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Breaking The Worst Moulds Of Freelancing

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Freelancing has really boomed over the past few years. A bit part of it is thanks to the fact that the internet allows many to work wherever they want. But it’s also because the financial crisis saw a lot of skilled people getting laid off who later found work on their own. It’s now become a viable working lifestyle for many individuals. But many of them also helped to grow some bad assumptions that can trap you if you’re not careful. Here’s how you break many of worst moulds created by freelancers of the past.

Breaking The Worst Moulds Of Freelancing

The instability

When you start working as a freelancer, there’s a good chance you’re going to face periods where you get no or very little work. It’s a reality of running your own enterprise, unfortunately. It’s why you also have to be smarter about finding and qualifying leads. Don’t waste time on sites where freelancers bid on jobs, only to race to the bottom in terms of price, taking on jobs that aren’t worth the time to take them. Consider lead generation specialists like Freelance Leads. Think about taking on contract work on a longer term basis as well as short-lived jobs. This gives you some diversity so that even when you’re having trouble bringing in new clients, you still have work and revenue.

The image

Your name isn’t going to precede itself. If you want more leads and you want to be able to set your own terms and really succeed, you need to work on your personal branding. This means setting up a site, this means going on social media, it means creating a portfolio, and it means nurturing word-of-mouth. You have to be ready to put work into your image.

Breaking The Worst Moulds Of Freelancing

The standards

You also have to be ready to hold yourself accountable and improve your own standards of working. Time-management is just the beginning. Think like a professional. If you don’t have a suitable office space at home, it might be smarter to use coworking spaces like Grosvenor St Pauls. Set rules for when you start and finish the work day, and dress like you’re actually going to work, even if you’re not meeting clients face-to-face.

The relationship

Clients aren’t always willing to offer a fair deal. Many of them are going to have an idea of what they’re willing to pay, but you can stop them from trying to fit you into their budget. Take control and assert your own price point, as well as your own packages in what services you offer. Not all clients are going to try and get the upper-hand in the relationship, but by having solid rates and services outlined in your website, you can put an early stop to those that will.

Breaking The Worst Moulds Of Freelancing

The responsibility

Freelancers have to take on a lot. Communication, branding, scheduling, accounting, not to mention the work itself. Software tools like Planscope can be a great help in managing all those different responsibilities. If you’re getting a steady stream of work, you should also consider getting a virtual assistant on board to help you organise it all.

There are tons of benefits to freelancing. You can be your own boss and dictate your own working life. But there are also risks, and hopefully, the tips above help you navigate and better understand them.

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