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Making the Work Environment More Comfortable

Monday, July 17, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Making the Work Environment More Comfortable
Whether you run your business out of a huge downtown office or from a tiny cramped kitchen, there are always things you can do to make the space more comfortable. And if you want to get the best from your employees, this is certainly something you should do because comfortable employees are more productive employees.

Here are some simple ways to make the working environment more comfortable for all who work there:

Update to Ergonomically Designed Furniture

Throw that old, worn and uncomfortable furniture in the trash and buy new ergonomically designed pieces that will support your staff as they work hard for your business. Not only is it the least you can do for them, but it will bolster your business by keeping your staff physically fit and healthy, so they don’t have to take so many sick days or struggle through their work when they are able to come in.

Control the Temperature

If your workplace does not have central heating and air conditioning, you need to change that now. There is nothing worse than trying to do a full day’s work when you’re too hot or cold to even think straight. If you work in a kitchen environment, you might also want to think about investing in ovens with powder coating to keep the heat in the machines and off the staff. If your staff work outdoors, supplying them with warm winter coats when it’s cool, even if you aren’t obliged to, is also a nice gesture that will help to boost morale and productivity.

Add Plants

Plants not only make us feel calmer and add some color to the place, but they also help to clean the air, which is certainly a boon in a busy workspace shared by lots of people.

Let the Light in

I know it isn’t always possible, but if you are able to. Letting lots of natural light flood your workspace will really help to boost morale and increase productivity because natural light makes us feel happier than unnatural bulbs or even worse, a dark environment. If you don’t have enough windows to flood the place, buying bulbs that mimic natural light is sure to be a good investment.

Create a Comfy Break Room

Your employees work hard to earn their breaks, so the least you can do is ensure that they have a comfy spot to rest in. As a minimum, ensure that you have a couple of comfy couches, a microwave and a fridge and perhaps even a TV in the break room. You should also make sure that the room is kept clean and tidy.

Maintain an Organized Space

Last, but definitely not least, you should make a real effort to ensure that your workplace is kept in good order. Have a place for everything, and as best you can keep everything in its place. This will make life easier for everyone, increasing staff comfort levels exponentially.

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