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Simple Online Set Ups For Your Startup

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
So you’ve quit your job, and you’re determined to go it alone? Those first tentative steps toward building your startup company are perhaps the scariest. You’ve got a long way to go yet, though. To get your company up and running, you need to build your online presence. You also need to develop your digital marketing strategy so that customers can find you! Here’s how to get it done:

Start With A Website

Every company needs a website. It details who you are, what you do, and often provides customer service, sales, and PR. Needless to say, it is probably the most important part of your business. You’ll need to learn how to create your content and where to host your website if you’re working on a limited budget. That’s OK, though, because there are plenty of services that can help you to get started. Buy and register a domain, order hosting, and get cracking with your page designs.

Simple Online Set Ups For Your Startup

The Pages You Need

You’ll need 3 pages to get your website started:
Products or Services

Beyond these pages, you’ll also need to add regular blog-style content to your website. This helps your domain rank in the search engines. It also keeps visitors on your site for longer. Most importantly, it allows you build trust with your leads so you can make more sales. Pictures are very important. Find a resource of free stock photos, or start taking plenty of your own to use. They should be high quality and relevant to the topics you’re talking about.

Simple Online Set Ups For Your Startup

Social Media

Don’t create accounts on every social media platform you’ve ever heard of. You simply won’t be able to maintain them or use them to their full potential. Stick with three or four that you’re already familiar with and that your target customers use most frequently. If you’re selling B2B, then LinkedIn is a priority over Pinterest. Stay in touch and engage your audience as much as possible. If you’re on your own with this, consider autoresponders for messaging, and detail the times when you check live feeds in your profile.


Once your website is set up, and your social media accounts are gaining followers, it’s time to start developing more content that you can post. Tie your products and services in with current or trending topics to make each post more interesting. Hire a copywriter if this isn’t your strong point. Set up a promotion or offer that requires an email application. You can start collecting details of people that are interested in your business. Now you can develop e-newsletters to help build those relationships further.


Do set up your dashboard to provide the best views of your website analytics. Find out which pages are leading to deeper content and which are bouncing. Make changes based on what you learn. Each time you produce a promo, send it to a landing page. This is a unique URL yet can contain the same content as any other if you prefer. The point is you can identify how successful that campaign really was. Is your startup set up online?

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