hacks will help you in spending a memorable college life and you are going to have a disciplines and studious professional life as well. 

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This article has been written by Darren Lane, a Professor and a Help with Essay - Clickessay.com professional writer who writes on different topics related to education, college life and social issues.

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