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How to Secure OST File Emails in Simple Ways

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

/ by Peter Barris
How to Secure OST File Emails in Simple Ways

Nowadays, Microsoft Outlook is widely preferred email client service used by the users. It provides various advanced features like security, reliability, message tracking, etc. It allows the users to work in an offline mode. Users are capable to deliver emails, contacts, calendars, etc on Exchange Server mailbox. By configuring Microsoft Outlook, users can keep the local copy of their items on Desktop in OST. It enables the user to work in offline when connected to the Exchange server is not possible. This file saves valuable data so there is need to secure OST file emails. Users can easily secure Outlook OST by converting them into PDF file format. So, in this article, we will discuss the reliable method to secure .ost file.

Instant Solution: With the help of OST Viewer pro users can protect OST file. By converting them into PDF file format PST emails remains secure and safe. Moreover, it enables the user to read OST file without Outlook installation.

User Query Demanding Outlook OST File Security

"I had switched the organization from old to new. I have some confidential emails that contain some important data. I am looking forward to the solution so that my emails can be secured."

"I am working as forensics manager. I have some important OST files that need to be secured. Please suggest me some reliable method."

Reliable Method to Secure OST File Emails

After understanding the above user queries, in order to protect OST Files. It is recommended to convert OST to PDF file format. Because this is one of the most secure and safe file formats. Now, the question arises how to perform conversion of OST files?. With the help of third party tool, OST Viewer pro users can easily perform migration of multiple OST files along with attachments. This tool provides various matchless features that are described in the next section.

Advanced Features of Software

  • This software provides various naming conventions to save the file such as – using combinations of date, year and month (DD-MM-YY) as well as MD5 or auto incremental option to save the converted file. Moreover, by default files are saved as subject, but a user can change it also.
  • It is one of the unique tools that offers the users to extract OST files without having any password or username details of the mailbox. It is a perfect tool for email investigation.
  • Users can also apply date based filter. With this feature, user can apply date range of their choice to filter out emails of the selective range and migrate them.
  • Export OST to PDF in batch, users can migrate multiple OST emails without any interruption.
  • The user can check or uncheck the files or folders that they want to transfer. So, users can apply filters or check/uncheck checkboxes provided for each file or folder to perform migration of selective files.
  • This software maintains folder hierarchy and there is no change in data.

Benefits to Convert OST Files to PDF

There are several benefits to migrate Outlook OST to PDF. Some of them are described below-
  • Password protection is one of the best features this file format serves. After converting OST files to PDF file format users can add the password and secure OST File emails.
  • As PDF is the most secure and safe file format, there is no chance of file corruption.
  • There is no file formatting being done during sharing of PDF files as it is easy to share over the web.
  • PDF file format is platform independent users can easily view files on any Operating system such as Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

Time to Wrap it Up

As we know OST files contain important emails so there is need to secure them. We can perform outlook ost file security by exporting them into PDF file format. Here, in this article, we have also the discuused trouble-free method to migrate OST files. With the help of this software users can easily secure OST file emails without any hurdle.

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