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5 Biggest Mistakes To Convert MBOX to PST Manually

Monday, October 23, 2017

/ by Peter Barris
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One such a big thing that has happened is that Microsoft has launched the all-new Outlook beta version which is smarter, faster and dexterous. The all-new Outlook.com has toggled up in the market that has made all its user astonished. It has more personalized mailing experience and an overhauled design. Microsoft Outlook has used all new development framework for its redesign, they are soon launching a new Outlook with Office 365. So, if the user can convert MBOX files to PST this article will explain them the reason to migrate from MBOX. This blog covers the 5 Biggest Mistakes in converting MBOX files to PST manually. If the user converts MBOX files to PST manually then multiple mistakes that affect their data due to which the data items gets corrupted and damaged.

Reason to Convert MBOX to PST

  1. To open email client that support MBOX file format to Outlook. 
  2. Mailbox data item in the PST is stored in an organized manner.
  3. PST file extension provides more data security to the user.
  4. A user can access previously downloaded email and work Offline in Outlook.

Spotlight On Biggest 5 Mistake Converting MBOX to PST Manually

  1. Time Confinement – Manual Techniques are time-consuming. Also, the time is taken to convert .mbox to .pst totally depend on the size of the file. 
  2. Trouble for Non-Technical Users – There is a great hassle for all the nontechnical user to import the MBOX files into Outlook PST. The process of converting takes a huge amount of human effort and sometimes user ends up with data loss. 
  3. Broken Images – There may be a case a broken header part of the MBOX files migrating manually. The SMTP header sometimes gets loss in migrating MBOX files manually due to which the data items get corrupted while the user import MBOX to Outlook PST.
  4. Disorganised Data – In case the user is manually migrating the MBOX files to PST then they all have a dis-organised arrangement of data in the local system.
  5. Manual Migrating A Bumpy Way – The method to import MBOX to Outlook is not at all a Seamless process. There is no shortcuts through which you can make the work easy.

Choose A Best Automated Tool to Convert MBOX files to PST

The virtual world is grooming so advanced that Magic of the internet is now all provided to us. The user gets a variety of email client with each having different functionality. Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email client. The user can import MBOX to PST by using a reliable software which never harms their data. One of the tools is SysTools MBOX to Outlook Converter that converts MBOX to Outlook PST. The tool is designed in such a way that it kills all the problem of the user by migrating data to PST.

Features that Make this Software Outstanding

  1. Convert MBOX files to PST Outlook – The software converts multiple MBOX files to Outlook PST in a single go, the tool has an advanced technique that even recover the damaged MBOX files. The data files in MBOX which is missing can also be recovered easily through this tool.
  2. Selective Conversion – the user can opt certain date filter through which they can convert the particular data within the date range.
  3. Multiple Directory View - This tool features many ways to view & manage folder lists. The user can Close All, Collapse All, and Expand All the MBOX files through this tool. The options let you close all MBOX files, collapse & expand all file folders respectively. 
  4. Preview Mode - The user can preview all the data of the MBOX files before they import to Outlook PST. This helps them to see all the data item that they need to export. 
  5. Split PST – It even helps you to spill Outlook PST through which they can cut the large volume data files of the PST. Using MBOX to Outlook PST Migration Tool, the user can split the PST files by size as per user convenience.
  6. Best Part – The Best part of using this MBOX to PST converter is that there is no need to install Microsoft Outlook on your machine. The output is generated in PST format that is portable to another machine as well and will import MBOX to Outlook.

Final Quote

The famous statement of Clarke’s law “Any sufficiently Advance technology is indistinguishable from magic” seems to fit in today’s worlds. Three primary reasons underlie this reality: electronic parts have become smaller and cheaper, the world is interconnected by communications, and many people have adopted a digital lifestyle. So, I case the user needs to convert MBOX to PST Outlook 2013/2016 then they should try the third party tool. It will make their work faster and would be safer as it won’t let you loss your data.

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