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In Business, Size Does Matter

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
In Business, Size Does Matter
The world of business is opening up to all sorts of outfits. A lot of people no longer have to go the traditional route, meaning that there are tons more self-employed people, freelancers, and one-to-five people businesses. But despite the fact the trend is shifting to make room for more successful small businesses, there’s something about them that leads potential clients to believe they aren’t really successful. It’s a stigma that shouldn’t be there, but it’s one you’re going to have to deal with.

Let your reputation precede you

One of the best ways to make sure the size of your business doesn’t become an issue is to give the client a lot more to think about besides that. Take charge and shape your image proactively, creating a brand that is not only professional but carries a bit of weight with it, too. A better reputation is made by who, exactly, is talking about you. For instance, consider PR services like StartupPR that can help you find the opportunities to get your brand name some real media exposure. Don’t neglect to help grow the word-of-mouth around the business either. The more people talking in your favour, the less likely that anyone is going to think about whether or not there are twenty people in your team.

Walk the walk

Naturally, it doesn’t hurt if you also look like a bigger company. Personal presentation will play a big role. Imagine the dress code and the manners your business would make part of its appeal if it were bigger. That’s how you should be presenting yourself when you get face-to-face. There are also steps you can take to make the company look more prestigious, too. Teams like Hoxton Mix help by setting you up with a business address so people don’t need to know you’re working out of your home. Incorporating the business and changing the brand name from your own to a name that a whole team of people could be under can help, too.

Brand like the big guys

Even if you have everyone relatively convinced that your business is bigger than it really is, an amateur quality brand will really let you down. If it doesn’t give the game away, it will at least convince people that your business, big as it might be, isn’t very professional. Invest money in a quality website and a slick visual brand. But don’t go mad spending on extensive ad campaigns if you don’t have the budget for it. Build the brand by investing time, instead. Be as active on social media with your followers as you can be, write blog content that makes your site easier to find and provides advice that shows you’re the expert you purport yourself to be.

Fulfil your promises, set your standards, and present the business well and you should get away with running a small, successful operation. The size of the business is something that clients only tend to care about when they notice it. Don’t give them the opportunity to do so.

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