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Import multiple vcards into outlook 2016 : Trap All Possible Solutions

Import multiple vcards into outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 using the best tricks. Check out the complete procedure with step by step instruction.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

/ by Peter Barris
Sometimes Microsoft Outlook users come with a query that they want to import multiple vCard into Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. Actually, the problem is that there exists the direct approach to move an individual VCF file in Outlook but, the same thing becomes challenging when the bulk of vCard files exists. It is so because Outlook provides an option to open only one VCF file at a time. So, here we are providing readers with measure to Copy Multiple VCF Files To Outlook

Ways To Import multiple cards into outlook 2016 for Free

The section describes all free and manual approaches through which a person can move single or multiple vCard files to Outlook contacts.

Measure #1: Mass Import VCF File into Outlook 2016, 2013

The following procedure enables users to import one vCard file at a time.

For Outlook 2016 and 2013 Users 

1) Launch Microsoft Outlook program on your machine and click on People icon

2) Go to File >> Open & Export and select Import / Export option

3) An Import and Export Wizard will appear in which you have to select Import a vCard file and click Next

4) A new panel appears in which you have to navigate towards the path where VCF file is stored. Select the file and then, hit on Open button

5) Finally, you have imported a vCard file in MS Outlook

For Outlook 2010 and Below Users

 1) Open MS Outlook 2010 and click on Contacts tab 

2) Navigate towards File >> Open >> Import 

3) Select Import a vCard file (.vcf) and click Next 

4) Move to the path where you have saved the source VCF file, select it, and hit on Open button 

Measure #2: Import Multiple vCards into Outlook 2016

This measure involves following 4 major steps to be performed :

a) Combine multiple vCard files into single VCF file

b) Import the output single vCard file in Gmail

c) Export a CSV file from Gmail account, and

d) Import exported CSV file in MS Outlook for task completion

Many of the users are aware of method to import and export contacts in/from Gmail account, respectively. In upcoming section, one will learn procedure to combine numerous VCF files and import .csv in Outlook.

Procedure to Combine Multiple vCard Files into One

1. Copy and paste all the desired VCF files to the root folder of C:\Drive. Give that folder a name, like MyContacts

2. Open the Run windows on the PC and execute cmd command to launch Command Prompt wizard on the screen

3. Type cd C:\MyContacts text and press Enter

4. Execute copy /B*.vcf all_in_one.vcf command on the black screen of the prompt window


5. Once you are done with the successful execution of the commands, all the files will get combined in one. The resultant file will itself be provided with a name i.e., all_in_one.vcf. Well, a line will appear in the end through which you will come to know about process completion


6. Close Windows command prompt screen and then, move towards the path where resultant file is saved

Way to Import CSV File in Outlook

1. Launch Outlook on your PC and then open Contacts window

2. Click on File >> Open & Export >> Import / Export option

3. Choose Import from another Option and click Next


4. Comma Separated values option is to be chosen from given list and then, hit Next

5. Click on Browse button and move towards the location where Gmail exported CSV file is saved


6. Select file from the location and click on Open button


7. If you want to customize contacts importing then, use provided filters displayed on current screen; else directly click on Next >> Next

8. At last, click on Finish button to end up the steps


It seems as if the reader is finding the posted approach to Import multiple vCards into outlook 2016 lengthy, difficult, complicated, and tedious. Don’t worry we are still having a solution to your problem. A person can opt for vCard to Outlook converter program, which is designed to export VCF files to Outlook simultaneously. There is no need of any Gmail account or CSV file to attempt bulk vCard conversion. This is just a 4 mouse clicks solution to attempt the task in a straightforward manner. The application makes the complicated procedure easy and effortless without any single bit trouble.

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