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Cut The Costs of Setting Up Your Startup

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
All businesses will need some money to get them started. Even if you are a sole employee and working from home, there will be startup costs like the cost of a laptop and getting your internet up and running. So there is no getting away from the costs of starting a business. However, there are ways that you can look at reducing those costs, to help you get started sooner. Plus, the quicker you can start your business and the least debt that you will have, the better. But where can you make cuts and savings when you’re starting out? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Cut The Costs of Setting Up Your Startup

Reduce Premises or Office Costs

First thing is first; if your business can be run from home, then that is a good idea to start with. It means you don’t need to rent an office space and employees can also have the flexibility of working from home too. But if your business isn’t somewhere that can be run from home, then you will have the cost of hiring out an office or a warehouse space. You could look at rotating who works in the office and when to cut down on the size of space that you would need. You could also look at building your own building, like a prefab steel building, to reduce costs. A site like can show you how much you’d be looking to pay for this kind of thing. But the chances of it being less than a traditional building is quite low.

Cut The Costs of Setting Up Your Startup

Use Freelancers

When you have permanent employees, you will be looking to spend more money than if you just hire freelancers. If you have permanent members of staff, you will have to set up policies like holiday pay, sick pay, even some help towards insurance perhaps. So it can save you a lot of money if you use freelancers or contractors instead, from somewhere like They will just be there to do a specific job, and then when it is done, they are paid, and off they go. Until you get into your groove with the business, this could be a good way to go to start with.

Be Flexible

You might have ideas about how you want things in the business to run. But things do come up, and you might have to adapt a little. So be flexible. What you thought might be the way to do something could actually be more pricey than an alternative solution. So adapt, change, and go with the flow. Don’t be rigid on your terms or it could end up being costly.

Be a Good Employer

Whether you have a team of staff behind you or hire freelancers, you need to be a good employer. If you are a good person to work for, you will have people that want to stay working with you or that are happy to take on more work from you. Rehiring people costs a lot of time and money, so you want your team to stick with you.

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