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4 Top Tips For Keeping Your Employees

Thursday, July 20, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
4 Top Tips For Keeping Your Employees
One of the biggest assets a company has is the staff that it hires. Hiring people to work for you is a long and rigorous process that can see you hiring and firing a lot of people to get the right team balance. People don’t go to work to feel unappreciated after long hours and a low pay, and people also don’t leave bad jobs – just bad employers. If you understand this before you start hiring, you’re already ahead of the game!

Employee retention is the biggest concern for employers. Once you’ve spent the money on the advertising, interviewing and training processes, including excel courses, you want to know you have hired in good people who will gel with your ideas. Hiring new people is always a bit of a risk; especially as it costs money to hire! You have to be able to do whatever you can to improve employee retention, so that you can create a loyal and lasting workforce that can make your company a success.

4 Top Tips For Keeping Your Employees
  • Onboarding Matters. If you haven’t heard of it, onboarding is the time you spend settling people into your business. As the leader, you have to be able to prioritize one on one time with your people so that they can feel secure and looked after. The first three months of employment are the ones that matter the most and if you have put in the hours of your day to train and guide someone in the company ethos, you can secure a long-term employee.
  • Personality Matters. Okay, so hiring in to your company isn’t supposed to be a personality contest, but sometimes personality is the exact reason someone leaves or is fired. You could have two candidates in front of you, one with more experience, more education and more know-how than the other, but the one with the least experience is the most charismatic, eager to learn and full of ideas. You need to hire people who will fit in culturally with your company, otherwise you will lose them.
  • Familiarity Matters. When you need to hire in-house, look to your current team. The successful and professional people you already have working for you will know other successful, professional people from previous roles. They will be able to recommend to you people who would be a good fit personality wise as well as someone who can benefit your business. By hiring the friends of the people that work for you, you create a more satisfied staff.
  • Flexibility Matters. When you staff come to you asking for flexible hours or diverse ways of working, don’t immediately turn them down. It’s important to remember that people work best in different ways and while there will be one employee who thrives in the office for twelve hours at a time, there will be another who needs to work from home to thrive. Be open to different working styles and you can have a successful, happy workforce who want to do more for you!

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