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Stop Oversimplifying Online Marketing

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Stop Oversimplifying Online Marketing
Welcome to the world of marketing online, where everything is a lot more complicated than it seems. Most business owners think that online marketing is simple and that’s why they fall into the trap of using services that promise fast results. SEO is a brilliant example of this. There are plenty of SEO agencies online that promise they can help your business reach the top of the SERPs overnight. Here’s why you shouldn’t fall for this line.

The Truth About SEO

Stop Oversimplifying Online Marketing
SEO or search engine optimization certainly used to be simple when there were only a few hundred thousand sites online. But now there are millions, and things are a little complicated. You can’t get to the top of the SERPs just by adding keywords or links and if you do you’re likely to be knocked right back down due to the Google algorithm. Of late, the algorithm has become more and more strict about what sites will be seen by web users searching for services and products. If you don’t stay on the right side of the new guidelines, your business site will not be found by customers online, and it’s as simple as that. This is why you need to use an SEO agency for search engine optimization. You have to make sure you are using a company that understands exactly how to avoid a penalty and is up to date with the latest changes to the algorithm. Of course, SEO isn’t the only area where company owners over simplify digital marketing.

The Challenge Of Content

Stop Oversimplifying Online Marketing
You might be adding a lot of content to your site. But is it written to a high standard of quality? Does it connect with the people who will be visiting your site? Or, is it just random with plenty of keywords stuffed in and not much else? If the answer is the latter, you seriously need to rethink your marketing strategy. Yes, content is still king, but it has to be the right kind of content. You need to make sure that it is targeted and of high quality. Filling your site with rubbish content will do nothing but lose you customers and potentially bring your business crashing down. Remember, you want content to be shared because that’s going to increase SEO. But this will only happen if it’s interesting and appealing enough for users to post it on social media.

Social Mishaps

Stop Oversimplifying Online Marketing
Finally, since we mentioned social media, it is worth examining the role this now plays in marketing online. Again, it’s probably not as simple as you think. You might assume it’s just a matter of sharing plenty of information across social networks. But that’s just part of the battle. You also need to get your customers and clients to interact. To do this, you have to think about key strategies like UGC. With UGC you should be able to get people to share their own content, using it as part of your marketing. It’s a great way of getting customers involved and giving them a reason to stay connected to your social profiles.

Stop Oversimplifying Online Marketing

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