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Know How to Split 50 GB PST File into Multiple Smaller Parts

Learn to split 50 GB PST file by using best techniques. Also, know how to split oversized PST file by using Best Split PST software.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

/ by Peter Barris
Know How to Split 50 GB PST File into multiple smaller parts

Learn How to Split 50 GB PST file into Smaller Parts

Do you recognize that PST file which is large in size can lead serious issues? It can affect the performance of MS Outlook as it starts to hang or even crash many times. In any situation, the worst thing Outlook users can ever experience is corruption. In the scenarios where you have large Outlook PST file, there are higher chances of PST file getting corrupted. Due to which, you may loss all mailbox items. You can Split 50 GB PST file to overcome this situation. Read on to know how to split PST file

Nowadays there are numerous of users who are completely dependent on desktop email applications for the management of their mail data. Out of which, one such application is MS Outlook. It offers various beneficial features for the data management. It comes with certain quantification’s that include limitation of file size. The Outlook permits ANSI PST users to store their data sized only up to 2 GB. However, Unicode PST users are allowed with a relaxation of saving data up to 50 GB in single Outlook PST mailbox. That is why numerous of users look out for fragmentation of their data. In the following segment, we will discuss the major issues and ways to split 50 GB PST file into multiple files.

Split Oversized PST File – Major Issue!

One of the main issue with Outlook is recognized by name of Outlook PST 50 GB issue in which users begin to experience problems in their Microsoft Outlook performance due to rapidly growing file size of database. The users can overcome from this problem by using the following ideas of handling MS Outlook: 
  1. Via upgradation: Users can upgrade the edition of Outlook email client to Unicode PST making edition i.e. Outlook 2003 or higher version, which allow users to save data greater than 2 GB of file size so that users don’t need to compromise with performance anymore. However, it is recommended that users do not use the method as if upgradation fails then, data may get corrupted or even after upgradation MS Outlook might decline to utilize Outlook PST data. 
  2. Via inbuilt facility: If users use the inbuilt facility such as pst2gb tool then, they can only compress file size of PST but this process is not measured as feasible as PST data gets compressed. 
  3. Via Deletion: You can delete needlessly space inhabiting data from your Outlook PST folder in demand to evade the excessive growth of PST data size, which results in intractability of application.

Split 50 GB PST File into Smaller Parts - Do not Compress!

The users are suggested to utilize a program for overwhelming the problem of MS Outlook management and to manage with Outlook file size limitation. Therefore, one should get a solution as well as do not have to compromise with data and its integrity.

One Such Solution to Split Oversized Outlook PST File

SysTools Split PST application is designed to serve users with ability of fragmenting their PST data without hampering database saved in it along with support provided to all versions of Outlook application. The software is simple, easy, and error-free to utilize. It is a capable software solution that allows the users to Split 50 GB PST File in an efficacious manner so that the PST file are broken in an equal proportion that too without being damaged. The software is built with twin interfaces, multifaceted multiple technologies, and double versions that can be used for accessing the software application.

Fragment PST Mailbox According To Your Convenience

With varied options of fragmenting PST offered by the Split PST program, users can opt any of them and get the splitting process done within no time. 
  • Splitting by year lets you get data split up and divided according to the year range selected by the user
  • Fragmenting under preferred size lets you manage the size of each PST created on your account so that the arrival of corruption can be avoided conveniently 
  • Dissevering PST files via its date lets you segregate data according to the date range provided 
  • Meanwhile, the dividing PST files according to the folders lets you manage the desired PST according to your choice and need

Summing Up

In the above-discussion, we have discussed the way to split 50 GB PST file. Get the PST Splitter software to split the Outlook PST data files without any issue. If you still have any doubt then, feel free to contract us.

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