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The Bigger, The Better: Phablets To Put Your Phone To Shame

Monday, August 21, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Technology moves fast. For testament of the fact, we need only look at our phones. Not so long ago, small was the name of the game. While flip phones now look like they belong in museums, they were bang on trend as little as a few years ago.

Now, though, big phones are...well, big! Phones with large screens, also known as phablets, are ever increasing in popularity. For those of us still trundling along with smaller counterparts, the trend remains a mystery. Why would you want a phone the six of a tablet in your pocket? It’s not exactly practical.

But, practicality may not be on the forefront of all our minds. Instead of just using phones for calls and texts, we use them for all sorts of things. From watching television to taking photos, it all comes down to our phones. As such, big screens may not be such a bad thing. And, to show you why, we’re going to look at three big phones which offer very different benefits.

Galaxy S8+

The Bigger, The Better: Phablets To Put Your Phone To Shame
It’s impossible to talk about big phones without mentioning the Galaxy S8+. Coming in at $850, this is the most expensive on our list. But, with a 6.2-inch screen, this is the largest phone on the market. A large phone like this isn’t going to work for everyone. If you want something smaller, the Galaxy S8 offers the same features, but with a display of 5.8 inches. But, if you want to stream your favorite shows, this could be the phone for you. Imagine how good wildlife shows or anime programs would look on one of these! As if you need more convincing, this is also the first phone to be HDR certified. You’ll struggle to find this level of quality, even in your television! So, for the streamers out there, the S8+ is a must.

LG V20

The Bigger, The Better: Phablets To Put Your Phone To Shame
For a more modest $799, you could bag yourself an LG V20. At 5.7 inches, the screen is a fair bit smaller. But, this is still one of the largest on the market, with the average screen size in phablets reaching 5.5. This phone packs a fair bit of difference and is ideal for those who want a phone for both business and pleasure. Most iconic is the two-screen feature, which will help you keep work and play separate. This option also boasts of a removable battery, a hard to come by phenomenon these days!

iPhone 7 Plus

The Bigger, The Better: Phablets To Put Your Phone To Shame
Who would’ve thought an iPhone would come bottom of the price list? Well, at $769, the iPhone 7 Plus is at the bottom of ours. The screen on this baby is the smallest we’re mentioning, at the more standard 5.5 inches. But, what sets this phone apart is its camera capabilities. The dual camera on the back is what everyone’s talking about. It allows you to achieve top-quality photographs with a variety of effects you’d fail to find in other phones. For the keen photographers among you, it doesn’t get better.

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