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Convert Mac Mail to PDF and Know How to Save Apple Email as PDF

Now easily convert Mac Mail to PDF format and get all the Apple Mails to Adobe PDF files in Macintosh system. Learn ways to migrate Apple MBOX to PDF manually

Thursday, September 28, 2017

/ by Peter Barris
Talking about the statistics of sale of Phone or Desktop/Laptop, Apple remains always on the top of list. Macintosh is the most purchased computer in the entire world. The email clients used in the Operating System are Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage etc. Various email client like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Eudora etc form a MBOX file format which is used for storing the data. MBOX file contains all the data which are along with the attachment as well the message properties. Mac user get a need to convert Mac Mail to PDF so that they can use it anywhere.
PDF file is the most portable file that can be used on any Operating System. Moreover the need of Mac user to use their data of Mails anywhere can be done by migrating Apple Mails to PDF. So, in this particular section we are here to provide you the entire knowledge through which a user can migrate any email client of Mac to PDF format.

Why PDF is important for a Mac User

  1. PDF files are the portable files that can be used anywhere and any place. So, it becomes easy for a Mac user to get all the work done. 
  2. The chances of a PDF files to get corrupted in very less. 
  3. Editing in these files are easy and requires less effort
  4. PDF is widely accepted Standard Print Job Format
  5. It will keep multiple email messages along with attachments 
 PDF is selected as the native meta file format for Mac OS X which replaced PICT format from classic Mac OS versions so it become very important for a Mac user to get all the Mac Mails to PDF format.

Manual Way to Migrate Mac Mail to PDF Format

In the particular section we have covered the manual way through which the user can migrate Apple email to PDF file format. The popularity of the Apple Mail are much higher than any other like Opera, Eudora currently. Moreover Apple Mails are mailing client which is by default installed in System. 
So we are providing the way which are applicable for Apple Mail:

  1. Run the Apple Mail application on Mac platform
  2. From Mail application wizard double-click on an email message to open it.
  3. After that, from the Menu Bar choose the Print Option
  4. Select the PDF from the drop down list and click on Save as PDF option
  5. Browse the location in the finder to save the Apple Mail to PDF then click the Save button. 
  6. At the end, mail message would successfully exported in PDF file

If the user is using Entourage or Eudora then they can even perform the same process. The step may not be the same but the procedure to export Mac Mail to PDF remains the same.

Limitation of the Above Method

The above method that we have discussed to convert Mac MBOX to PDF, is very slow and requires a lot of time. In case of using this method user need to select a particular mail and then print it. Due to which the process becomes slow. In that case we can use an automated method which can help any Mac User to migrate Mac Mail to PDF. Moreover MBOX files which are corrupted or damaged can not be migrated to PDF using this method. So, the method is not worthy enough.

Automated Tool to Convert Mac Email to PDF

One of the best tool which is available in the market is SysTools Mac MBOX Converter which helps to save Apple Mails to PDF format. The advance features of the tool helps to divide all the problems related to Mac Mails. The persona of Mac MBOX Converter tool is so lucrative that client may not resist themselves away using this tool to migrate Mac MBOX files to Adobe PDF. As a technical blogger writer I will advice all the Mac user to use this tool who want to migrate data from Apple Mail to Adobe PDF.


Though we have provides both manual as well as automated solution to convert MBOX to PDF but we will give you an advice to use a third party software that will surely make your task fast and more easy. SysTools Mac MBOX Converter will help any Mac user to convert Mac Mail to PDF Format and analyse all the glitch. By using these manual approach user can migrate Mac Mail to PDF but may end up with damaged PDF file, so its better to use a software.

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