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How To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
How To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd
Have you had the same homepage on your website for the past twelve months? If so, you are in need of a little bit of inspiration to get you back on the laptop and creating a fresh new look for your brand. Gone are the days of static webpages a la Geocities. Website builders allow the adoption of advanced features for even the most novice of website creators. As a business, you don’t want to outsource your website building to an external professional due to cost. The good news is that you don’t have to. Read on to find out just how easy it is to give your website a makeover.

Create A Good First Impression

Do you ever venture into the library and immediately pick up the book with the unusual burgundy suedette cover? It’s hugely tactile, and you were drawn to its unique texture and color. You couldn’t help but touch it, open it up and view what was inside. That’s the same reaction you want to provoke with your website. The homepage needs to create a wow factor, encouraging your potential customers to click to get access to your products page or blog. Once they are in, it is up to you to get them hooked on high-quality content and design.

Make It Intuitive

There’s nothing worse than locating the website you want only to find it nearly impossible to navigate. Make sure the buttons are clear, and you have a visible menu on the top or the side of each page. The layout of your website needs to do three things: encourage customer participation through signing up for an email newsletter or linking in some way to your social media accounts, make it easy for the customer to contact you and highlight your product or service in a way that demonstrates the benefits to the customer. The ‘hard sell’ days are long gone to be replaced with more intelligent marketing to the web savvy customer.

Boring Techie Section

You could have the most incredible website, full of interaction, slideshows, strong branding and an exceptional number of visitor hits. However, what if your website crashes or comes under attack from malware? You need to seriously consider boosting your ability to recover your website's files should the worst happen. By selecting one of the best FTP clients, you can ensure that even if your website becomes inaccessible for any reason, you can still retrieve your all important files and alter them to get back into your website. Also, consider signing up for some professional regular backup. This frees you up from worrying about the technical stuff and allows you to focus on the content of your website.

How To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd
Every business should invest in an online presence. This doesn’t just mean having a Facebook page that you update once every couple of months or a blog that only has three posts from a couple of years ago. Your online presence is a vehicle for your marketing and displays your brand to the world. Give your website a makeover today to give your business the online presence it deserves.

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