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How to Convert EML files to PDF file format

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

/ by Peter Barris
How to Convert EML files to PDF file format
EML was especially designed to save email message in simple plain text. It is designed with header and main message body, header contains sender & recipients email addresses, subject & time and date of emails when it was sent or received. The message contains hyperlinks, attachments and email description. An EML file format is created using Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc.. While using the Outlook Express, You can easily get EML file by doing drag and drop on any location of your choice, Then the file will be saved using the .eml extension.

The PDF file format is a document file format developed by Adobe Systems. A PDF file contains text, fonts, images and graphics that are used to organize the documents. All of these elements dont encrypt the information that is accurate for the application to view file. It represents the PDF files in an organized way and can easily structure the documents for the printer's output.

Requirements for converting EML files into PDF format?

If you were using PDF files for representation of information and you switched to the Outlook Express email client that stores the EML files, Following are the steps:
  • Firstly, Navigate to the file/folder and select the EML file and Right Click on the file
  • Open with MS Word
  • Now, click on the office button on the left upper corner.
  • Go to Save as and select Find add-ins for other file format to save EML file in PDF format.

The Automated methodology – One stop solution.
For converting few EML files, This manual process is suitable but it is not perfect solution for bulk. It can very easily convert only a single file in one round. By using this manual process, There is no 100% guarantee for safe conversion and it does'nt provide full accuracy to the users. This provides full accuracy to the users. The users want to avoid from this time consuming process and looking for an external methodology which can easily overcome all these drawbacks of the time consuming manual method.

The EML to PDF converter software from removing manual method's drawbacks. It provides safe and fast conversion. It also has many qualities, They can be explained below:
The software provides the multiple features to convert multiple EML files to the PDF format in bulk at once and it is quite efficient to perform the following file format. It has the quality to convert multiple email files along with all the attachments without any special instruction. It also provides completes migration by safe of emails with all the formatting.

The conclusion

In the Above mentioned article, we have discussed about the EML file to PDF conversion. We have suggested a manual methodology and an automated solution for the same problem. We also mentioned a third party solution for the same to solve the problem to convert EML files to PDF file format in windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7.

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