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Put Some Personality Into Your Brand

Monday, July 17, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Businesses big and small have a mission statement or an ethos. Most of them are happy to publish that statement on their website and even on their company brochures. However, some companies are failing to tap into this important identity. It should be developed into something recognizable for customers and clients. How can you turn your raison d’etre into a persona that will help customers relate to you?

Studies have suggested that customers dislike the corporate side of companies. Businesses that have done well lately have worked hard to craft a persona that carefully matches those of the target customer. This makes their brand easy to identify and easy to relate to. It can even act as a magnet, attracting new customers that see a little of themselves in your company.

 Put Some Personality Into Your Brand

Consistent And Approachable

If your branding hasn’t gone beyond the basic corporate ident, then it could be time to address this. Choose a creative branding studio that can help you to align every document, advertisement, and communication with a single identity or persona. The choice of people in your images, the layout, and font used can all contribute to this. Consistency is key. But the design is crucial.

Customer Personas And The Brand

Have you ever created a customer persona document? When you create a typical customer, give them a name and a job, they can be much easier to relate to. Your branding should represent that imaginary person. Incorporate the culture, ethos or mission statement of your business.

A logo, tagline, or icon should be all anyone needs to see to identify your business, what you’re about, and who your target customers are. Everything that goes into your campaigns and communications should mirror this. People will soon get to know your style, your character, your business personality.

Don’t forget - your customers have desires and aspirations. They have problems they need solving. Your product or service offering should be meeting those needs. Your branding should work to show them a representation of the lifestyle they are aspiring to. It should be attainable and within their reach though, or they won’t be able to relate to the personality you’re trying to convey.

Keep It Relevant

When you have settled on your branding, you need a branding document that details the rules of the brand. This might include color palettes, font choices and proportions, and choices for photographs. The tone of voice you choose is essential and should be used in each campaign, through your twitter feeds and customer service. Keep it consistent, so customers know what to expect and aren’t disappointed.

All brands need to be refreshed over time. The market shifts and your target customers will change. Take the time to monitor this and choose the right moment to address the differences between then and now. Your creative branding team can then help you to update your designs as required.

Branding is very important for businesses. It’s important for your customers too. It helps them to feel part of something that others can identify. What’s your company persona?

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