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What Degrees Are Useful For A Career In Business?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
A lot of people want to enter the business world and forge a career. Most of the time, they want to become business owners and pursue their career in that regard. Sometimes, they might just want a job in business, as an executive or manager of sorts.

Regardless, there is still one question that applies to both scenarios; what degrees are useful for a career in business? Below, we’ll list a few degrees that are well worth studying either as an undergraduate or postgraduate to further your business career.

Degrees Are Useful For A Career In Business
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Business & Accounting

It goes without saying that a business & accounting degree will be more than helpful for anyone looking for a career in this field. With one of these, you will learn an abundance of business and accounting related things that will serve you well. You’ll learn about certain business terms and processes, as well as understanding how to manage finances and take care of accounts. This type of degree is very popular, and there are loads of business accounting programmes all over the world from different universities. The beauty of this means you’re almost guaranteed to find a course near you that you can apply for.

Degrees Are Useful For A Career In Business
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Marketing & PR

A degree relating to marketing and public relations will help you go far in the business world. With one of these degrees, you’ll spend years learning about various techniques and ideas that can help you market and promote anything. You’ll learn about online marketing and other growing trends in the industry. On the PR side of things, you’ll gain knowledge to help you manage yourself in the public eye. This will really come in handy if you have aspirations of running a business as it’s vital you learn how to deal with the public and have a strong image. Not to mention there are loads of businesses constantly looking to hire marketers or PR people to help promote themselves. Again, this is a very popular degree, and there are courses/programmes all over the world from loads of colleges and universities.

Degrees Are Useful For A Career In Business
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Believe it or not, but a philosophy degree can help you in the business world. Many people look down on this degree as a waste of time and money. However, do you even know what a philosophy degree course is like? It’s far more than just pondering about life and learning about ancient philosophers. You learn how to think in different ways and become an expert in problem solving/critical thinking. It teaches you to broaden your mind and think outside the box, which is essential in the business world. A lot of business owners could benefit from studying a bit of philosophy in their life. This is a degree that will come in handy alongside other degrees too. So, perhaps it’s perfect for postgraduate study?

Whether you have dreams of being a business owner or just want a job in the business world, all three of these degrees can help you. They’ll provide you with knowledge that can make you an expert in certain things and really ensure you bring a lot to the table.

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