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Ideas to Make Your Content More Engaging

Friday, September 15, 2017

/ by Nurdin Budi Mustofa
Ideas to Make Your Content More Engaging
In the age of the internet, content is king. If you aren’t able to regularly produce high-quality content, which attracts attention and engages the reader, it’s unlikely that you’re going to get very far, whether you’re looking to blog for a living, set up an ecommerce store or simply advertise your business online.

Creating good content that encourages views is about more than hiring the Top Rated SEO Companies, although that is certainly a good idea - it’s also about creating content that people actually want to read; content that draws them in and keeps them coming back for more. Here are some ideas to help you do just that by making your content more engaging:

Develop Your Own Voices

Although your content needs to be SEO optimized and of sufficiently good quality to attract people, one of the things that will really draw the readers in, is you. If you are able to develop your own voice and produce content that is unique to you, letting your personality ooze into every sentence, you will build your own following of people who are keen to read your every word.

Show, Don’t Tell

This advice is often given to authors who are attempting to write a successful novel, but it is good advice for online content writers too. The more descriptive you are, and the more you can build pictures in readers’ minds, the more engaged they will be in your writing. Even the driest subjects can be made interesting by using more descriptive language.

Use Infographics

You’ve probably noticed that the use of infographic creators has exploded in recent years, and the reasons they have become so popular is because they really work. They are able to succinctly explain all manner of concepts and present the most complex data in a simple visually pleasing way that anyone can understand. That’s why you should use them liberally within your content if you want to keep readers engaged.

Use Emotion

If you want to really draw people in with your writing, play to their emotions. Use language that brings up fears and how to solve them or which presents a particular issue in a positive light and make it feel real to your readers and they’ll take the time to read every inch of your content from the title to the last period.

Ask Questions

When you start a piece of content by posing a question to the reader, it gets them thinking about the issue and how they would deal with it/ their thoughts on it, and as a result, they are more likely to get involved with your content, reding on to see what your views are and how they stack up with their own.

Understand Your Readers

Last, but perhaps most important of all, if you want to engage your readers, you need to truly understand them, which means getting to know them through market research, via social media and in the comments section of your website or blog.

Creating engaging content takes some effort, but if you implement the above ideas and you take the time to develop your skills as a writer, you cannot fail.

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