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Extract Emails from PST File without Outlook – Best Solution

Find out the best methods to extract emails from PST file without Outlook. Know how to export Outlook emails to MSG files in the best possible way.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

/ by Peter Barris

Extract Emails from PST File without Outlook in Efficient Way

Microsoft Outlook is one of the widely used email clients in today’s era. Due to its amazing set of features, it is one of the top choices for many users. But, some users want to extract emails from PST file without Outlook. So, in this article, we will be discussing solutions to convert PST to MSG so that users don’t have to face difficulties while performing the conversion. But, before starting the procedure, let us first discuss both the file formats.

What is Personal Storage Table?

The PST file is a data storage file which contains and organizes the entire Outlook data which includes emails, notes, journals, calendar, tasks, contacts, etc. in it. It is a single data file which contains the collection of emails and other mailbox items. PST file also proves to be useful when it comes to managing and organizing the communication with the outside world. The users who are using MS Outlook from a long period of time are familiar with the limitations of it as well. The PST file has file size limitations which are assigned to the respective versions of MS Outlook. PST files have a size limit of up to 2 GB in Outlook 2002 and its earlier versions and up to 20 GB in Outlook 2003 and its later versions. In later versions of it i.e. 2013 and 2016 versions have a size limitation of up to 50 GB.

What is MSG File?

The file which mainly targets the email messages of MS Outlook is the MSG file. Generally, an MSG file is a simple text file which stores specific information about the emails and is stored on systems with .msg file extension. In later versions of Outlook, the MSG files also contain images and other elements in HTML formatting along with the messages.

Why Users Extract Emails from PST File

  • Sharing a single email message with your colleague or friend is such a simple task. But, it becomes such a tedious task when it comes to sharing more than one email from the list of hundreds or even thousands of emails.
  • If you are having 800 emails stored in your Outlook mailbox and you want to send some selected emails to your client or your boss. Then it will take so much time while selecting and sending specific email messages.

Manual Approach to Extract Emails from PST File

Important Note – You should keep in mind that you cannot export all Outlook emails to MSG files. A selected number of messages can be migrated from the parent Outlook data file.

  • Before starting the process, create a new folder in the system.
  • Then, launch MS Outlook.
  • Go to the Inbox folder from where you want to export emails.
  • From this folder, choose the messages which you want to export and drag them to the newly created folder.
  • After that, drop the messages to the folder.
  • Repeat the steps for the messages which you want to migrate.

Despite the manual approach is the easiest method to extract emails from PST file, it has some limitations as well. The actual problem arises when a user has to transfer a lot of email messages. The approach proves to be so much lengthy and time-consuming as well. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the users as well to locate some emails from hundreds of them. In such scenarios, it is always suggested to go for a professional software.

Perfect Solution to Export Outlook Emails to MSG Files

As the above-mentioned method is time-consuming as no one has that much of time to export hundreds of emails. So, in that case, you can go for a third party solution such as PST to MSG Converter. The software is based on advanced algorithms which help users to easily perform the desired conversion process without any difficulty. The tool offers all useful features which are required to perform a successful migration. Some of the best features are discussed here: 1. Extract emails from PST file in a batch. 2. Provide option to migrate all items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks etc. 3. MS Outlook installation is not at all required 4. The tool is capable to convert password protected PST files 5. It provides preview of the mailboxes which are present in the PST file


After discussing the problems faced by the users while they try to export Outlook emails to MSG files, we have discussed both methods i.e. automated as well as a manual method to simplify the conversion process. As the above-discussed manual method has some shortcomings like the user can only export one file at a time. Thus, keeping this in mind we have also discussed automated solution using which users can extract emails from PST file without Outlook. The user can thus choose any of the above methods which best suits their need.

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