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Effects of Technology on Communication in Modern Society

Saturday, July 29, 2017

/ by Unknown
As technology has progressed, the modern society has evolved only to form a compact, global village that has connected individuals from the very remote and inaccessible areas of the world. As technology has brought everyone together, it has also created some serious issues that didn’t exist earlier. Whether technology has positive or negative impacts on the modern society differs from opinions to opinions and still remains debatable. 

Effects of Technology on Communication in Modern Society

Let’s take a look at some positive effects of technology on communication in modern society:

Lack of obstacles: today communication is far simpler than what it used to be. Now no matter where a person is, you can always connect with them for a regular chat or to deliver urgent news. You can do so by the numerous social media platforms that allows easy, private chats.

Closer bonds: Since communication is so easy, no matter where your beloved is, you can always connect with them with just a couple of taps on the screen. This way, your relations remain strong and the bond you share remains unbreakable. Whether it’s through Facebook or Skype, you can always keep in touch with your buddies.
A widespread platform: Today, communication has retained a widespread platform that allows exchange of beliefs and perspectives. This allows social issues to emerge out in the open and gives a voice to unheard issues all around the world
Online learning: Because technology has simplified communication in the modern society, it has created room for the culture of online schooling and learning. From videos and conference calls, students from all around the world can enroll in the same course and learns the same set of skills.

Increased business activity: Last but not the least, since communication has strengthened so drastically, it has created space for an increment in business activities. This is because before, business could only sell in person. With online selling and shopping, today entrepreneurs are far more active in trading activities and the economy is stronger than what it used to be.Here are some of the negative impacts of technology on communication in the modern society: 

Interpersonal interaction: The modern day generation lacks the basic, interpersonal interactive skills because connection on screen is just so easy. This is because they find it much easier to express themselves behind the mask of their screens than actually expressing themselves and their feelings to someone in person.

Shortened attention span: The modern day generation has lost the patience of listening to someone and their attention spans have shortened massively. This has caused a serious deterioration of in-person relationships.

Increased mental disorders: The modern day generation is unable to express itself to the people around. This is because everyone is literally addicted to their phones. This has caused pent up anxiety and loneliness to increase.

Everything has its pros and cons. If you have access to technological equipment, you must make use of it in a way that affects you positively.

Author Bio: This guest post is written by Lilly McQueens, she is a Online Dissertation Help UK -  DissertationHub.co.uk professional IT specialist and loves to write.

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